articles of interest - June 26


Q&A: Ira Glass on structuring stories, asking hard questions  Columbia Journalism Review

Using Texts as Lures, Government Spyware Targets Mexican Journalists and Their Families  New York Times

Nobody Speak: Trials of a Free Press (a new documentary now on Netflix) KPCC radio  KPCC

Welcome to the Wikipedia of the Alt-Right  Wired

Can Journalists Live Without Twitter?  New Republic

Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report 2017  Digital News Report


Jeff Bezos has a lot of advice for the newspaper industry  Fast Company

I almost let my journalism job destroy my marriage. Don’t make the same mistake  Poynter

The state of paying for news  Digiday


The fake Vox staffers who posted macabre things on the internet, explained  Slate

How An Obviously Fake Story About A Couple Who Never Eat Went Viral  Digg

The agenda-setting power of fake news: A big data analysis of the online media landscape from 2014 to 2016   Boston University Researchers

Fake news of a fatal car crash wiped out $4 billion in ethereum’s market value yesterday  Quartz

How to spot fake news (and teach kids to be media-savvy)  Salon


Vimeo says it’s not going to launch a video subscription service, after all  Recode

How Editors Can Prepare to Livestream Breaking News  Video Strategist


Podcast Ad Revenues Expected to Top $220 Million in 2017, Climbing 85% from Previous Year, According to IAB  Interactive Advertising Bureau


My Company Tried Slack For Two Years. This Is Why We Quit  Fast Company

YouTube has 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users watching a ton of mobile video Tech Crunch

Facebook video ad viewability rates are as low as 20 percent, agencies say  Digiday

Using social media appears to diversify your news diet, not narrow it  Harvard's Nieman Lab

1 in 5 Smartphone Owners Worldwide Use Their Device Every 5 Minutes  Interactive Advertising Bureau


Google Drive will soon back up your entire computer  The Verge


Warren Buffett's disarmingly simple investment strategy, explained by big data  MarketWatch

Research: Move your #bigdata to the cloud now or you won't be able to keep up with customers  Information Week


Is Talent Overrated?  Becoming (my blog)

Here's An Awkward Question: Why Are Some People Awkward?  Digg


Apostrophes That Make You Go Hmmm  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Amazon is planning to rival Google with a service that translates languages  CNBC

The Future of Language  Ozy

Cantonese isn’t dead yet, so stop writing its eulogy  Quartz


Academics Alarmed about TSA Plans Requiring Books be Removed Carry Luggage  Inside Higher Ed


The health care sector had the largest gap between vacancies and hires of any sector but Men don’t Want to Be Nurses (opinion)  New York Times   

Title IX investigation closed at Liberty University  Associated Press


How stereotypes in TV shows and movies may affect your child's development ABC News

A Writer On Being A Black Man In Minnesota  NPR

Racist Snapchat story targeting Sikh man on flight sparks outrage on social media  The Independent


Who's Afraid of Free Speech? What critics of campus protest get wrong about the state of public discourse (opinion)  The Atlantic

4 Highlights From a U.S. Senate Hearing on Campus Free Speech  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Do Free Speech and Inclusivity Clash? At meeting of college lawyers, panelists rue students’ lack of understanding of First Amendment and share strategies for balancing expression and sensitivity  Inside Higher Ed


Republican Coal King Sues HBO Over John Oliver’s Show ("Any core of merit is buried in nonsense”)  The Daily Beast

Supreme Court Sets Higher Bar For Revoking U.S. Citizenship  NPR

Why Racially Offensive Trademarks Are Now Legally Protected  The New Yorker

Ban on Sex Offenders Using Social Media Violates First Amendment–Packingham v. North Carolina  Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Creators of Tupac biopic 'All Eyez on Me' sued by music journalist for infringement  LA Times

ll-Advised Copyright Lawsuit Over Facebook Live Video Becomes Costly For Plaintiff–Konangataa v. ABC  Technology and Marketing Law Blog


How a culture of sexual repression and unquestioned obedience allows sexual abuse to flourish in fundamentalist Christian communities  New Republic

No major US religious groups approve refusing service to gays  Religious News Service

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at Focus on the Family’s 40th anniversary celebration  Denver Post

The preacher lived a life of luxury. But the feds just indicted him on tax fraud  Charlotte Observer

How CrossFit Acts Like a Religion  The Atlantic

2,000-Year-Old Manuscript of the Ten Commandments Gets Digitized: See/Download “Nash Papyrus” in High Resolution  Open Culture

Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: ‘The Mind of God’  New York Times

How A YouTuber's Cult Following Became An Actual Cult  Cracked


Supreme Court to take case on baker who refused to sell wedding Cake to Gay Couple  Associated Press

What a SCOTUS decision over a church playground means for religious freedom in America  Vox

Supreme Court Weakens Wall Between Church and State (opinion)  Bloomberg

The Supreme Court’s four big announcements today on religion  Washington Post


The Slow Death of the Electric Guitar  Washington Post  


Hollywood Blockbusters Rule China’s Box Office This Summer  Variety

The Ken Burns Effect  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Incredibles' Doesn't Really Start Until One Scene Halfway Through The Movie  Digg

A Crash Course on Soviet Montage, the Russian Approach to Filmmaking That Revolutionized Cinema  Open Culture


Different languages: How cultures around the world draw shapes differently  Quartz

How the country's wealthiest impact information access  MSNBC


Vaccines: Last Week Tonight (video)  John Oliver

How Two Common Medications Became One $455 Million Specialty Pill  Propublica

Here’s why you can go ahead and ignore all those clickbaiting ‘olive oil protects against Alzheimer’s’ headlines  Health News Review

Our gut talks and sometimes argues with our brain. Now we know how  Washington Post

CBS News says ‘yoga as good as physical therapy’–OK, but what does ‘good’ mean?  Health News Review

Fever during pregnancy may increase autism risk  Washington Post

Multiple health news ethical problems with Minneapolis TV station’s Mayo Clinic story on breast Cancer  Health News Review


It's important to remember that forgetting is important  New Atlas

Machine Learning and the Language of the Brain: trying to figure out how the human brain organizes language  Next Platform


In Praise of Critical Thinking  Vogue


Six famous people who studied philosophy  Washington Post


Wall Street Journal fires prominent journalist Jay Solomon over ethics violation  Business Insider


Problems with the jargon “statistically significant” and “clinically significant”  Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science


Three major textbook publishers sue bookstore provider over pirated books  Inside Higher Ed


Foreign-born nearly doubled share of STEM workers since 1990  Axios


The effects of text-message alerts to parents about students' GPAs  Harvard


How Accusing A Powerful Man of Rape Drove A College Student To Suicide  BuzzFeed News

Aggressive grackles prompt campus warnings  Daily Texas


Tracking Athletes’ Sex Offenses  Inside Higher Ed

U. of Oregon Athlete Played a Season While Under Investigation for Sexual Assault  Daily Emerald (student newspaper)


Going on Fox News cost me my job, professor claims

Two more professors find themselves the target of physical threats and harassment  Inside Higher Ed

Professors’ Growing Risk: Harassment for Things They Never Really Said  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Illustrated Guide to a PhD: 12 Simple Pictures That Will Put the Daunting Degree into Perspective  Open Culture