Articles of Interest - March 5


Edible Graphene Is Here, And Electronics In Your Food Are Coming  Fast Company

New Orleans is testing predictive policing technology  The Verge

Determining The Average Apple Device Lifespan  Asymco

The Design Tricks That Make Smartphones Addictive—And How to Fight Them  Mental Floss

Has dopamine got us hooked on tech?  The Guardian

Self-driving cars offer huge benefits—but have a dark side  The Economist 

Robotic labs for high-speed genetic research are on the rise:  The design of synthetic lifeforms could become a new industry  Economist

Driverless vehicles will change the world, just as cars did before them Economist

CRISPR ‘gone wild’ has made stocks swoon, but studies show how to limit off-target editing  Stat News

Thousands of people think that the government is using implanted chips and electronic beams to control their minds  Wired


Here Come the Fake Videos, Too  New York Times

Digital-age tools and technology give rise to fake videos  ASU

Twitter to explain on Capitol Hill how hoax against Miami Herald was perpetrated  McClatchy Washington Bureau

Facebook to End News Feed Experiment in 6 Countries That Magnified Fake News  The New York Times

Facebook Doesn't Know How Many People Followed Russians on Instagram Wired 

Reddit says Russian propaganda was shared by ‘thousands’ ahead of the 2016 election  Recode

The language that the Russians used were Clues  Wired 

How To Empower Users To Fight Fake News  Fast Company

Facebook working on approach to classifying satirical news pieces  Washington Post


Equifax finds its big data breach hit an additional 2.4 million people  LA Times

Covert 'Replay Sessions' Have Been Harvesting Passwords by Mistake  Wired

A 1.3Tbs DDoS Hit GitHub, the Largest Yet Recorded Wired

EFF launches redesigned Surveillance Self-Defense site  Electronic Frontier Foundation


Microsoft will let government clients run Azure on their own servers, esp. for on-premise servers (such as in a military operation or in an embassy abroad)  CNBC

SCOTUS will decide whether a US warrant extends to digital—the Microsoft Supreme Court case has big implications for data  Wired

Machine learning self defense: how to not shoot yourself in the foot  Naked Security

Why Artificial Intelligence Needs To Learn How To Follow Its Gut  Wired 

A Data Scientist Was Sick of Seeing Spam on His Facebook so He Built a Fake News Detector: Could AI & computer learning could be the key to helping us separate fact from fiction?  Motherboard

Problematic black boxes: what to do about AIs acting without humans grasping why  Economist  

Can you do data science in a graphical user interface? Hadley Wickham says no  Meetup


P&G demands more out of its digital advertising  Reuters


Face recognition: what use is it to newsrooms?  BBC News Labs

Music journalism: 'It's not dying. Actually, it's changing...'  Musically

A journalism educator wonders: How can I teach students how to maintain their credibility?  Poynter

‘They can’t kill us all’: Slovakian journalists defiant after murder  The Guardian

How Broadcasters Are Making Two-Way Experiences with Interactive Content  PBS Media Shift


Why recent subscribers chose to pay for news  American Press Institute

How Hearst Newspapers changes its paywall to drive reader loyalty  Digiday


The Biggest YouTube Videos of 2018 (So Far)  Thrillist

What You Need To Know About Vero, The Latest Hot Social Network  Refinery29

Evan Spiegel Is Doubling Down on Snapchat’s Biggest Failure  Vanity Fair

Social Media Use 2018: Demographics and Statistics  Pew Research Center

YouTube Doesn't Know Where Its Own Line Is  Wired

More than a third of all US adults use Instagram now  The Verge

Yes the ‘cheerleader effect’ is real – and you can make it work in your favour   The Conversation


Twitter rolls out private bookmark feature for tweets  CNN

Escaping Twitter’s Self-Consciousness Machine  The New Yorker

Twitter is sick. The prognosis is grim  Washington Post 

Twitter Seeks Health Metrics To Help It Improve Its Platform  Wired


Publishers Are Switching Domain Names To Try And Stay Ahead Of Facebook’s Algorithm Changes  BuzzFeed News

