articles of interest - Sept. 4, 2017


The Guardian Sets Up a Nonprofit to Support Its Journalism  New York Times

The Newseum Deserves to Die  Politico

Quartz created a bot that can break news — and wants to help other news orgs develop their own  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

After a CNN interviewee erupts in anger, disaster reporting standards come into focus  Washington Post

Court rules that MSU can’t sue ESPN for requesting open records  Student Press Law Center

How a 171-year-old news agency is the hidden mainstay of news on Facebook  The Drum


Researchers teach AI neural network to write fake reviews, with implications for fake news  Business Insider

When it comes to the academic study of fake news, “bullshit receptivity” is a thing  Nieman Journalism Lab

Why fact-checking can’t stop Trump’s lies  Vox

Fact-Check That Viral Image in Two Clicks  Life Hacker

There’s a long list of old-fashioned parallels to today’s fake news. Here’s one that’s actually helpful  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Fake news is nothing new: This photo hoax went viral a century ago  Salon


 Google-Funded Think Tank Fires Scholar Who Criticized Tech Giant  NPR

'Smart' Campuses Invest in the Internet of Things  Campus Technology

Doubts raised on key points of Nature paper on CRISPR gene editing of human embryos  The Niche

Scientists Can Predict How You Look Using Only Your Anonymous DNA  KPBS


Using recurrent neural networks to create fake yelp reviews-and how to fight it  Business Insider

The first quantum-cryptographic satellite network will be Chinese  Economist

Intel unveils tiny chip to run deep Neural Networks at high speed and low power while retaining accuracy  Alphr

How Walmart is using Machine Learning, AI, IoT and Big Data to boost retail performance  Forbes

Google researcher comes up with new technology to bring neural networks to mobile devices  Infoq


Facebook Prepares To Launch New Video Streaming Service  NPR

How media companies are creating episodic series for Instagram Stories  Marketing Land


711 million email addresses ensnared in "largest" spambot  ZDNet

How to Diagnose Pages that Rank in One Geography But Not Another  Moz


To Have Good Ideas, Remember to Get Bored  Life Hacker 

Proof that I was a worthless piece of Garbage (Jenni Berrett)  Becoming (my blog)

How Your Brain Tricks You Into Thinking Magic Is Real  Life Hacker


Believing widely doubted conspiracy theories satisfies some people’s need to feel special  Research Digest

Adam Ruins Everything goes after itself  College Humor


This is How Canada Talks  The 10 and 3

How to Lose an Accent, According to a Dialect Coach  Life Hacker


Tolkien's Plant Passion Moves Botantist To Create Guide To Middle Earth  NPR


Why Female Students Leave STEM   Inside Higher Ed


Teaching White Students Showed Me The Difference Between Power and Privilege  BuzzFeed News

Is Doxxing the Right Way to Fight the “Alt-Right?”  Jstor


First Amendment Protects Cinema's Right to Show Unicorn Masturbation Scene While Serving Alcohol, Says Judge  Reason  

The Most Shortsighted Attack on Free Speech in Modern U.S. History  The Atlantic


Dr. Phil Video Leads to Novel Copyright Decision Involving Woman Alleging False Imprisonment  Hollywood Reporter

H3H3 Wins Summary Judgment on Fair Use YouTube Lawsuit  Plagiarism Today

Charlotte School of Law bilked $285 million from taxpayers, former faculty member says  Charlotte Observer

Google Researchers Create Algorithm to Remove Image Watermarks  Plagiarism Today

Prediction: It's CNN Not the N.Y. Times Headed to Supreme Court in Defamation Battle  Hollywood Reporter


DeviantArt and Copyright issues  Plagiarism Today

A Short Documentary on Artist Jeff Koons  Open Culture


The secret rhythm in Radiohead’s “Videotape”  Vox


Market power and competition explain every problem in the US economy, new research argues  Quartz

Silicon Valley employees celebrate their own exploitation  New York Times


Traditional Radio Faces a Grim Future, New Study Says  Variety

Brown University radio station sold to K-LOVE for $5.63 million  Providence Journal

National Association of Broadcasters, Nielsen Respond to Study Predicting Terrestrial Radio’s Downfall  Variety


What to Say When an Interviewer Wants You to Talk About Yourself  Life Hacker


Why Giving Birth Is Safer In Britain Than In The US  Digg

Utah hospital nurse roughed up and arrested for doing her job  Washington Post

Microscopic lasers may stop tumours spreading around the body: How to blow cancer cells up from the inside  Economist


Physicists Want to Rebuild Quantum Theory From Scratch  Wired


Psychology offers a simple rule to consider before you tell someone your woes  Quartz

Could a Videogame Strengthen Your Aging Brain?  Wired


Wittgenstein on Whether Speech Is Violence  Jstor


The Myth of American Universities as Inequality-Fighters  The Atlantic

Most Colleges Will Change Overtime Policies Despite Judge’s Blocking of New Rule  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Almost 40 percent of Texas's flagship state university's undergraduates are from counties declared disaster areas  Washington Post  


Diverging Trends in Completions of Advanced Humanities Degrees  American Academy of Arts and Sciences


Are Students Doing Their Own Work in Online Classes?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

As Coding Boot Camps Close, the Field Faces a Reality Check  New York Times


A College Seminar Tells Students to Masturbate to Prevent Sexual Assault  Cosmopolitan


Under Fire, These Professors Were Criticized by Their Colleges  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Professor Fired for Blaming Harvey on Texas Voting GOP  NBC News

Fill Out This Bingo Card During Your First Faculty Meeting of the Year  Chronicle of Higher Ed

If professors can be fired for comments that show hostility toward certain groups, then colleges and universities should stop claiming that they respect academic freedom (opinion)  Washington Post

Why I’m Leaving the Political Science Association (opinion)  Minding the Campus

Faculty Members Organize to Fight ‘Fascist’ Interlopers on Campuses  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Let’s Talk about cocks (opinion)   Journo Terrorist


The Biggest Misconception About Today’s College Students  New York Times

Professors at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton say their advice to incoming freshmen can be 'distilled to 3 words'  Business Insider

Why You Should Read That Whole Text Book Right Now  Wired

College Students evacuated after being stranded by Hurricane Harvey  Washington Post

A new Stanford study suggests first-year students can judge who will help them have fun and who can be a shoulder to cry on  Inside Higher Ed 

A Few Telling Freshman Trends  New York Times


Spicer gets his audience with the pope  Politico

The Joel Osteen Fiasco Says A Lot About American Christianity (opinion)  BuzzFeed News

The Cheap Prosperity Gospel of Trump and Osteen (opinion) associate professor of religious studies)  New York Times

Evangelicals to Trump: Don’t Deport Our Next Generation of Church Leaders   Christianity Today


More than 150 evangelical religious leaders sign 'Christian manifesto' on human sexuality  USA Today

Nashville's mayor is denouncing a statement against same-sex marriage that evangelical leaders named after the city  Huron Daily Tribune

I signed the Nashville Statement. It’s an expression of love for same-sex attracted people (opinion)  Washington Post

The ugly ingratitude of the 'Nashville Statement' (opinion)  Patheos

Why even conservative evangelicals are unhappy with the anti-LGBT Nashville Statement  Washington Post