Articles of Interest - April 22


Inside the weird, and booming, industry of online influence Wired

Money magazine going out of print following failed sales auction  CNN 

'ESPN The Magazine,' 'National Geographic' Record Top Social Media Engagement Media Post


2019 Pulitzer Prizes Are Announced By Columbia University  NPR  

Mistakes, we’ve drawn a few Learning from our errors in data visualisation  Medium 

Is it Okday for Journalist to Block a Critic (not a troll, just a critic) on Twitter  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

US slides down global press freedom rankings amid warning of 'climate of fear' for journalists  CNN

Quest for food stamp data lands newspaper at Supreme Court  Associated Press

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Accuses Media of Anti-Liar Bias  The New Yorker

 Student journalists were barred from a Betsy DeVos event. So they took her to task in an editorial  Washington Post


Viral lies spread before Indian and Indonesian elections  Axios

YouTube's algorithm mistook the fire at Notre Dame cathedral for the 9/11 attacks in New York City  The Verge

Facebook teams with rightwing Daily Caller in factchecking program  The Guardian 

How 11 People Try to Stop Fake News in the World’s Largest Election  Bloomberg ***PERSONAL GROWTH 

 The Great Mystery  Becoming (my blog)

When Doctors Thought ‘Wanderlust’ Was a Psychological Condition  Atlas Obscura

Just do it? Or Stop and Think about it?  Aeon


TikTok sensation Lil Nas X rewrites the rules of country music  Axios 

Social media in the Middle East  

WhatsApp Has Become A Hotbed For Spreading Nazi Propaganda In Germany  BuzzFeed News

LinkedIn editor-at-large Jessi Hempel interview on Peter Kafka podcast   Recode

Stop Facebook’s targeted advertising by changing your account settings  Fox News

Snap's Board Facing Blowback for Not Disclosing Whistle-Blower Lawsuit in IPO  Hollywood Reporter 

Trump's 2020 plan: Target seniors on Facebook  Axios 


Popular Apps In Google's Play Store Are Abusing Permissions And Committing Ad Fraud  BuzzFeed News 


The Mueller report has two spaces after every sentence  Quartz

Can you spot the spelling and grammar mistakes in these tattoos?  Inked 


Graffiti punished by reading - 'It worked!' says prosecutor  BBC  

Billy Collins Teaches Poetry in a New Online Course  Open Culture


Compression plagiarism: Turning a lengthy scholarly text into a short one, followed by the publication of the short one under a new name without inadequate credit to the original author  Springer

Tracking Father Rosica's (very) long history of plagiarism  National Post  


Victor Hugo's 'Hunchback Of Notre Dame' Immortalized French Cathedral  NPR

Should Walt Whitman Be #Cancelled? Black America talks back to “The Good Gray Poet” at 200 (opinion)   Daily Jstor  

"To Kill a Mockingbird": A story for our time  CBS News 


Agriculture census data shows the US has more female farmers than ever  Pacific Standard

Why Female Surfers Are Finally Getting Paid Like Their Male Peers  The Atlantic 

Why did the suffragettes write one of their fiercest fighters out of their history?  Pacific Standard 

Women’s faces may hide infidelity better than men’s  Newsweek

Council Bluffs students hold walkout over transgender student seeking to use women's bathroom   Omaha World Herald 


TSA Agents Say They’re Not Discriminating Against Black Women, But Their Body Scanners Might Be  ProPublica 

Inside a White-Nationalist Cookout  Rolling Stone 

Major U.S. cancer center ousts ‘Asian’ researchers after NIH flags their foreign ties  Science Mag

Teens Behind Racist Graffiti Received An Unusual Sentencing. But Did It Work?  NPR

Microsoft staff are openly questioning the value of diversity  Quartz  

Companies Continue To Stumble Over Racially Offensive Advertising Campaigns  NPR

A 'hero among heroes,' it's time this WWI soldier be recognized for his valor  Washington Post Apologizes for Ad Showing Slavery-Era Interracial Couple  New York Times

