Articles of Interest - March 19


A Game That Lets you Make Your own Fake News  NPR

YouTube Will Link Directly to Wikipedia to Fight Conspiracy Theories  Wired

A guide to anti-misinformation actions around the world  Poynter  

Susan Wojcicki on YouTube's Fight Against Misinformation  Wired

Facebook Announces Plan To Combat Fake News Stories By Making Them Actually Happen  The Onion

How governments are trying to fight misinformation  Poynter

DC councilman apologizes for promoting conspiracy theory that weather is controlled by Jews  The Hill 

5 takeaways from First Draft’s identifying misinformation course  Journalist’s Resources


Eight things your phone's camera can do—other than snapping selfies  PopSci

Clicking is dead; long live scrolling  RTDNA


Nearly one-in-five Americans now listen to audiobooks  Pew Research

How to Write a Clear Video Production Brief  Video Strategist

How to make your product photography shine  Tech Republic


Why Wikipedia Works  New York Magazine

Roughly one in four Americans is online ‘constantly’  Recode

The Best Time of Day to Send Email  Life Hacker


WeChat Exceeds a Billion Users  Fox Business News

Five ways social media can be good for teens  Washington Post

There's a Healthier Way to Consume Your Media  How Stuff Works


50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach  The Guardian

How to see all the weird apps that can access your data on Facebook  Mashable

How Facebook likes could profile voters for manipulation  Associated Press 

Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company  BBC  

Is Your Data Safe on Facebook? Not Really  CNN

How to Turn Off Apps in Facebook That May See your Personal Data  USA Today


Microsoft starts testing voice dictation in latest Office apps  Zdnet

Hooked on Hardware? Tech Giants Face Tough Questions Over Device Addiction  Variety

VR is still a novelty, but Google’s light-field technology could make it serious art  MIT Technology Review

Google is opening up Maps so game developers can create the next Pokémon Go  The Verge

FBI releases catalog of Nikola Tesla’s writings seized after his death  MuckRock 


Critics Concerned About Privacy Issues As Biometric Scanning Increases  NPR

The latest Cambridge Analytica scandal shows it may be too late to stop them  The Atlantic


Welcome to Newscycle: The World’s Most Exhausting Cycling Workout  McSweeneys

Shep Smith Has the Hardest Job on Fox News   TIME

New EU regulations will have serious implications for newsrooms worldwide  Columbia Journalism Review

The Internet Isn’t Forever: When an online news outlet goes out of business, its archives can disappear as well. The new battle over journalism’s digital legacy  LongReads

Layoffs Hit 'Chicago Tribune' Newsroom  NPR

Why off-the-record is a trap reporters should avoid  Poynter

See bottom of article for one of the most-memorable correction notes  New York Times

Q&A with Lisa Tozzi of BuzzFeed News  The Editor's Desk 

New 'dialogue journalism' project will immerse itself in gun debate  Poynter


How Digital News Startups Choose Between For-Profit and Non-Profit Status  PBS Media Shift

Is this strip-mining or journalism? ‘Sobs, gasps, expletives’ over latest Denver Post layoffs  Washington Post


Rise of ‘fake news’ producing more journalism majors  Market Watch


Generative adversarial networks will make hoaxes/doctored video/ forged voice clips easier to execute than ever before  Quartz

Tech's Next Big Wave: Big Data Meets Biology  Fortune

Deep learning algorithms about to descend from the clouds and get into your gadgets  Spectrum

Why the age-old problem of siloed data persists and some concrete advice to CIOs on how to break down the walls  Search CIO

If the US Gov wants to Modernize Fed Tech then working with Startups & Innovators means Agencies must get rid of Barriers  NextGov


The I’m-not-biased bias  Becoming (my blog) 

We Asked Experts How to Let Go of Grudges  Vice 

The person who’s best at lying to you is you  Quartz 

What Do Personality Quizzes Really Tell You?  Daily Jstor

Some people with A.D.H.D. may be naturally suited to our turbocharged world  New York Times 


‘How Much Do You Want Your Final to Count?’  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How Technology Can Equalize Learning Differences  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Rethinking Laptop Bans (AGAIN) and Note Taking  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Why Reading Books Should be Your Priority, According to Science  Inc.

How a professional book aficionado packs reading for a trip. Yes, there's strategy  Chicago Tribune

How do you talk about gender when the words ‘simply don’t exist’ in your language?  PRI


The Destructive Dynamics of Political Tribalism  New York Times

80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in video games, researcher says  CBS News

App to record Police Conduct sends the video directly to an ACLU server so even if the police illegally confiscate your phone they won’t be able to delete the incriminating video  ACLU 


Asian-American Author Explains The Beautiful Struggle Behind ‘Chinglish’  Huffington Post

Language is the last frontier for Hollywood film-makers  Economist


A John Oliver spoof of the Pence family’s new children’s book is an instant Amazon bestseller  Quartz

Harper Lee's Estate Sues Aaron Sorkin Over 'To Kill A Mockingbird' Broadway Adaptation  NPR 

Madeleine L’Engle’s granddaughter helps explain how a strange error had gone uncorrected over innumerable printings of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’  The Daily Beast

