articles of interest - August 21


The Fallout From Sportswriting's Filthiest F-Up  Deadspin

Being a Journalist is Terrible for Your Mental Health  Tonic

Journalists are being jailed and tortured to bring you real news (opinion)  Sacramento Bee

Eric Bolling’s defamation suit is bad for journalism (and bad for Eric Bolling)  Salon

The Sexist Journalism Test  Journo Terrorist

Photographer behind graphic Charlottesville image recounts near-death experience  Columbia Journalism Review

New Media and the Messy Nature of Reporting on the Alt-Right  Wired

This week should put the nail in the coffin for ‘both sides’ journalism  Washington Post

Lessons for the news media from Charlottesville  Nieman Lab

This 23-year-old asks the White House tough questions for one of America’s most conservative networks  Poynter


Alaska Dispatch News Will Be Able to Pay Carriers, But Newspaper is Still On the Brink  Editor and Publisher

Tronc purges senior leadership at the Los Angeles Times  Poynter


Forget Tough Passwords: New Guidelines Make It Simple  NPR

Apple Kills Off Its First and Only FM Radio  Radio Survivor

Quantum Internet Is 13 Years Away. Wait, What's Quantum Internet?  Wired

Google's Anti-Bullying AI Mistakes Civility for Decency  Motherboard


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Machine Learning in Python  The Free Code Camp

Google uses machine learning to help journalists track hate  Engadget

Engineers still use traditional software engineering tools for machine learning engineering-and they don’t work  Tech Crunch

Google has created an AI to automatically tunes algorithms in the company’s other advanced machine learning systems  Wired


Some Are Troubled By Online Shaming Of Charlottesville Rally Participants  NPR

LinkedIn can’t block scrapers from monitoring user activity  Engadget

Google updates Docs, Sheets and Slides with new collaboration features  TechCrunch

Facebook is making the News Feed easier to navigate  Engadget


The perfect blog post length or publishing frequency doesn't exist  Moz

The Effects of New Formats on Loudness  Radio World


“Bing is bigger than you think,” Microsoft boasts, at 33% of US searches  Ars Technica

5 Tips to Help Show ROI from Local SEO  Moz

A Stanford psychologist says internet culture isn’t as toxic as it feels  Quartz

Who Owns the Internet?  New Yorker


The path to wisdom  Becoming (my blog)


Tribal Epistemology  Neurologica blog

Why people believe in conspiracy theories – and how to change their minds  Business Insider


Baylor Launches Center for Christian Philosophy  Baylor


Tricky Punctuation Tips for Business Writers  Business Journalism


Be More Than A Bookstore: A Brick-And-Mortar Shop's Key To Success  NPR

Mainstream journalism seems to lack an adequate way of referring to the body part involved in Taylor Swift's lawsuit against a groper  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The single reason why some people can't write, according to a Harvard psychologist  LinkedIn


OC Alt-Right Book-Burning Event Canceled After Organizers Claim Leftists Wanted to Attack Them  OC Weekly

Book review: ‘Wild Things’ dives into kids’ literature  Columbia Dispatch

Pop Culture Happy Hour: A Look At Literary Adaptations  NPR


The Paintings of Jim Carrey: “Painting Frees Me, from the Past and Future, from Regret and Worry”  Open Culture


How A Recording Studio Accident Helped Shape The Music Of The '80s  Digg

Hear the Beach Boys’ Angelic Vocal Harmonies in Four Isolated Tracks from Pet Sounds  Open Culture


The French Film Critic Who Saw Jerry Lewis’s Infamous Holocaust Movie—and Loved It  Vanity Fair


Looking at Music Royalty Issues for Radio and TV Broadcasters Broadcast Law Blog

Here’s why publishers won’t stop pivoting to video  Recode


Author discusses Book on Gender in Higher Ed  Inside Higher Ed

The persistent crime that connects mass shooters and terror suspects: Domestic Violence  Washington Post

Study finds adherence to gender norms around femininity is linked to gender disparities in selection of programs of study  Inside Higher Ed

Sports writers still struggle covering violence against women  Columbia Journalism Review

Are men seen as 'more American' than women?  The Conversation


College leaders across the country unite to condemn racism  USA Today

Procter and Gamble's new anti-racism ad is roiling white America  Quartz

U of Florida Rejects Request for White Supremacist to Speak  Inside Higher Ed

Alt-Right, Alt-Left, Antifa: A Glossary of Extremist Language  New York Times

How to describe extremists who rallied in Charlottesville  Associated Press

White Supremacists love the Middle Ages (opinion)  In The Middle

A lot of our ideas about bilingual children are total myths  Quartz

What I Saw in Charlottesville  Auburn Seminary

The unintended Consequences of Brown v Board of Education (podcast)  Revisionist History

