Articles of Interest - August 27


Why Swedes are inserting microchips into their bodies  The Economist

Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during Calif. Wildfire: Fire dep't had to pay twice as much to lift throttling during wildfire response  Ars Technica

With embryo base editing, china gets another crispr first  Wired


The ever-increasing role of simulation and models in theoretical physics  Quanta Magazine

Many companies don't know where their critical data is kept the challenge of dark data when moving from BI to data analytics  ITproportal

The wired guide to quantum computing  Wired 

The race is on to dominate quantum computing..but the technology may face a winter before it enters its summer  The Economist


How Teens and Parents Navigate Screen Time and Device Distractions  Pew Research Center  

Posting Instagram Sponsored Content Is the New Summer Job As long as you’re a teen with a following  The Atlantic 

This Is Your Kids’ Brains on Internet Algorithms: A Chilling Case Study Shows What’s Wrong with the Internet Today  Open Culture


Americans are less worried about online security  Axios


Good news for newsletter writers: Americans check email more than ever, even at dinner  Poynter


SEO Is Back  New York Magazine 


Pruitt bars AP, CNN from EPA summit on contaminants, guards push reporter out of building  NBC News 

5 facts about the state of the news media  Pew Research Center 

What is drone journalism?  Florida Today 

Infographic: Does objectivity still matter to journalists?  PR Week

Pittsburgh becomes largest US city without a daily print newspaper  The Hill

Where Does Journalism End and Activism Begin?  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


How one journalist built a free resource that has coached hundreds of women in journalism  Poynter 

The Lazy Trope of the Unethical Female Journalist  The Atlantic


The propaganda war gets sophisticated  Axios

Inside Wikipedia's volunteer-run battle against fake news  Wired 

This is what filter bubbles actually look like: Maps of Twitter activity show how political polarization manifests online  MIT Technology Review 

Can you spot fake news before hitting “share”? Kids are learning and so can you  Fast Company 

Newsguard wants to fight fake news with humans, not algorithms  Wired

Two of the lawyers representing the parents of Sandy Hook victims published a blistering open-letter to US Sen. Ted Cruz  My Statesman 

The fake news about journalism  Financial Times 

Why Russian trolls stoked US vaccine debates  CNN

An online conspiracy is fueling attacks on private businesses  NBC News


Find out who's manipulating you through Facebook political ads with ProPublica's free tool  BoingBoing 

Facebook deletes alternative health pages as the war on fake news escalates  Fast Company


Fake news: an exhibition on the importance of accurate journalism  The Guardian

Long Before Facebook, The KGB Spread Fake News About AIDS  NPR


It's Time to End the 'Data Is' vs 'Data Are' Debate  Motherboard

How ‘Taser’ Became a Verb  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Perennial Difficulty of Defining What ‘Descriptive’ Means in Grammar  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Poetry Is Everywhere Far from “going extinct,” as it was once predicted, poems are viral, vital—and invincible  The Atlantic

9 Writers To Follow On Twitter If You Want To Think More Deeply About The Books You're Reading  Bustle


Why Learning Chinese Makes So Much Sense  Chronicle of Higher Ed

The quest to make German more gender-neutral  The Economist

How Japan uses English (video)

Hunting for fossils in the quirks of language Metaphors and clichés are often a record of bygone cultures  The Economist

The Mystery of People Who Speak Dozens of Languages  New Yorker


9 Works Of Literature That Are Basically Fanfiction — From 'Lord Of The Flies' To 'Inferno'  Bustle


Even if a woman who grows up in a more rural area moves to a less-sexist area, researchers say it is still difficult to shake the effects from the sexism where they were raised  CBS News

More women running for Congress is a good thing, say most Americans  Pew Research Center

The most sexist places in America  Washington Post


Confederate statue taken down by student protesters at University of North Carolina  Christian Science Monitor

Reporter says she was ‘suspended’ for sharing Guardian story on white privilege  Kansas City  Star

University accepted $458K from 'scientific' racism fund  Chicago Sun-Times

America’s public school teachers are far less racially and ethnically diverse than their students Pew Research


