Articles of Interest - Week of August 13


Four-Year-Old Girl Throws Dad's Phone into the Sea because he spent too much time on it  Metro 

6 studies on digital news and social media you should know about  Journalists Resources 

Hacker swipes Snapchat's source code, publishes it on GitHub  The Next Web 

How people in countries around the world say LOL  Digg 

Emoji are replacing flags as the most important regional symbol of the digital era  Quartz

Facebook news chief to media: ‘Work with Facebook or die’  BongBong


5 Instagram updates you should know about as a communications professional  Muckrack 

Instagram users are reporting the same bizarre hack  Mashable 


When Bots Teach Themselves to Cheat: The roots of algorithmic impishness  Wired 

The wireless mic systems used by countless schools, churches, theaters, and other venues, are about to become obsolete, all because the Telcom companies muscled in  Wired 

This is Where Augmented Reality Is Headed  Daily Infographic


ProPublica to Expand Local Reporting Network to Focus on State Governments  ProPublica

Facebook puts $4.5 million more into news support with a membership accelerator and News Match cash  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Journalism isn’t dying: But it is changing in ominous ways  Washington Post 

Why We Need More Journalism Courses Taught in Prison  Harvard’s Nieman Reports


Poll: Nearly half of Republicans think Trump should have authority to shutter media outlets   The Hill

In Germany, a news site is pairing up liberals and conservatives and actually getting them to (gasp) have a civil conversation  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

More than 100 newspapers will publish editorials decrying Trump's anti-press rhetoric  Boston Globe 

Retraction of a retraction over report that Fla. candidate is not the college graduate she says she is  Washington Post 

NABJ passes resolution condemning attacks by President Donald Trump and his administration on press freedom  The National Association of Black Journalists


Alex Jones, the First Amendment, and the Digital Public Square  New Yorker

There will always be another Alex Jones  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Surgeon falsely accused of wrongdoing tries to recover his name  CNN

Analysis of fake YouTube views  Flowing Data 

Alex Jones And Online Content Regulation (opinion)  National Coalition Against Censorship

Is PolitiFact biased? This content analysis says no  Poynter ***PRIVACY & SECURITY

Hackers account for 90% of login attempts at online retailers  Quartz 

Hacking a brand new mac remotely, right out of the box  Wired 

Smartphone voting is happening, but no one knows if it's safe  Wired

The Internet of Things Needs Food Safety-Style Ratings for Privacy and Security  Motherboard

Police bodycams can be hacked to doctor footage  Wired 

Google tracks your movements, like it or not  Associated Press

Banks and Retailers Are Tracking How You Type, Swipe and Tap  New York Times

Millions of Android devices are vulnerable right out of the box  Wired 

Fortnite on Android at risk of malware  The Stack 

Judge: App User Accused In Planning Charlottesville Rally Can't Keep Identity Hidden  NPR


Even anonymous coders leave fingerprints that machine learning can pick up: writing samples, even in artificial languages, contain a unique fingerprint that’s hard to hide  Wired


Self-Control can be Contagious  Becoming (my blog)

Why We Are Never Truly Satisfied  Medium 

Why some people choose to do evil  Aeon

On the benefits of a blue period  Aeon


Avoiding ‘False Titles’: How Some News Publications Try Not to Sound Like Other News Publications  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Slack Copywriting: What They Say to 9.6 Million Pageviews Every Month  Medium


“Untranslatable” words tell us more about English speakers than other cultures  Quzrtz

We Use Sports Terms All the Time. But Where Do They Come From?  New York Times


When Harriet Beecher Stowe and George Eliot Were Penpals  Daily Jstor

V.S. Naipaul, Trinidad-born British author and Nobel Literature laureate, dies at 85  Penn Live


Make Your Daughter Practice Math: She’ll Thank You Later  New York Times

100 Women Who Changed the World  History Extra

How feminism has made me a better scientist  Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science  

Gender studies programs to be banned in Hungary  Hungarian Free Press

Are boys better than Girls at Math  Scientific American


White threat in a browning America (Ezra Klein)  Vox 

The White Nationalists Are Winning  The Atlantic

The Ugly Truth of Being a Black Professor in America  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Is there a free speech “crisis” on campus?  The FIRE 

Do free speech issues on campus only stifle conservatives?  Education Dive


Disney Finds It's Not So Easy to Sue Over Knockoff Characters at Birthday Parties  Hollywood Reporter

ABA Clarifies Rules on Lawyer Advertising (Sort Of)


California Police chief helps apprehend his own son in attack on Sikh man  ABC News

Why America’s ‘nones’ don’t identify with a religion  Pew Research

Losing Faith: Why South Carolina is abandoning its churches  The State

John Piper Changed ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness.’ Experts Weigh In  Christianity Today

Southern Baptists posted a video opposing animal cruelty — and then profusely apologized for it  Washington Post


Church charges against Attorney General Sessions are dropped  CNN


How You Can Use Your Frequent Flyer Miles to Help Reunite Separated Families  Mental Floss

Groom (and Coast Guard officer) interrupts his own wedding to save a drowning man  People   

LeBron James Family Foundation's I Promise School opens in Akron  

How Silicon Valley Has Disrupted Philanthropy  The Atlantic

Border Collie helps homeless, aimless man become rich: “Before I had Sylar, my life was a mess”  ABC News

The mother of a Waffle House shooting survivor got a wedding dress for the waitress who saved her son  CNN

Man uses his own body to cushion dog's fall from building  The Week

These Twenty-Somethings Got Heart Transplants on the Very Same Day And Then They Fell in Love  Washingtonian


