Articles of Interest – Week of Sept 3


Clinc is building a voice AI system to replace humans in drive-through restaurants  TechCrunch

Time May Be Running Out for Millions of Clocks  Voice of America 

New facial recognition system catches first imposter at US airport  The Verge


Data and Linguistics: Deep Learning In the Digital Age  Inside Big Data

From rust belt to robot belt: Turning AI into jobs in the US heartland  MIT Tech Review

A chart showing growth in traffic to programming languages as a data science tool and a quiz to show how well do you know R  Towards Data Sciencer

CERN’s pioneering mini-accelerator passes first test by ‘surfing’ electrons on proton waves over short distances  Nature 

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without A Particle Accelerator  Nautilus  


Twitter Public Policy Director On How Company Monitors Content  NPR  

Poll: Most conservatives think social media is censoring them  Axios 

U.S. accuses China of 'super aggressive' spy campaign on LinkedIn  Reuters 

Trump’s Ludicrous Attack on Big Tech The idea that Google and Twitter are rigging their platforms against him is patently false (opinion)  New York Times


Dozens at Facebook Unite to Challenge Its ‘Intolerant’ Liberal Culture  New York Times

What Happens When Facebook Mistakenly Blocks Local News Stories  Wired

Twitter’s new political ad policy exempts news media. Facebook’s still doesn’t  Poynter


Government transparency site revealed Social Security numbers, other personal info  CNN

Google and Mastercard Cut a Secret Ad Deal to Track Retail Sales  Bloomberg

Yahoo Mail is still scanning your emails for data to sell to advertisers  The Verge

Big Brother’s Blind Spot:  Mining the failures of surveillance tech  The Baffler 


The Biblical Basis for Investigative Reporting Some people say journalists are “godless.” But my faith has made me a better reporter  Propublica 

‘My life is threatened.’ Listen to Sen. Daphne Campbell call 911 on a Herald reporter  Miami Herald 

Trump Has Changed How Teens View the News  The Atlantic

USA Today triples its investigative unit  Poynter 

Body-cam vid shows Denver cops cuffed Indy editor as she photographed their badges  Colorado Independent 

How newsroom managers balance community engagement and reporter safety  Columbia Journalism Review  

Reuters Editor Responds To Prison Sentence For Journalists In Myanmar  NPR

How to report Trump’s move against Texas Latinos who have U.S. birth certificates?  Poynter


Local News is Dying  The Week 

It looks like Tronc is about to be chopped up and sold for parts  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

Groundbreaking alternative paper Village Voice shuts down after 63 years  Orlando Sentinel

Why do billionaires decide to buy newspapers (and why should we be happy when they do)?  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

The state of fertility benefits across the journalism industry  Poynter


German far-right mobilized by 'fake news' after stabbing: officials  Reuters 

How 'Fake News' Was Born at the 1968 DNC  Politico 

How a Twitter account convinced 4,000 companies to stop advertising on Breitbart  Recode

Russian city commissions statue of wrong person in 'wikipedia' mix-up  Newsweek 

Trump asserts only he can be trusted over opponents and ‘fake news’  Washington Post


How to Create Materialistic Children   Becoming (my blog)

Why We Try So Hard to Escape Our Humanity Empathy is at the core of who we are: That can be painful  New York Times

Happy older people live longer, say researchers  Duke

How to Make Friends, According to Science  The Atlantic

Considering the “valuable-ness” of the things we make  Patreon


Is NYTimes Correct That College Students Don't Read Books?  Inside Higher Ed

While We Wait for Singular ‘They,’ How About ‘She or He’?  Chronicle of Higher Ed


How 'LOL' Went From Meaning Something Was Truly Funny To Meaning... Almost Nothing  Digg

Braille for a New Digital Age  New York Times

This Curious Man Can Perfectly Pronounce Every Word In The Dictionary  Digg

Counting baseball cliches  FlowingData


Brown removes article on rapid-onset gender dysphoria  Brown

Gender Neutrality in All-Female (or All-Male) Contests is a Myth  Gender Watch 2018 

How women talk, and are talked about, and why men who exhibit the same speech characteristics don’t get as much criticism  Chronicle of Higher Ed

