Tuesday Tech Tools: Video

Looking for some ways to help you shoot and edit video? Here are some of the available tools.

Adobe Connect
Video conferencing.

This Apple app let's you add text, filters, emoji, music, and opaque transition cards to your photos or videos. Intended to be fun, though the menu layout is not entirely intuitive and it does take some time to create. Free.

Turns your browser into a television telepromoter.

Disco Videos
A way to add cool effects like music and filters to your videos. $3.99.

Pronounced ‘disco’, this app is for GIF creation. Animations up to 2.5 seconds long. Free. Video example.

App that records Skype and Facetime. It lets you convert your calls into MP3 files for podcasting or easily move the video to YouTube and Vimeo. Split the audio tracks after a call for easy editing. $39.95.

Final Cut Pro
Video editing program.

High definition mobile cam for videography, photography. Lots of bells and whistles probably too much for avarege person or even for what a professional journaist would need. $14.99.

Video conferencing. 14-day free trial. $14-$39 a month subscription.

Google Hangouts On Air* (going away in 2019)
Live streaming platform and automatic HD video capture that allows you to broadcast and record your Hangout to your YouTube channel.

GorillaPod tripod*
Joby GripTight PRO. Flexible legs wrap around objects for unlimited angles. From .7 - 11 pounds. Rubber foot grips provide stability on any surface.

HouseParty (formally Meerkat)
Group video chat app where users get a notice that friends are online. Snap Stories are integrated.

Instagram’s timelapse video. No audio option.

Two tracks of video and audio for editing on your phone or laptop. Free.

A free Firefox plugin to debunk fake video news and verify videos and images.

A multi-track video editor with 3 video/audio tracks for photos, videos, titles, and graphics. $19.99.

3D animation of people from 2D video of people. Video explanation.

Video editing for casual users. Easy-to-use interface. Limited effects. $39.95.

MoviePro App*
Video recording app that lets you listen live to your sound, includes manual controls for exposure, focus, and white balance. Shoot stills while recording. Has a built-in single-track video editor. $5.99.

Wearable camera that takes a photo or video every minute and creates a video at the end of the day (without using the repetitive shots). No work for the wearer. $199.

Video editor by GoPro. Easy-to-use. Add photos, text, music. Templated themes. Free.

Use to record video from your webcam and Skype interviews.

Live-streaming video app from Twitter. Stores video for 24 hours. Will tweet followers that you are living streaming.

Video editor that lets users create slideshows, split screens, video collages, etc. adding music, voice, gifs. Best for short videos. Free.

Premiere Pro*
An Adobe professional-level product that has become the industry standard. Easy-to-use interface. Support for 360 VR and other features, but some techniques require additional applications (such as After Effects). $19.99 a month.

Edit the video by editing the text. For instance, you can upload a long interview and the site (using machine learning) will transcribe the speech and tag each word to a visual frame allowing you to quickly generate a highlight reel or other edited videos.

Reel Director
Creates movies and lets you edit on phone similar to iMovie. $2.99.

Chrome screen capture and annotation tool. Video explanation.

Scribble Live
Live-streaming. Create, curate and publish content to provide real time coverage and storytelling. Fee.

SMOVE smartphone Video Stabilizer
This smartphone stabilizer that doubles as a charger. Portable, fits in your pocket. $200. 

A video editing app that works with music, photos, text or video clips. $3.99.

Steadicam Smoothee*
The Smoothee gives you a steady, gliding shot by a balanced weight system that holds your phone on a frictionless ball joint. Simple to use, though the size could interfere with other attachments on you iPhone. $90.

Create photo and video stories on an iPhone with an emphasis on mobile design. Create collections and share on social networks. Free. Sample.

TechSmith (formally Jing)
A free, easy-to-use screen capture application. Snap a screenshot or record a video, save and share. capture a presentation, lecture, or event.

High quality stock footage of time lapse video.

Digital Anarchy’s plugin to create automated transcriptions of video in Premiere Pro. Free Trial. $299.

Upload your video and TubeMogul will send it to many social media sites at one time-though you'll have to set up accounts with all the sites on your own.  Tracks viewership. A part of Adobe's Marketing Cloud.

Desktop broadcasting of live video to the world from a computer or iPhone (or watch thousands of shows).  30 day free trial, then monthly plans from $99 to $999 for pros, top subscription $2k and up.

Video hosting and editing. 

Video Scribe
Create animated videos, replicating the popular whiteboard-style tutorial.  7 day free trial. $16.50 a month.

Edit video and post directly to Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Available for iPhone and Android (probably the best option for Android. $.1.99.

App for easy photo and video editing on your iPhone. Free.

Vyond (formally GoAnimate)
Make animated videos. Free 14-day trial. Subscription plans: $39 a month or $299 each year.

YouTube Creator Hub
Resources to help create better video content and bigger audiences. An online community for serious YouTube creators.

Cisco’s video conferencing software. Easy-to-use, nothing to download. Several pricing plans-but not cheap.

Collaborative online and mobile video editing.

Create animated movies.

Video and audio file converter.

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