articles of interest - Feb 25


An Arizona cop threatened to arrest a 12-year-old journalist: She wasn’t backing down  Washington Post 

Private employers: You can’t forbid your workers from talking to journalists  Poynter  

Coaching for women in journalism  Digital Women Leaders 

Five myths about journalism  The Washington Post 

RCFP receives $10 million investment from the Knight Foundation  Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press 

Chart: How the definition of “journalist” is changing  Recode


Rethinking foreign reporting at the AP  Columbia Journalism Review

Economic woes hurt Chinese journalists as much as censorship does  Economist


Knight Foundation putting $300 million toward rebuilding local news  Poynter

Google May Employ More People Than the Entire U.S. Newspaper Industry  Bloomberg

23 Million Patrons of California's Public Libraries Can Now Read The New York Times for Free Online  Open Culture

National Enquirer’s biggest investors include California taxpayers and state workers Los Angeles Times


Liberals and Conservatives Are Both Susceptible to Fake News, but for Different Reasons   Scientific American Blog Network

Students with ADHD less likely to enroll in post-secondary education, study says  CTV News

The Imperfect Truth About Finding Facts in a World of Fakes  Wired 

Twitter Trolls And 2020  NPR 

It will take more than NewsGuard’s team of journalists to stop the spread of fake news  Recode


Apple is prioritizing AR — and that’s a good thing  VentureBeat 


A philosopher argues that an AI can’t be an artist  MIT Tech Review  

Two satellites almost crashed—here’s how they dodged it  Wired 

“Machine-learning techniques used by thousands of scientists to analyse data are producing results that are misleading and often completely wrong”  BBC 

Treat Failure like a Scientist

Two profs have created a web game where you try to determine which of two images is real and which is generated by the neural net  Digg 

This algorithm dreams up convincing articles and shows how AI could power disinformation campaigns filled with fake news  Medium 

Can We Trust Scientific Discoveries Made Using Machine Learning?  Technology Networks  


Pinterest is blocking search results about vaccines to protect users from misinformation  Washington Post

Snapchat is in the middle of an identity crisis  Engadget 

How to catch a catfisher  The Guardian

America’s cops take an interest in social media  Economist  

Japanese teen's aborted bid to hitchhike across the United States divides social media  Japan Times 

Twitch is a video streaming platform where millions of people broadcast their lives in real-time. Like unedited, raw, reality TV  WNYC 


50 Amazing Skills You Can Learn on YouTube  Mental Floss 

A pediatrician exposes suicide tips for children hidden in videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids  Washington Post 


Facebook decided which users are interested in Nazis — and let advertisers target them directly  LA Times

Facebook's content moderation a mess, employees outraged, contractors have PTSD: Reports  BongBong

The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America  The Verge


ATM Hacking Has Gotten So Easy, the Malware's a Game  Wired 

California Data Privacy Proposal May Give Law Tough New Teeth  Bloomberg

Google 'sorry' for hiding SECRET microphone in home camera – and says it 'forgot' to tell everyone  The Sun 

Android is helping kill passwords on a billion devices  Wired 


National Geographic hit 100 million Instagram followers: To celebrate, it wants your images for free  Vox 


Millions of websites threatened by highly critical code-execution bug in Drupal  Ars Technica 

Heartbreaking: This Man Works For A Website  Clickhole

Google Updates Test My Site Speed Tool  Media Post  


The most important factor in a relationship  Becoming (my blog) 

The Good-Enough Life: The desire for greatness can be an obstacle to our own potential (opinion) New York Times


Students have better educational outcomes in courses taught by those who have "growth mind-sets" than those who believe intelligence is fixed  Inside Higher Ed    

How One Professor Made Her Assignments More Relevant  The Chronicle of Higher Education


I stopped using exclamation points and lost all my friends  Wired 

The Philosophy of Creative Writing  Los Angeles Review of Books


The surprising revival of the Hawaiian language  Economist

More children around the world are being taught in English, often badly  Economist


The myth of Pandora’s box (YouTube)  TEDx  

23 of the most unforgettable final sentences in fiction  Washington Post 


The Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2019  Women’s Media Center 

Women now more educated than men, but lag in workforce  Axios

How a women-led news organization is holding the powerful to account in Brazil  International Consortium of Investigative Journalist


Alabama newspaper editor calls on KKK to lynch Democrats  BBC  

Man shouts Nazi slogans, flashes gun at local coffee shop  The Plainsman

Athletes and activists who modeled themselves off Colin Kaepernick have continued their campaigns  Inside Higher Ed

Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?’ Student's essay sets off intense debate  Inside Higher Ed 

Americans Remain Deeply Ambivalent About Diversity  The Atlantic 

In 'Won Over,' Judge Chronicles His Evolution on Questions of Race After Growing Up in Jim Crow Mississippi (free registration req.’ed) 

NPR host Lulu-Garcia Navarro on racial and gender diversity in news  Vox

Doctors and Racial Bias: Still a Long Way to Go  New York Times 


Justice Clarence Thomas calls for reconsideration of landmark libel case  CNN

Copyright Office Refuses Registration for 'Fresh Prince' Star Alfonso Ribeiro's "Carlton Dance"  Hollywood Reporter

Emoji are showing up in court cases exponentially, and courts aren’t prepared  The Verge

Justice Thomas Assails Landmark US Libel Ruling That Protects Media  Voice of America

Covington Catholic Teen Nick Sandmann Files Defamation Suit Against The Washington Post; Fail To List Any Actual Defamation  TechDirt  

US Supreme Court to interpret FOIA Exemption on Trade Secrets  Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press 