2018 Winning Photographs  iPhone Photography Awards

LA's Awesome History Of Weird, Food-Shaped Restaurants  LAist

Your Friendly Guide to Colors in Data Visualisation  Data Wrapper

Art exhibit slammed for 'promoting communism'  CNN


See Ancient Greek Music Accurately Reconstructed for the First Time  Open Culture


'BlacKkKlansman' Sounds Like It's Made Up But It's A True Story  NPR  

No Shark Film has ever not made money  Atlas

How Westerns captured the American psyche and eventually bit the dust (video)  Aeon

Best science fiction movies of all time, according to critics  Business Insider


The tangled mess of marketing networks is crumbling  The Next Web 

The Local TV Consolidation War is here  Axios


For young people, socialism is now more popular than capitalism  Fast Company


The newly coined Chinese buzzword that refers to awkward millennials  Quzrtz  

Millennials Are Making a Costly Investment Mistake  Bloomberg

How Three New York Times Summer Interns Trusted Their Gut and Made the Front Page  New York Times

The Parkland generation has huge plans for this fall  Axios


An editor’s guide to creating an online portfolio  Poynter

The Washington Post 2019 Summer Internship Program  


Anything to Avoid a Scandal": How Colleges Sideline Sexual Abuse  TruthOut

BethAnn McLaughlin “talks about her experiences with trying to change how the scientific community copes with sexual assault and harassment  The-Scientist

Congressman Accused Of Domestic Abuse By Former Girlfriend  NPR  

Former Ohio State Students Report Decades Of Sexual Misconduct By University Physician  NPR

Journalism professor resigns months after accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behavior  Daily Northwestern


How to delete all your tweets (or just the worst ones)  Poynter

Record number of forcibly displaced people lived in sub-Saharan Africa in 2017  Pew Research


Rich People More Likely to Lie, Cheat, & Steal  Washington Post 

Children are being euthanized in Belgium (opinion)  Washington Post


Astroturfing: the practice of companies and interest groups disguising themselves as grassroots movements (video)  John Oliver

Fortnite Mania Fuels Epic Growth to $8.5 Billion  Bloomberg

Why Small Teams Win And Bigger Ones Fail  UX planet

WeWork’s Meat Ban Tells Us Who They Are  Bloomberg

Some tips on how to retire your debt before you quit working  Detroit Free Press

How Dollar General took over rural America  The Guardian

For most U.S. workers, real wages have barely budged in decades  Pew Research

Employer expectations on off-hours email: new study shows adverse health effects on workers and families  Virginia Tech 


Women More Likely to Survive Heart Attacks If Treated by Female Doctors  The Atlantic

Cancer Patients who use alternative medicine have a greater risk of dying prematurely  Science Daily

Experimental Alzheimer's drug stirs hope after early trials  CNN

It’s easy to become obese in America: These 7 charts explain why  Vox

Why Blue Light Is So Bad: The Science — And Some Solutions  Health

Brain Scans Suggest Women Sustain More Damage heading soccer balls than men  Boston Globe


A New Pacemaker Hack Puts Malware Directly On The Device  Wired

The $250 Biohack That’s Revolutionizing Life With Diabetes  Nexts Draft


Aurora parents fighting to stop legally adopted 4-year-old daughter from being deported   FOX31 Denver

Parents warn it's 'time to put down the Fortnite' in back-to-school parody  Today


Why scientists are infiltrating music festivals  The Week

A Conversation with the Only Scientist in Congress  Scientific American


How Accessible is Psychology Data?  Discover Magazine

Studying Unpopular Ideas in Psychology  Psychology Today


The 2018 Friendliest Cities in the World  CNN

The U.S. Pizza Museum Gives Chicago a Pizza Party Sans Divisiveness  Chicago Eater  


Why We Need Whistleblowing for Research Integrity  Wiley

India cracks down on plagiarism at universities But some researchers say new rules don’t go far enough  Nature

Can automated tools reliably rate research reproducibility?  Nature Index

How to work with your institution’s press office to maximize the reach of your work  Nature

An Excel error sinks a paper Hormones and Behavior  Science Direct

Bruno and Bob going to a predatory conference  The Ice Cream Blog


The 50 Most Beautiful College Campuses in America  CNN

British economists: Sports destroy happiness  Washington Post

Misspelling On Thousands Of Diplomas Goes Unnoticed For 6 Years  CBS Denver  

How a university punished a whistle blower  The Research Whisperer  

These Are the 727 Best Colleges in America (Mount Vernon 432, Azusa 460), MidAmerica 484, PLNU 501, Cal Baptist 639)  TIME 

Court filing: Top Baylor officials ‘concealed reports of serial sexual assault’  KWTX

Unexplained Turnover at Benedictine U  Inside Higher Ed 


Online Learning Is Misunderstood: Here's How  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Why I'm Easy: On Giving Lots of A's  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

3 things to know about the students arriving on campus this month  Education Dive 

Getting Ready for Teaching This Fall  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A professor shares some promising results from sending a personalized message to students who failed her first exam  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Report Shows Drop in Students in Teacher Ed  Inside Higher Ed

How to Escape Grading Jail  Chronicle of Higher Ed


She’s the world’s top empathy researcher. But colleagues say she bullied and intimidated them  Science Mag

Texas backtracks after allowing a professor banned from advising graduate students to teach undergraduates this fall  Inside Higher Ed 

Professor accused of bullying students will stop teaching immediately  The Gazette