Articles of Interest - March 18


Why Trump, in the era of fake news, is fueling journalism majors  Roll Call

Fox News’ Shep Smith: 'History will poorly reflect' on journalists 'who intentionally misinform' The Hill

How the Seattle Times used a breaking news approach on enterprise reporting  Better News

NYTimes Reporter Gets Bogus Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed As Judge Philosophizes About SLAPP Suits  Tech Dirt


The New York Times Is Planning to Experiment With Blockchain Publishing  Coindesk 

Decline in readers, ads leads hundreds of newspapers to fold  Associated Press

Facebook enters the news desert battle, trying to find enough local news for its Today In feature  Nieman Lab 


Google is reportedly shutting down its in-house VR film studio  Tech Crunch 

Denver will allow smartphone voting for thousands of people  Denver Post

You will soon be able to pay your subway fare with your face in China  South China Morning Post


No, scientists didn’t just “reverse time” with a quantum computer  MIT Tech Review  

The NSA makes open source its cybersecurity tool Ghidra  Wired

Some scientists are arguing that the latest techniques in machine learning and AI represent a fundamentally new way of doing science  Quanta Magazine 

How Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Medicine  New York Times


Twitter reveals big changes to conversations and new camera features  NBC News  

Can Too Much Time Online Make You Depressed?  NPR

'Distracted boyfriend' couple star in Hungary pro-family ads  BBC 

The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is Google Docs  The Atlantic  


Facebook Can Make VR Avatars Look—and Move—Exactly Like You  Wired  

Facebook's sloppy data-sharing deals might be criminal  Wired


Facial recognition's 'dirty little secret': Millions of online photos scraped without consent  NBC News

Scientific American: The Internet Knows You Better Than Your Spouse Does  Scientific American

Privacy-focused DuckDuckGo Now on Chrome as a Default Search Option  Digital Trends

Facebook faces fresh questions over when it knew of data harvesting  The Guardian  


What Google Knows About You  Axios 

Google Quietly Adds Search Engine Privacy Option To Chrome - Here's How To Enable It  Forbes


Calendars might be the next great online publishing tool  Poynter 


At age 30, World Wide Web is 'not the web we wanted'  ABC News

50 Years of the Internet: What we Learned & Where we are going next  Tech Crunch  


The Value of Community  Becoming (my blog) 

Sorry to bother you, but do you say “sorry” too much? What to say instead  Ted Ideas


Publisher withdraws Derek Thomas’ Acts commentary due to plagiarism by the Presbyterian Pastor  World Magazine

Public demand apology from artist at center of plagiarism scandal  Global Times


Mistakes are the engine of language’s evolution  Economist 

How ‘F’ Sounds Might Break a Fundamental Rule of Linguistics The Atlantic

The fact that people can use “literally” about things that can’t possibly be factual may literally make your blood boil Daily Jstor


Why should you read Sylvia Plath? (video)  TED-Ed  

When William Faulkner Set the World Record for Writing the Longest Sentence in Literature: Read the 1,288-Word Sentence from Absalom, Absalom!  Open Culture

So many arguments are given against Shakespeare being gay – yet his sonnets contain their own message, that love is love (opinion)  Aeon


If "Guys" Is Problematic, "Ya'll" Is Problematic Too  The Stranger

The share of women in legislatures around the world is growing, but they are still underrepresented  Pew Research Center


Black editor steps down from Alabama newspaper that called for KKK to ‘ride again’

Mastermind Behind College Admission Scam Reportedly Faked Ethnicity of Students On Applications  BET  


Court: Flipping the bird to cop is free speech  Washington Post

How Businesses Are Testing the Limits of Free Speech  Wharton 


Timbs v. Indiana: Supreme Court on Policing for Profit  The Atlantic 

Who Owns a Meme? A legal battle over Fortnite raises many questions without clear answers  One Zero 

'Star Trek'/Dr. Seuss Mashup Deemed Copyright Fair Use by Judge  Hollywood Reporter

Two Examples of How Courts Interpret Emojis  Technology & Marketing Law Blog  


Tweet Containing Question Mark Isn’t Defamatory  Technology & Marketing Law Blog   

Tennessee high court rules for reporter in defamation suit  ABC News

Nicholas Sandmann’s legal case against CNN is basically “MAGA”  Slate 


Public regularly denied access to police officer videos  Associated Press 

AI is being used to predict crime and send people to jail, but it could be just as biased as humans CNBC 


The Gospel Coalition, pastor CJ Mahoney and Sexual Abuse (opinion)  Medium

Teen suspended after posting Bible verses around school, district says there's more to the story  WLWT  

Survey: Faith groups maintain widespread support for LGBT protection laws  National Catholic Reporter 

Inside Denver's International Church of Cannabis  Cosmopolitan  

Giant underwater Jesus draws hundreds to frozen Lake Michigan  Fox News

Belief in aliens could be America’s next religion  The Outline 


China official says West using Christianity to undermine country  Reuters

Meet Romania's very internet-savvy witch community  Wired


Bible signed by Trump fetches $325 on eBay  Fox News 

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability suspends Chicago-area megachurch Religious News Service 

ECFA appears to lack meaningful oversight of members’ financies (opinion)  The Throckmorton Blog


People Leaving Flowers at Mosques After Christchurch Attack  TIME 

Sikhs In New Zealand Are Helping Victims Of Shooting With Free Langars  StoryPick 


Evangelical approval of Trump remains high, but other religious groups are less supportive  Pew Research Center


Egg Boy' to donate money raised for him towards victims of Christchurch attack  New Zealand Herald 

