Articles of Interest - March 4


Why the Life-Insurance Industry Wants to Creep on Your Instagram  New Yorker

Apps Give Private Data To Facebook Without User's Knowledge or Permission  NPR 

Facebook Slammed For Listing Users Phone Numbers  Media Post

Two years after going public, Snap’s problems are still all about growth  Recode


China’s CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced  MIT Technology Review 

Silicon Valley Raises Questions On Ethics Of New Technology And Social Media  NPR

On Remote pacific island children now get life-saving vaccines from drones  Fast Company


The New York Times is taking its opinion video coverage in a new, YouTube direction  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Poll: How does the public think journalism happens?  Columbia Journalism Review 


What you need to know before starting your Journalism crowdfunding campaign  European Journalism Centre

PAC-Connected Activists Set Up ‘Local News’ Outlets  Snopes


This 21-year-old tweeted lies about Robert Mueller and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Now, he’s eyeing the 2020 election  USA Today

How to spot fake photos online  Fast Company

The anti-vaxxers' impact  The Week 

The Fake Sex Doctor Who Conned the Media Into Publicizing His Bizarre Research  Gizmodo 

Widower, stepdaughter who blamed panhandler for woman's stabbing death in Baltimore arrested in her killing  Baltimore Sun 


The Momo Challenge Is Not Real  The Atlantic

How local TV news stations are playing a major (and enthusiastic) role in spreading the Momo hoax   Harvard’s Nieman Lab

How to Not Fall for Viral Scares Like Momo  Wired 

Schools, police and media told to stop promoting Momo hoax  The Guardian


Your smartphone screen is probably disgusting: Here's how to clean it  USA Today  

Want a Folding Phone? Hold out for Glass  Wired 


Why Are Bots Unable to Check "I Am Not a Robot" Checkboxes?  Quora

‘You can track everything’: the parents who digitise their babies’ lives  The Guardian

Major Airlines Confirmed There Are Cameras On Some Seatback Entertainment Screens  Bustle

A second life for the 'do not track' setting—with teeth  Wired  

How to set up a VPN for increased security and privacy  The Verge

Social networks put your privacy at risk, even when you don’t have an account  Quartz


What’s new in WordPress 5.0?  Creative Bloq

This app makes it easy to create shareable video content, and it's on sale  Mashable 


The surprisingly complex journey a text message takes every time we hit 'send.'   Vice

FTC ruling sees (TikTok) fined $5.7M for violating children’s privacy law, app updated with age gate  Tech Crunch  

The Life of a Comment Moderator for a Right-Wing Website  New York Times


The qualities that make for a successful data science team  KD Nuggets 

One area where Spark and Hadoop are having an especially strong impact revolves around cancer research  Datanami  


The Mental Fog Begins to Lift  Becoming (my blog)

Crossing Divides: The friends who are good for your brain  BBC News

A Harvard Psychologist Shows How to Change Those Limiting Beliefs You Still Have About Yourself Inc


The three most useless English language “rules” you can ignore  Quartz 

When Did the Verb “To Be” Enter the English Language?  Daily Jstor 


The Surprising Origin Of Using Symbols Like #$%@! To Represent Curse Words In Print (video)  Digg

Vatican spokesman Fr. Thomas Rosica resigns from college board after plagiarism apology; Jesuits withdraw award  Catholic News Agency 

Self-plagiarism: When is re-purposing text ethically justifiable?  London School of Economics & Political Science  

Plagiarize-Proof Your Writing Assignments  Faculty Focus


Sorry, but Jane Eyre Isn’t the Romance You Want It to Be  Daily Jstor 


Cycling race in Belgium is delayed because a woman almost caught the male riders – who started first Chicago Tribune

How neuroscience is exploding the myth of male and female brains  New Scientist  


France: An old hatred grows stronger  The Week  

Bill Jenkins, Who Tried to Halt Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Dies at 73  New York Times 


Trump says he'll issue order protecting campus free speech  Associated Press 

The Tyranny Of Copyright: How A Once-Humble Legal Issue Has Tormented A Generation Of Speech  Tech Dirt  


In Retrospect, Expert’s ‘How To Make Child Pornography’ Exhibit Might Have Been A Bad Idea  Above the Law

Supreme Court To Decide Fate Of World War I Memorial Cross On Public Land  NPR

How a flare-up at Harvard Law could undermine legal rights for everybody else  The Week 

Disability Rights Group Sues San Diego Over Scooters On Sidewalks  NPR


Fortnite dance lawsuits are bad for copyright and bad for culture  The Verg

Community Theaters Kill 'Mockingbird' Productions After Lawsuit Threat  NPR


California Keeps a Secret List of Criminal Cops But Says You Can't Have It  KQED

Supreme Court: Nebraska county owes $28M for wrongful convictions  Associated Press 