Copyright and Embedding Images: The Waters get Murky  The Comm Law Blog

The Kardashians' Instagram Fan Accounts Are Embroiled in a Copyright Mess  The Fashion Law Blog

Podcast Legal Issues – Getting Releases From Interview Subjects  Broadcast Law Blog  

Can the Museum of Ice Cream Claim Rights in the Color Pink?  The Fashion Law Blog


A man threatened his co-worker over Christian music, cops say  Miami Herald

World's most committed Christians live in Africa, Latin America, U.S.  Pew Research Center

Marriott bringing Bible, Book of Mormon to its Starwood hotels  Chicago Sun-Times

Reinventing religion — with romance novels  Washington Post

Holy atheism, Batman! Why superheroes might not believe in God  Washington Post


Saddleback Church Mentor Convicted of Molesting Two Boys  NBC Los Angeles

Former pastor claims sex abuse against televangelist  Houston Chronicle


Trump hosts evangelical leaders at the White House  Associated Press


Principal installs one when students are bullied for dirty clothes  CNN

This Man Planted a Tree Every Day for 35 Years and Created a Forest Larger Than Central Park  Travel and Leisure

Middle School students leave positive notes around school  WBIR   


New York Times redesigns its homepage  Columbia Journalism Review

A guide to combining fonts  Better Webtype


Eagles’ ‘Greatest Hits’ Overtakes Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ as Best-Selling Album  Rolling Stone


Rumors Of The Death Of The Rom-Com Are Greatly Exaggerated  NPR

What two films reveal about China A low-budget movie about a sensitive social theme outshines a state-approved spectacular  The Economist


CoinDesk's quietly profitable media business  Axios

What You Might Not Know About E-sports, a $620 Million Industry  New York Times

The massive popularity of esports, in charts  Washington Post


Apple, IBM, and Google don’t care anymore if you went to college  Quartz

9 Email Mistakes That Could Cost You the Job Offer  Grammarly

Social Media Marketing Intern Maple Media Technology

Online editor  Daily Pilot, Fountain Valley

Web editor  San Diego Magazine

Social Media Intern  Inspire Create LLC, Chula Vista

Assistant News Producer/Penner Fellow Intern  KPBS, San Diego

Public Relations Intern  Baby Bird Communications, San Diego

Marketing Intern  San Diego Seals, San Diego

Marketing Agency Internship  Campaign Creators, San Diego


Stony Brook University professor sued by former student  Newsday

Lawsuit: Baylor "infiltrated" sexual-assault survivor groups in an effort to shape PR strategy around the university's rape scandal  PR Week


Aerial pictures show how the world’s richest and poorest live side by side   Metro  

11 Facebook page optimizations for small publishers  Medium


The Most Profitable Industry In Each State, Mapped  Digg


Against the tyranny of the majority  John Stuart Mill's warning still resonates today  The Economist

Rescuing Adam Smith From Myth and Misrepresentation  RealClearBooks


Toxic Slime Is Ruining Florida’s Gulf Coast  Bloomberg

Talkin' Birds: The Damage Of Plastics  NPR 


How Heroin Came for Middle-Class Moms  Marie Claire

You Go Blind Thousands of Times a Day Thanks to Saccadic Masking  Curiosity

No amount of alcohol is good for your overall health, global study says  CNN

Book review: a cinematic account of the greatest drug crisis in U.S. history  The Week

What Happens When You're Insured But Still Owe $109,000 For Your Heart Attack  Digg


Happy Children Do Chores  New York Times

Which Is Better for kids, Rewards or Punishments? Neither  New York Times

The American Academy of Pediatrics is telling doctors to start prescribing play  Quartz

Raising Kids In An 'Age Of Fear' Results In Impossible Choices For Parents  NPR


How to show that the earth orbits the sun  Wired

A monitor’s ultrasonic sounds can reveal what’s on the screen  Wired


Not Everyone Wants a Hug Some people experience severe aversion to being touched  Psychology Today

Sigmund Freud: The Untold Story  New Yorker

In Psychology And Other Social Sciences, Many Studies Fail The Reproducibility Test  NPR


In lofty quest to map human memories, a scientist journeys deep into the mind of a worm  Stat News

