Articles of Interest - Dec 10


The top 25 news photos of 2018  The Atlantic  

Get rid of the content no one reads: Offer surprises and “candy” and other tricks for retaining subscribers  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

'Killed for speaking the truth': nine journalists murdered in 2018  The Guardian  

From a Myanmar jail, a children’s book about the power of journalism  Columbia Journalism Review  Columbia Journalism Review 

A Capital Gazette photographer had a powerful rebuttal to “enemies of the people”  Washington Post 

Podcasts Are Getting Newsier. Here Are 8 New Ones Worth a Listen  New York Times  

Interviewing white-collar criminals: 6 tips from Harvard Business School’s Eugene Soltes Journalism Resources

A Future With Less News:  The possibilities and limits of journalism in the digital era  New Republic 


Thomson Reuters will cut 3,200 jobs by 2020  CNN

It's Almost Impossible to Be a Mom in Television News For female television reporters, the decision to have kids can be a career-ending one  The Atlantic 

How two traditional competitors are working together to grow audience  Better News

How many of us pay for online news?  Reuters 

At NPR, an army of temps resents a workplace full of anxiety and insecurity  Washington Post


China study abroad trip proceeds as planned despite journalist arrests  Daily Nebraskan 

My advice for aspiring explainer journalists  Vox


How Does Misinformation Spread Online?  Psychology Today

The War on Truth Spreads Democratically elected leaders borrow from the anti-press playbook of dictators and tyrants (opinion)  New York Times 


Your smartphone's AI algorithms could tell if you are depressed MIT Technology Review  

New Scam Apps Take Advantage of iPhone Touch ID  Wired 

***BIG DATA & AI  

Plunging into AI? Not a good idea  Zdnet 

Google's artificial intelligence program, DeepMind, wins competition to predict how complex proteins fold themselves into 3D shapes  The Guardian  

The latest AI-enhanced gadget you're using is probably not actually 'intelligent'  Poynter


LinkedIn Learning Opens Its Platform (Slightly)  Ed Surge

The Psychological Toll of Becoming an Instagram Influencer  Medium

Social media outpaces print newspapers in the U.S. as a news source  Pew Research Center


Here’s How Facebook’s Local News Algorithm Change Led To The Worst Riots Paris Has Seen In 50 Years  BuzzFeed News

Facebook Emails Show Its Real Mission: Making Money and Crushing Competition New York Times

Facebook must decide: Is it for the mob or for democracy? (opinion) Monday Note


The Best Podcasts of 2018  New Yorker  

The 11 best documentaries of 2018  Vox


Google's Autocomplete Suggestions For Questions About Every State, Mapped  Digg

Poll: Smartphones are winning the internet Axios


Study: after 75 years the most fulfilling lives had one thing in common  Becoming (my blog)

How an 18th-century priest gave us the tools to make better decisions: The world is a complicated place and Bayes’ theorem can help us navigate it  Vox 

A Harvard study tracked two groups of men over 75 years and those with the most fulfilling lives had one thing in common  Fast Company


The best-selling fiction novels of the last 100 years LitHub

Writing has ‘got to be weird before it gets good,’ says Casey Gerald  PBS 

Is Listening to a Book the Same Thing as Reading It?  New York Times 

7 Essential Tools to Improve Your Business Writing Skills  The Frisky 


Scholars Talk Writing: Hyphens, Oxford Commas, and Pronoun Preferences (sub. req’d)  The Chronicle of Higher Education  

One in ten British adults don’t know when to use ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’  The Sun

Twitter responds to the Smocking Gun incident  TIME


Who decides what words mean Bound by rules, yet constantly changing, language might be the ultimate self-regulating system, with nobody in charge  Aeaon 

How We Ask Questions Matters  The Chronicle of Higher Education

George H.W. Bush, Language Guy  The Chronicle of Higher Education


Should Studying Literature Be Fun?  Chronicle of Higher Education 

The Bookshelf shares a video homage to literature  Quill and Quire

Why the Hell Are We Still Reading Ernest Hemingway?  The Daily Beast 


The Woman Who Outruns the Men, 200 Miles at a Time  New York Times

This journalist created a system to make sure more female experts got on air  Poynter