Chapman University Film School Removes 'Birth of a Nation' Posters After Student Protests Hollywood Reporter


Yankees Suspend Use of Kate Smith's 'God Bless America' amid Racism Allegation  Bleacher Report

Flyers remove Kate Smith statue outside stadium  ESPN


Advocacy Groups Train Lawyers Of All Kinds To Help With Immigration Cases  NPR

Meteorologist sues NBC-affiliate, says firing was defamatory  iMedia Ethics

Without Using Profanity, Supreme Court Justices Discuss Case Centered On Bad Language  NPR  

Creative Commons and the Fight for a More Robust Public Domain  The Fashion Blog


The world's largest airplane is set to launch satellites  The Verge  

How recommendation algorithms run the world  Wired 


How to build a facial recognition system w/publicly available data for $100  New York Times

The FBI wanted a backdoor to the iphone: Tim Cook said no  Wired 

Millions of Instagram users had their passwords exposed  Quartz


Podcast Consumer 2019   Edison Research 


How to use Gmail's best new feature for 2019  Cnet 

10% of Americans don’t use the internet. Who are they?  Pew Research Center


Bestselling Christian author Rachel Held Evans put in medically Induced Coma

Gospel for Asia Settles Lawsuit with $37 Million Refund to Donors  Christianity Today

Ohio church apologizes after pastor encourages students to spit on him, cut him with knife  NBC News 

U.S. Church Membership Down Sharply in Past Two Decades  Gallup

Chinese Immigrants Are Converting to Catholicism:  Local Churches Have Adapted  New York Times 

'Church' to offer 'miracle cure' despite FDA warnings against drinking bleach  The Guardian

A resurrection in faith-based films  CBS News

Hitler hated Judaism. But he loathed Christianity, too  Washington Post   

A woman holding a baby and a gun interrupts San Diego church services with bomb threat  CNN   


A Mentor Challenged Bright Math Students And Changed Their Lives  NPR

Canadian who had heart attack while jogging in Florida saved by stranger — from his hometown CBC News 

Video shows firefighters push man home in wheelchair  The Kansas City Star


What the Easter bunny does the rest of the year (video)  

10-Year-Old Maryland Girl Born Without Hands Wins Handwriting Contest (‘I Just Try My Hardest’) Baltimore  

A Woman Got 30 Days In Jail For Running Over Her 9-Year-Old Son After He Refused To Go To School BuzzFeed News


Helvetica, the world's most popular font, gets a face-lift  Wired  

Why the US Government Just Made Its Own Font, Open Sans  MotherBoard


World Heavy Metal Knitting Championship to launch in Finland  Louder Sound

How the Vietnam War Shaped Classic Rock--And How Classic Rock Shaped the War  Open Culture 

Can Music be Medicine?  The Naked Scientists 


Selfie Deaths Are an Epidemic  Outside online 

The biggest change in US cities isn't gentrification, but poverty concentration  CityLab  

What an Olympic medalist, homeless in Seattle, wants you to know  Seattle Times  

15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook  Wired 


Rights group condemns U.S. 'vigilante' treatment of migrants on border  Reuters 

Telling parents to 'just relax' on college admissions perpetuates a broken system  LA Times

Inside The San Diego Church Where ICE And Border Patrol Bring Pregnant Women  BuzzFeed News


Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population  The Guardian

Here’s How TurboTax Just Tricked You Into Paying to File Your Taxes  ProPublica

Do You Earn Enough to Afford a House in the Largest U.S. Metros?  How Much


The One Thing Millennials Haven’t Killed Is Houseplants  Bloomberg

How people worldwide view climate change  Pew Research Center

How Scientists Discovered What Dirty Air Does to Kids’ Health  CityLab

How Americans see climate change  Pew Research Center 


Wake up, people: You're fooling yourself about sleep, study says  CNN

The Truth About Dentistry  The Atlantic 

Vitamin supplements don't help people live longer, study finds  NBC News

Bad diets killing more people globally than tobacco, study finds  The Guardian  

UCSD eye doctor broke human research rules, putting patients at risk  iNewsource 


High-Deductible Insurance Linked To Delays In Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment  NPR 

