articles of interest - wk of July 17


Capitalism the Apple Way vs. Capitalism the Google Way  The Atlantic

When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Share Your Location Using a Smartphone  NYTimes

Turning Your iPhone’s Camera into an Assistive Device: Seeing AI  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The problem of bots as they are trained to become better at mimicking humans (opinion)  New York Times

Why no one has 're-invented' email yet  Mashable


It’s not enough to weigh data decisions on the descriptor of big versus small alone. Other things must be considered  Inside Big Data

Intel community learning to speak Trump's language when talking about major national security threats  Chicago Tribune

Paradoxes of Probability and Other Statistical Strangeness  Quillette


India surpasses U.S. as Facebook’s #1 country  The Stack


The Duty of Encouragement  Becoming (my blog)

Why most people will never be successful  CNBC

Don’t Judge My Estrangement From FamilyIt Saved My Life  The Establishment


Data journalism matters. Here’s what you need to know  The Next Web

An Inside Look at One America News  Washington Post

Report: Republicans think national news media is bad for the country, by an 8 to 1 margin  Poynter

Meet the Journalism 360 Challenge winners and the VR frontiers they want to conquer  Nieman Lab

Google funds automated news project  BBC

What happens to Local News When There is no Local Media to Cover it?  Washington Post

LA Times investigation highlights local news that gets results  Columbia Journalism Review


Investor group to acquire Chicago Sun-Times  Talking New Media

Sun-Times gets a new owner, but no one is making money in the newspaper business in Chicago  Talking New Media

Print newspapers are dying faster than you think  Vox

Local TV News Fact SheetPew Research Center

'San Diego Union-Tribune,' Go Fund Me Team To Fund-Raise Around Stories  Media Post

Google says it wants to fund the news, not fake it  The Drum

Newspapers’ Stand Against Tech Giants Won’t Save Them  Slate

The Washington Post takes big data approach to reader comment moderation Talking New Media

Q&A: Jerry Springer on interviewing regular people  Columbia Journalism Review


Fake news fuels nationalism and Islamophobia — sound familiar? In this case, it's in India  LA Times

Computer Scientists Demonstrate The Potential For Faking Video  NPR

There’s a whole new layer of drama in the Mideast crisis: UAE planted fake news to spark fight with Qatar, according to a bombshell report  Vox

Fighting Falsehoods Around the World: A Dispatch on the Growing Global Fact-Checking Movement  Washington Post

Researchers Examine When People Are More Susceptible To Fake News  NPR


Student Journalists Are Our Future—We Should Start Treating Them Like It  The Nation


The Correct Punctuation of Donald Trump, Jr.,’s Name  The New Yorker

The Much-Needed Gap  Chronicle of Higher Ed

‘The Americans Have No Adverbs’  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Blessed Are teh Copy Editors  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The ‘So What?’ Question in your Academic Paper  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Donald Trump Jr. Reviews Famous Works of Literature   McSweenys

Emily Dickinson’s unquiet passion: A literature professor’s take on Terence Davies’ film  Amherst Bulletin

The Word Choices That Explain Why Jane Austen Endures  New York Times

Stream a 24 Hour Playlist of Charles Dickens Stories, Featuring Classic Recordings by Laurence Olivier, Orson Welles & More  Open Culture

Charting Literary Greatness With Jane Austen  New York Times

Jane Austen Bicentennial: Must-See Sights from Her Life & Literature  Biography


Women more likely to see online harassment as major problem  Pew Research Center

The "Crazy/Bitch" Narrative About Senior Academic Women (opinion)  Jennifer Berdahl's Blog


Arizona's Ethnic Studies Ban In Public Schools Goes To Trial  NPR

Diverse clinical trials are “an issue of an essential ethical principle of justice”  OnNursing


Spain Struggles To Balance National Security With Free Speech  NPR

Lawsuit Claims School Violated Rights Of Students Trying To Form Pro-Life Club  CBS News

You Can Get Fired For Saying That? Reporter finds a chill wind blowing through free speech on campus these days  Elle


The 'Monkey Selfie' Monkey Just Filed an Appeal  Mother Board

A Supreme Court mystery: Has Roberts embraced same-sex marriage ruling?  Washington Post

An analysis of the Supreme Court's latest First Amendment ruling, Matal v. Tam  Student Press Law Center 


Best-selling author Eugene Peterson changes his mind on gay marriage  Religious News Service

Actually, Eugene Peterson Does Not Support Same-Sex Marriage  Christianity Today

Samford pulls plug on student gay-straight alliance  Baptist News

A dubious web site falsely reported the death of the Christian Contemporary music artist Don Moen  Snopes

Conservative Christian reality TV star Toby Willis gets 40 years in prison after pleading guilty to child rape  Raw Story

More Christian than Muslim refugees arrive in U.S. under Trump  Pew Research Center

