Articles of Interest - Week of Oct. 1


How algorithms are controlling your life And why you should probably pay closer attention  Vox 

The secret data collected by dockless bikes is helping cities map your movement  MIT Technology Review 

Will L.A.’s Anti-Terrorist Subway Scanners Be Adopted Everywhere?  Scientific American

Internet, social media use and device ownership in U.S. have plateaued after years of growth  Pew Research Center 

Google teams up with T-Mobile on more-accurate 911 location data  Cnet  

Are Delivery Drones Commercially Viable? Iceland Is About to Find Out  IEEE Spectrum 

Voice Phishing Scams Are Getting More Clever  Krebson Security 


US mid-terms: Hackers expose  BBC  

Justice Department Sues California To Block State's Net Neutrality Law  NPR 


Partisans Remain Sharply Divided in Their Attitudes About the News Media

Neo-Nazi activist behind racist robocalls linked to threats of Idaho newspaper  The Guardian  

As marijuana goes mainstream, reporters wrestle with terminology  Columbia Journalism Review 

How cable news networks covered the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing  Washington Post 

New target for POLITICO: California  Politico  

How social media and engagement roles came to newsrooms Sarah Marshall  

How to get reluctant sources to talk on the record  Andrew Seaman

WashPost adds editor’s note on child molester article, says man had ‘sex with’ child instead of rape  iMediaEthics


What will happen when newspapers kill print and go online-only? Most of that print audience will just…disappear  Harvard Nieman Lab  

Apple News is giving the media everything it wants—except money  Slate   

Oklahoman sells to GateHouse Media, lays off several newsroom staffers  Poynter

Most Western Europeans get news from TV as print reading lags  Pew Research Center


Tracking Down Fake Videos  NPR 

Billionaire LA Times owner: 'Fake news' and how it spreads a cancer  CNBC

A master class in how to verify a video using digital tools Columbia Journalism Review

Why Humans Are Bad At Spotting Lies  FiveThirtyEight  

Why A New Fake News Law In Singapore Could Be A Big Test For Facebook, Google, And Twitter BuzzFeed News


AI may not be bad news for workers-a new report argues there’s no need to fear the the end it can help them with their jobs  Economist  

Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data  Becoming Human 

Companies are over-using complex AI techniques when they would be better served with simpler approaches  Axios


Why Snap will get acquired before 2020, probably by Amazon  Recode

Facebook discloses “security issue” affecting 50 million accounts  Axios


That sign telling you how fast you’re driving may be spying on you  Quartz 

Facebook Is Giving Advertisers Access to Your Shadow Contact Information  Gizmodo 

Keep Your Data Secure With Mozilla's Newest Tools  Life Hacker  

A Small Google Chrome Change Stirs a Big Privacy Controversy  Wired 

No Cash Needed At This Cafe. Students Pay The Tab With Their Personal Data  NPR


Surprising SEO A/B Test Results - Whiteboard Friday  Moz  

Internet Inventer Tim Berners-Lee wants to remake the web to help you protect your data MIT Technology Review


The False Loops of Social Media  Becoming (my blog)


Boys Don’t Read Enough  The Atlantic 

How to identify anonymous prose Forget lodestars and concentrate on the fingerprints  Economist 

6 Tips to Shape Up Your Writing  Chronicle of Higher Ed 


A Cliché With Staying Power  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Yowza! 300 new words added to Scrabble dictionary  The Guardian

From Criminal Slang to Modern Acceptability: ‘Kibosh’  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

‘Himpathy’ Is a Societal Illness. But at Least We Have a Word for It  Chronicle of Higher Ed  

What’s the Fastest-Growing Language in the U.S.? You’ll Never Guess  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

How the English Failed to Stamp Out the Scots Language Against all odds, 28 percent of Scottish people still use it Atlas Obscura 


A Man Reads ‘Little Women’ (Continued)  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Reimaging Homer: In “The Silence of the Girls”, a captured woman becomes the main character Economist 

Flannery O'Connor Renders Her Verdict on Ayn Rand's Fiction: It's As "Low As You Can Get"  Open Culture


Most Powerful Women  Fortune

There’s one big reason women are freezing their eggs, and it’s not career  Quartz 

Few women executives at top US companies despite modest gains this decade Pew Research Center   

California is 1st state to require women on corporate boards  Associated Press


UC Davis to open groundbreaking Filipino studies center  NBC News

Study reveals bias against women's basketball teams from historically black colleges  Inside Higher Ed 

Escondido students spell racial slur in photo during senior picnic  NBC San Diego  


Diversity Fatigue Is Real And it afflicts the very people who are most committed to diversity work  Chronicle of Higher Ed


The War over Music Copyrights  TechCrunch 

JR Smith says NBA will fine him for new tattoo of Supreme brand logo  ESPN

US Supreme Court declines to take Martins Beach case — a win for California's landmark coastal access law  LA Times 

New trial ordered in 'Stairway to Heaven' copyright lawsuit  Associated Press  


The Talmud Is Finally Now Available Online  Open Culture 

Europe’s Oldest Intact Book Was Preserved and Found in the Coffin of a Saint  Open Culture

‘New Age’ beliefs common among both religious and nonreligious Americans  Pew research Center

Hillsong: ‘What a Beautiful Name’ for a New Denomination Spanning ‘Oceans’  Christianity Today


Poll: 48% of white evangelicals would support Kavanaugh even if the allegations against him were true  Vox 


Turn Your Office into 'The Office' with This Incredible Prop Auction  Vice

Students raise money to send a janitor on the first vacation he's had in almost a decade  CNN

4-year-old girl named Florence inspired to help victims of Hurricane Florence  CBS News

