Articles of Interest - June 18


Americans and the News Media: What they do — and don’t — understand about each other American Press Institute

In The Quest For Comment, Hurry Up And Wait  NPR

Do journalists deserve some blame for America’s mass shootings?  Quill

You’re probably not quoting enough women. Let us help you.  Columbia Journalism Review

Doxxing, assault, death threats: the new dangers facing US journalists covering extremism  The Guardian

What should count as breaking news in text alerts?  NPR

With its Facebook Watch news show, Alabama’s Reckon wants to make a national audience care about local news  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

As Newspapers Disappear, Local Governments Become Less Fiscally Responsible, Says New Study  Forbes

The documentary series The Fourth Estate tries to humanize the journalists who report the news—It can’t help but fall into a trap  The Atlantic

What Research on ‘Measurable Journalism’ Tells Us About Tech, Cultural Shifts in Digital Media  PBS Media Shift

NPR (yet again) writes uncritically about ketamine for mental illness  NPR

Tiny Alabama Town tries to stop Media from attending City Council meetings without Council Approval—gets national attention, backs down   Jackson County Sentinel

Meet the victims of violence against journalists  Quill


'LA Times' New Owner Plans To Compete With 'New York Times,' 'Washington Post'   NPR

More suitors line up as Tronc sells California newspapers   New York Times


‘The real horror is not knowing what to believe’: Scenes from the Fake News Horror Show  Columbia Journalism Review

Nine takeaways from Knight-supported research on restoring trust in news  Medium

Can a Chrome plugin help solve the fake news problem?  Columbia Journalism Review

Telling the difference between factual and opinion statements in the news  Pew Research Center

How To Tell Whether A News Source Is Credible  Action 4 Media Education 

Wikipedia vandalism could thwart hoax-busting on Google, YouTube and Facebook  Poynter

Quiz: How well can you tell factual from opinion statements?  Pew Research Center


MIT Engineers Build Magnetic 3D-Printed Structures That Can Change Shape Near-Instantaneously  Digg

Blockchain visually explained  Flowing Data   


Pedestrian Lane for ‘Smartphone Zombies’ Opens Up in China  NBC New York

How to Pose for a Photograph  New York Times

Instagram Will No Longer Alert Users About Screenshots  Teen Vogue


A state-by-state breakdown of Facebook users impacted by the Cambridge Analytica scandal  Business Insider

If You’re A Facebook User, You’re Also a Research Subject  Bloomberg

Facebook’s Perennial ‘Potential’ in Local  Street Fighting


Increased amounts of data and surveillance are transforming justice systems  Economist

It is hard now to avoid street-level surveillance  Economist

Police can bypass encryption and monitor anything  Economist


The Tiny, Essential Google Tricks for Way Better Search Results  LifeHacker


A python library that lets programmers and software developers easily integrate object detection with as little as 10 lines of code  Towards Data Science

DeepMind AI learns to reconstruct scenes from images  Axios

The promise and peril of big-data justice-can algorithms accurately predict where crime will occur?  Economist

A simple evolutionary step in data processing: Data Lake architecture (and its functional requirements)  SmartCat

The world may soon be awash in advanced, lethal drones  Public Integrity

Wondering whether AI can replace a job? it is better to ponder whether it could replace humans at a specific task  Economist

A contentious Pentagon using machine-learning algorithms to interpret drone-surveillance imagery was hacked by people in Russia  Wired


5 internal contributions to anger  Becoming (my blog)

Gossiping Is Good The surprising virtues of talking behind people’s backs (opinion)  The Atlantic

How to Avoid a Life of Regret  LifeHacker


‘New York Times’ Gets Rid of Copy Editors; Mistakes Ensue  The Chronicle of Higher Ed

A Marketing Site Deleted Over 7,000 Articles After It Was Caught Stealing Fact-Checks And Plagiarizing  BuzzFeed

Princeton Graduate wins Harvard Thesis Prize, kind of: Plagiarism hits the Ivy Leagues  Archinect


Imposter syndrome and pansexual among new words added to oxford English dictionary  Independent

What does it mean to “bear arms”? Big Data Chimes in  Economist

Inside Amazon's painstaking pursuit to teach Alexa French  Wired

‘Fudging’ in Flight: Dubbed Movies on Airplanes  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How language shapes the way we think (video)  TED talk


88 books to enjoy this summer: the TED reading list  TED


The US gender gap in math is starkest in the richest, whitest school districts  Quartz

