Articles of Interest - Sept 10


Following heart attack, Father-daughter duo spends summer visiting every MLB ballpark  ABC-7

Young doctor reunited with nurse who helped save his life 28 years ago  Mercury News

Adopted man reunites birth parents, officiates their wedding  New York Times

Boy's Kindness To Another At Seahawks Game  Patch 

When a woman collapsed at the top of a 14,000 feet summit in the Rocky Mountains, strangers banded together to carry her all the way down  Inside Edition 

Falklands veteran Steve Sparkes is first blind person to row Pacific  Exmouth Journal  

Woman saves man after heart attack on first date (and relationship is still going strong!)  NBC Today Show


How Trump Is Making Journalism School Great Again  The Daily Beast

BBC admits ‘we get climate change coverage wrong too often’  The Guardian

Mexico Is the Deadliest Country for Journalists, but That’s Not Stopping These Students  Vice

'A large grain of salt': Why journalists should avoid reporting on most food studies (opinion)  Canadian Broadcast Corp. 

LGBTQ journalism group apologizes after host refers to attendees at event as 'things and its'  The hill

BuzzFeed, Bourdieu, and Samantha Bee: Here’s a collection of new research on where journalism is headed  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


The Outline has laid off all of its staff writers  Fast Company 


How to shake the fakes out of politics  BBC  

To Resist Manipulation, Ask One Question  Tech News World


Facial recognition tech is ready for its post-phone future  Wired 

***BIG DATA & AI  

Training machines to facilitate curiosity-driven learning  Economist 

An infographic on the data science shortage  Inside Big Data  

Artificial intelligence can estimate an area’s obesity levels by analyzing its buildings  Quarttz 

Machines know when someone’s about to attempt suicide: How should we use that information?  Quartz 

From rust belt to robot belt: Turning AI into jobs in the US heartland  MIT Technology Review   

A chart showing growth in traffic to programming languages as a data science tool and a quiz to show how well do you know R  Towards Data Science 

CERN’s pioneering mini-accelerator passes first test by ‘surfing’ electrons on proton waves over short distances  Nature

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without A Particle Accelerator  Nautilus  


Millennials Deleting Facebook App From Phones  Media Post

Trump, without evidence, accuses social media firms of election meddling: report  Reuters

Sweden’s official Twitter account will no longer be run by random Swedes  The Verge

Instagram is working on a standalone shopping app  Quartz 

Snap launches new styles of Spectacles that look more like traditional sunglasses  The Verge

Many Facebook users don’t understand how the site’s news feed works  Pew Research Center

How social-media platforms dispense justice  Economist


A hack of British Airways’ system left hundreds of thousands of passengers’ financial information exposed, and a big fine could follow  MIT Tech Review

A year later, Equifax lost your data but faced little fallout  TechCrunch

Americans are changing their relationship with Facebook  Pew Research Center 

Dozens of popular iPhone apps caught sending user location data to monetization firms  TechCrunch 


Google wants to kill the url  Wired 

How search engines respond when you look up "suicide"  Fast Company


Trump Says Google Is Rigged, Despite Its Denials. What Do We Know About How It Works? New York Times 

Are Google searches biased in favour of left-leaning news outlets?  Economist


I survived the Warsaw ghetto: Do not ever imagine that your world cannot collapse, as ours did.. Becoming (my blog)

The Best Thing My Psychic Mom Taught Me Is No One Wants To Hear The Truth  BuzzFeed News

I survived the Warsaw ghetto. Here are the lessons I’d like to pass on  The Guardian

Is happiness a consequence or cause of career success?  The London School of Economics & Political Science 


A striking lapse in the preface to Merriam-Webster  Chronicle of Higher Ed  

23 Jokes All Grammar Nerds Will Absolute Love  BuzzFeed


25 of the new words Merriam-Webster is adding to the dictionary in 2018  Mental Floss 

Classifying languages is about politics as much as linguistics: The nationalism of small linguistic differences  Economist 

How Americans Speak: the latest issue of American Speech, a journal in its 93rd year  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Why your Latin teacher was wrong  Economist


These Are the 20 Books Travelers Are Always Leaving Behind at Their Hotels  Travel & Leisure

Literary Theorists Admit They Still Have No Idea What Animal Farm About  The Onion


Are Women Better Investors? Data suggests women may be better natural investors  Stash Learn 