How Trump Conquered Facebook—Without Russian Ads: Why Russia’s Facebook ads were less important to Trump’s victory than his own Facebook ads  Wired

Facebook goes after LinkedIn with job postings expansion  CNN

How to Turn Off Facebook's Face Recognition Features  Wired

How to Ditch the News Feed Algorithm and Take Back Facebook  Motherboard

Facebook Under Fire for Bizarre Child Predator Survey Question  TechNewsWorld

Should satire be flagged on Facebook?  Poynter


Adobe is Developing Photoshop for Your Voice  Medium


Rural Communities Take Broadband Into Their Own Hands  NPR

11% of Americans don’t use the internet. Who are they?  Pew Research Center

Google: Only 8% of Chrome users use Flash plugin on a daily basis  Tech Republic


Your Gift to the World  Becoming (my blog)


The Fictional Possessives-With-Gerunds Rule  Chronicle of Higher Ed

In the court of common usage, an old pronoun is losing its case  Economist


The Tough-Love Approach to Writing  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Can the World’s Biggest Dictionary Survive the Internet?  The Guardian

The Language In “Black Panther” Is Totally Real. Here’s How To Speak It  Fast Company


The distressingly unsurprising story of what happens when prominent (usually male) dissertation advisers fail to do their job  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The 5 most popular programming languages among female developers  Tech Republic 


Why Race Should Be Included In The Conversation About Arming Teachers  NPR

Antisemitic incidents in US soar to highest level in two decades  The Guardian

The First Time My White Husband Witnessed Someone Discriminate Against Me for the Color of My Skin  Glamour


Supreme Court Considers Free Speech Vs. Retaliatory Arrests   Associated Press

Georgia Supreme Court Voids Murder Trial Gag Order  RTNDA 


New Front In Data Privacy At The Supreme Court: Can U.S. Seize Emails Stored Abroad  NPR

Playboy Drops Misguided Copyright Case Against Boing Boing  Electronic Frontier Foundation

The ACLU is suing the US over separation of mother, child seeking asylum  Associated Press

Video News Aggregator Loses Fair Use Defense  Technology & Marketing Law Blog


Pennsylvania Church Holds 'Blessing' Ceremony Featuring AR-15 Rifles  NBC San Diego

5 facts about U.S. evangelical Protestants  Pew Research Center 

People Like Billy Graham Are Why I Quit Christianity  Vice

Demand for exorcisms is up threefold in Italy, so Vatican is holding conference  USA Today

The Devil in My Dad: The 'Satanic Panic' of the 1980’s  Elle

Some churches drop ‘Baptist’ from names to gain new members  Columbus Dispatch

Battle over religion in public schools waged in one of America's fastest-growing cities  Religious News Service

How Trump And Race Are Splitting Evangelicals  FiveThirtyEight

Endeavor Content Invests in Newly Launched Faith-Based Production Company  Hollywood Reporter


How Different Income Groups Spend Money  Flowing Data

Photojournalist James Nachtwey captures America's opioid epidemic at the personal level  TIME

Born in the Late 70s or Early 80s? Now There’s Finally a Name for Your Generation  My Modern Met


Chuck Feeney: the billionaire who gave it all away  Irish Times


Photography Competition 2018: The Winners  National Geographic Traveller

Drone photography is just normal photography now  Quartz


The Hamilton Soundtrack Gets the “Weird Al” Yankovic Treatment With a New Polka Medley  Slate 

Mozart’s Diary Where He Composed His Final Masterpieces Is Now Digitized and Available Online  Open Culture


Professor grabs student journalist and deletes photos after classroom was photographed  The Vermont Cynic

Sunshine laws, The Sunflower and the student government at WSU’s attempt to smack the student newspaper around  Dynamics of Writing

Wichita State student newspaper faces funding cut  The Wichita Eagle

Critical administrators. Closed meetings. Proposed funding cuts. What the heck is going on at Wichita State University?  Student Press Law Center


Millennials projected to overtake Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation  Pew Research Center

The Generation Gap in American Politics: Wide and growing divides in views of racial discrimination  People

Defining generations: Where Millennials end and post-Millennials begin  Pew Research Center