10 New or Lesser-Known Female Theologians Worth Knowing  Christianity Today

Domestic Violence Expert Resigns From NFL Players Association Commission  NPR

Study: editors of major political science journals demonstrate no systematic bias against female authors—Yet women authors remain underrepresented in the field  Inside Higher Ed

Canada moves to make its national anthem gender-neutral  CNN


A Hidden Strength of Minority-Serving Colleges: Meeting Students Where They Are  The Chronicle of Higher Ed

Harvard records show discrimination against Asian-Americans  Reuters  

I am raising my daughter to speak three languages: A stranger demanded I 'speak English' to her  LA Times


No Consensus on Free Speech  Inside Higher Ed

Snowflakes and Free Speech on Campus  Inside Higher Ed


How a Legal Brawl Between Two Rich Guys Could Change How We Think About DNA  Gizmodo

Librarian sues Equifax—gets surprise win  VT Digger

The “sovereigns of cyberspace” and state action: the first amendment’s application—or lack thereof—to third–party platforms  BTIJ

Twitter and the First Amendment in court  Technology & Marketing Law Blog  


Charitable giving in US tops $400 billion for first time  AP News

A growing social movement is trying to bring scientific rigour to philanthropy  Economist

Teaching Children To Ask The Big Questions Without Religion  NPR

An all-white church intended to give its building to a black congregation. The plan fell apart.  Washington Post

Why many white evangelicals are not protesting family separations on the U.S. border  Washington Post


Wave of scandals confront Southern Baptists  CNN

Georgia Baptist church expelled from Southern Baptist Convention over racial discrimination charges  The Tennessean

Pence Speech Riles Some As Southern Baptists' Moderates Gain Strength  NPR

A Lot of Southern Baptist Leaders Are Upset at Mike Pence’s Convention Speech  Relevant Magazine  Relevant Magazine


Jeff Sessions own church calls policy of separating immigrant families "a shocking violation of the spirit of the Gospel"

Sessions cites Bible to defend immigration policies resulting in family separations  CNN

Evangelicals Push Back On Sessions' Use Of Bible Passage To Defend Immigration Policy  NPR

What the Bible really says about government (opinion)  The Week

Religious Groups Criticize Trump Immigration Policies  NPR


The rise and fall of a Seattle megachurch through the eyes of an anthropologist  KUOW

Billboard Company Pulls Down Texas Megachurch's 'Christian Nation' Signs Because They're 'Anger Provoking'  IJR


'Our valedictorian:' Wake County family buys massive billboard space to congratulate son  WRAL

Man on mission to mow lawns for free in all 50 states stops in Nashville  Fox 17

Note to Daddy: Young sisters send balloon to Heaven, receive incredible answer  KHOU

Woman saves pregnant mother, 3-year-old boy from drowning in pool  The Indy Channel


New design tools on the block  UX Design

What to consider when choosing colors for data visualization  Data Wrapper


The Problem With DC Action Scenes (video)  Nerdwriter1


After Tronc: Here are 5 corporate rebranding disasters you probably forgot about  Fast Company

Best YouTube Videos of All Time, Ranked  Thrillist

The ad industry’s top buzzwords in 2018  Quartz


If restaurants ran like college papers, diners would starve to death  JournoTerrorist


This College Student Gave a Presentation on Wakanda That Fooled His Professor  io9

Teen sex and drug use at lowest rates in decades, CDC finds  CBS News

Professors talk on their favorite summers in college  The Daily Californian (Berkeley student newspaper)  Daily Cal

Google Wants to Play a Bigger Role in Your College Search—Here’s What You Need to Know  The Chronicle of Higher Ed

Younger generations make up a majority of the electorate, but may not be a majority of voters this November  Pew Research

Fire Dept Rescues College Student who Climbed Tree (and didn’t know how to get down)  Fox 6

Leaked Memo From Conservative Group Cautions Students to Stay Away From Turning Point USA  The Chronicle of Higher Ed

You people are the worst! Millennials now blamed for bad tipping  USA Today

Requiring students to live in dormitories is a revenue boost for colleges but doesn't necessarily improve the student experience  Forbes



Cut these 5 outdated things from your resume  Moneyish

Lawsuits and #MeToo changed internships — for the better  Quill

10 smart women give advice to this year's interns  Pardot

Recent Film Grads, Welcome to the Gig Economy  Video Strategist   


What happens when complaints by angry students go viral and how the university responded The Chronicle of Higher Ed