'Female physicians do not work as hard,' Plano doctor tells Dallas Medical Journal  Dallas News

Australian becomes first woman in almost 40 years to lift Scotland’s famous Dinnie Stones


Political Scientists Reassure Americans That Stripping Minorities Of Citizenship Usually Where Descent Into Fascism Peters Out  The Onion


The Big Business of College Sports Stands Trial This Week  Hollywood Reporter

Can a Work of Art Created by AI be Protected by Copyright?  The 1709 Blog

LeBron James Testifies in Video Game Suit ongoing copyright lawsuit over tattoos  Hollywood Reporter


Montana 109-year-old finds loophole, gets restaurant to pay her for eating there on her birthday  ABC Fox Montana

South Florida mural produces bird calls and citrus scents for the visually-impaired  Sun-Sentinel

Girl battling leukemia receives over 1,000 postcards for birthday, including one from Tom Hanks  CBS News

Never too old to say 'I do'  WSAW-TV

Restaurant puts together wedding meal in 90 minutes after original caterer doesn’t show  Fox 17

Company offering ‘furternity’ leave for new pet owners  WTVR

New research finds taking a vacation could help you live longer  CNBC


Algorithmic art shows what the machine sees  Flowing Data


Charged Songs: "Losing My Religion" and "Try Not to Breathe"  Open Culture

Why Are Some Songs Catchier Than Others?  Digg

Classic Songs by Bob Dylan Re-Imagined as Pulp Fiction Book Covers  Open Culture


Movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes overhauls critics criteria, adds 200 more critics in effort to become more diverse and inclusive  Hollywood Reporter

Romantic comedies are having a moment. Can it last?  Vox


Working students can’t always choose between a job and an education: Universities shouldn’t make them  New York Times

The 2008 financial crisis completely changed what majors students choose  Quartz

Feeling Suicidal, Students Turned to Their College. They Were Told to Go Home  The New York Times

UC Irvine Student Accused of Pretending to Be a Doctor at Children’s Hospital of Orange County  KTLA

College Students Consider Buying Course Materials a Top Source of Financial Stress  Cengage

Southern Illinois U. Says It Won’t Tolerate Activism by Athletes in Uniform, Then Backs Off  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Booming eSports market opens window into Chinese culture  ECNS

Legalized gambling could have major implications for esports  Venturebeat


A Guide to Trump’s New Campus Sexual-Assault Policy  The Atlantic

Woman sues Butler and a former fraternity after saying she was raped on campus in 2016  Indy Star

The Department of Education is preparing to overhaul rules governing the handling of sexual misconduct on college campuses  The Hill

Pastor Accused of Groping Ariana Grande Apologizes for Being 'Too Friendly'  New York Times


The School Shootings That Weren't: NPR finds many reported incidents never happened  NPR

ICE Is Sending Detained Kids to Adult Jails the Second They Turn 18  Vice


Almost half of Americans can't pay for their basic needs  CBS News

My Never-Ending Student Debt  The Baffler

It's Easier Than Ever To Record Conversations And That's Reshaping The Workplace  NPR

Microsoft will require suppliers to offer paid parental leave  Axios

What are the rules for social media etiquette between bosses and employees now that we’re always online?  Slate

Fewer Workers Relocating  HR Exchange Network

Age, race or need for instant gratification -- which best predicts how much you will earn?  Science Daily


Cigarette Butts Are The Biggest Ocean Contaminant: Study  Fortune

Study: Air pollution responsible for ‘huge’ drop in intelligence  The Next Web

The Ocean Cleanup Is Starting, Aims To Cut Garbage Patch By 90% By 2040  Forbes

How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born?  New York Times


Critics Trying To Stop A Big Study Of Sepsis Say The Research Puts Patients At Risk  NPR

Sexually transmitted diseases surge for the 4th straight year, CDC reports  USA Today

New pain drugs may lower the risk of overdose and addiction  Science Mag

Without an independent source, BuzzFeed's story on a medical device for OCD doesn't offer much beyond the news release  Health News Review

FluMist should be avoided in favor of shots, pediatrics group says  Stat News

Children who lived with smokers are more likely to die of lung disease as adults, study says  Washington Post 