Physicians' salaries have once again hit an all-time high  Axios 

High-Deductible Insurance Linked To Delays In Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment  NPR  


Scientists Plan To Start Human Trials Testing CRISPR Soon  NPR

Israeli Researchers Print 3D Heart Using Patient's Own Cells  Bloomberg  


Washington state Senate passes vaccine bill in rebuke to anti-vaxxers  Washington Post   

Funding halted for Professor Chris Exley, who links vaccines to autism  The Times  


Woman Wears 9 Lbs. of Clothing on Plane to Avoid $85 Overweight Baggage Fee  People


High school junior does what no MLB player has done before: Hit for home run cycle  USA Today

Jeopardy’s Prize Budget vs. James Holzhauer   The Atlantic

'Baseball Brit' Hopes To Attend 162 MLB Games This Season  NPR 


The way we taste food changes as we age  Quartz

Why I Take All My First Dates to Olive Garden   Bonappetit

Excessive noise is the chief complaint diners have: Here’s an App to Help  Vox


Here's How Wedding Photographers Know If The Couple Will End Up Divorced   Buzzfeed News

Family ties are unraveling globally  Axios 

How Parents Who Travel for Work Can Ease the Burden on Their Families  New York Times   


Mapping Where Traffic Pollution Hurts Children Most  CityLab

2019’s Best & Worst States for Children’s Health Care  Wallet Hub

How much screen time is too much? Here are the limits 10 tech executives set for their kids  NBC News


The 20 Most Pet-Friendly Cities in America  Mental Floss 

The mystery of Julian Assange’s cat: Where will it go? What does it know?  Washington Post

Dog Saved By Workers On Oil Rig, 135 Miles Off Thai Coast  NPR


Synthetic biology could bring a pox on us all  Wired 


Research Confirms: When Receiving Bad News, We Shoot the Messenger  Harvard Business Review 

Music therapy for mental health  The Naked Scientists 


Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders  BBC News 

50 Things Turning 50 in 2019  Mental Floss


Research misconduct in health and life sciences research: A systematic review of retracted literature from Brazilian institutions  PLOS  

Gun Research Is Suddenly Hot  New York Times

Censorship in a China Studies Journal  Inside Higher Ed

Many people believe that public records laws are fundamental to democracy. But others say they’re being used to stifle public research  Undark 

Stanford clears a professor of any wrongdoing in his interactions with a Chinese researcher who created the first gene-edited babies  New York Times 


A Yale Law School policy was meant to protect LGBTQ students: Other saw anti-Christian bias Washington Post

UW-Stevens Point Scraps Plans To Drop 6 Majors  Wisconsin Public Radio 

Telling parents to 'just relax' on college admissions perpetuates a broken system (opinion)  LA Times 

Some colleges receiving the most GI benefits spend the least on educating veterans, report says  Washington Post

The Students Called the TA a ‘Nazi.’ He Said He’s Not a White Supremacist: The University Ruled He Could Return to the Classroom  Chronicle of Higher Education

SDSU warns of possible meningitis exposure  FOX-5 


The Students Called the TA a ‘Nazi.’ He Said He’s Not a White Supremacist. The University Ruled He Could Return to the Classroom  Chronicle of Higher Education

Why this South Carolina teacher quit mid-year: 'The unrealistic demands and all-consuming nature of the profession are not sustainable’   Washington Post

What the Mueller Report Reveals About the Globe-Trotting Professor Who Spoke of ‘Dirt’ on Clinton  Chronicle of Higher Education

Professor Says Arizona State Forced Him to Fail Students: The University Says That’s ‘Unequivocally Wrong’ Chronicle of Higher Education


This bot will do your homework for $9.95 a month. Does it actually work?  Vox

New Uber program aims to boost rider safety on college campuses  Cnet

21 Life-Changing Things That Don't Happen To You Until You're 25 BuzzFeed News

Sitins and Walkouts in Schools over Software  New York Times