Articles of Interest - Jan 29


Here's What Facebook's Local News And Events Section Looks Like, Live In Action  BuzzFeed News

‘Never get high on your own supply’ – why social media bosses don’t use social media  The Guardian

Twitter is reportedly working on a new video tool that sounds a lot like Snapchat

Online group members may end up secretly recruited by intel agencies: How and when intel agencies can exploit your social media accounts  MuckRock

The Follower Factory: Buying Fake Twitter Followers  New York Times

Which Publishers Benefit Most from Facebook’s News Feed Change?  Media Shift

Instagram won’t comment on rumored video calling feature  Tech Crunch


Snapchat Stories Can Now Live Outside the App  Wired

Snap is making it easier for people to watch Snapchat videos, even if they don’t have an account  Recode

Snapchat will now allow you to share and watch videos outside its app  LA Times


Keep Your Head Up: How Smartphone Addiction Kills Manners and Moods  New York Times


Here's Why Your Gmail Icon Might Be Blue Now  BuzzFeed News


Every study we could find on what automation will do to jobs, in one chart  MIT Technology Review

You Can't Fool YouTube's Copyright Bots  Life Hacker

Google began selling its Clips camera today  The Verge


Man arrested, accused of threatening to kill CNN employees  The Hill

Tech Is Starting to Lose Its War on Journalism (opinion)  Bloomberg

Investigation by 'Indianapolis Star' hailed as proof of local journalism's impact  USA Today

Freelance writers win new $100,000 journalism prize  News Observer

Google tests Bulletin app for crowdsourced, hyperlocal news  Money Mag

'Video journalism forces you to go the extra mile'  The Guardian

Prosecutor praises newspaper that exposed doctor’s abuse  Associated Press

The Untold Story of the Pentagon Papers Co-Conspirators  The New Yorker

Trust In Media, Social Platforms Dips, Traditional Journalism Rises  Media Post


The Libraries Bringing Small-Town News Back to Life  The Atlantic

As Local Media Dies, Google Pilots A Program For Unpaid Citizen Journalists  Fast Company

Turmoil at the Los Angeles Times is getting ugly and frightening  LA Observed  

Over 75% of NPR's staff is white, same as the last six years  NPR

Why Social Media Editors Should be Better Integrated into Newsrooms   PBS Media Shift


Pope warns against 'fake news' and likens it to 'crafty serpent' in Genesis  CNN

What the Pope Gets Wrong About Fake News  Politico  

The era of “truth decay”: 12 things we still don’t know about our weird time  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

WhatsApp: Mark Zuckerberg’s other headache: The popular messaging service shows that Facebook’s efforts to fight fake news may fail  Economist


Is “Murder by Machine Learning” the New “Death by PowerPoint”?  Harvard Business Review

Twitter is using machine learning to crop photos to the most interesting part  The Verge

Deep learning vs. machine learning: what's the difference between the two?  Digital Trends

Are You Setting Your Data Scientists Up to Fail by not putting them in the right spots?  Harvard Business Review

AI is giving surveillance cameras digital brains—What happens when digital eyes get the brains to match?  The Verge

Reliable access to the GOES satellites (and GPS) are now jeopardized by increasing demands for radio spectrum for terrestrial wireless systems  Space News

Google’s AutoML promises to help you create machine learning models even if you lack programming experience  Extreme Tech

Forget About Siri and Alexa: When It Comes to Voice Identification, the “NSA Reigns Supreme” The Intercept


Risk aversion kills innovation  Becoming (my blog)

The Dangers Of Thinking Too Much And Thinking Too Little  Digg

3 Timeless Rules for Making Tough Decisions  Harvard Business Review

Retraction Heroes  Magzter

What to Say When You Meet the Angel of Death at a Party: After years of living with stage IV cancer, I have some suggestions  New York Times


One East Village Bar is Banning The Word 'Literally' From Its Venue  NBC New York


I Copied the Routines of Famous Writers and It Sucked  Vice

Bonehead Guidance for Would-Be Novelists  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is a terrible writer (opinion)  Slate