Judge decides that twin son of binational gay couple entitled to birthright U.S. citizenship  LA Times


Harvest Bible Chapel founder's sons resign as pastors  Daily Herald 

United Methodists’ LGBT Vote Will Reshape the Denomination  Christianity Today   

Why a centuries-old religious dispute over Ukraine's Orthodox Church matters today  The Conversation 

Are Christian leaders more likely to commit sexual sin? (opinion)  Christianity Today  


Southern Baptist churches hired dozens of leaders previously accused of sex offenses  Houston Chronicle  

Southern Baptists Announce Plans to Address Sexual Abuse  New York Times


Culture wars heat up at the Supreme Court as justices consider whether giant World War II memorial cross can stay  CNBC 


N.J. cop’s $100 tip, touching note for pregnant diner waitress brought her to tears 

D.C. restaurant feeds the poor and homeless every single day  WJLA-TV   

103-year-old sworn in as junior ranger at Grand Canyon National Park  Good Morning America

Who says I can’t: How could someone born without arms or legs, who's never held a football, teach high school players how to throw, tackle or block?  ESPN 

24-year-old woman becomes first openly autistic person to practice law in Florida  WFLA  


The Artist Behind the Famous Bathroom Selfies  The Cut

Never forget David Bowie masterminded "the biggest art hoax in history"  Salon

Graphic Novels in the Age of Trump  New York Times


Yesterday Trailer (video)  

Reporter Jim DeRogatis On R. Kelly Charges  NPR

Why Musicians Are Starting Their Own Podcasts — And Why The Podcast Industry Should Pay Attention  Bello Collective  


What's Up, Documentary? An 'Undeniable Golden Age' For Filmmakers  NPR 

The Oscars and the Illusion of Perfect Representation Images can falsify as well as depict reality; they can mislead as well as inspire  New York Times 


Fornite’s January Revenue Dropped 48% in January but the lull likely won’t last long  TechCrunch 


This Is the Fastest Growing Job in America Right Now  Money

Resume Issues? This Organization Helps Young Adults Land Internships  NPR

Advice for student journalists applying to internships the SF Chronicle EIC  


A federal appeals court found that Iowa State officials were not indifferent to a sexual assault survivor when they declined to move the student she accused of rape  Inside Higher Ed

Sex trafficking, prostitution is anything but a 'victimless crime,' experts say  USA Today 

48% of Female Undergrads at Duke Say They Were Sexually Assaulted While Enrolled The Chronicle of Higher Education 


Record High # of Americans Name Government as Most Important Problem  Gallup

How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy  Social Media Today

Robert Kraft prostitution scandal exposes depth of modern slavery, sex trafficking industry  USA Today


6 stats that should surprise companies when dealing with office romances  Forbes

A New Benefit: Some Companies Help Workers Pay Down Student Loans  NPR  


Extreme fasting: how Silicon Valley is rebranding eating disorders  The Guardian

The Devastating Allure of Medical Miracles  Wired 

Anaesthetists say patients at risk after flawed oxygen guidelines  The Guardian  

Tens of thousands of Americans die each year from opioid overdoses The federal response remains sluggish and inadequate  Economist  

The most effective form of exercise isn’t “exercise” at all  Quartz


High risk: anti-vaxxers in the delivery ward  The Guardian   

YouTube Just Demonetized Anti-Vax Channels  BuzzFeed News  

Why women are leading the anti-vaxx movement  Medium

How One Woman Is Working To Educate Parents On Vaccinations  NPR


Grand Canyon tourists exposed to radiation, safety manager says  AzCentral

China bars millions from travel for 'social credit' offenses  SFGate


The Chicken Is Local, But Was It Happy? GPS Now Tells The Life Story Of Your Poultry  NPR


How to Grant Your Child an Inner Life  New Yorker 

When Kids Realize Their Whole Life Is Already Online: Googling yourself has become a rite of passage  The Atlantic 

What I Gave My Kid Instead of a Smartphone  Human Parts 


Man suffering ‘widow maker’ heart attack says dog saved his life  Fox-5

Dog's emotional reaction to 'The Lion King' movie (video)  ABC-11

Florida Church Offers Dog-Friendly Service (audio)  NPR


Anger Can Be Contagious: Here's How To Stop The Spread  NPR 

The Psychiatrist Who Believed People Could Tell the Future  The New Yorker


How the World Thinks (podcast)  History Extra 


The Story of Storytelling What the hidden relationships of ancient folktales reveal about their evolution—and our own  Harpers 

Americans’ ignorance of history is a national scandal  New York Times 

When Nazis Took Manhattan  NPR   


Ways to Detect p-hacking  Quora 

There’s not really a culture of strong criticism of bad science that happens through peer review  NPR 


How the US government created a fake university to snare immigrant students  The Guardian   

Amherst College goes 5 days without the internet  Inside Higher Ed

On Campuses, Electric Scooters Meet Speed Bumps  The Chronicle of Higher Education 

What Single Moms Need to Succeed in College  Inside Higher Ed 

New study finds “important deficiencies” in university reports of misconduct  Retraction Watch 

Revolt at USC Over Dean’s Ouster  Inside Higher Ed

Most Americans say colleges should not consider race or ethnicity in  admissions  Pew Research Center

Cuts and talk of ending multiyear contracts at evangelical Christian university raise worries some faculty members are going to be targeted based on ideology  Inside Higher Ed   

Judges side with Missouri Baptist Convention in its long-running legal battle with Missouri Baptist University  News Tribune  


A Vanderbilt faculty member struggles to gain tenure bec of her MeToo activism  Inside Higher Ed

UC Berkeley suspends prominent professor accused of sexual harassment  SF Chronicle