Unable to Post Bail? You Will Pay for That for Many Years  New York Times 


Christian radio personality 'Uncle Charlie' dies  Christian Post  

Southern Baptist group clears 6 churches of violating sex abuse standards  Christian Post

Nazirite firefighter who promised God not to cut hair settles with Utica on religious lawsuit  Utica Observer Dispatch


South Africa funeral firm to sue pastor for 'resurrection stunt'  BBC News

Egyptian Christians Left With Nowhere To Pray But The Street  NPR


How a Radio Shock Jock Helped Bring Down a Megachurch Pastor  Slate

Megachurch pastor Bill Hybels resigns from Willow Creek after women allege misconduct  The Washington Post 


Gospel for Asia Settles Lawsuit with $37 Million Refund to Donors  Christianity Today

FBI Raid of Christian Missionary’s Home Found Thousands of Bones  Indy Star


Methodists reject a proposal to allow openly gay clergy and same-sex marriage  CNN

Lesbian Bishop Responds To LGBTQ Ban In United Methodist Church  NPR

3 big US churches in turmoil over sex abuse, LGBT policy  PBS 

Growing Closer After Changing Faiths  NPR 

Rift over gay rights comes as United Methodists in U.S. have become more accepting of homosexuality  Pew Research Center


Arkansas church insists sign saying ‘heaven has strict immigration laws’ was not political  Fox News 


The Book Catapult stayed open by the grace of its competitors  The Washington Post 

'That tank saved my life:' 95-year-old World War II veteran gets surprise of a lifetime  KETV

Montreal man walks the city streets, donating coins he finds to charity  Canadian Broadcasting Company 

Man restores, donates dozens of power wheelchairs - from a wheelchair  KARE

Oklahoma teacher, book collector makes hobby of reuniting families with meaningful bookmarks  KFOR

Teacher cuts waist-length hair to support 5-year-old girl bullied for short haircut  WLOX

Meet the street nun helping people make a living from New York's cans  The Guardian

National Geographic 2019 Adventurer of the Year  National Geographic 


Top Florida Man Stories of All Time  Miami Herald 

Woman goes to Olive Garden in Utah and announces she stabbed her mother St. Louis Tribune


You Are Killing Me with Your Tiny Fonts  GQ

A Brief History of LGBT+ Design  Try Design Lab 

Apple picks the winners of its shot on an iPhone photo contest  Apple

The Fascinating Legal Conundrum Facing Banksy  Fast Company

The Secrets of the World's Greatest Art Thief  GQ

The Favourite is an Oscar-nominated design masterpiece  Fast Company

Frida Kahlo’s Forgotten Politics  Jstor

When Gorgeous Architectural Landmarks Are Also Monuments to Fascism  Atlas Obscura  


A Guide to Harry Nilsson, Who You've Loved Forever Without Knowing It  Noisey

Dido Returns With Family-Focused Album 'Still On My Mind'  NPR

Scam Season Comes for the Orchestra  Vulture 


U.S. Music Industry Posts Third Straight Year of Double-Digit Growth  Variety


Digital ads expected to crush everything else this year  Axios 


When the Bully Is the Boss  New York Times

Walmart Is Eliminating People Greeters. Workers With Disabilities Feel Targeted  NPR

Five big winners tell what happens when you hit the jackpot, from free milk for life to a mountain of KFC  The Guardian

For the college-educated elite, work has morphed into a religious identity—promising identity, transcendence, and community, but failing to deliver  The Atlantic 

Amazon conspicuously fails to safeguard the interests of small businesses while advancing its own at their expense  Inc 

Highly paid architects, TV producers, actors, and accountants live in a work culture that favor the already affluent  The Atlantic

Is Business School a Waste of Time?  Inc. 


Delete these eight words from your resume immediately  Yahoo News 

Want to Save Everyone's Time in a Job Interview? The Top 6 Questions Smart Companies Are Asking Now  Inc

LinkedIn Just Added a Flurry of Features for Members Looking for New Positions  Ad Week 


Ten tips for freelance writing  Story Bench  

How Freelance Labor Became the Unsung Casualty of Media Layoffs  The Observer

Atlas Obscura is looking for freelance pitches for upcoming editions 


Thousands Of Immigrant Children Say They Have Been Sexually Abused While In US Custody  BuzzFeed News  

Sexual harassment rife in Australian science, suggests first workplace survey  Nature


Woman Delivers Stillborn Baby While in ICE Custody  New York Times

Marine's death from flesh-eating bacteria revealed military failures, thanks to mother refusing to let son die in vain  Newsweek 

Nearly Half of American jail inmates have a mental illness and two-thirds have a drug addition New Yorker

