articles of interest - Sept 18


61% of young adults in U.S. watch mainly streaming TV  Pew Research Center

The magazine industry finds itself fighting on unfamiliar terrain, best suited to their rivals  Talking New Media


How to cover DACA as a student journalist: advice from professionals  Student Press Law Center

Journalist from Mexico denied entry to U.S. for D.C. press event  CBS News

Report for America aims to get 1,000 journalists in local newsrooms in next 5 years  Poynter

How the Birmingham Mail Separated Print from Digital to Save the Newspaper  PBS Media Shift


No Apology, No Explanation: Fox News And The Seth Rich Story  NPR

BuzzFeed News embraces video, skips the ‘pivot’  Columbia Journalism Review


WSJ, Getty unpublish fake photographs from phony conflict reporter  imediaethics


Apple’s FaceID Could Be a Powerful Tool for Mass Spying (opinion)  Wired

Apple's Facial Recognition Software Has Privacy Advocates Worried  NPR

iPhone X price, features widen gap between haves and have-nots  CNET

What It Might Take To Stop The Data Breaches  NPR

A long-range, frugal new chip could be just what a smart city needs  Economist


Ever better and cheaper, face-recognition technology is spreading  Economist

Advances in AI are used to spot signs of sexuality  Economist 

Researchers produce images of people’s faces from their genomes  Economist


The Amazing Ways Coca Cola Uses Artificial Intelligence And Big Data To Drive Success  Forbes

How technology is changing the culture of the intelligence community  Federal News Radio


Dude is pumped to discover Snapchat's ridiculous new feature  Mashable

Confessions of an Instagram influencer: Brands just want big numbers  Digiday


Phones Are Changing How People Shoot and Watch Video  Wired

Tell a Story with your Data with StorylineJS  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Equifax hired a music major as chief security officer  Mediaite


The “No one to blame but themselves” rule  Becoming (my blog)

6 Reasons Good People Turn Into Monsters  Cracked


Science tries to make sense of humanities: This is your brain on art  Washington Post


The meaning of Entitlement  Chronicle of Higher Ed


How Reading Rewires Your Brain for More Intelligence and Empathy  Big Think  


Research Shows Spanish Speakers Take Longer To Learn English. Why?  NPR

Merriam-Webster adds 'alt-right' and 'sriracha' and 250 more words to its dictionary  LA Times


Women dominate journalism schools, but newsrooms are still a different story Poynter


What ESPN Employees Are Saying About The Jemele Hill Situation On Their Private Message Board  DeadSpin

How the U.S. Hispanic population is changing  Pew Research

4 Books That Will Help You Understand Race in Modern America  Study Breaks


Arguments over free speech on campus are not left v right  Economist

What Lies Ahead in the Campus-Speech Wars? Experts discuss the challenges they see on the horizon — and what colleges can do about them  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Free Speech-Hate Speech Trade-Off (opinion)  New York Times

What Lies Ahead in the Campus-Speech Wars? Experts discuss the challenges they see on the horizon — and what colleges can do about them  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Some Americans don’t believe Muslims, atheists have First Amendment rights  Religion News Service

Incidents at Harvard and Catholic Universities run counter to narrative about campus speaker controversies  Inside Higher Ed

How First Amendment Battles Are Shaping Up in the Social Media Age  Hollywood Reporter


Website Inaccessible to Visually Impaired Violated the Americans with Disabilities Act  Lexology

Facebook Wins Appeal Over Allegedly Discriminatory Content Removal–Sikhs for Justice v. Facebook  Technology and Marketing Law Blog

How Spotify's Argument in Copyright Lawsuit Could Upend the Music Industry's Newfound Recovery  Billboard

If ESPN Wants to Discipline Jemele Hill, She Might Have Law on Her Side  New York Times

Conan O'Brien to Probe Whether Copyright Office Was Duped by Tom Brady Joke  Hollywood Reporter

Doubling (& Tripling) Down on Trademark Protection For Secret Menu Items–In-N-Out v. Smashburger  Technology & Marketing Law Blog


A Booming New Jersey Evangelical Church whose fiery founder who embraced the K.K.K.  New York Times

Houston Church Blocks Jewish Lesbian From Volunteering to Help Hurricane Victims  Newsweek

Died: Nabeel Qureshi, Author of ‘Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus’  Christianity Today

'Jesus People' – a movement born from the 'Summer of Love'  LA Times


Banksy is back with artwork that expertly skewers how institutions treat street art  Mashable


Liberalism and the Campus Rape Tribunals  New York Times

The Trump administration’s approach to rape on campus is welcome: Barack Obama’s government put undue pressure on colleges to secure convictions in return for public money  Economist


As U.S. marriage rate hovers at 50%, education gap in marital status widens Pew Research Center


What Makes People Like (and Dislike) Their Doctors?  Priceonomics


Science will win the technical battle against cancer. But that is only half the fight  Economist

New types of therapy mean cancer is going to become ever more survivable  Economist

Understanding cancer’s unruly origins helps early diagnosis  Economist

Enrolling the immune system in the fight against cancer  Economist

Today’s anti-cancer tools are ever better wielded  Economist

The developing world needs better cancer strategies  Economist


Why American Workers Pay Twice as Much in Taxes as Wealthy Investors  Bloomberg

Millennials mostly watch TV after it’s aired: Older people still watch more live TV, but that’s changing  NPR


The Social Life of Opioids: New studies strengthen ties between loss, pain and drug use  Scientific American


Feminism and the Future of Philosophy  New York Times

Philosophy, Descartes and the dance of life  The Guardian


The Silicon Valley avant-garde have turned to LSD in a bid to increase their productivity  1843 Magazine


This search engine makes finding public records less painful  Poynter

 “Do You Expect Me to Just Give Away My Data?”  Eos

Creating Incentives to Address the Replication Crisis in Science  Undark

COPE Ethical Guidelinesfor Peer Reviewers  Pub Ethics

Publishing in parallel: when two societies work together  Royal Society


How U.S. News college rankings promote economic inequality on campus  Politico 

The subtle ways colleges discriminate against poor students, explained with a cartoon  Vox

Report Faults U. of Virginia on Response to White-Supremacist Rally  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Christian Universities: Moving Ahead by Standing Still (opinion)  Context


Atmospheric scientist at Illinois is on leave after refusing to provide lecture slides to student with disabilities  Inside Higher Ed


Five reasons you should join your college newspaper  Medium

UT Austin journalist assaulted while covering protest  Student Press Law Center


Georgia Tech Student-Activist Shot Dead by Campus Police  Fox 5 Atlanta

Student reporters kicked out of “open” student government meeting  Student Press Law Center

Students lose roughly four in 10 of the credits they accumulate before transferring: The transfer route in California is a "complex and costly maze”  Inside Higher Ed

How Successful Valedictorians Are After High School  Money Magazine

As Millennials Get Older, Many Are Buying SUVs To Drive To Their Suburban Homes  NPR

Why Millennials should be really worried about the Equifax breach  Money Magazine

DACA student targeted by classmate says university has done nothing to help  CBS News

Yale University will discontinue the terms “freshman” and “upperclassman” in its official documents  Inside Higher Ed

How to choose a student credit card  USA Today

How to Decide If Moving Off Campus Is Right for You  Study Breaks


Evergreen professor at center of protests resigns; college will pay $500,000  The Seattle Times

Republicans view professors more ‘coldly’ than Democrats do  Pew Research Center

How a Group of Instructors Is Standing Up to the Right-Wing Outrage Machine  Chronicle of Higher Ed

College puts adjunct on leave over tweet about teaching 'future dead cops'  Inside Higher Ed