Articles of Interest - May 14


AI-Powered Baby Translator  Wired

Researchers show Siri and Alexa can be exploited with ‘silent’ commands hidden in songs  TechCrunch 

Disney made a jacket to simulate physical experiences, like a snake slithering across your body: Disney envisions it being used with VR headsets  The Verge

Virtual reality gaming technology is being used to test for fear of heights and could save lives  Quartz

Why learning to code won't save you from losing your job to a robot  Tech Republic

Ticketmaster To Use Facial Recognition In Place of Tickets for Venue Entry  Bleeping Computer

Google's 'Duplex' Raises Ethical Questions  NPR


How can we be sure AI will behave? Perhaps by watching it argue with itself MIT Technology Review  

Google launches a machine learning software kit that makes it easier for mobile developers to incorporate machine learning into their apps  Zdnet

Navigational AI spontaneously develops the equivalent of brain cells used by some mammals to track their location  Quanta Magazine 

A dozen easy to make data science mistakes  CIO 

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is undergoing changes thanks to the explosion of connected data and the internet of things   FCW


YouTubers are known for youthful exuberance. So what happens when one gets seriously ill?  Washington Post

Facebook quietly rolls out issue ads policy  Axios

Facebook, Social Media & the Social Contract  Om Malik 

How to handle a social media crisis  MuckRack

Don’t Blame Phones for Narcissism: A new book argues that 2,500 years of culture have caused an outbreak of self-obsession  The New Republic

Nobody Gives A Damn About Your Klout Score  TechCrunch


Cell phones at summer camp: Research explores the effects  Science Daily

Nearly a quarter of the world’s population remains unbanked. But mobile phones are helping to change that  Economist


This plug-in uses A.I. to create closed captions inside Premiere Pro  Digital Trends


Online advertising grew to $88B last year — more spending than TV TechCrunch

Fox to buy seven TV stations from Sinclair for about $910 million  Reuters 

Traditional TV is in Trouble  New York Times


When Spies Hack Journalism  New York Times

How to Make it In Journalism, According to 4 Barrier-Breaking Latinas  Remezcla

FX and New York Times partner for new series 'The Weekly''  CNN

Google’s news chief Richard Gingras: “We need to rethink journalism at every dimension”  Harvard's Nieman Labs 

Trump's latest shot at the press corps: 'Take away credentials?'  CNN

The local-national news divide on Google and Facebook  Axios

Why Do Journalists Call What They Produce ‘Pieces’?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Finding concussion data can be a headache for reporters  Student Press Law Center

Covering rural America: What reporters get wrong and how to get it right  Journalist’s Resources


Can A New Business Model Save Small-Town Papers?  NPR  

This Is How a Newspaper Dies: It’s with a spasm of profits Politico 


10 tips for verifying viral social media videos  Poynter

Documents Reveal How Russian Official Courted Conservatives In U.S. Since 2009  NPR

Pope Francis Charges Journalists To Shun Fake News  Independent 

I Went to a Flat Earth Convention to Meet Flat Earthers Like My Mom  Vice

This Facebook chatbot wants to help you stay ahead of fake news  Poynter 

The Supreme Court and Sharia law: How a fake-news story spreads: A bogus account began as a typo-ridden parody, but came to be embraced by millions  Politico 

Twitter Is The Place To Go For Fake New  Science 2.0


How to protect journalism advisers from retaliation  Student Press Law Center

Most campus records at private colleges remain protected from public disclosure: Submit your school and we’ll check their reaction with a basic records request  MuckRock

Are barriers to reporting on sexual assault surmountable for student journalists?  Student Press Law Center

Students’ survey highlights censorship of Christian college newspapers  Religious News Service


Learning from Envy   Becoming (my blog)


How to Become a Good Storyteller  LifeHacker

7 Freelance Sites for Current and Future Writers  Study Breaks


How to change emotions with a word Science looks at the subtleties of semiotics  Economist

The evolution of language? There's an app for that


How America Invented ‘Young Adult’ Fiction for a New Kind of Teenager  Zocal Public Square

8 of the Worst moms in Literature  New York Times


Jordan Peterson’s crusade to save Masculinity  Esquire 

A database of female experts in political science  #WomenAlsoKnowStuff

Woman who investigated discrimination at UVU says she was fired after looking into male administrators  Salt Lake Tribune 

Is Your Script Gender-Balanced? Try This Test  New York Times


Non-white scholars are underrepresented in scholarly articles in communications  EurekAlert!

