Articles of Interest - Feb 5


Here's How Much Instagram Likes Influence Millennials' Choice Of Travel Destinations  Forbes

NY State Attorney General On Why He's Going After Fake Social Media Accounts  NPR

Newsrooms welcome Facebook's new local news emphasis, but remain wary of its effect  Poynter

Public Enemies: Social Media Is Fueling Gang Wars in Chicago  Wired

Facebook looking for an 'extra-terrestrial product manager' as it plans to deliver internet from the sky  CNBC

These Social Media Trends Are On The Rise In 2018  Daily Infographic


Would you care if this feature had been written by a robot?  BBC

Eddie Adams' iconic Vietnam War photo: What happened next  BBC

Know your Journalism Rights: Social media   RTNDA

California Congressman introduces Journalism Protection Act to counteract Trump era  KTVU-TV

Journalists are fleeing for their lives in Mexico. There are few havens  LA Times


In An Era Of Fake News, Advancing Face-Swap Apps Blur More Lines  NPR

'Fake news factories' date back to the 1800s  Business Insider 

'Fiction is outperforming reality': how YouTube's algorithm distorts truth  The Guardian


5 Types of Videos That Will Make Your Brand Stand Out  Video Strategist


Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking  Propublica


How deep learning came to power Alexa, Amazon Web Services, and nearly every other division of the company  Wired

Artificial intelligence is rewiring the news and information ecosystem in novel and unexpected  Policy Options

What is the latest (and arguably greatest) use for deep machine learning? Answer: dropping Nicolas Cage’s face into classic movies, of course!  Gov Tech

A key benchmark in the development of advanced computing devices designed to mimic biological systems could open the door to more natural machine-learning software  Nature


Self-Control Is Just Empathy With Your Future Self  Becoming (my blog)


Oxford English Dictionary adds new words for mansplainers and snowflakes alike  LA Times

The Backward Index — A Clever Pre-Digital Dictionary Hack  Scholarly Kitchen

Fascinating Etymology Charts Show How Very Unexpected Sets Of Words Are Related  Digg

The 36 Letters of the English Alphabet  Scholarly Kitchen


George Orwell Creates a List of the Four Essential Reasons Writers Write  Open Culture

How Alexander Pushkin Was Inspired By His African Heritage  Jstor

A Peek at Famous Readers’ Borrowing Records From a Private New York Library  Atlas Obscura


Elizabeth Blackwell: Google honors the first female doctor in the US  Quartz


President of Nebraska professors group resigns amid UNL free speech fracas  Omaha

Texas Lawmakers Weigh the Limits of Free Speech on Campus: backlash to a controversial “whiteness” column in the campus newspaper  The Chronicle of Higher Education


Dr. Phil Prepares for What Could Be the Strangest Copyright Trial Ever  Hollywood Reporter


Swiss university to offer yodeling degree  BBC


A 'Passion of the Christ' Sequel Is in the Works  Hollywood

Kenneth Copeland's appearances at a South Carolina Army Base sparks protests  WIS-TV

Nick Foles plans to become a pastor after football career  WTXF

This Pastor Is Putting His Faith in a Virtual Reality Church  Wired

Televangelist Gloria Copeland Tells viewers not to get a flu shot  YouTube

In a tough sports town, baptisms and Bible studies fuel many of the Eagles’ stars  Washington Post

New study of Millennials and GenZ points to a “massive religious realignment” in America (opinion)  Religious News Service


What my color-blindness taught me about design  UX Design Collective


Hip-hop’s influence and the growth of music streaming mean genres are being broken down  Economist 

Surfin' Bird History: A Novelty Hit With Wings  Tedium

The science behind sound reproduction and the man whose gift he made to the world will continue that mission for the foreseeable future (podcast)  Twenty Thousand Hertz


Students With Disabilities Are Largely Ignored by Colleges’ Assault Prevention, Study Finds  The Chronicle of Higher Education 

Should Churches Handle Sexual Abuse Allegations Internally?  Christianity Today

Women in Congress address sexual misconduct on Facebook more than men  Pew Research Center

Univ of Arizona faces 2nd lawsuit, violating Title IX even as they knew its athletes were abusing women

I lost my church because we were advocating for victims of sexual assault within the evangelical community: Written by the First Victim to Report Larry Nassar  Christianity Today

Student sues UT to stop sexual misconduct disciplinary hearing  Statesman


Academics should be collaborating, not competing for pseudoscientific rankings  Ummid

Kansas chemistry instructor arrested by ICE while taking his daughter to school Kansas City


Apple and Amazon’s moves in health could mean empowered patients, better diagnosis of disease and sharply lower costs  Economist

How Math (and Vaccines) Keep You Safe From the Flu  Quanta Magazine


Genes play a role in the likelihood of divorce  Economist


Test how moral (or immoral) you are with this utilitarian philosophy quiz  Quatz


The Cognitive Biases That Convince You the World Is Falling Apart  LifeHacker


Your friends’ brains process the world the same way as you  Quartz


There's a morality test that evaluates utilitarianism better than the Trolley Problem  Quartz


Eighty-two cases of offspring named as co-authors  University World News 

‘Decolonizing’ a Journal  Inside Higher Ed

Online forums give investors an early warning of shady scientific findings  Stat News

A partial solution to the problem of predatory journals, and a new index of journal quality  Alex Holcombe

The future for academic publishers lies in navigating research, not distributing it The London School of Economic and Political Science

It’s time to open the black box of peer review  ASAPbio

Paper authorship goes hyper: A single field is behind the rise of thousand-author papers  Nature Index


Higher Ed is Headed for a Supply and Demand Crisis  Washington Post

Three million Americans are disconnected from higher education  Urban Institute

Professor Claims Moody Bible Institute Fired Her For Helping a female student file a Title IX gender discrimination complaint against the school  Patheos

Woman accuses San Diego pastor of 'sexual healing' therapy scheme  LA Times


Can the Large Lecture Be Saved?  The Chronicle of Higher Education


Student Journalists Launch Website After They Say School Censored Their Paper  NPR


Why Students Are Still Spending So Much for College Textbooks  The Atlantic

Undocumented and Disillusioned, I Decided to Leave America  Washington Post

Screen Addiction Among Teens: Is There Such A Thing?  NPR