“Sexual harassment is pervasive throughout academic science, driving talented researchers out of the field and harming others’ careers”  Nature

Scholars heard the NYU professor was under a Title IX investigation. They threw support behind her  The Chronicle of Higher Ed

A student filed the lawsuit this week against a Florida fraternity alleged to have shared videos taken without permission  Washington Post


Suicide rates are increasing in almost every state  Axios

U.S. Abortion Attitudes Remain Closely Divided  Gallup

Suicide Rates In The U.S. Are Climbing Faster Among Women Than Men  NPR

Georgia Court Green Lights Snapchat Speeding Selfie Lawsuit  The Newspaper

Facebook Plans to Team Up With 15 Community Colleges. What Will That Entail?  The Chronicle of Higher Ed


Millionaires Now Own Half of World's Personal Wealth  Bloomberg


To avoid humans, more wildlife now work the night shift  The Conversation


Why eight hours a night isn’t enough, according to a leading sleep scientist  Quartz

Does Vitamin D Really Protect Against Colorectal Cancer?  NPR

What consumer DNA data can and can’t tell you about disease risk  Science News

Why STDs are soaring in America  Economist

Depression and suicide risk are side effects of more than 200 common drugs  Vox

Viruses love what we’ve done with the planet  Quartz


How AI is improving the speed and precision of medical treatments  Economist

Two studies: Some CRISPR-edited cells may lead to tumors  Stat News

New medical device auto-deploys treatment during heart attacks to halt heart failure  MIT

Errors Trigger Retraction Of Study On Mediterranean Diet's Heart Benefits  NPR


7 facts about American dads  Pew Research

The Dangers of Distracted Parenting: parents should worry less about kids’ screen time—and more about their own  The Atlantic


Many Common Drugs May Be Making People Depressed  NPR

The Stanford Prison Experiment was a fraud.  The most famous psychological studies are often wrong, fraudulent, or outdated  Vox

The Lifespan of a Lie: Why can’t we escape the Stanford Prison Experiment?  Medium

Alternate Rom-Com Endings if the Heroines had Therapists  The Bella Donna Comedy

IQ scores are falling and have been for decades  CNN

A new study ranks US states in order of psychopathy  Quartz


We now know what a spiritual awakening looks like inside the brain  Big Think

Brains May Teeter Near Their Tipping Point  Quanta Magazine


The Philosopher as Bad Dad (opinion)  New York Times  

Personalism is the philosophy we need (opinion)  New York Times

A philosopher thinks technology could make anarchists’ dreams come true  Quartz


History gets a conservative twist in Michigan social studies standards  Briggemi


Publishers can ensure that citations of zombie publications are caught  Nature

Deciding what to replicate  Pedermisager

What happens when researchers make mistakes  Associated Press


Some want to get rid of college majors – here’s how that could go wrong  The Conversation

Many States Get Mediocre Grades in 2 Studies of Degree Attainment by Race and Ethnicity  The Chronicle of Higher Ed

A small college had removed much of its website—including the names of all faculty and the president’s name  Ottawa Citizen

Sweet Briar College Is Placed on ‘Warning’ by Accreditor  The Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Elon University sued over treatment of donor’s son  The Times


Is Congress about to cut nearly $15 billion from student-aid programs? (opinion)  Hechinger Report

Beyond Tuition: How Innovations in College Affordability Are (Or Aren’t) Helping Students  EdSurge

Michigan Christian university wins suit against abortion-pill mandate  Free


GPAs don’t really show what students learned: Here’s why  Washington Post

UCSD Instructor Faces Backlash After She Belittles Student on Class Forum  The Chronicle of Higher Ed


The Number of Students Taking in Online Courses Is Quickly Rising, But Perceptions Are Changing Slowly  EdSurge

What Do Online Students Want? 3 Findings From a New Survey Offer Some Clues  The Chronicle of Higher Ed

EdX introduces support fee for free online courses  Inside Higher Ed

Why is YouTube blocking education videos from MIT?  Daily Dot


What Happens When an Adjunct Instructor Wants to Retire?  The Chronicle of Higher Ed

A seven-time "Jeopardy!" winner faces prison for sneaking into the email accounts of others at her school  Yahoo News

Disrupting the faculty member evaluation model  Education Dive