America's Most Widely Misread Literary Work  The Atlantic


Women Lose Out to Men Even Before They Graduate From College  Bloomberg

How do you talk about gender when the words ‘simply don’t exist’ in your language?  PRI

A State-By-State Guide To The Top Women's History Landmarks In America  Forbes


Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys  New York Times

1963 Loyola Ramblers remembered for NCAA championship and inspiring social change  Chicago Tribune


ACLU sues Georgia city over sign ban; city reverses decision  AP News

Arizona State University on-campus event will continue despite lawsuit  KTAR

The Campus Free Speech Crisis is a Myth (opinion)  Washington Post

Some Pundits Say There's No Campus Free Speech 'Crisis.' Here's Why They're Wrong  Reason  


Electronics-recycling innovator faces prison for trying to extend computers' lives  LA Times

School district charges Newspaper $500 for public records—to pay the attorney who had to review them first  Magnolia Sate 

Charlottesville witness files defamation suit against InfoWars and other far-right figures  CNN


A Quiet Exodus: Why Black Worshipers Are Leaving White Evangelical Churches  New York Times

Film Review: This story of Christian band MercyMe's breakout song ‘I Can Only Imagine’  Variety

70,000+ Religious Texts Digitized by Princeton Theological Seminary, Letting You Immerse Yourself in the Curious Works of Great World Religions  Open Culture 


After Alignment With Trump, Some Evangelicals Are Questioning Movement's Leaders  NPR

The Governor Of Mississippi Just Signed The Most Restrictive Abortion Law In The Country  BuzzFeed News


The Passionate Photo Colorizers Who Are Humanizing the Past  Atlas Obscura


Beautifully Designed Map Shows the Literal Translations of Country Names Open Culture

Linda Nochlin on “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists”  Daily Jstor

The Comics Crusader: How ComiXology’s David Steinberger is taking the art form out of hobby shops, onto the iPad—and into the mainstream  Traffic

How AI and machine learning are changing the arts  Venture Beat


How the rise of voice activation devices is changing the music industry and adland  The Music Network 

SXSW: Music Journalism Panel Illuminates Streaming’s Impact on Editorial Decisions  Variety


A treasure trove of handheld video games from the '80s added to the Internet Archive  Mashable

Someone is making a multiplayer trash robot you steer through an actual river   The Verge


Radio giant iHeartMedia files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, its apps and events play on  USA Today


How Millennials today compare with their grandparents 50 years ago Pew Research

Students at Marshall University, in West Virginia, are using dating apps to solicit votes in student-government elections  Marshall Parthenon

All the Insane Ways Millennials Handle Their Snail Mail  MEL Magazine

Teens Get ‘Corporal Punishment’ in Rural Arkansas for joining the nationwide student walkout against gun violence  The Daily Beast


Candidacies Killed by a Typo  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Campus rape victims often find more justice in college than in court  The Guardian

Congress demands Pentagon, DOJ investigate child sex assault  Associated Press

Education Dept. Stops Providing Details on Resolved Title IX Cases  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Rutgers professor, 75, accused of sexually harassing 29-year-old student


The Professor Is In: The Ethics of Backing Out  Chronicle of Higher Ed

At California’s top public universities, why a dearth of Latino professors matters  Cal Matters 

How Not to Be an Academic Snob Out  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Inequality in Academic Disciplines  Inside Higher Ed


How to Motivate Your Employees: Give Them Compliments and Pizza  The Cut

Google makes push to turn product searches into cash  Reuters


The patterns of migratory birds in an Amazing Visualization  National Geographic

Using hair, makeup and skincare to make Cape Town’s water crisis relatable for Americans  Glamour


AI can spot signs of Alzheimer’s before your family does  MIT Tech Review  

Americans are exercising more, but the obesity rate is growing  The Atlas

A New Documentary About Adults On Adderall — And Not Just For ADHD  NPR

Tech's Next Big Wave: Big Data Meets Biology  Fortune

Many common drugs, not just antibiotics, may kill off gut microbes  State News


How Missouri is the nation’s leader in child marriages  Kansas City Star

There is such a thing as the favorite child  Fatherly  

Babies Think Logically Before They Can Talk  Scientific American


Is science really facing a reproducibility crisis, and do we need it to? (opinion)  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

5 Ways to Defend Science in 2018  TIME


There’s an Upside to Being Sad and Lonely: A Talent for Reading People  Mental Floss

A history of loneliness  The Conversation

A Neuroscientist Explains: psychology's replication crisis – podcast  The Guardian

The Long History of Computer Science and Psychology: Understanding that legacy can help us stop the next Cambridge Analytica  Slate


The Augmented Researcher: What Does 2018 Hold for AI in Publishing?  RD Mag

Statistical errors may taint as many as half of mouse studies  Spectrum   

Preprints and Citations: Should Non-Peer Reviewed Material Be Included in Article References?  The Scholarly Kitchen

A famed archaeologist faked several of his ancient findings and may have run a "forger's workshop"  Live Science

Peer Review Fails to Prevent Publication of Paper with Unsupported Claims About Peer Review  Scholarly Kitchen