Articles of Interest - Nov 26


The promise and peril of gene drives  Economist

A dystopian human scoring system in China is blocking people from booking flights  BGR

These Precision Parts 3D-Printed From Fake Moon Dust Bring Us One Step Closer to Living on Mars  Gizmodo


How to edit a human  1843 magazine  

Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies  MIT Technology Review 


Using AI to screen proteins in a patient’s body to detect disease—before there are outward symptoms  New York Times 

How AI is being used to vet babysitters, screen applicants and watch employees  Axios 

How bots, algorithms, and artificial intelligence are reshaping the future of corporate support functions— real-life examples and key factors for success factors  McKinsey 

The features to look for when picking big-data visualization tools  Search Business Analytics


The rise and rise of photo-editing  1843

Instagram’s new profile designs emphasize users instead of their follower count  The Verge 

Facebook and The Innovator’s Dilemma  Columbia Journalism Review

Social Media, Online Accountability, and the Meaning of an Apology  The Walrus  

Russia's elite hackers may have new phishing tricks  Wired 

Amazon says technical error disclosed customer information  Axios 

Face Scans are Speeding up Airport Security  Wired


J-School Leaders Say It's Time to Speak Out  Inside Higher Ed

When journalism meets Hollywood Global Editors Network  Medium  

How to do “man-on-the-street” interviews in a foreign country  The Ground Truth Project

Why Trump wants to control follow-up questions  Washington Post 

The greatest threat to American journalism: the loss of neutral reporting  The Hill

People Singing "Amazing Grace" Were Arrested For Blocking An ICE Van From Driving Away With An Undocumented Immigrant  BuzzFeed News  

How Implicit Bias Works in Journalism  Harvard’s Nieman Reports  


Digging Deep Into Local News, A Small Newspaper In Rural Oregon Is Thriving  NPR

Canada introduces a $595 million package in support of journalism  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


The Seven Commandments of Fake News  The New York Times

‘Misinformation’ picked as word of the year by  The Hill

Just Six percent of Twitter Bots Account for 31 percent of Misinformation  Ars Technica 

Protecting the Value of Medical Science in the Age of Social Media and “Fake News”  JAMA

One of the first two Muslim women in US Congress is already battling a fake news campaign Quartz

Study shows 60% of Britons believe in conspiracy theories  The Guardian

Why QAnon believers think ‘the Storm’ has tripled in size  Daily Dot

The BBC Is Fighting Against Russian Disinformation With A News Service In Serbia  BuzzFeed News


The Power of Mind-Wandering  Becoming (my blog)

Everyone Wants to ‘Influence’ You  New York Times

More Americans find meaning in money than in religion or friends  Quartz

A Stanford psychologist on the art of avoiding assholes  Vox


Seattle high-school teacher shares ‘the wonder of books’ with students on a different kind of field trip  Seattle Times 

Using “very”  Chronicle of Higher Ed

100 Notable Books of 2018  New York Times


It’s hard to have an unusual name in China  1843 magazine  

Brain responses to language in toddlers with Autism linked to altered gene expression  Science Daily 


A new exhibition at the British Library explores how cats have inspired—and frightened—writers across the centuries  Smithsonian Mag 

Tales of the unexpected: 10 literary classics you may not have read  The Guardian


Pro-Publica, PBS Frontline Project: 'Documenting Hate: New American Nazis'   NPR

Why are we only talking about Mom Books by white women?  The Cut

No charges for FedEx driver who fatally punched man calling him racial slurs  Oregon Live 

Neo-Nazis Are Organizing Secretive Paramilitary Training Across America Vice


How populist are you?  The Guardian 


Political Scientist Weighs In On Trump's Criticism Of 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals  NPR

Free speech violation or a simple arrest? Supreme Court faces a familiar problem Washington Post


What Should America Do With Its Empty Church Buildings?  The Atlantic

Clerical sexual-abuse scandals strengthen the pope’s conservative critics  Economist

When atheists lack the courage of their convictions: A review of Seven Types of Atheism  Economist    

Most Americans say religion will live on  Axios  

What Einstein meant by ‘God does not play dice’  Aeon 

The U.S. class divide extends to searching for a religious congregation  Pew Research 