Student newspaper publishes hardcore porn and sexual violence photo spread  The College Fix

Pro-Trump College Group Won’t Tell the Feds What the Hell It’s Doing  The Daily Beast

Go Ahead, Millennials, Destroy Us  New York Times

College Sues Former Student Who Won’t Leave Her Dorm Room  Snopes

Exclusive: Congress requires many unpaid interns to sign nondisclosure agreements  Vox

Millennials lost money to scams more often than their grandparents  USA Today 

Helicopter parents don’t stay at home when the kids go to college — they keep hovering  Washington Post


Do Resume Typos Matter? Here’s What Hundreds Of LinkedIn Users Say  Fast Company

Edit tests are out of control, say journalists in search of jobs  Columbia Journalism Review

Stop Confusing Your Job Skills With Your Credentials  Fast Company


Most Companies Have No Idea Where They Are Going  TechNewsWorld

Most employees waste 32 days of productivity per year on bad enterprise apps  Tech Republic


Consent in the Digital Age: Can Apps Solve a Very Human Problem?  New York Times

#UsToo movement targets sexual harassment in science  Chemistry World


Here’s how a national database could help colleges fight sexual assault  The Hill

Stanford joins growing list of institutions that publish reports with aggregate data on sexual-assault and sexual-harassment cases and outcomes  Stanford

Campus advocates for sexual-assault prevention at Stanford University met to demand that it use a quotation chosen by Brock Turner’s victim for a memorial plaque  Stanford Daily

Arizona professor with dropped charges not allowed on campus  Arizona Daily Sun

The student who was harassed online when she created a petition not to rehire the coach  406 MT Sports

Lawsuit: Prominent faculty member accused of rape, repeated assaults, and an attempt to involve her boyfriend in murdering the faculty member’s ex-wife  Democrat & Chronicle 

More Women Come Forward to Report Sexual Harassment by Harvard Professor  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Ex-MSU professor, 'renowned' robotics expert accused of $400K fraud  MLive


Still Thirsty? It's Up To Your Brain, Not Your Body  NPR

Here's How Often You Should Clean Everything In Your House  Mental Floss

20 years ago, research fraud catalyzed the anti-vaccination movement. Let’s not repeat history  Vox

New Study Finds Childhood Obesity Remains On the Rise in America  Fatherly  

People are dying because we misunderstand how addicts think  Vox

Like It Or Not, Personal Health Technology Is Getting Smarter  NPR

Tattoos Can Now Start Monitoring Your Medical Conditions: Harvard and MIT Researchers Innovate at the Intersection of Art & Medicine  Open Culture


Remarkable Photo of a Single Atom Wins Science Photography Contest  My Modern Met

How your sense of smell may affect your politics: An ancient trait creates political leanings  Economist


We need new kinds of antidepressants, in addition to pills  Vox

The most neurotic places in the US, according to 1.5 billion tweets  Quartz

The surprisingly weak scientific case for emotional support animals  Vox


The Productivity Paradox—Why Doing More Doesn't Get More Done  Hello Sign


North Pole surges above freezing in the dead of winter, stunning scientists  Washington Post

The known unknowns of plastic pollution: So far, it seems less bad than other kinds of pollution (about which less fuss is made)  Economist


Barney’s aquatic traits and how pregnant women stay upright: At this annual science conference, even humor has thorough research methods behind it  Arstechnica

Is it time to nationalise academic publishers?  Times Higher Education

How to write a first-class paper  Nature


Amid Fear of Foreign Influence, Colleges’ Confucius Institutes Face Renewed Skepticism  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A former Cornell fraternity house closed over accusations of rape and violations of suspension policies, is being remodeled to provide a space for alternative campus groups  Cornell Sun

There Is No Case for the Humanities  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A Conservative Underground Surfaces at a Christian University as an anonymous newsletter spreads all over campus  Inside Higher Ed

 Students who are openly gay and Christian challenge Ozark Christian College, other religious colleges  Joplin Globe


The forgetting curve explains why humans struggle to memorize  Quartz

 Tech Devices in the classroom (a student editorial)  Georgia State Signal 

The Case for Inclusive Teaching  Chronicle of Higher Ed