Misusing “Pretentious”  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How many are in “a couple (of)”  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Why Virginia Woolf remains one of literature's most alluring writers  Telegraph

How Mary Shelly's Frankenstein upended 2000 years of literature – by making us the monsters (sign in req’ed)  Telegraph

The second volume of John Ashbery’s collected poems is a tribute  Economist 

How to Spot a Communist Using Literary Criticism: A 1955 Manual from the U.S. Military  Open Culture 

“A Wrinkle in Time” Author Madeleine L’Engle on Self-Consciousness and the Wellspring of Creativity  Brain Pickings


The Dangers of Keeping Women out of Tech  Magzter

Southern Illinois University Athletics found non-compliant with Title IX regulations  Daily Egyptian (student newspaper)


To attract more blacks and Hispanics to STEM, universities must address racial issues on campus  Hechinger Report

Key facts about black immigrants in the U.S.  Pew Research Center

When Dreamers and black colleges meet, American success stories are made  The Hill

Should Students Be Expelled for Posting Racist Videos?  Chronicle of Higher Ed


The End of Academe: Free Speech and the Silencing of Dissent (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Court rejects Pierce College’s attempt to dismiss lawsuit against its tiny ‘free speech zone’  The FIRE

It's the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech  Wired

So to Speak podcast: Professor Randall Kennedy on ‘The Forgotten Origins of the Constitution on Campus’   The FIRE


Grumpy Cat wins $710,000 payout in copyright lawsuit  BBC News

Song Publisher Agrees "We Shall Overcome" Is in Public Domain in Legal Settlement  Hollywood Reporter

Even a Divided Congress Can Agree on Copyright  Billboard

James Woods' Use of a Question Mark Helps Him Beat Defamation Lawsuit Over Tweet  Hollywood Reporter

Actors’ union argues First Amendment protection isn't absolute and docudrama filmmakers have an obligation to "exercise caution" when depicting a living individual  Hollywood Reporter

State Supreme Court reverses itself on First Presbyterian lawsuit over baptism announcement: Muslim convert’s baptism nearly got him killed  Tulsa World


The problem with the craze for mandatory arbitration: Millions of American employees have no recourse to the courts  Economist 

How bad decision making could undermine good innovation  Tech Crunch

Harassed or discriminated against? You may not be able to take your employer to court because of the fine print in your contract  Economist 


Southern Baptist Convention added as defendant in Pressler lawsuit  Baptist Press

Amid #MeToo, Evangelicals Grapple With Misconduct In Their Own Churches  NPR

Rob Bell is the subject of a new documentary titled The Heretic  Christian Today

Behind the microphone, Jay Sekulow, President Trump's lawyer targets his client's tormentors over Christian radio  LA Times

Poll found 0% of Icelanders under 25 believe Bible creation story  Digital Journal

Are White Evangelicals Sacrificing The Future In Search Of The Past?  FiveThirtyEight

American religious groups vary widely in their views of abortion  Pew Research Center

The share of Americans who leave Islam offset by Muslim converts  Pew Research Center

How the Photographer of a Snake-Handling Pastor Handled the Bite That Killed Him  Patheos 

Across U.S., LGBTQ Christians try to change hearts and minds from the pews  NBC News


The evangelical muscle of Trump (opinion)  The Week

Editor in chief of Christianity Today: Falwell’s defense of Trump is “twisted” (opinion)  Christianity Today

White House Bible study comes under fire  Miami OK

In the wake of porn-star allegations, most evangelicals stand by Trump  Washington Post


Watch how kids and pro artists draw differently based on eye tracking  BongBong

Can Art Help People Develop Empathy?   Daily Jstor

How Did Michelangelo Get So Good?  Daily Jstor


Why Vinyl Matters: Nick Hornby on Records, High  Reverb News

Study: People Listen To Songs From Other Cultures And Guess: Lullaby, Dance Song, Love Song?  NPR

