Articles of Interest - April 2, 2018


11 Tell-Tale Signs Your Accounts and Devices Have Been Hacked  Field Guide

Technologies To Create Fake Audio And Video Are Quickly Evolving  NPR

It's Time for an RSS Revival  Wired

FCC approves SpaceX’s ambitious satellite internet plans  The Verge

Can A Computer Predict The Pattern Of Your Life Based On The Past?  NPR

Microsoft is launching a huge reorganization to focus on AI and the cloud  MIT Technology Review 

Meet The Companies Behind Facial Recognition Technology  NPR


How To Download Your Facebook Data and What To Look For in It  Wired

Top Facebook Executive Defended Data Collection In 2016 Memo — And Warned That Facebook Could Get People Killed  BuzzFeed News

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s hardest year, and what comes next  Vox

Snapchat May Risk Connecting Apps, Despite Facebook Uproar  Tech News World


You Know Who's Really Addicted to Their Phones? The Olds.  WIRED

The psychological design tricks websites like Facebook and Amazon use to keep you addicted  Quartz


Apple CEO criticizes Facebook amid privacy scandal (video)  MSNBC

How a data mining giant got me wrong  Reuters

The Facebook Privacy Setting That Doesn’t Do Anything at All  Wired


How digital advertising became a total mess  Axios

Radio's Big Challenge: Finding Its Way Forward In This New Digital World  Forbes

What Makes a Great Magazine Editor?  Business of Fashion

Technology has upended the world’s advertising giants  Economist


New tools that have begun to automate how data is prepared for analytics  Inside Big Data

Should businesses be treating data like dangerous chemicals?  Information Age

Helping CEOs make sense of the machine learning buzz words—a cheat sheet of definitions  Chief Executive

Three examples of machine learning in the newsroom  Medium 

Google's G Suite activity dashboard for Google Docs/Sheets/Slides gives insight on who has viewed the document and when  Tech Republic


Tweets are the new vox populi  Columbia Journalism Review

From journalism class, tragedy — and a new course  Poynter

Facebook discusses accreditation of Journalists  Columbia Journalism Review

Inside The Seattle Times’ newsletter strategy  Lenfest Institute

5 Reasons to Go Mobile First with Vertical Video  Video Strategist

News publishers are tracking plenty of data, too. Here's how to see what yours is looking at  Poynter


Sinclair Broadcast Group Slammed for Video Montage of Local Anchors Reading Anti-Media Script  Hollywood Reporter

John Oliver Goes Off on Sinclair, Calls News Anchors ‘Members of a Brainwashed Cult’  The Daily Beast

Tampa Bay Times to be sold to GateHouse Media in $79M deal  Florida Politics

Russian bots are rallying behind embattled Fox News host Laura Ingraham as advertisers dump her show  Business Insider

7 Reasons Why News Startups Fail  PBS Media Shift


The First Prank Calls Were Surprisingly Morbid  Atlas Obscura

Why ‘Media Literacy’ Doesn’t Stand a Chance  Chronicle of Higher Education

Fake News, Fake Porn, and AI  Media Ethics Initiative

The fight against digital disinformation gets $10 million from the Hewlett Foundation  Nieman Journalism Lab

She's an expert at spotting fake news: This is what she wants you to know  Upworthy

Fake News, The Good Kind: No Joking (Okay, Some Joking)  Media Post

The real problem with Sinclair’s ‘fake’ news script (opinion)  Washington Post


A Giant Source of Distraction: Just taking photos in general was enough to decrease scores on a memory test  Becoming (my blog)

Why the ‘5 Second Rule’ Will Destroy Your Procrastination, According to Science  Medium


Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email Trump’s spelling is so bad, online dictionaries are seeing an ‘unpresidented’ boost in traffic  Washington Post

The rules of written English no longer apply to millennials on social media  Mashable


Why The Number Of Independent Bookstores Increased During The 'Retail Apocalypse'  NPR

Grab Readers' Attention With These 13 Headline Writing Tips  Forbes


Language is the last frontier for Hollywood film-makers  Economist

Do the words “Americans like me” separate people or join them?  Chronicle of Higher Education

Most Hispanic parents speak Spanish to their children, but this is less the case in later immigrant generations  Pew Research