The Women Code Breakers Who Unmasked Soviet Spies  Smithsonian Magazine 

Why are so many teenage girls appearing in gender clinics? A new paper suggests this may be partly a social phenomenon  Economist 


Jury Settles Nazi-Punching Question: Fines Man $1 For Punching Charlottesville Rally Organizer  NPR  

A Black Restaurant Owner Says He Tried Assisting a White Patron in Distress: Police Arrested Him  New York Times

Ohio Middle School apologizes for a classroom exercise that asked students to pick minorities to toss off a spaceship  New York Times 

After racist coach scandal, Brandeis demotes two administrators, severs ties with another  Inside Higher Ed 


Trump suggests protesting should be illegal  The Washington Post

Misguided Appeal in Grindr Case Is Latest Threat to Online Free Speech EFF


California Bans Prosecution Fees In Most Cases Following Newspaper's Investigation  NPR

Trump Sues U.S. Government For “Pain And Suffering” Due To Becoming President (satire)  Extra News Feed

Lawsuits over journalist Twitter accounts may become more common  Columbia Journalism Review  

East Coast Scientists Win Patent Case Over Medical Research Technology  NPR  

Icy Refusal to Copyright Frigidaire’s Logo  The 1709 Blog


Valentines with Bible verses at heart of free speech lawsuit student filed against college   JS Online 

The Mormon Church Is Trying To Stop A Medical Marijuana Bill In Utah, Testing Its Influence In Its Home State  BuzzFeed News

Nebraska Catholic diocese rocked by old abuse allegations  Associated Press 

U.S. adults are more religious than Western Europeans  Pew Research  

Someone broke into a Fresno church and burned a Christian flag. Is it a hate crime?  Fresno Bee 

What Is Rosh Hashanah: Meaning, Greeting, Food  Metro


Photorealistic Paintings Put You at the Center of Cities Around the World  My Modern Met

Instagram's Boundary-Pushing Documentary Photographers  Vice  


High school football team in Texas finally snaps 77-game losing streak  Star-Telegram

Mississippi homecoming queen boots game-winning extra point

Madison, Alabama's minor league baseball team will inexplicably be named the Rocket City Trash Pandas starting next season  WHNT 

The Men Who Have Taken Wiffle Ball to a Crazy, Competitive Place  New Yorker   

He spent his whole life working toward one goal: The big leagues.. then, it rained  Chicago Tribune


Stephen Colbert Break Down Chance the Rapper’s ‘Favorite Song’  Rolling Stone


The Best Movie From Every Country, Mapped  Digg 

To Make Great Films, You Must Read, Read, Read and Write, Write, Write, Say Akira Kurosawa and Werner Herzog  Open Culture  


Today's College Students Aren't Who You Think They Are  NPR

Study: 1 in 5 College Students Has Weighed Suicide  Inside Higher Ed

Ohio school resource officer on leave after using Taser to wake up a student in class  KGTV-TV 

About 47 percent of Millennials have at least one Tattoo, compared with 13 percent of Baby Boomers Wisconsin Gazette 

6 facts about U.S. students  Pew Research Center 

Students Are Sharing The Differences Between Teachers In High School And College And They Are Hilariously True  BuzzFeed News

The Cities Where Millennials Have The Most Debt, Mapped  Digg 


Should We Still Cite the Scholarship of Serial Harassers and Sexists?  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Research is adding up the cost of campus rape and sexual assaults  Quartz   


The US Government's Discretionary Spending Since 1963, Visualized  Digg

Fundraising with cryptocurrencies is booming, but is that a good thing?  Economist  

Are you in the American middle class? Find out with our income calculator  Pew Research Center

How to put bitcoin into perspective The best-known cryptocurrency has been a failure as a means of payment, but thrilling for speculators  Economist

Cryptocurrencies look like a solution in search of a problem. Blockchains could be more interesting  Economist


BBC admits ‘we get climate change coverage wrong too often’  The Guardian

California Just Became the First State to Ban Beauty Products Tested on Animals  Glamour

The sinking islands of the Southern US  BBC


Probiotics labelled 'quite useless'  BBC  

This hyper-real robot will cry and bleed on med students  Wired 

Researchers develop method to convert cells in open wounds into skin cells  Salk Insitute 

Over the past 40 years, the average sperm count has fallen by more than 50% - even more disturbing is the fact that this decline is accelerating  GQ

