Articles of Interest - July 2


Harvard scientists develop material that can change its surface shape at the microscale on the fly  Harvard

Is the Solution to the Data Storage Crunch your DNA?  Wired

Satellites could show airplanes faster long-haul routes in mid-air  Quartz 

Google opens its human-sounding Duplex AI to public testing  CNET 

How roboticists are copying nature to make fantastical machines  Wired

Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up: more detailed maps built from its own data for the first time  Tech Crunch 


Orlando Airport Will Be First in the U.S. to Scan Faces of All International Passengers  Conde Nash Traveler 

Facial Recognition Software is Not Ready for use by Law Enforcement  Tech Crunch 

This Japanese AI security camera shows the future of surveillance will be automated  The Verge


The data behind winning Instagram captions  News Whip 

How Instagram Is Eating The World  Forbes

Only 'Influencers' Can Take Photos at This LA Mural and People Are Pissed  Vice


Slate Traffic Plummets as a result of FB’s retreat from the news business  Slate 

Facebook is stepping back from its plan to bring the internet to the world via giant drones Quartz 

Facebook bug randomly unblocked some users from people’s block lists  The Verge

Facebook is buying UK’s Bloomsbury AI: It’s all about fighting fake News  Tech Crunch 


In both the U.S. and China, more people say they’ll watch matches via live video online than via terrestrial, cable, or satellite television  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Quartz sale doesn’t give digital media players much to cheer about  Columbia Journalism Review  


How can design processes help your newsroom?  Medium

Post dismisses reporter for lax attribution in ‘aggregated’ news stories  Washington Post

News outlets join forces to track down children separated from their parents by the U.S.  Poynter 

Advertising is not journalism  Union-Tribune 

Small-town American newspapers are surprisingly resilient  Economist

Why LinkedIn wants to make original journalism  The Drum 


How we know journalism is good for democracy  Local News Lab 

Can journalists counteract hatred toward the press? It starts with explaining what we do  Poynter 

The Importance Of Local Journalism  NPR 


Dave Barry: My heart aches for Capital Gazette shooting victims  Miami Herald

The war against the press comes to the local newsroom  Columbia Journalism Review

More than 350 org. and individuals sign condemnation of mass murder at the Capital Gazette and negative environment for journalists  The Student Press Law Center

Trump says Maryland shooting 'filled our hearts with grief'  CNN

Trump’s press attacks didn’t cause the Annapolis tragedy: But there is a connection  Washington Post

Former Capital Gazette reporter grieves colleagues who died in Annapolis shooting  Delaware Online 

An act of violence against one journalist is an attack on all of us  Union-Tribune

Trump won’t Lower Flag for Cap Gaz Shooting as he has for Other Mass Shootings  Mashable      


The Newsroom Is No Longer a Safe Place  Politico

How Rare Are Attacks On Journalists?  NPR

Defend Yourself AND the News Provides: practical advice for turbulent times  RTDNA


2018 Research: Women and people of color in local TV and radio news   RTDNA


How VR in Journalism Education Keeps Learners Abreast With a Rocky Media Landscape  eLearning Inside 


Rapidly expanding fact-checking movement faces growing pains  Washington Post

Adobe is using machine learning to make it easier to spot Photoshopped images  The Verge

A Web Tool That Lets People Choose Their Own ‘Sources of Truth’  The Atlantic

Americans may appreciate knowing when a news story is suspect, but more than a third will share that story anyway  Knight Foundation 


A guide to anti-misinformation actions around the world  Poynter 

Fake news, rumour and censorship in the Middle Kingdom  Monday Note


One day AI programs may need therapists—seriously  Axios 

Ways to think about machine learning and avoid some of the misconceptions out there  Ben Evans Blog

How Quantum Computing Works and Why It’s Important  Medium

Is the Solution to the Data Storage Crunch your DNA?  Wired 

How to Execute R and Python in SQL Server with Machine Learning Services  Data Science Central 

The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in 8 U.S. Cities are central to an NSA spying initiative that has for years monitored billions of emails, phone calls, and online chats  The Intercept 


How to fix what has gone wrong with the internet  Economist 

Our Online Behavior is a Design Problem  Medium  

The story of the internet is all about layers  How the internet lost its decentralised innocence Economist 

Ecommerce Website Redesign: A Technical SEO Checklist  Search Engine Journal

Stopping the internet from getting too concentrated will be a slog, but the alternative would be worse  Economist

Make Wikipedia Even Better  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Malcolm Gladwell's 12 Rules for Life  Revisionist History Podcast  Revisionist History

Why are Russians so stingy with their smiles?  The Conversation

Being rational all the time isn’t going to do you any favors  Quartz


That Adverb in Melania Trump’s jacket  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Instead of abandoning print, the 119-year-old MIT Technology Review is doubling down on it  Harvard's Nieman Lab

How the Self-Publishing Industry Changed, Between My First and Second Novels  LongReads


Koko Is Dead, but the Myth of Her Linguistic Skills Lives On  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Switzerland’s Mysterious Fourth Language  BBC