How the French Are Celebrating Their Language  Chronicle of Higher Education


Are You There God?' book redesign has Judy Blume fans in an uproar  NBC’s Today Show

How a centuries old publishing house is making its mark on the digital  CNBC age

The 1,700+ Words Invented by Shakespeare*  Open Culture

'World Make Way': New Poems Paint Classic Pictures  NPR

Patti Smith’s 40 Favorite Books  Open Culture

In Children’s Books, How Much Reality is Too Much?  Daily Jstor


The lives and deaths of transgender Latin Americans  Economist

12 Stories Of Mansplaining That Will Make You Say "Man, The Things Women Have To Put Up With!"  BuzzFeed News

India’s gender gap is closing in some respects, but remains vast   Economist

American names that have become less gendered since 1920  The Atlantic

Student uses big data to examine global digital gender gap

The Very Male Trump Administration  The Atlantic


The Whitesplaining of History Is Over  Chronicle of Higher Education

Police investigating racist email sent to students and staff at Colorado College KKTV 


Password Sharing Is a Federal Crime, Appeals Court Rules  MotherBoard 

Immigration Courts (video)  John Oliver

Copyright and Online Journalism: What’s Going On In New York?  Electronic Frontier Foundation

Is it legal For Cops To Open iPhones With Dead People's Fingerprints  Forbes

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Copyright Lawsuit Over LeBron James Tattoo in 'NBA 2K'  Hollywood Reporter

Realistic Docudramas Don’t Violate California Publicity Rights–deHavilland v. FX  Technology & Marketing Law Blog 


The Bible College hazing Experience: Jesus Camp & Suicide Hospital Stay (video)

Losing their religion: The number of ex-Muslims in America is rising  Economist

Ice cream chain being boycotted for its 'totally offensive' Christianity-inspired name  SF Gate

Evangelical Support for Trump & a New book on Pope Francis (video)  MSNBC

Snoop Dogg answers haters of his new Gospel album: 'I thought Church was supposed to welcome sinners'  Christian Today

Conservative Christian Singer Loses Costa Rica Presidential Race  Christianity Today

At Easter, God didn’t give us the Messiah we wanted but the one we needed (Phillip Yancey)  Washington Post

NPR Catches Hell Over Easter Mistake  NPR

Supreme Court declines appeal over cross in Grand Haven  Mlive


Box Office: Henson And Perry's 'Acrimony' Opens To $17M, 'Gods Not Dead' Dies  Forbes

People Are Saying This Christian Surfing Movie Is the Next 'The Room'  Vice

NBC's 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live' shouldn't have worked. Here's why it did  LA Times


Houston megachurch pastor and spiritual adviser to President George W. Bush ­indicted ‑ Feds say he sold millions in worthless bonds  Washington Post

Southern Baptist Leader Resigns over ‘Morally Inappropriate Relationship’  Christianity Today

New revelations about alleged sex cult leader accused of branding women  CBS News

Bill Hybels Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Former Willow Creek Leaders  Christianity Today


As China tightens rules on religion, unregistered churches wince  Economist

'This Is Making a Lot of Christians in China Very Nervous'  The Atlantic

Baptist University students’ new suspensions called a warning to those opposing school policies  South China Morning Post


This map shows every inch of snow that fell on the lower 48 this year Washington Post    

A Visualization as to what Daylight saving time would be like all year  Tamp Bay Times

Visualizing Outliers  Flowing Data 


Behold the MusicMap: The Ultimate Interactive Genealogy of Music Created Between 1870 and 2016  Open Culture


Three faith-based movies are in theaters during Easter. How this Christian film critic assesses them  LA Times 

Martin Scorsese Create a List of 38 Essential Films About American Democracy  Open Culture


College Volleyball Coach Accused of Body Shaming  Courthouse News


Do immigrants lead to crime? A recent study says no  The Marshall Project


10 Years After: How the world has changed since the 2008 financial crisis in Graphs  Wall Street Journal 

The Two Traits of the Best Problem-Solving Teams  Harvard Business Review


What Are Screens Doing to Our Eyes—And Our Ability to See?  WIRED 

Here’s how an overdose shuts down your body: A Data Visualization  Science News

One of Asia’s poorest countries is making huge progress against a persistent health scourge  Economist

