Articles of Interest - March 26


12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech  LinkedIn


L.A. County has repeatedly violated state open records laws, L.A. Times lawsuit alleges  LA Times

Snopes has its site back. But the legal battle over its ownership will drag on for months  Poynter 

The best practices for interviewing children  Columbia Journalism Review

How to Build a Digital Newsroom with Developers and Journalists Working Together  PBS Media Shift


Local news isn’t dying out: It’s being killed off by corporate greed  Salon


The New Threat of 'Leak-Flavored' Propaganda: A reporter lost his job when real documents told a false story  Bloomberg

Google News Initiative will fight fake news with new subscription, security features  Mashable

Can “Extreme Transparency” Fight Fake News and Create More Trust With Readers?  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Can AI solve the internet's fake news problem? A fact-checker investigates  Popsci

Fill in the blanks: What’s still missing from the study of fake news? (A whole lot)  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


Is tech finally killing radio? Don’t let iHeart’s bleeding fool you  Digital Trends


What training one of YouTube's video moderation machine learning tools looks like at the ground level  WIRED

Applying analytics/data mining/machine learning to the semiconductor design and manufacturing  Semi-Engineering

How do the different machine learning platforms stack up from a performance perspective  Datamai


Emoji are being used as evidence in court—and people are confused  Daily Dot


Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Debacle: Why This Data-Privacy Storm Is Different, And What’s Next  Variety

How To Change Your Facebook Settings To Opt Out of Platform API Sharing  Electronic Frontier Foundation

Facebook’s New Data Restrictions Will Handcuff Even Honest Researchers  WIRED

Former Facebook Insider Says Company Cannot Be Trusted To Regulate Itself  NPR

The Best Alternative For Every Facebook Feature  WIRED

Facebook Admits It May Collect Data About Your Calls and Text Messages. Here’s How to Turn It Off  TIME


Desktop dies on weekends  Axios


The green fig tree  Becoming (my blog)

What People Find Most Charming About You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type  Bustle


‘Elected to lead, not to proofread’: Typos, spelling mistakes are commonplace in Trump’s White House  The Washington Post


Who doesn’t read books in America?  Pew Research


The phrase “useful idiot” seems to be everywhere  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Readings of Maya Angelou’s poems inspire gathering at Providence’s First Baptist Church in America  Providence Journal


Women’s-Studies Students Across the Nation Are Editing Wikipedia  The Chronicle of Higher Education

A feminist glossary because we didn't all major in gender studies  USA Today

Female presidents now in the majority at Cal State  LA Times 

Parents protested a 'pornographic' assignment. Now Billings schools may change how teachers pick outside materials  Billings Gazette

More States Move To End 'Tampon Tax' That's Seen As Discriminating Against Women  NPR

Asexuality is still hugely misunderstood. TV is slowly changing that  Vox


“Implicit bias” tests help people feel morally superior, even when their results show bias  Quartz

What's the Difference Between a Frat and a Gang?  The Atlantic

Sympathy for white Austin bomber stirs debate about race  PBS

Alaska’s Unique Civil Rights Struggle  Daily Jstor


First Amendment Free Food Festival: Students sign away their First Amendment rights in exchange for a free meal  The Times-News  

Are liberal college students creating a free speech crisis? Not according to data  NBC News


"Blurred Lines" Verdict Upheld by Appeals Court in Win for Marvin Gaye Family  Hollywood Reporter

Section 230: A Key Legal Shield For Facebook, Google Is About To  NPR

Justices Skeptical About California Law Being Challenged By Anti-Abortion Clinics  NPR

Advertising in a Digital Age: The Do's and Don’ts of Attorney Websites


Memphis megachurch pastor resigns following sexual abuse investigation  USA Today

Hollywood's big bet on Christian movies  The Week

Pope backs tattoos as they can help priests connect with the 'culture of the young'  Telegraph 

Brainwashing May Sound Like Fiction, But This Is How It Works In Real Life   Digg

How evangelicals became an anxious minority seeking political protection  The Atlantic

Animated Map Shows How the Five Major Religions Spread Across the World (video)

After years of inquiries, Willow Creek pastor denies misconduct allegations  Chicago Tribune

The ‘Father Of Christian Rock’ Larry Norman’s Battles With Evangelicalism  WAMU


Netflix created their own font, and it’s going to save the company millions  Ad Week

The Crazy Stories Behind 6 Of The World’s Rarest Colors  Co.Design

Logical Fallacies In Design Critiques  Prototypr


CDs and vinyl are more popular than digital downloads once again  The Verge

The music business had its second year in a row of big-time growth, thanks to streaming  Recode


The Geometry Of Emotion: How Paul Thomas Anderson Uses Hot Dog Shapes In His Films To Create Mood (video)


Washington New Voices bill officially signed into law, becoming 14th state to protect rights of student journalists  Student Press Law Center

Study Abroad Student Who Claims $7K Lost in JFK Bag Fiasco Gets Back Single Boot, Bikini Top  NBC New York

Student Newspaper Retraction for Plagiarism  Observer


How to design a career you want  Millie Tran

How to Negotiate…When You’re Already Getting That Promotion  Girl Boss

This Is What An A+ LinkedIn Summary Looks Like  Girl Boss 


Ex-student suing Univ. of Illinois over dismissal based on sex-assault allegations  News-Gazette

Rape victim accuses Cerritos College leaders of negligence  Press Telegram

What To Know About The Terrible Anti-Trafficking Bill That Forced Craigslist To Shut Down Its Personals Section  Digg

Predictive Analytics and the War on Human Trafficking  Enterprise Tech

Dean of Students Jokes About Sexual Assault  Inside Higher Ed


American Adults Just Keep Getting Fatter  New York Times

Paper used to support WHO guidelines on preventing infections “has no scientific validity”  Retraction Watch


Some Simple Advice For Figuring Out How Much Screen Time To Give Your Child  Digg


Infographics Show How the Different Fields of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science Fit Together  Open Culture


Brainwashing May Sound Like Fiction, But This Is How It Works In Real Life  Digg

The Noisy Fallacies of Psychographic Targeting  WIRED


I and Thou: Philosopher Martin Buber on the Art of Relationship and What Makes Us Real to One Another  Brain Pickings

Philosophy for Beginners: A Free Introductory Course from Oxford University  Open Culture


As Pedestrian Deaths Spike, Scientists Scramble for Answers  WIRED


Cambridge Analytica Scandal Raises New Ethical Questions About Microtargeting  NPR


The domination of English-language journal publishing is hurting scholarship in many countries (opinion)  Inside Higher Ed

Is fake peer review today's leading cause of retractions?  Publons

On ‘lower impact’ publishing – it’s better than you might think  Occam’s Typewriter


Chinese Companies Are Buying Up Cash-Strapped U.S. Colleges  Bloomberg

Schools are moving toward a model of continuous, lifelong learning in order to meet the needs of today’s economy  The Atlantic

Machine Learning, Big Data and the Future of Higher Ed  Inside Higher Ed

More poor students are going to college than in the past. And yet the number who graduate is falling even further behind  New York Times

Washington College fires its president following harassment of faculty members  The News Tribune 


A University of Wisconsin campus pushes plan to drop 13 majors — including English, art, history, sociology, philosophy, French, German and Spanish  The Washington Post

UW-Stevens Point students occupy administration buildings in "Save Our Majors" Protest  Stevens Point Journal


University of Alabama expels student after video of racial slurs  ALcom

University police surveil student social media in attempt to make campus safer   The FIRE

Looking for ways for students to do more self-assessment of their work  Chronicle of Higher Ed