Where Americans Find Meaning in Life  Pew Research


All Nations, ORU Grieve Reported Death of Missionary  Charisma News 

Charismatic Christianity in Ethiopia  Economist 


Franklin Graham: Trump "defends the faith"  Axios


Baby saved from choking to death at NC restaurant on Thanksgiving Fox Carolina

Woman's 3850 mile rollerblade journey relying on the kindness of strangers  AOL News


Download 569 Free Art Books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art  Open Culture

The Mystery Font That Took Over New York  New York Times 

Winners of the 2018 ESPON Awards for panoramic photography  My Modern Met


Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin Launch a New Music Podcast

The woman with a musical dress  1843 magazine 


How does the process of colourisation affect our understanding of history?  History Today

The evolution of pace in popular movies  Statistical Modeling, Causal Interence, and Social Science


Proposed Title IX changes would make campus hearings into "mini courtrooms," higher education lawyers say  Inside Higher Ed

Advances in forensic science and robotics may help law enforcement analyze some of the country’s 225,000 unprocessed rape kits  Undark 


The Wired Guide to Online Shopping  Wired

Selfish people earn less money than generous people  Quartz 


Critically Ill Children Who Received Wishes Cut Their Health Care Costs  NPR

What an unprecedented study found about 3D printing’s dangers  Fast Company

Standing Desks are Overrated  New York Times

100 million Americans have chronic pain. Very few use one of the best tools to treat it  Vox 

Bed Rest Is Still Often Prescribed During Pregnancy, Despite Proven Risks  NPR 


Leaning Tower of Pisa continues long path towards vertical Associated Press


Not Oatmeal  Constellate Magazine  

Iceland's president admits he went 'too far' with threat to ban pineapple pizza  CBC

Romaine lettuce from California linked to E. coli outbreak  The Verge

Americans are divided over whether eating organic foods makes for better health  Pew Research


Nature film crew breaks "no interference" rule to rescue penguins  CBS News 


The ‘myth’ of scientific facts infected decades of criminal cases where bitemark dentists were presented as scientific experts”  Science Direct   

A new book explores the partnership of science and the military—and its long and often fraught history  Undark  

Can Science Create Superhumans?  The Naked Scientists 


What Amazon Reviews Reveal About Humanity BuzzFeed News

Why suicide is falling around the world, and how to bring it down more  Economist


Study: To predict the future, the brain has two clocks  Berkeley 

What Happens to the Brain in Zero Gravity?  Singularity Hub


First women of philosophy  Aeon

Obligation to Obey the Law  Wireless Philosophy 


Information overload is nothing new  1843 Magazine 

Why you’re not prioritizing sleep even when it’s hurting your productivity  Fast Company


Hear the Sounds of World War I: A Gas Attack Recorded on the Front Line, and the Moment the Armistice Ended the War  Open Culture

The worst year to be a human has been revealed by researchers  CNN

The History Of Signatures And Their Present Relevance  NPR 

'Married man' Justin Bieber says wants to be more like Jesus  Reuters 


The Experiments Are Fascinating. But Nobody Can Repeat Them  New York Times

To catch misconduct, journals are hiring research integrity czars  STAT

Duke University to settle case alleging researchers used fraudulent data to win millions in grants  Science Magazine 

The Ethical Quandary of Human Infection Studies  Undark 

Journal retracts 29 articles but doesn’t explain which ones  Inside Higher Ed 

Legal threats, opacity, and deceptive research practices: A look at more than 100 retractions in business and management  Retraction Watch


A Film About Higher Ed That Should Bother You a Little  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Enough With All the Innovation (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Why Grades Still Matter  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Solar System Quilt  Open Culture

“Best” Student excuses  Dynamics of Writing


Sleep Pod Companies Want to Disrupt Naps on Campus  Ed Surge 

UMKC professor used students as servants for decades  The Kansas City Star 

Students fear dorm mold problem led to adenovirus death  New York Post  

Millennials are no longer living with their parents  Axios  

College athlete disowned by her parents almost loses her eligibility  Business Insider


For the First Time, a Black Woman Will Lead The Harvard Crimson  New York Times  

Hundreds of issues of the Maroon-News stolen, members of swim team found responsible  Student Press Law Center

College Media Association censures Univ of N. Ala after newspaper adviser targeted