Study: Music permits the communication of simple ideas between people even when they have no language in common  Economist

After The Vinyl Revival, The Vinyl-Playing Jukebox Is Back  NPR

Artificial Intelligence Writes a Piece in the Style of Bach: Can You Tell the Difference Between JS Bach and AI Bach?  Open Culture


The Washington Post sets up two singles for a date and then chronicles the results on its “Data Lab” —an often painful but entertaining glimpses into the dating lives of others  Washington Post

Her son came out. She called a gay bar for advice. The delightful convo went viral  Upworthy

What Kind of Screen Time Parent Are You? Take This Quiz And Find Out  NPR


This Student Newspaper Let A Nazi Sympathizer Write For Them  BuzzFeed News

Students re-publish article about teacher's firing after school deleted it  The Washington Post


Millennials think they're bad at managing money, even when they're not  Quartz

Study shows drop-off in religious interests of new college students  Inside Higher Ed

Teen explorer makes sandwich for sexist trolls – and leaves it at the South Pole  Metro

College student hunger: How access to food can impact grades, mental health  Journalism Resources

China's millennials are triggering a luxury-goods market boom  Quartz

Virginia University of Lynchburg panel draws little student feedback following fall semester protests  News Advance

Temporarily reinstated, Christian University of Iowa student club glad to be back recruiting  Iowa City Press-Citizen

Some 250 Ohio College Students End Sit-In Over Diversity on Campus  US News

Report asserts that bundled textbooks cost students too much; publishers dispute findings  Inside Higher E

Lesbians and bisexual girls are more likely to be suspended, expelled  Journalism Resources

White Supremacist UCSD Student Disrupts Lecture  The Triton

Will millennials kill Costco?  Washington Post


Facebook is offering scholarships to journalism students  CNET

Apply for NAHJ Facebook Journalism Project scholarship

These tools will save, highlight and share your best work  Poynter


U. of Arizona Provost Steps Down After Suit Claims ‘Demeaning’ Treatment of Female Deans  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Michigan State University fans wear teal in support of sexual abuse victims  CBS News


Former Feinberg Prof. discusses sexuality, academic freedom  Daily Northwestern


Livers for transplant can now be kept alive at body temperature  Economist

9 out of 10 Dentists Recommend You Toss the Floss  Study Breaks

An ER visit, a $12,000 bill — and a health insurer that wouldn’t pay  Vox

Most Americans Can’t Afford A Minor Emergency  Huffington Post


Sequencing the world: How to map the DNA of all known plants and animal species on Earth  Economist


Staying Awake Is A Surprisingly Effective Way To Treat Depression  Digg


The problem with Ayn Rand? She isn't a philosopher  Big Think


Time is a human invention that controls how we work  Quartz  


iPS research fraud points up challenges for research ethics (opinion)  The Asahi Shimbun

Robust research needs many lines of evidence  Nature

At Harvard, developing software to spot misused images in science  Elsevier

Academic journals are often filled with complex language because they want to make their writing seem grander and more important than it actually is  The BMJ Opinion

Why are we continuing to allow paper journal formats to mangle our science?  The Grumpy Geophysicist

Read the Shortest Academic Article Ever Written: “The Unsuccessful Self-Treatment of a Case of ‘Writer’s Block'”  Open Culture


Outlook for Higher Ed in 2018 Is Bleak, Ratings Agency Says  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How College May Actually Limit Students’ Exposure to Different Religions  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Who Has the Most Student Debt? The Wealthiest, a New Analysis Finds  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Mizzou considers phasing out more than two dozen graduate programs  St Louis Post-Dispatch

Closed searches do not produce better college presidents, but they do serve the financial interests of search firms and headhunters (opinion)  The Ithacan

Moody Bible Spokane faculty starting new Christian college  Spokesman


The Benefits of Having Students Do It Wrong  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Study finds students come up with many ideas in courses that meet midday  Inside Higher Ed

Creating Your Own Attendance “App” with Google Forms  Chronicle of Higher Ed