Colonialists are coming for blood—literally  Wired


Google and DeepMind are using AI to predict the energy output of wind farms  The Verge

Meet The White House's New Chief Climate Change Skeptic  NPR 


Arizona lawmaker calls mandatory measles vaccine 'communist' amid fight to control outbreaks  NBC News

Growing up unvaccinated: My anti-vaxx mother made me a health risk for the whole community USA Today 

Measles Outbreaks Prompt More States To Restrict Vaccine Exemptions  NPR


Semi-identical twins 'identified for only the second time'  BBC News 

Sleeping Late on Weekends Doesn’t Compensate for week-long exhaustion  Research Highlights    

FDA Expected To Approve Esketamine Nasal Spray For Depression  NPR  

Machine learning is far from ready for clinical practice of medicine  Health Care IT news


Here are the Americans speaking at a hate group friendly with sanctioned Russian oligarchs  Think Progress


Drinkable' potato chips: the products keeping your phone grease-free  The Guardian

Why Are Pretzels Shaped Like That? And 17 Other Food Mysteries, Solved  The Daily Meal 


Being surrounded by green space in childhood may improve mental health of adults  SciTech

Give your kid a name that travels well  The Week 

How To Communicate With Children On Difficult Subjects Such As Death  NPR

Storytelling Instead Of Scolding: Inuit Say It Makes Their Children More Cool-Headed  NPR


Kentucky man mistakenly gets wife turnips instead of tulips  WKRN 

Love, Marriage, and the ‘Wife Allowance’  Topic 


Are Dog Parks Exclusionary?  CityLab  

Former NFL player travels cross-country with his dog  USA Today 

‘Pot dogs’ a growing concern for pet owners  Cape Cod Times


The Unsolved Mystery of the Earth Blobs  Earth & Space Science News 

Lawmaker: Ky. official state mineral is a rock, state rock is a mineral  WAVE


Doctors removed one-sixth of this child’s brain — and what was left did something incredible  One Zero

How did reading and writing evolve? Neuroscience gives a clue 


How Friedrich Nietzsche used ideas from the Ancient Cynics to explore the death of God and the nature of morality  Aeon


There’s an optimal way to structure your day—and it’s not the 8-hour workday  Quartz

6 Tips to Maximize Productivity When You Have ADHD  Entrepreneur 


What's the Real American Story? (video)  Robert Reich 

Almost everything you know about U.S. borders is wrong  Chicago Tribune   

Border Walls are Symbols of Failure  Jstor


Scientific Integrity Principles and Best Practices: Recommendations from a Scientific Integrity Consortium  SpringerLink 

Correlations between submission and acceptance of papers in peer review journals  SpringerLink

Preprints as Final Publication (opinion)  BioSerendipity  

Personality and fatal diseases: Revisiting a scientific scandal  Sage 

A Darpa program aims to assign a “credibility score” to research findings in the social and behavioral sciences which have been hit hard by the reproducibility crisis  Wired


Most Americans don’t realize state funding for Higher Ed fell by billions  PBS 

The costs of academic publishing are absurd: The University of California is fighting back  Vox  

A warning about reinventing universities around technology: How UT-Austin’s Bold Plan for Reinvention Went Belly Up  Chronicle of Higher Ed

A Purdue University pilot program that blocked access to Netflix and other streaming sites in lecture halls is being rolled out across all academic spaces on campus  Inside Higher Ed  

How Political Science Became Irrelevant: The field turned its back on the Beltway  Chronicle of Higher Ed 


Mike Pence to give commencement speech at Liberty  The Hill University   

Facing Title IX investigation, Christian university lets pregnant students stay in dorms  The College Fix


MIT President: the world needs engineers with a better grounding in the liberal arts, i.e.,there’s no such thing as a “tech person” in the age of AI  MIT Tech Review  


Almost 10,000 students went to this online school last year. 851 stayed the whole time Chalkbeat 

My Top 6 Books on Pedagogy  Inside Higher Ed 


College wins lawsuit to cut bad professor's pay  Washington Examiner 

Ex-Virginia Tech biotech professor found guilty of grant fraud  The Roanoke Times     

Self-esteem, self-symbolizing, and academic recognition: behavioral evidence from curricula vitae  SpringerLink

A professor is accused of stealing a student's invention to make millions  CNN

New video shows exactly what was said during a heated discussion at the annual gathering of classicists in January. Does it change anything?  Inside Higher Ed


Am I obligated to take down an embarrassing story if the subject of it asks?  Student Press Law Center


Where Graduates Move After College  Wall Street Journal  

Millennials Face $1 Trillion Debt as Student Loans Pile Up  Bloomberg

University removed a student's satire website on race relations -- and restored it only after faced with legal pressure  Inside Higher Ed