Goat Yoga Is 'Preposterous,' Says Goat Yoga Teacher. It's Also ... Terrific!  NPR

98.6 Degrees is a normal body temperature, right? Not quite  Wired


'It lifted me out of depression': is microdosing good for your mind?  The Guardian

Scientists Are Starting to Test Claims about "Microdosing"  Scientific American

Here’s What Happens When a Few Dozen People Take Small Doses of Psychedelics  The Atlantic


Why Kids Want Things  The Atlantic

Parents who choose to let their children play independently outside are having articles written about them as pioneers  NPR

The jaw-dropping story behind an NFL coach’s search for his family  ESPN

This app lets seniors book “grandkids on demand”  Fast Company


First-Ever Evidence of Higgs Boson Decay Opens New Doors for Particle Physics  Live Science

Scientists must keep fighting fake news, not retreat to their ivory towers  The Guardian


Online Bettors Know If Psychology Studies Will Replicate  The Atlantic

Here's Why We Need To Rethink Everything We Know About The Stanford Prison Experiment  BuzzFeed News


Mysterious new brain cell found in people AAAS  Science Mag

Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love? Insights From the Brain  Psychology Today


25 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Docs could do  Fast Company

How to get the most out of Gmail’s new features  Wired


Pew report on religious types shows what Americans of different faiths have in common  Washington Post 

Pew Study Classifies Americans Using Spiritual Traits  Courthouse News 

How we created a religious typology: Q&A with Rich Morin  Pew Research Center


Paul McCartney 'saw God' after taking drugs during Beatles heyday  The Guardian 

Newsrooms puzzle overuse of ‘Mormon’ in coverage   The Washington Post 


In the US, 6,721 Catholic priests were reported to US Bishops for allegedly sexually abusing children between 1950 & 2016  USA Today 

BuzzFeed’s investigation into mistreatment of children by nuns in an orphanage  BuzzFeed News


Inland Hills Church members in Chino mourn loss of pastor to suicide  ABC 7 

The Assemblies of God Leadership Quickly Restored Megachurch Pastor After His Predatory Affair and Lawsuit  The Wartburg Watch 


Trump warns evangelicals of 'violence' if GOP loses in the midterms  CNN

In closed-door meeting, Trump told Christian leaders he got rid of a law: He didn't  NBC News 

Many Churchgoers Want Sunday Morning Segregated … by Politics  Christianity Today

Evangelicals And Kavanaugh: An interview with a Liberty University professor  NPR


Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky's Russia: Photos of Life Before the Revolution  Getty Images   

Leonardo da Vinci's Earliest Notebooks Now Digitized and Made Free Online: Explore His Ingenious Drawings, Diagrams, Mirror Writing & More  Open Culture


The Science Behind Social Science Gets Shaken Up—Again  Wired

Using citation metrics as part of academic recruitment decisions leads to an increase in self-citations  The London School of Economics & Political Science

Gender and international diversity improves equity in peer review  bioRxiv

China's wake-up call on scientific misconduct and fake science  ABC Radio National (Australia)


Provost: fake college degrees are a growing problem (opinion)  The Post & Courier

Beloit College drops Mindset List  Rockford Register Star  

Tweeting on the Front Lines Think managing a university social media account is easy? Think again  Inside Higher Ed

Colleges Say They Prepare Students for a Career, Not Just a First Job. Is That True?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Outrage Over University's $999 Online Textbook  Inside Higher Ed

Online Education Is a Disability Rights Issue  Inside Higher Ed


Hard Copy or Electronic Textbooks? Professors Are More Concerned About Keeping Them Affordable  Chronicle of Higher Ed

How to Get the Most Out of a Brief Teaching Workshop  Chronicle of Higher Ed

One Way to Show Students You Care  Chronicle of Higher Ed


How the Jobs Crisis Has Transformed Faculty Hiring  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Colorado State University wins retaliation lawsuit brought by ex-prof   Coloradoan

Do College Librarians Have Academic Freedom?  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Is the N-word simply to be avoided, or is Emory wrong to suspend a law professor who used it?  Inside Higher Ed

How the Jobs Crisis Has Transformed Faculty Hiring  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Rutgers President Seeks Additional Review of Professor’s Controversial Facebook Post  Chronicle of Higher Ed