John Calvin: The Religious Reformer Who Influenced Capitalism  Jstor

Why I’m Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention (opinion)  New York Times

When the Evangelical Establishment Comes After You (opinion)  Religious News Service


Confidant of Pope Francis condemns US religious right  Associated Press

Trump seen bowing in prayer during Oval Office session  CNN

Trump coped with the Russia scandal by courting evangelicals. Here's why that's worrisome (opinion)  Vox

Trump threatens to change the course of American Christianity  Washington Post

Ethical Questions over Organizational Structure of Trump lawyer’s Christian nonprofits  NPR


A brief mention in an interview by a British artist breathes life and sales into a niche music theory book  Inside Higher Ed

Why musicians are so angry at the world’s most popular music streaming service  Washington Post

R. Kelly Is Holding Women Against Their Will In A “Cult,” Parents Told Police  BuzzFeed  


The Trump Administration’s Fraught Attempt to Address Campus Sexual Assault  The New Yorker

Title IX summit Controversy  Inside Higher Ed

Ed. Dept. Official Apologizes for ‘90%’ Remark on Campus Rape. What’s the Research?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Education Department Official Apologizes For 'Flippant' Campus Sexual Assault Comments  NPR

Columbia University settles Title IX lawsuit with former student involving ‘mattress girl’ case  Washington Post

After Meeting With DeVos, Title IX Activists Say They Still Have Many Questions  Chronicle of Higher Ed

New study of harassment of graduate students by faculty members suggests that the problem is worse than many believe  Inside Higher Ed

At some Texas universities, students accused of rape can transfer without a record  Texas Tribune


How bosses are (literally) like dictators: Americans think they live in a democracy. But their workplaces are small tyrannies (opinion)  Vox  


'Dirt Is Good': New Book Explores Why Kids Should Be Exposed To Germs  NPR

A survey of retracted articles in dentistry  BMC Research Notes

The importance of whistleblowing when it comes to patient safety in healthcare  Journal of Patient Safety

The rise of medical crowdfunding scams  Daily Dot

Lost Mothers: An estimated 700 to 900 women in the U.S. died from pregnancy-related causes in 2016. We have identified 120 of them so far  Propublica

Most Drugs Are Still Safe To Use Years After Their Expiration Date : Shots - Health News  NPR

Is This Photo Real or Fake? A New Study finds most people won’t spot the con  Motherboard  


Science has a negativity problem  Science Line


Can Psychedelics Be Therapy? Allow Research to Find Out   New York Times


The neuroscience of inequality: does poverty show up in children's brains?  The Guardian


Why Facts Don't Convince People (and what you can do about it)  (video)  Social Good Now


The prime minister and the professor  Revisionist History (Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast)


Outgoing Ethics Chief: U.S. Is ‘Close to a Laughingstock’   New York Times


Google Is Shelling Out Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to Academics Writing Papers About Google  New York Mag

Elsevier discusses how it intends to introduce more transparency into the review process  Elsevier

Strategies to avoid getting Your Research Scooped  HELDA

Tracking the Evolution of Reference Resources  Scholarly Kitchen


New book argues against “zombie leadership” in higher education  Inside Higher Ed

The New Culture War Targeting American Universities Appear to be Working Washington Post

Members of the college-educated class have become amazingly good at making sure their children retain their privileged status  New York Times 

One of America’s most prestigious colleges may try to force its undergraduates to be more egalitarian towards one another––but not to anyone else (opinion)   The Atlantic

Why we need to know more, not less, about what students get from college  Hechinger Report

New Florida law requires colleges to spell out student debt in a yearly report to each student  Sun-Sentinal

Bret Weinstein to Evergreen College Board: Do You Know The Campus Descended Into Literal Anarchy?  RealClearPolitics

The Problem With Helicopter Colleges: Harvard professor Steven Pinker objects to a proposal to ban various undergraduate social clubs (opinion)  The Atlantic

Why This Tech CEO Keeps Hiring Humanities Majors  Fast Company


The Education Writer Gospel of 'Academically Adrift'  Inside Higher Ed

How Much Time Should You Spend on Teaching?  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Students Decide their own Political orientation-It isn't handed to you in college (opinion)  New York Times

How Colleges Give Students a Flawed Sense of Living Costs  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Trump Administration Considers Measure to Make Staying in U.S. Harder for Foreign Students  Washington Post

The truth about today’s college students  Washington Post

Students at religious universities are worried about access to birth control. Here's why  USA Today

Private student loan debts are being erased because of incomplete and missing paperwork  New York Times

Grad School Is Hard on Mental Health. Here’s an Antidote  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Under Fire, These Professors Were Criticized by Their Colleges  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Trinity Professor Cleared Of Wrongdoing Following Controversial Facebook Posts  Courant

New Study Charts Recent Proliferation of Faculty Unions (At the center of many of the disputes are clashing interpretations of new guidance on private-college unionization)  Chronicle of Higher Ed