Campuses are seeing a Surge of Anti-Semitic Incidents  Inside Higher Ed

Students at Columbia University interrupted Comedian deeming his jokes too offensive  Inside Higher Ed 

Veterans Affairs’ diversity chief was told not to condemn white nationalists  Washington Post 

Nursing while black  The Tennessean 


Confidential informants are supposed to keep their work confidential. These two didn't  USA Today 

This map shows where in the US cyber crime costs people the most CNBC

Florida schools cover up crimes: Rapes, guns and more Sun Sentinel


Sorry, your data can still be identified even if it’s anonymized  Fast Company 


Fundamental Baptist church pastors cover up sex abuse, rape  Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Wiccans Outnumber Presbyterians in the US  Christian Post 

25 Questions about Hanukkah, Answered!  Mental Floss 

6 things a Texas pastor learned from traveling with a group of migrants  CNN

Book charting decline of white Christian America wins Grawemeyer Award in Religion  The Presbyterian Outlook

Under pressure, Museum of the Bible moves charismatic Christian conference off-site  Religion News Service 

Christian Activist who burned LBGTQ books from library charged with misdemeanor Sioux City Journal

Nuns improperly took as much as $500,000 from Torrance Catholic school  Press Telegram

ATF: There have been 5 attacks on Jehovah's Witnesses in Washington state this year  CNN


Southern Baptist pastor turned aspiring congressman embroiled in Election Fraud Controversy: Mark Harris owes $53K to man at center of allegations  CNN


9-year-old gets Colorado town to end ban on snowball fights  ABC 13 

Homeless man turns in $17,000 cash he found outside local food bank The News Tribune

Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free  The Guardian

UPS driver takes home shelter dog who hopped into his truck  The DoDo

California nurse adopts baby left at his hospital  The Week magazine

Nurse overhears conversation: Decides to donate a kidney to a woman she'd never met Chicago Tribune  

FIU student defies odds, walks across stage for his diploma Local 10  


Why we all take the same travel photos  Wired 

Walmart Acquires Art & Décor Retailer  Tech Crunch 

The Best Art of 2018  New York Times


The Best Music Of 2018 (all female)  NPR 

Spotify’s Most Streamed Artists are all Male  Mashable 

The 12 Days of Christmas: the story behind the holiday’s most annoying carol  Vox

How J.R.R. Tolkien Influenced Classic Rock & Metal (video)  

The Strange History of Smooth Jazz: The Music We All Know and Love … to Hate (video)  


The American Film Institute releases annual list of its Top 10 movies  Entertainment Weekly

NPR's Favorite Movies Of 2018  NPR


Media pivots away from advertising  Axios


482 hiring managers looked at nearly 20,000 résumés and found the classic advice to limit your résumé to one page might be wrong after all  Business Insider 

Telemundo Stations Launch ‘University’ to Staff Newsrooms Broadcasting & Cable

How to advocate for yourself in the newsroom  The Ground Truth Project 


Ranking the most charitable states in the country  Thrillist 

Start-Ups Aren't Cool Anymore: It’s harder for Millennials to thrive as entrepreneurs now  The Atlantic

How To Recognize The Signs Of A Toxic Work Environment (infographic) Daily Infographic


Researchers find plastic particles in every sea turtle tested for study  Axios

Carbon emissions rise again in 2018, new report finds  Axios


In Minneapolis-St. Paul, the nation’s healthiest urban region, almost everyone lives within a 10-minute walk of a good public park. Shouldn’t we all?  New York Times   

Giving Patients a Voice in Their Mental Health Care Before They’re Too Ill to Have a Say  New York Times   

A shot-in-the-dark email leads to a century-old family treasure — and hope of cracking a deadly flu’s secret  Stat News

41 Percent of Americans Do Not Intend to Get a Flu Shot this Season  National Opinion Research Center 

Cushioned shoes aren't good for your feet  BigThink 


1st baby born using uterus transplanted from deceased donor  KUTV 


Dollar General tries to make healthy food more accessible CNN


Stay-at-Home Mom says Judge left her feeling bullied: “I don’t care about your children”  Sacramento Bee