New Jersey teen overcomes homelessness, gets accepted to 17 colleges  CNN

The "Trashtag Challenge" Is A Wonderful Viral Trend That Has People Picking Up Trash Everywhere  BuzzFeed News  

You got this!’: Mom who beat stage 4 pancreatic cancer writes open letter to Alex Trebek  FOX-8

Chess Champion 8 year old Homeless Refugee  New York Times


Loose cow ends up at Chick-fil-a following police chase  Tribune Media Wire 

Sons prank dad with giant billboard for birthday, prompting calls from around the world  FOX 4 Kansas City 

50 years after graduation, University of Michigan alum receives congratulatory telegram Michigan Live 

Vermont town elects goat named Lincoln as its honorary mayor  Associated Press  

Slovenian woman's hand sawn off 'in insurance fraud'  BBC News


If Your Favorite Typefaces Were Celebrities  Medium  

Healing the Healers: Art among physicians  Forbes 


Tom Odell: “I couldn’t make the music I make today without having learned music theory” Music Radar

The BBC cutting Late Junction is a blow for experimental music  The Guardian 


Senate easily approves bill giving sex abuse victims more time to sue  Politico  

Gallup Survey: ewer men say sexual harassment in the workplace is major problem The Hill

Women in Economics Report Rampant Sexual Assault and Bias New York Times


The College Scam Is Exposing All the Legal Ways Rich People Game Society  VICE  

11 death penalty states haven’t used it in a decade or more  Pew Research Center

What the college admissions scandal reveals about the psychology of wealth in America  Vox


Americans Are Going Bankrupt From Getting Sick Doctors’ bills play a role in 60 percent of personal-bankruptcy filings The Atlantic


A relatively painless guide to cutting plastic out of your life  Fast Company  

Where Will Your Plastic Trash Go Now That China Doesn't Want It?  NPR 


Being a couch potato 'bad for the memory of over-50s'  BBC 

How to Negotiate Down Your Hospital Bills  The Atlantic

Brain wave stimulation may improve Alzheimer’s symptoms  MIT News 

Electronic Health Records' Side Effects: Fraud, Burnout And Headaches  NPR 

Unvaccinated student is suing for ban during a chicken pox outbreak – Says he refuses to get vaccinated because of his Christian faith  BongBong


See Photos of This Year's California Super Bloom  Travel + Leisure

25 Healthy Travel Airplane Snacks to Keep In Your Carry-On  Women’s Day 


Good enough to eat? The toxic truth about modern food The Guardian

The Most Popular Pie in Every State  ChowHound 


How Parents Are Robbing Their Children of Adulthood  New York Times

Parents Are Only Happy with Kids When They Can Afford Them  Fatherly


How People Meet Their Partners  FlowingData 

Why millennials are writing contracts for their relationships  Washington Post


A Couple Created Good Boy, A Line Of Beer Your Dog Can Drink  Delish  

Barking drones used on farms instead of sheep dogs  Radio NZ

Snoop The Dog Is Loving Life In New Home After Being Abandoned  LADbible

Georgetown’s Kitten Lounge makes the cat cafe around the corner seem like old mews  The Washington Post  

Viral cat videos and the man who watches thousands of them  BBC 


Science tends to be presented as a firmly established epistemological method: but it isn't  Medium 

Brain wave stimulation may improve Alzheimer’s symptoms  MIT News


Why Do People Believe in Pseudoscience?  Gizmodo  

Study: One in Six U.S. Children Has a Mental Illness  American Assoc of Family Physicians 


Forgetting Uses More Brain Power Than Remembering  UT News 

Can a Neuroscience Video Game Treat ADHD?  Ed Surge 


Moratorium On Gene-Edited Babies Urged By Leading Geneticists  NPR

An unpleasant scientific practice called ethics dumping where Rich-world scientists conduct questionable experiments in poor countries  Economist

The seven moral rules that supposedly unite humanity  Quartz  

The Larger Lie Beyond the College Admissions Bribery Case  TIME


University College Dublin issues apology after computer science students were sent email asking to help develop sex consent app  The 

Continued Citation of Retracted Radiation Oncology Literature—Do We Have a Problem?  Int Journal of Radiation Oncology

Even the head of $6M liver study doesn’t know what’s going on at San Diego VA  Inewsource

How to write a good scientific paper  Brunel University London  The Journal  

Improving the peer review process: a proposed market system  Scientometrics 

Should journals become more like content curators? ResearchResearch

Ten myths around open scholarly publishing  PeerJ 

The systemic problem behind the rise of retractions   Perspectives on Behavior Science  


Celebrities among 50 charged in college admissions scam for unworthy kids, prosecutors say  Vice

College Access And Inequality  NPR 

The U. of Southern California Is on the Rise. Why Is It a Hotbed of Scandal?  Chronicle of Higher Ed 


Azusa Pacific University lifts LGBTQ relationship ban (again)  San Gabriel Valley Tribune 

PCUSA’s only seminary in Western US to become part of nonsectarian Calif University  Christian Post


Research scholars to air problems with using 'grit' at school  The Hechinger Report


Students At UCLA Weigh In On College Admissions Scandal With 'Daily Bruin' Editorial  NPR


No One Asks the Top CEOs Where They Went to College  Bloomberg 

Orange County, Calif., School District Responds To Students' Offensive Social Media  NPR

Millennials really are special, data show Washington Post


Popular alternative-academic career platform owned by foundation behind the admissions scheme  Inside Higher Ed

FBI: Former assistant planned to kill professor with ax  Associated Press

Adjunct faculty at Elon University vote to unionize Greensboro