Mysterious new type of cell could help reveal what makes human brain special  Independent


Some University Philosophy Departments Seeing Big Donations  KJZZ

Why We Try So Hard to Escape Our Humanity: Empathy is at the core of who we are. That can be painful  New York Times    


The History of Cartography, “the Most Ambitious Overview of Map Making Ever Undertaken,” Is Free Online  Open Culture


Retraction Watch keeps its eye on the seamier side of academe  University Affairs

How bad is the problem of plagiarism for most journals?  The Wiley Network

The scandal isn’t what’s retracted, the scandal is what’s not retracted  Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

Peer-review is another place where unkind, unethical and even abusive behaviours can manifest Nature Plants

The competing narratives of scientific revolution  Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

Why a Federal Rule Change Has Some Scholars Worried They’ll Be Priced Out of Their Own Research  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Make research-paper databases multilingual  Nature

To keep authorship fair, journals in all fields should list authors based on their contribution rather than in alphabetical order  Nature Index

Public engagement around scientific papers on Twitter  Journal of Informetrics


Universities withstood MOOCs but risk being outwitted by OPMs  Most revenue from web degrees goes not to their providers but to middlemen  The Economist

Why universities need ‘public interest technology’ courses  Wired

For-profit colleges have allies now, but complaints persist  Associated Press 


Students are abandoning humanities majors, turning to degrees they think yield far better job prospects: But they’re wrong  The Atlantic 

The few humanities majors who dominate in the business world  San Francisco Chronicle


Discrimination Claims Arise at Northwest Christian University  Eugene Weekly

He made me transgender on purpose’: Breast-removal surgery could boot Mormon student from Brigham Young  Washington Post 

Quotes from Chapel service of The Master’s Seminary by founder John MacArthur (the school is on academic probation)  The Warburg Watch 

Bob Jones University Cuts 50 Jobs Including Faculty After $4M Shortfall  Greenville News 

MidAmerica Nazarene University Selected for Money Magazine’s 2018-19 Best Colleges List  MidAmerica Nazarene 


Money and the murky boundary of teaching and sex  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Those Who Can Do, Can’t Teach Advice for college students: The best experts sometimes make the worst educators  New York Times 


Gen Z Is Set to Outnumber Millennials Within a Year  Bloomberg

Safety Apps College Students Should Download Now  Two Cents 

Teens are worried they're spending too much time on their phones  Axios

Surfing Is Now the Official Sport in California  Bloomberg

Parking scam sold bogus parking spaces to college students  WISC 

KSU picks 1 of 5 cheerleaders who protested last year for new squad  Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Why did Rutgers' players allegedly steal $11K? Everything you need to know about the credit card fraud scheme

Young adults today are spending less on entertainment and food and far more on health care and education than Baby Boomers did at their age  Axios

Student Loan Watchdog Quits, Says Trump Administration "has turned its back on young people and their financial futures"  NPR  


How to Find Your College Friends on Most Major Gaming Services  Life Hacker

Tips for Reaping the Benefits of College  New York Times

How to Feed Yourself in a Crappy College Dorm Kitchen  Skillet 

The Best School Supplies For College Students  Digital Trends  

The life-changing benefits of living with a random roommate in college  Quartz

Do Not Decorate Your Kid’s Freshman Dorm  Slate 

Moving into the dorms is a logistics challenge for college students  Orange County Register

How to Adjust to College as a Transfer Student  Life Hacker ***PERSONAL GROWTH 

Don't Count on it  Becoming (my blog)

What happens when you spend a year using science to improve your brain  The Verge

The Spotlight Effect: Why No One Else Remembers What You Did  Medium

A Nobel prize-winning physicist identified three simple steps to mastering any subject  Quartz


Liberty University Cracks Down on Its Student Newspaper  Patheos

Students, here are nine tips for balancing journalism with school (and the rest of your life)  Poynter


What Is Your Responsibility as a Bystander to a Academic Colleague Having Problems?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

An early sign of a coming war over intellectual property: Who owns online classes  Twitter 

Dartmouth misconduct case highlights the mistreatment of junior scientists  Stat News