Articles of Interest – Oct 29 


This tiny wasp-inspired drone can pull 40 times its own weight Science Mag

Two moms, no dad? Gene editing allows same-sex mice to have babies National Geographic

How the digital age is impacting police warrant  Police One


Microsoft revamps Cognitive Toolkit and other machine learning tools to integrate them with Apache Spark  InfoWorld

Hadoop administrators beware: There is a botnet that is actively looking for unsecured Hadoop  eWeek

There are 23,749 results for “data scientist” in the US on the job pages of LinkedIn. Where did we get the job title from?  Quartz 


First Twitter Gave Me Power. Then I Felt Hopeless. What I learned from growing up online Vice

Instagram’s “digital kidnappers” are stealing children’s photos and making up new lives Quartz  

WhatsApp introduces stickers on iOS and Android at last The Next Web

Snapchat struggles to curb user exodus  CNN 

Twitter’s rumored killing of the “like” button highlights its misplaced priorities Vox

8 facts about Americans and Facebook  Pew Research Center


Three settings you can change on your phone right now to help you focus  Quartz

Holographic screen may be next innovation for phones  Associated Press 


Forget Password Managers, Your Brainwaves Could Be Your Next Login Inverse  

Trump’s tapped phone may be the largest White House breach ever: former official Fast Company


Gmail Usage Hits The 1.5 Billion Mark  Media Post 

The Next Big Internet Threat You think election interference is as bad as it can get? Something even worse is just around the corner  Politico  


The Economist's print edition launches a dedicated data journalism page for better visual storytelling  

What journalists can learn from truth-telling comedians  Medium  

What the digital divide means for journalists reaching rural readers  Columbia Journalism Review


How to successfully pitch The New York Times (or, well, anyone else)  Nieman Journalism Lab 

New media hiring slowdown: Openings at Vox, Buzzfeed, and Vice at lowest levels Thinknum 

The clause freelance writers should fight to remove from their contracts  Columbia Journalism Review  


Deep Fakes: How they are made and how they can be detected  NBC News  

The bizarre Justin Bieber burrito incident reminds us not to believe everything online The Verge

As misinformation crisis deepens, ‘fake news’ becomes less accurate  International Journalists’ Network


Iranian Propaganda Targeted Americans, with Tom Hanks  The Atlantic

The British Government has decided to no longer use the term “fake news”  CBS News 

Case study in fake news for all journalism schools  South China Morning Post 


Fake news is making college students question all news  Poynter 

Younger Americans better at telling factual news statements from opinions  Pew Research Center  


 The Shape of a Moral Hero  Becoming (my blog)


Tiny Books Fit in One Hand. Will They Change the Way We Read?  New York Times


This Dictionary Time Machine Tells You Which Words Were First Printed the Year You Were Born  Gizmodo 

Why Linguistics Matters  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How the term ‘false flag’ migrated to the right  Columbia Journalism Review 

6 facts about English language learners in U.S. public schools  Pew Research Center


How an Army propaganda writer became China’s most controversial novelist  New Yorker  

The Great American Read  PBS 

How an essay about sailing taught a writer to embrace her fears as she worked up to writing her memoir  The Atlantic 

Nicole Chung’s Adoption Memoir, “All You Can Ever Know,” Is an Ode to Sisterly Love (book review) 

How do languages develop words for colors? A fascinating look at a commonality in human language development  Scholarly Kitchen


Nielsen Reporting To Identify Same Gender Spouse And Partner Audiences  Deadline

An online map lets people log instances of gender inequality  Mashable 


Netflix Says It Does Not Use Race to Target Viewers Hollywood Reporter

Anti-Semitic Incidents Increasing, ADL Says  NPR


How Colleges Make Themselves Easy Targets Shutting down speech bolsters the university's opponents  Chronicle of Higher Ed  

European Court Won't Tolerate Blasphemy as Free Speech Hollywood Reporter


Libel law is having a moment  Columbia Journalism Review

What is rarer than the unicorn? A dress protected by copyright?  The 1709 Blog  


The Politician Who Sued God  Mental Floss

This Town Is Tearing Itself Apart Over Non-Christians Owning Houses  Vice 

Muslim Groups Raise Thousands For Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Victims  MSNBC 

More Citation Problems at the American Association of Christian Counselors  The Throckmorton Blog


Ministers interrupt Sessions, are removed from religious freedom conference  NBC News


The Japanese Man who Saved 6 Million Jews with his Handwriting  New York Times

6-Year-Old with Diabetes Sells Pumpkins to Buy a Service Dog —Raises Over $24K People

Shoeshiner donates $202,000 in tips to children's hospital  Today

Teen invents artificial intelligence treatment for pancreatic cancer Inside Editions

The shoe-shiner donated $200K to UPMC Children's Hospital  Post-Gazette

Woman Donates Her Wedding After Calling Off Engagement  People  

Pizza Shop Manager Drives 3 Hours to Bring Dying Man His Favorite Pizza Christian Headlines

Cops recover stolen Krispy Kreme van, give doughnuts to homeless people ABC News


Portrait painted using artificial intelligence sells for $432,000 Design Boom

Our Favorite Typefaces of 2017  Typographica


Watch a Private Eye Fact-check Detective Movies (video) New York Magazine

Horror, Horror, Read All About It: The newspaper ads for 1980s horror movies could be as fun to scrutinize as the films themselves. A fan who collected the ads shares highlights  New York Times