What a white guy with a black puppet taught South Africa about white privilege  Quartz

Black people in NYC are 8 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than whites  Vox


Press Freedom Is Under Fire In Southeast Asia  NPR

Inside the ‘free speech’ debate that rocked a Wisconsin campus, with ripples across the country  PBS


The Law Schools With The Most Unemployed Graduates  Above the Law

A two-decades-long feud over what is in the public domain and what is not  Hollywood Reporter 


See the 2018 Underwater Photography of the Year award winners  Underwater Photography


'This Is America' - How Musicians Add Perspective To Social Issues  The Denver Channel

Surging Demand For Vinyl LPs Has Raised Hopes For Reel-to-Reel Tape Deck, Which is Returning To Sale For First Time in Decades   Slashdot


Protestants decline, more have no religion in a sharply shifting religious landscape  ABC News

Mormon Church Announces End To 100-Year Relationship With Boy Scouts  NPR

The Guardian view on US religion: the Christian right is breaking up  The Guardian

Megachurch elders apologize for casting doubt on women’s allegations against founder  Chicago Tribune

Brother Andrew Turns 90  Religious News Service

Jesus wasn't white: he was a brown-skinned, Middle Eastern Jew. Here's why that matters  BigThink


For evangelicals, Jerusalem is about prophecy, not politics (opinion)  CNN

Mitt Romney calls pastor who delivered blessing at Jerusalem embassy opening 'religious bigot'  Politico

Salem executives pressured radio hosts to cover Trump more positively, emails show  CNN

An Evangelical Journalist finds His Calling at the White House  New York Times


Cornell University student presents thesis in bra, underwear to protest against 'oppressive beliefs'  New York Daily News

TCU Students Suspended, Accused of Cheating Using Popular Study App Quizlet  NBC-5 Dallas

Time Demands of Single Mother College Students and the Role of Child Care in their Postsecondary Success  Institute for Women's Policy Research 

AAUP Says U. of Nebraska Denied Due Process to Grad Student Who Heckled Activist  Chronicle of Higher Ed

University of Florida suspends employee who pushed, constrained graduates

Many Republican Millennials differ with older party members on climate change and energy issues  Pew Research

LGBTQ students at Christian colleges refuse to choose between sexuality and faith  MLive


These are the 10 essential skills that will land you a job in digital media  The Next Web

The Most Efficient Way to Keep Your Resume Up to Date  LifeHacker


NBC Investigation Finds Employees Did Not Feel Comfortable Registering Complaints  NPR

All the problems at NBC News aren’t just coincidence. They’re symptoms  Washington Post

Female student accused of sexual misconduct sues University of Cincinnati  The Hill


Many countries suffer from shrinking working-age populations  Economist

Software that detects human trafficking  Economist


Many results in microeconomics are shaky  Economist

How mobile money is spreading  Economist

Algorithms are making the same mistakes assessing credit scores that humans did a century ago  Quartz

Mobile financial services are cornering the market  Economist

The most important books for economists aren’t academic ones  Quartz

Blockchain & Remittances  Economist


The Obesity Cure Is Out of Reach in the Heaviest States  The Atlantic

Journal retracts paper claiming neurological damage from HPV vaccine  Science Mag

Sticker Shock Jolts Oklahoma Patient: $15,076 For 4 Tiny Screws  NPR 

NIH Pushes for Personalized Medicine: Seeks Health Data of 1 Million People  Washington Post

Adopt 5 Healthy Habits, Live 12 to 14 Years Longer  New York Times


Parenting Myths And Facts  NPR

Time’s interactive showing you what your name would be if you were born in different years  TIME

The Baby-Name Trend That Unites America: In the past decade, new parents have fallen for vowels  The Atlantic

7 facts about U.S. moms  Pew Research Center


The thinking error at the root of science denial  The Conversation 

When Scientific Fraudsters Slip Through the Cracks: More could be done to weed out bad actors  Undark

After researchers created a virus from mail-order DNA, geneticists sound the alarm about the genetic tinkering carried out in garages and living rooms  New York Times


Can You Overdose on Happiness? The science and philosophy of deep brain stimulation  Nautilus

Rates of depression diagnoses in the US, by gender (chart)  The Atlas   

Memory transferred between snails, challenging standard theory of how the brain remembers  StatNews


Jean-Paul Sartre was the original self-help guru  Quartzy

7 Greek philosophers beyond Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle  BigThink


The Most Cited Source on Wikipedia  SlashDot 

In the early 1950s, a psychologist brought together a group of boys at a summer camp – and tried to make them fight each other  The Guardian

The [garbage in, garbage out] Peer Review problem  Science-based Medicine 

Avoiding the Guise of an Anonymous Review  Earth & Space Science News

Thousands of machine-learning scientists have said that they will boycott a new closed-access Nature journal  Inside Higher Ed


My university doesn't graduate politically correct snowflakes, that's fake news  USA Today

What We Gain and Lose as Libraries Change  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Missouri Senate Candidate blames higher ed for leftist ideology  Columbia Tribune

Among the Hottest Job Markets on Campus: Police Officer  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A Duke University VP Walked Into the Campus Coffee Shop, Heard a Rap Song, Demanded That the Employees Be Fired and they were  Indy Week 

DeVos Moves to Loosen Restrictions on Federal Aid to Religious Colleges  New York Times

The Trump administration is launching a new effort to ease restrictions on how religious colleges access and use federal funding  Politico

Alumni: Inappropriate conduct at a Christian college went all the way to the top  The State

Liberal students, colleges should learn from Liberty University's civility (opinion)  The Hill


How Not to Be an Academic in the Courtroom  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Turning pigs into sheep, and other plagiarism adventures: Buying a doctoral thesis can cost anywhere from $10-25,000  Eurasianet