Guatemalan father denied temporary visa to attend 13-year-old daughter’s funeral after she was murdered in the US  Newsweek 

How Incarcerated Parents Are Losing Their Children Forever  The Marshall Project

Couple endures emotional crime in bizarre botched adoption  Orange County Register


First data from massive NIH study shows effects of screen time on kids  Axios

Teaching kids to code: I’m a developer and I think it doesn’t actually teach important skills  Slate 


Dog waited weeks for owners at home burned in Camp fire  Press Democrat  

Twitch and Izzy with unusual condition wobble their way into your heart  Freep 

Police officer rescues chicken from shed fire  New York Daily News

Origins Of The Top Dog Names Of 2018: Pop Culture, Brunch, And Baby Names  NPR


Psychology’s Replication Crisis Has Made The Field Better  FiveThirtyEight 


Neuroscientist: we are always hallucinating  The Atlantic 

How does chemo brain work? One cancer drug might interfere with brain signaling  Science Magazine


A Russian city is embroiled in protests over Immanuel Kant  Quartz 


Plague linked to the mysterious decline of Europe’s first farmers  Nature 

The War Before the War: Fugitive Slaves and the Struggle for America’s Soul From the Revolution to the Civil War  The Week magazine 


Why Are Scientists So Upset About the First Crispr Babies?  New York Times  

How to know if you’re an ethical leader  Fast Company 


A look at how four institutions responded to scientific misconduct  Science and Public Policy

Tips from seven academics on how to do a good peer review (sub req’d)  Times Higher Education  

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Phil now has an entry on reproducibility  Stanford  Encyclopedia of Philosophy 


In Unusual Letter, Democratic Senators Ask ‘U.S. News’ to Change Emphasis of College Rankings  Chronicle of Higher Education 

Brightwood College announces sudden closure amid accreditation, financial turmoil  10 News 

Moody’s Gives Higher Ed a Negative Outlook, Again  Chronicle of Higher Education 

Actually, Academe Never Was All That Great (opinion)  Chronicle of Higher Education 

Small private colleges are shrinking and struggling  The Texas Monitor

50 Colleges Hit With ADA Lawsuits Inside Higher Ed


Disgraced Ole Miss coach expected to be next Liberty U head coach College Football Talk

Northwestern College vice president chosen to lead Christian Canadian university  Northwestern College 

Ex-Wheaton College student pleads guilty to theft for stealing classmates' technology Daily Herald

Four fires under investigation at Wheaton College Boston Globe

Northwest Christian University athlete arrested on suspicion of rape  Register-Guard

Azusa Pacific Trustees Resign, Citing Objections  Inside Higher Ed 


One Way to Set Up Liberal-Arts Majors for Success: Focus on Skills The Chronicle of Higher Education

What a Liberal Arts College Is and What You Should Know US News

Humanities and STEM as Overlapping Circles Inside Higher Ed

Lies About the Humanities — and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (sub. req’d)  Chronicle of Higher Education


How College Faculty Can Beat the Cheat  Ed Surge

How One University Uses ‘Sneaky Learning’ to Help Students Develop Good Study Habits Chronicle of Higher Education  

A Teacher Was Fired For Refusing To Use A Transgender Student’s Preferred Pronoun  BuzzFeed News 

Another Study Debunks the idea of Learning Styles  eLearning Inisde 


The Student Press Law Center issues a Censorship Alert over an Arkansas Student Newspaper  Student Press Law Center

Media adviser in Alabama being ousted after students post story upsetting provost  Student Press Law Center


Millennials experience work-disrupting anxiety at twice the US average rate  Quartz  

Millennials Didn’t Kill the Economy. The Economy Killed Millennials  The Atlantic 


Writing and Teaching With a Terminal Illness  Chronicle of Higher Education 

The Expensive Superficiality of M.F.A Programs: They exist to train aspiring artists in how to sound sophisticated — not how to create art  Chronicle of Higher Education

American higher education has always had some profoundly serious flaws, so let’s stop pining for an idealized past and work on a better future  Chronicle of Higher Education

Are numbers of doctorates awarded finally starting to reflect the poor academic job market?   Inside Higher Ed