Translators' group brings international literature to Chicago  Chicago Tribune

‘Frankenstein’ Author Mary Shelley on Creativity'  Brain Pickings

Book clinic: which literature would inspire a men’s prison reading group?  The Guardian

Why aren't schools teaching black literature?  Baltimore Sun

Capturing the voice of a brilliant, unorthodox teacher of literature  Economist

Clean, Well-Spoken: Hemingway’s Cuban Spanish  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The 39 best health and science books to read this summer  Stat News

Discover What to Read Next With This 'Instagram for Books'  Life Hacker


‘Tormented and traumatized’: Rage toward women fuels mass shooters  Washington Post

Women in public-facing journalism jobs are exhausted by harassment  Poynter 

Researchers preferentially collaborate with same-gendered colleagues across the life sciences  BioRx

The midterm elections are shaping up to have a giant gender gap  Vox


The Elevation of Anti-Semitic Pseudoscience  Undark

Race-Conscious Admissions Returns to the Spotlight  Chronicle of Higher Ed

New data shows US hate crimes continued to rise in 2017  The Conversation

White supremacist propaganda is inundating college campuses, civil rights group says  Washington Post


The invincibly ignorant and the intellectual huckster have every right to express their opinions, but their right to free speech is not the right to an audience  New York Times

Is That Opinion Hate Speech? Here’s A Checklist To Find Out  Daily Infographic


Campus Lawyers’ Deepest Fear: the Protest or Tweet That Spins Into a Free-Speech Crisis Chronicle of Higher Ed


California passes strictest online privacy law in the country  CNN

Here are 5 key details in California’s new privacy law  Fast Company

At this Chinese school, Big Brother was watching students — and charting every smile or frown  LA Times

Here's why the NSA just deleted all of the calls and texts it collected since 2015  Tech Republic


How Antebellum Christians Justified Slavery  Daily Jstor

One of Hillsong's latest hits sparks debate on evolution   Christianity Today

5 facts about Episcopalians  Pew Research Center

Archdiocese of Washington apologizes after Maryland family kicked out of funeral  Fox-5


Willow Creek leaders issue public apologies for mishandling allegations  Chicago Tribune

Mega church pastor resigns after investigation into 'inappropriate conduct'  Fox-9 

Pastor of Tacoma megachurch dismissed over accusations of inappropriate behavior  Q13 Fox


In El Salvador, Becoming An Evangelical Is A Way Out Of A Gang  NPR

5 facts about religion in India  Pew Research Center

Christian Group Surprises Pride Crowd, Apologizes For Anti-LGBTQ Views  Huffington Post  


The “Star-Spangled Banner” in church? Some Christians are questioning the mix of patriotism and God  Washington Post

Supreme Court ruling may pave way for more faith-based pregnancy centers  The Hill


"Hello Kitty" bullet train to debut in Japan  CBS

Joyful parade fulfills two wishes for 107 year old: When asked what she wanted for her birthday, Myda Lewis said "I want people to be happy"  Stillwater News Press


Here's What 49 Iconic Disney Characters Would Probably Look Like IRL  BuzzFeed

Duchamp's famous urinal sculpture was actually created by Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven  BoingBoing

Winners of the 2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest  The Atlantic

Bookstore photo series perfectly juxtaposes patrons with book covers  BoingBoing


National Trust’s List of 11 Most Endangered Places includes Route 66, Mount Vernon  Curbed

19 of the Most Beautiful Streets in the World  Architectural Digest

17 Mistakes Tourists Make When Visiting NYC For The First Time  BuzzFeed  


10 Great First Movies For Your Kids  Fatherly

A Montage of Dance Moments from Almost 300 Feature Films  Open Culture


While Reporting At The World Cup, Female Journalists Are Sexually Harassed  NPR

How Colleges and Organizations Can Stop the Cycle of Faculty Sexual Abuse  Chronicle of Higher Ed

6 women on how they deal with sexism and discrimination at work  Fast Company


How a Student Used Title IX to Force Her College to Change Its Response to Cases of Sexual Assault  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Texas History prof accused of inappropriate behavior and using his social-justice standing to divert the narrative  Stephenville Empire-Tribune

How Colleges and Organizations Can Stop the Cycle of Faculty Sexual Abuse  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A Star Scientist From The Max Planck Society Allegedly Harassed And Bullied Her Colleagues  BuzzFeed News

Acclaimed UC Irvine geneticist who gave millions to the campus resigns due to sexual harassment  LA Times


Police officer who fatally shot Antwon Rose II left his campus job after his testimony and evidence didn’t add up  Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Man Killed By Armed Portland State University Officers Had Valid Concealed Carry Permit When He Died  OPB


Scientists can track the spread of opioids in sewers. But do cities want to know what lies below?  Stat News


How Old Are Successful Tech Entrepreneurs? Older than you think  Northwestern

Republican tax law hits churches Some nonprofits could start paying taxes for the first time  Politico

Why Startups Are Thriving Outside Silicon Valley  Aspenideas

Can LinkedIn finally kill the business card with new mobile app QR codes?  Tech Republic

I spent 2 days on a bus with a billionaire and a celebrity author while they toured America to invest $150 million in local business  Business Insider