New 'organ' Discovered?  EurekAlert! Science News

New Study: It doesn’t matter if you get your daily exercise all at once or in two minute breaks  New York Times

Why Some Americans Are Risking It and Skipping Health Insurance  Bloomberg


One in three families can’t afford diapers. Why are they so expensive?  Tampa Bay Times

How parents' arguments really affect their children  BBC

What Happens When You Track Your Boyfriend on Strava  WIRED


Are research papers less accurate and truthful than in the past?  Economist

How (and Whether) to Teach Undergraduates About the Replication Crisis in Psychological Science  Sage Journals

Keeping science honest  Science Mag


Judges and examiners get laxer with practice  Economist

How (and Whether) to Teach Undergraduates About the Replication Crisis in Psychological Science  Sage Publishing

How and where growing numbers of Americans are taking their own lives  Economist 


'The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind' Tells How A Brain Doctor Coped With Cancer  NPR

This Is Your Brain on Exercise: Why Physical Exercise (Not Mental Games) Might Be the Best Way to Keep Your Mind Sharp  Open Culture


Marco Rubio admits he was wrong…about philosophy  Quartz


FBI investigated early LGBT organization for alleged Communist ties  MuckRock


Doctor-assisted suicide close to becoming law in Hawaii  Associated Press


What is the impact of retractions in science?  Elephant in the Lab

Congress Will Finally Make Its Research Reports Public  Electronic Frontier Foundation 

For Watchdog Scientists, Using Software to Fight Dubious Cancer Research  Undark


Regulations that the Dept of Ed may Change  Politico

Trump in Ohio: ‘I don’t know what that means, a community college’  Boston Globe

Donald Trump Doesn't Understand what a Community College is  The Atlantic

Most Colleges At Risk Of Phishing, Study Finds  Media Post


For small, private colleges, fewer students means more worries  Boston Globe

Michigan State spent $500K in January to monitor social media accounts of Nassar victims, others  Lansing State Journal

Credit-rating agency Gives an upgrade to Final Four Team Loyola-Chicago  The Bond Buyer

Howard University employees fired following investigation into stolen financial aid  CNBC


California’s highest court ruled last week that a student who had been stabbed at UCLA could sue the university for negligence  Chronicle of Higher Education

Grad students sue Colorado State University for skipping accreditation  Business Den


Study finds Christian colleges and universities add $60 billion each year to national economy  Chicago Tribune

Largest Christian university opens 'sophisticated' gun range for students  Fox News

A Christian Publisher with close ties to a controversial religious leader and the university he founded Was Running an Ad Fraud Scheme  BuzzFeed News


Christian Colleges That Oppose LGBT Rights Worried About Losing Funding Under Title VII  NPR

Christian Colleges Are Tangled In Their Own LGBT Policies  NPR

Abilene Christian University ban on same-sex dating for some student workers capriciously singles out an unlucky few (opinion)  Dallas News

Christian Colleges Increasingly Facing Division over LGBT Issues  Christian Headlines  


The benefits to faculty members of working to make their course materials more accessible  Chronicle of Higher Education

Accessibility, Audio Texts, and the Persistence of Print  Chronicle of Higher Education

How to Help Young People (and Adults) Unplug and Engage (video)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Washington Becomes the 14th state to extend free speech protections to student journalists  Renton Reporter


The Very Unnerving Existence of Teen Boss, a Magazine for Girls  New Yorker

Eastern Michigan students walk out in protest of athletics, staff cuts  Mlive

Investigation After Utah Student’s Death Finds Serious Issues Within Physics and Astronomy Department  Daily Utah Chronicle


Tenured professors at Kentucky's public colleges could be fired thanks to a new provision in the state’s budget bill  Courier-Journal

University Paid Researcher $50,000 Believing He Was Working From Home. He Was Dead  TIME

Hobart and William Smith Colleges Investigates Claims That Its President Plagiarized Dissertation  Chronicle of Higher Education

Plagiarism: A Hidden Problem in Academic Medicine  Council on Communications and Media Blog

Who’s Reading Your Email?  Inside Higher Ed