Montana centenarian credits Cheetos for long life  Great Falls Tribune


UK airport sniffer dogs good at finding sausages, but not drugs  Reuters

California judges will soon be able to consider a pet's well-being when awarding custody in a divorce  LA Times 

North Carolina woman arrested for practicing veterinary medicine without a license after saving abandoned pets during Florence  CBS News 


The surprisingly dark history of the color pink  Fast Company 

How To Learn Calligraphy (for beginners)  MojoTech 

Sculpture or human organ? these photos make it hard to tell  Wired


Musicians celebrating new bill that helps them get paid  Axios

How Grammy-winning producer Oak Felder turns his laptop into a studio  The Verge

***FILM & TV 

Mara Wilson reflects on sharing her life with a literary icon — and thinks about who Matilda might have grown up to be  Vanity Fair  

Netflix Is Planning a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ‘Black Mirror’  Bloomberg


Network TV's leadership crisis  Axios 


So What Are You Going to Do With That Degree? Physics Majors Get That Question, Too Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Millennials Are Causing the U.S. Divorce Rate to Plummet  Bloomberg 

Need Help Paying For College? There's An App For That  NPR

The Most Powerful New Voting Bloc in America Doesn’t Vote  Medium

A Majority of Teens Have Experienced Some Form of Cyberbullying  Pew Research Center

Marijuana use is now as common among baby boomers as it is among teens, federal data shows Washington Post

Law Student Dresses As Spider-Man To Accept His Degree  LADbible

Texas Attorney General backs decision to expel student who chose not to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance  MSNBC 

Catholic U. students protest dean who disparaged Kavanaugh accuser  Washington Post 


The Lie Generator: Inside the Black Mirror World of Polygraph job Screenings  Wired

List of internships across the country in video production, social media and investigative reporting   Student Press Law Center 


Kavanaugh case unfolds as DeVos readies sexual assault rule  Associated Press 


Is Rent Control An Answer To California's Housing Crisis?  NPR  

Suicide rate spikes among young US veterans  The Guardian  

Detailed New National Maps Show How Neighborhoods Shape Children for Life  New York Times


How Much You Must Earn to Afford a House in the 50 Largest U.S. Cities  How Much

The high costs of staff turnover Workers are losing their chains  Economist 

The American Dream Is Harder To Find In Some Neighborhoods  NPR

After Budget Cuts, the IRS’ Work Against Tax Cheats Is Facing “Collapse”  Propublica

A Shocking Number of Killers Murder Their Co-workers The Atlantic


There are too many video games. What now?  Polygon  

Fortnite Is So Big It Can Bully Sony And Nintendo  IGN


California leads subnational efforts to curb climate change: Local authorities and companies are crucial if global carbon-emissions targets are to be met  Economist 


Antibiotics for appendicitis? Surgery often not  Ars Technica

Infectious bacteria hibernate to evade antibiotics  Univ. of Copenhagan  

80,000 people died of flu last winter in U.S., the highest death toll in four decades  Chicago Tribune 

Flu on a flight! How to avoid getting sick on a plane  NBC News

Middle-age drinkers more concerned about reputation than health risks, study says  CNN 

Scientists Who Sparked Revolution In Cancer Treatment Share Nobel Prize In Medicine  NPR


Chinese Soup Ingredients May Hold Key to Fighting Dementia  Bloomberg

How the anti-vaxxers are winning in Italy  The Independent  


You can now fly with weed out of Los Angeles International Airport  Business Insider


The Eternal Life of the Instant Noodle  BBC

You Should Be Eating Pie for Breakfast  Eater 

A Breakthrough for U.S. Troops: Combat-Ready Pizza  New York Times

Frites, chips, fries, whatever Europeans want to call them — they’re shrinking  Washington Post  


Limiting children's screen time linked to better cognition  BBC  

Crafty kids are finding ingenious ways to thwart Apple's 'Screen Time' feature  The Next Web 

How motherhood changes the brain  Boston Globe 

New app is helping parents track their children  Washington Post

The epic rise and fall of the name Heather: It has falled out of fashion faster than ny name in history  Quartz 


A bone-marrow transplant treated a patient’s leukemia -- and his Schizophrenic delusions, too: Some doctors think they know why New York Times

Your weird dreams actually make a lot of sense (according to neuroscience and psychology)  NBC News


Unpublished and Untenured, a Philosopher Inspired a Cult Following  New York Times


Google Maps now helps you plan group events Engadget 

Research: Women and Men Are Equally Bad at Multitasking  Harvard Business Review 


Assessing the impact of retraction on the citation of randomized controlled trial reports: an interrupted time-series analysis  Sage

The “problem” of predatory publishing remains a relatively small one and should not be allowed to defame open  The London School of Economic & Political Science 

Austrian agency shows how to tackle scientific misconduct  Nature

The Failed Replication of a Retracted Study  The 100% CI 


3 Ways That Colleges Suppress a Diversity of Viewpoints  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A University Comes Undone How scandal and corruption brought down a college sports powerhouse  Chronicle of Higher Ed

What It Means When a U.S. College Has a Religious Affiliation  WTOP

Liberty University sends 300 students to D.C. to support Kavanaugh  Lynchburg News & Advance

APU reinstates ban on LGBTQ relationships on campus  San Gabriel Valley Tribune 

APU enters 2018-19 school year in $17 million cash flow shortfall  ZuNews


Teacher fired after refusing to abide by ‘No zero' policy when students didn't hand in work  WFTV 

How to Be a Generous Professor in Precarious Times  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Longtime UT professor resigns amid probe of sexual misconduct accusations by current, former students  Knox News 

Why Did These Scholars Suddenly Find Their Twitter Accounts Suspended?  Chronicle of Higher Ed  

Baylor professor resigns after Title IX complaints  Waco Tribune

How to Treat Visiting Assistant Professors With Dignity  Chronicle of Higher Ed