How To Tell Whether Your Seafood Is Cooked Properly Or Not  YouTube

How a shampoo bottle is saving young lives A doctor in Bangladesh has found a simple way to treat infant pneumonia  Economist 

In story about 'latest generation' of weight loss drugs, NBC overlooks doctors' pharma ties 


Why the 10,000 daily steps goal is built on bad science  The Guardian

Over 1.4 billion people worldwide don't get enough exercise  USA Today


2,300 Americans hospitalized by pizza in 2017  Daily Mail  

Risk of heart attacks is double for daily e-cigarette users  Science Daily 

New warning to pregnant women, nursing mothers: Stay off the marijuana  The Inquirer 

Food Safety Scares Are Up In 2018: Here's Why You Shouldn't Freak Out  NPR


Top Museums in the World  Trip Advisor  

The cities that make living easy  BBC 


Trump admin rejected report showing refugees did not pose major security threat  NBC News  

ACLU Launches Search In Guatemala For Parents Who Were Deported Without Children  NPR


Confessions of a Science Critic  Two Psychologists, Four Beers 


When Postpartum Depression Doesn't Go Away  The Atlantic

Moral Reminders Have No Effect on Cheating Behavior, Replication Effort Concludes Psychological Science 

The enduring appeal of personality types How a mother-and-daughter duo invented the world’s most influential personality test  Economist

Sigmund Freud Speaks: Hear the Only Known Recording of His Voice, 1938  Open Culture 


Three post-war liberals strove to establish the meaning of freedom: Berlin, Rawls and Nozick put their faith in the sanctity of the individual  Economist

Does altruism exist? Science and philosophy weigh in  BigThink 


Why work is exhausting even when it involves no physical labor  Vox

Evernote slashes price of Premium subscription as many executives depart  The Verge


When Is It OK to Tell a Well-Meaning Lie?  Harvard Business Review

Who’s to blame when a machine botches your surgery?  Quartz 


A documentary on the tug of war over paywalls in scholarly publishing  Nature

Academic Activists Send a Published Paper Down the Memory Hole  Quillette 

All 10 senior editors of a journal resign after alleged pressure to publish mediocre papers  Science Mag 

Peer review is no substitute for fact-checking: The likely mistaken history of the vibrator  The  Atlantic  

Shutterstock Former University of Utah researcher wins damages in whistleblower case KSL

A transparent process to publish referees’ reports could benefit science, but not all researchers want their assessments made available (opinion)  Nature


Getting Inside the Mind of a Plagiarist  Literary Hub 

Idea Plagiarism and Ethics in Competitive Research  The Wire  

Plagiarism is innovation's cul-de-sac (opinion)  Bangkok Pist


Do Chief Diversity Officers Help Diversify a University’s Faculty? This Study Found No Evidence Chronicle of Higher Ed  

The top 10 most highly-educated states in America  Tech Republic 

Corruption, the Lack of Academic Integrity and Other Ethical Issues in Higher Education Springer

Campuses prepare for the invasion of the electric scooter  Slate  

Perlego raises $4.8M for its ‘Spotify for textbooks’  Tech Crunch  


Liberty University dismissed from civil case linked to 2009 international kidnapping  News Advance

In wake of Colin Kaepernick ads, Liberty reexamining business relationship with Nike College Football Talk 

Christian liberal-arts college, College of the Ozarks to Drop Nike from Uniforms After Colin Kaepernick Campaign  Bleacher Report

Christian College Says Accrediting Agency's Proposed Guideline Change May Harm Religious Schools  Christian Post

Baptist College dismisses man for being gay  Citizens Voice 


How the accusations against Avital Ronell are playing out on the syllabus and in the classroom Chronicle of Higher Ed 


How I survive: American teachers and their second jobs – a photo essay  The Guardian 

A professor schemed to get a raise and win his department’s respect. Instead, he wrecked his career  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

Purdue University Global will no longer require its faculty members to sign a nondisclosure agreement  Chronicle of Higher Ed 

A University of Kansas professor has canceled his office hours, saying he doesn't feel safe because state law permits the concealed carry of firearms on campus  The University Daily Kansan 

Controversial Fresno State prof back teaching for first time since tweet celebrating Barbara Bush’s death  Fresno Bee 

The Way We Hire Now  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Santa Barbara City College ex-philosophy instructor agree to $120,000 settlement  The Channels

Faculty members push back on one university's expansion plans Education Dive