How regulators can prevent excessive concentration online  Economist

30 Fake Business Blog Posts Someone Should Have Written Already  Medium


Rising seas: 'Florida is about to be wiped off the map'  The Guardian

How can climate policy stay on top of a growing mountain of data?  The Guardian

Hawaii Bans Common Sunscreens To Protect Coral Reefs  NPR


Hundreds of new genes may underlie intelligence—but also autism and depression  Science Mag

Modified polio vaccine extends lives in U.S. brain cancer study  Reuters

Marketing firm Exactis leaked a personal info database with 340 million records  Wired

With Funding Scarce, Hurtles Toward Closure  Undark

Seemingly Healthy Food For Kids That Have Shocking Amounts of Sugar  Daily Infographic


Amazon could radically change how you get prescriptions  CNN

Kids of millennials may never know a doctor visit without AI  Tech Republic


Helicopter parenting is bad for children  The Times

U.S. women are postponing motherhood, but not as much as those in most other developed nations  Pew Research Center

America's work-life balance isn't so great  Axios


The first-ever interstellar object observed traveling through Earth's solar system confirmed to be a comet, but does not exhibit usual dust trails  Science Mag


The surprising thing the 'marshmallow test' reveals about kids in an instant-gratification world  LA Times

Live Nation rigged an entire concert to measure the biometrics of music fans  Fast Company

One day AI programs may need therapists  Axios

A big collaboration is trying to understand diseases of the psyche  Economist

The Famous Break Up of Sigmund Freud & Carl Jung (video)  Open Culture

New Jersey to Suspend Prominent Psychologist for Failing to Protect Patient Privacy  Pro Propublica

Psychologists Looked In The Mirror … And Saw A Bunch Of Liberals Here’s how this might affect their research  FiveThirtyEight

Campus mental health forums pay off, study shows  Ed Dive


Why your brain never runs out of problems to find  The Conversation

The eye's structure holds information about the health of the mind: It is a window to the brain  Economist

One sentence with 7 meanings unlocks a mystery of human speech  Wired


What’s the point of philosophy? A new philosophy paper says there isn’t one  Quartz


The best tools and tech to create a podcast in 2018  Poynter


CDC retracts finding that farmers have the highest suicide rate in the country  New Food Economy

Scientists Rarely Admit Mistakes: A New Project Wants to Change That  Undark  


Statistical Rituals: The Replication Delusion and How We Got There  Sage Journalism

Improving analysis and reporting of incomplete data will make reproducibility and replicability efforts easier (abstract)  Social Science & Medicine

Can We Science Our Way out of the Reproducibility Crisis?  PLOS


CrossFit’s strident spokesperson (and Liberty U grad) Russell Berger was winning a war against junk science — until his anti-LGBT bigotry got him fired  Buzzfeed News

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Google Scholar  Cambridge University Press

Some science journals that claim to peer review papers do not do so  Economist

African scientists launch their own preprint server  Nature

Sports science journal has just banned a flawed statistical method  FiveThirtyEight

Philip Zimbardo defends the Stanford Prison Experiment, his most famous work  Vox

How Dennis Wall became the ‘bad boy’ of autism research  Spectrum News


A  College Considers Taking the ‘Liberal’ Out of ‘Liberal Education’  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Defining and Delivering on Quality in Higher Education  Medium 

What Does Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Mean for Higher Education?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Western Illinois Will Lay Off 24 Faculty Members, Including 7 With Tenure  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Notre Dame students sue school, White House over birth control policy  Reuters

AD: Baylor regents displayed racism, preferred misleading report on rape scandal  Waco Tribune


Digital Humanities and the Child Separation Crisis  Wired 

Why it's so hard to diversify STEM fields  California Sunday 


What Podcasts Can Teach Us About Teaching  Chronicle of Higher Ed

University develops rubric to certify students' soft skills  Ed Dive 


No More Chili Pepper: RateMyProfessors Ditches ‘Hotness’ Ratings  Chronicle of Higher Ed

In Nigeria, a battle against academic plagiarism heats up  Science Magazine  

Why the Supreme Court Ruling on Unions Could Be Good for Adjuncts  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Second of 3 Dartmouth professors under criminal probe quits  Union Leader 

Was a Renowned Literary Theorist Also a Spy?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Liberty University professor arrested and charged with online sexual exploitation of a minor  News Advance


How is college radio faring in the streaming era?  Economist

In California, journalists lean on student reporters for education coverage  Columbia Journalism Review

Student photojournalist who sued to retain copyright for his work is vindicated  Student Press Law Center

Student journalist investigates lack of sexual misconduct records for teachers  Columbia Journalism Review


Should Working Learners Get a Tax Break?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Why Teen Employment Numbers Are Down  NPR 

The Rise of College ‘Grade Forgiveness’  The Atlantic 

The share of teens with summer jobs has plunged since 2000, and the type of work they do has shifted  Pew Research Center 

As A Mental Health Crisis Sweeps Across Colleges, Students Step Up To Fix It  Huffington Post

California Will Be Fourth State to Sue Navient Over Student Loans   New York Times