People of Colour Talk About the Times They ‘Code Switched’  VICE

Can You Fire Someone for Being a White Supremacist?  Bloomberg


UVa Student Newspaper Editor Reverses Position On Alt-Right After Charlottesville  NPR

Public colleges, the cancellation of white nationalist events, and the First Amendment  The FIRE

Tensions grow inside ACLU over defending free-speech rights for the far right  LA Times

Cambridge press agrees to block access in China to more than 300 articles from a key journal for scholarship on the nation  Inside Higher Ed

ACLU of California splits from national group regarding speech that promotes violence  Talking New Media


The U.S. Is Trying to Seize 1.3 Million Visitor Logs, DreamHost Says  The Atlantic

Appeals Court Revives Defamation Lawsuit Against New York Times Over Slavery Quote  Hollywood Reporter

Legal Grounds to Turn Away White Supremacist Speakers  Inside Higher Ed

The FCC's Shady Cyberattack Claims  Gizmodo

Are we really litigating trademark references in white-on-white text in 2017??? Yes, we are  Technology and Marketing Law Blog

Eminem's Legal Battle Against New Zealand Political Party Spills Into U.S. Court  Hollywood Reporter


Sociologists talk about teaching in the political now  Inside Higher Ed


Osteoarthritis Is Much More Common Now Than In Ancient Knees, Study Suggests : Shots - Health News  NPR

Many Nurses Lack Knowledge of Health Risks for New Mothers, Study Finds  Propublica


What a study of thousands of people on Wikipedia Found  Business Insider

How insurance companies use a Florida law to get undocumented immigrants arrested and deported when they get injured on the job  ProPublica


An Inside Look At How Colleges Work (podcast)  WNYC

How can we send students out into the world with huge college debt loads and not teach them what this means? (opinion)  Hechinger Report

More states are allowing guns on college campuses  The Conversation

IT productivity paradox in higher education ‘overstated,’ study suggests  Inside Higher Ed

Some Liberty University Grads Are Returning Their Diplomas To Protest Trump  NPR

Pensacola Christian College kicked out student after he was identified as a protester in Charlottesville  Inside Higher Ed


If colleges want to save liberal-arts disciplines, they should consider dropping the term "liberal arts," argues Brandon Busteed  Gallup

President’s arts and humanities committee resigns over Trump’s Charlottesville response  Politico

There's a hidden message in the WH arts committee's letter  CNN


The Best Way to Test Students? Make Them Explain It On Video  Wired

How Do Teachers Talk About Hate Speech?  NPR


It got Clinton's pastor into trouble for plagiarism, but who first preached 'It's Friday, but Sunday's coming'?  Christianity Today

God or the divine is referenced in every state constitution  Pew Research Center

'I've found my life's direction': Unseen Diana letters reveal how Mother Theresa helped lead Princess to her humanitarian calling  The Mirror

Greg Laurie tells SoCal Harvest crowd: ‘We need a spiritual awakening’ after Charlottesville violence   Orange County Register

The ‘Splainer: Did a solar eclipse darken the skies during Jesus’ crucifixion?  Religion News Service  Religious News Service


In Contrast To Business Councils, Trump's Evangelical Advisers Stay Put  NPR

Evangelical leader praises Trump's 'bold, truthful' statement about Charlottesville  Washington Examiner

Megachurch pastor resigns from Trump’s evangelical council  Washington Post


The Cav Daily and its amazing “Unite the Right” coverage (Part I)  Dynamics of Writing

American Bar Association unanimously passes resolution supporting New Voices, a state-by-state movement to ensure student press  Student Press Law Center

How SB Nation Profits Off An Army Of Exploited Workers  Deadspin

High school journalists who busted bogus principal aren’t done asking questions  Poynter


Will Students Stay Away From White Supremacists?  Inside Higher Ed

As students return to college campuses, parents question if their kids will be safe  CNBC

How SB Nation Profits Off An Army Of Exploited Workers: Rampant use of unpaid internships  Deadspin


Baylor settles with woman who said rape by football player was ignored, attorney says  Dallas News

Want To Fire A Professor For Sexual Harassment? Critics say the Tenure System also protects professors who grope students  BuzzFeed 

How Section 230 Helps Sex Trafficking Victims (and SESTA Would Hurt Them) Technology and Marketing Law Blog


Online research recruitment as a linguist  The Research Whisperer

What Merits Correction?  The Grumpy Geophysicist  Grumpy Geophysicist

An example of the “what does not kill my statistical significance makes it stronger” fallacy  Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science