The future of media in driverless cars depends on who owns the data Axios


College Greeks are known for high GPAs and making more money after graduating — but new research says it's not as straightforward as it seems  Business Insider 

A new study correlates a freshman’s grade point average to the length of time her peers spent studying in high school  National Bureau of Economic Research


Study: a positive job outlook for new college graduates  Detroit News

Graduate student assistants at campuses across the U.S. are pushing for $15 per hour  Inside Higher Ed


Has Fortnite peaked? Twitch viewership is declining  Thinknum 

Georgia Tech students sues Senator for snatching his cellphone when he tried to ask a question Washington Post 

Millennial Gigs vs. Baby Boomer Careers  Vice 

Live-streaming news network The Cheddar Buys  Axios


A Student Newspaper Covers the Pittsburg Mass Shooting  Pitt News 

What happens when your alma mater screws up an open-records release and then sics the Department of Justice on you  Dynamics of Writing 

Student media guide to publishing political ads  Student Press Law Center


6 Tips for Landing Journalism Fellowships  Media Bistro

Why New-Job Anxiety Is Actually Good  The Cut 


Student's sexual-assault lawsuit against Univ of Michigan and one of its professors accuses the institution of having been “deliberately indifferent”  M-Live   

Introducing the #MeToo Fund: Covering Solutions to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault  The Whole Story

200+ Googlers plan company-wide walkout Thu. Nov 1 over alleged sexual harasser protection  BoingBoing 


There is nothing inevitable about America’s over-use of prisons A 40-year prison binge has done nothing to guard Americans against crime  Economist

The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected  New York Times


Slowly But Surely, Americans Are Softening Their Negative Impression of Business  Fortune

Nearly one-in-five teens can’t always finish their homework because of the digital divide  Pew Research Center


The Sailors Who Hunt Garbage for Science Gizmodo 

Five energy and environment ballot questions to watch  The Hill 


Americans Life Expectancy Dropping  Bloomberg  

Miscarrying at Work: The Physical Toll of Pregnancy Discrimination  New York Times 

Importance of infant diet in establishing a healthy gut  Newcastle University

Anti-vaccine billboard goes up in Huntington  Herald-Dispatch 


Remembering The Woman Behind The Classic American Green-Bean Casserole  NPR  

Gilroy, “the garlic capital of the world”  Curbed 

New Jersey man tells podcast how he's eaten pizza every day for 37 years  Philly Voice


China is assigning poor social credit scores to crappy dog owners  South China Morning Post   

The CDC guidelines for dressing up your pet chicken on Halloween  Quartz

30 Fantastically Costumed Dogs From the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade  The Cut 


How to read and learn from scientific literature, even if you’re not an expert  The Conversation


Why detained dissidents in China ‘confess’ – and why you would too  Hong Kong Free Press 

A Cooperative Revolution in Psychology (letter to the editor)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Cerebellum Plays Bigger Role In Human Thought Than Previously Suspected  NPR 

New Theory of Intelligence May Disrupt AI and Neuroscience  Psychology Today 


16 Characteristics of Critical Thinkers  Entrepreneur 


Nietzsche, philosophy and madness “I Am Dynamite!” is an approachable biography of a usually forbidding man  AMP 

A Data Visualization of Modern Philosophy, 1950-2018  Open Culture 


Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom  The Guardian

Leonardo da Vinci Saw the World Differently… Thanks to an Eye Disorder, Says a New Scientific Study  Open Culture 

The Library of Congress Has an Incredible Collection of Early Baseball Cards  Atlas Obscura  


Ethics in news consumption Can you be a good person if you don’t read the news?  The Outline 


A boy was part of clinical trial—where the researcher violated research rules, failed to alert parents of risks and falsified data to cover up misconduct  Propublica 

Academic Ethics: Should Scholars Avoid Citing the Work of Awful People?  Chronicle of Higher Ed  

How not to fall for a predatory journal  Nature  

In the fierce competition for science funding, even a typeface glitch can be fatal  Stat News

Study finds prior research claiming CEOs tend to be psychopaths was flawed  Ars Technica


China’s Investment in Stem Cell Studies Based on Bogus Science  Sixth Tone 

How the Chinese censors highlight fundamental flaws in academic publishing  Hong Kong Free Press


Federal Proposal to Redefine Gender Throws College Policies Into Uncertainty  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

The University of Utah canceled classes after a student was shot and killed Monday night outside a dorm on campus  St. Louis Tribune 

190 universities just launched 600 free online courses: Here’s the full list  Quzrtz 

The crazy amount America spends on higher education, in one chart  AEI

 The Case for Christian Colleges (opinion)  National Review

St. Edward’s University in Texas could face censure by the American Association of University Professors  Inside Higher Ed 

John MacArthur Set to Step Down as The Master's University President  Christian Headlines

Revolt at U of the Pacific  Inside Higher Ed 

Wheaton College’s Billy Graham Center Receives $1 Million Dollar Grant  World Religion News


3 Tips for the Minutes Before Class  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Why students should read scientific literature  Education Dive 

How One Teaching Center Supports Adjunct Instructors  Chronicle of Higher Ed