Articles of Interest - April 29


The Machine That Reads Your Mind (Kinda) and Talks (Sorta)  Wired 

Tiny robots powered by magnetic fields could help drug-delivery nanoparticles reach their Targets  MIT

In 1983, This Bell Labs Computer Was the First Machine to Become a Chess Master  IEEE Spectrum 

Amazon is testing a Spanish Language Alexa Experience  Tech Crunch 


Consider the system that integrates humans and machines – not as artificial intelligence but extended intelligence  Wired

Neuroscientists use artificial intelligence to develop speech-decoding device capable of translating brain signals into speech  Nature  

Startups are racing to commercialize DeepFakes’s powerful, internet-breaking AI  Fast Company 

3 startups commercializing Deepfakes media manipulation tech  Fast Company 

How to prepare for a career in machine learning and artificial intelligence  Tech Republic

Artificial Intelligence VS Machine Learning VS Data Science  Code Mentor

Media group says it has created a tool that uses machine learning to identify articles evoking positive feelings  Digiday  

How to hide from everyday surveillance cameras in the AI surveillance state  MIT Tech Review

Walmart takes a deep dive into artificial intelligence in its physical store  Associated Press 

The Nat Nuclear Sec Admin is making a play to save a scientific advisory group of elite scientists that the Pentagon is looking to shut down  Defense News 


CIA is officially on Instagram  ABC News  

TikTok's quirky videos can nab you your 15 seconds of fame  Cnet  

Kidfluencers’ are earning millions on social media, but who owns that money?  The Guardian

How Americans use Twitter: Key takeaways from our new study  Pew Research Center 

LA’s plan to reboot its bus system—using cell phone data  Wired 


Facebook never delivered its "Clear History" feature BoingBoing 

How Fox News dominates Facebook in the Trump era  Vice

The rise and fall of Facebook’s memory economy  Wired 


Sinclair plots national expansion  Axios

Vice Media Restructures, Folds 'Noisy,' 'Broadly,' 'Tonic' Into Flagship Site  MediaPost  

Media group says it has created a tool that uses machine learning to identify articles evoking positive feelings  Digiday 


27 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Sheets could do  Fast Company

Study: Journalists need help covering misinformation  Poynter 

Counteracting Health Misinformation: A Role for Medical Journals?  JAMA Network

Reporters Committee, NBC 7 San Diego sue U.S. immigration agencies for violating FOIA  Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press

A 101 on machine learning in the newsroom  Columbia Journalism Review 

Andrew Yang, the most meme-able 2020 candidate, also wants to save journalism  Harvard’s Nieman Lab  


A doorbell company owned by Amazon wants to start producing “crime news”  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

Smart Speaker Use Is Growing. Will News Grow With It?  Harvard’s Nieman Lab  


Students Fall for Misinformation Online: Is Teaching Them to Read Like Fact Checkers the Solution?  Chronicle of Higher Education 

6 Conspiracy Theories Promoted By OANN, Trump’s New Favorite ‘News’ Outlet  Hill Reporter

After Trump calls media "fakers," WHCA president slams "unpresidential" rhetoric  Axios

Fake Video: World Leaders Sing Imagine   YouTube


Millions using 123456 as password, security study finds  BBC

How Big Tech’s cozy relationship with Ireland threatens data privacy around the world  Politico  

Google knows everywhere you go — here's how to stop it from tracking you and delete the logs  CNBC 


A new startup helps podcasts get promoted on other podcasts  The Verge

Overcast Podcast Player Gains Audio and Video Clip-Sharing Feature  Mac Rumors


How healthy is the internet?  Mozilla

Google Inbox’s co-creator wants to fix Gmail with a new Chrome extension  The Verge

This map showing the fastest and slowest internet speeds in the US could predict the path of a Silicon Valley startup exodus  Business Insider 

The 4 Questions to Ask before You Unplug  Jstor 


When Are You Really an Adult?  Becoming (my blog) 

How to Actually, Truly Focus on What You’re Doing  New York Times


Dropped Hyphens, Split Infinitives, and Other Thrilling Developments from the 2019 American Copy Editors Society Conference  New Yorker  

Merriam-Webster adds 640 new words to its English dictionary  Merriam-Webster


Routine Over Talent: The Interesting Habits Of 11 Famous Writers  Minutes Magazine  

The story of handwriting in 12 objects  BBC 

The Numbers on Romance novels  Quartz


Foreign languages ought to be an asset for politicians—not a liability  Economist  

Over 400 languages spoken today may have originated in northern China New Scientist


Hear J.R.R. Tolkien Read from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in Vintage Recordings from the Early 1950s  Open Culture 

White nationalists interrupt Antiracist Book Festival at Politics and Prose  WTOP

Trivial Pursuit: The Shakespeare Edition Has Just Been Released: Answer 600 Questions Based on the Life & Works of William Shakespeare  Open Culture

Harper Lee, true crime writer  CBS News 


‘I Want What My Male Colleague Has, and That Will Cost a Few Million Dollars’  New York Times 

Wife-tracking apps are one sign of Saudi Arabia’s vile regime  The Guardian 


The racial bias built into photography  New York Times 

Is there a trade-off between racial diversity and academic excellence in gifted classrooms?  Hechinger Report


Chalking tires to enforce parking rules is unconstitutional, court finds  NBC News

Quest for food stamp data lands newspaper at Supreme Court  Associated Press 

Roy Moore Is Still Fighting In Court With Sacha Baron Cohen As He Eyes Another Senate Run  BuzzFeed News


A US photographer could lose some or all of a $450,000 jury award   Bloomberg Law 

Court reverses misguided fair use ruling  Photo District News 

Photographer Sues for Failure to Provide Creative Commons-Required Attribution Technology & Marketing Law Blog 


We found 85,000 cops who’ve been investigated for misconduct: Now you can read their records  USA Today 

Navy SEALs Were Warned Against Reporting Their Chief for War Crimes  New York Times


United Methodist Court Keeps Core of New LGBT Legislation  Christianity Today 

God, Guns, and Country: The Evangelical Fight Over Firearms  New Yorker

Half of Americans Say Evangelicals Are Discriminated Against  Christianity Today  

BYU speaker comes out during commencement speech  The Salt Lake Tribune

‘Hail Satan?’ examines the rise of the satanic temple  World Religion News  

India Proposes Controversial Bill Making Religion a Criteria for Refugee Citizenship  NPR


Churchgoing: The US is on a path towards secularism  Economist 

Places Of Worship Are Increasingly Becoming Targets Of Extremist Violence  NPR

Megachurch terminated from national accreditation group because of former senior pastor's 'discretionary account'  Chicago Tribune  

Evangelical churches can become 'seedbeds for rape culture,' seminary professor says  Christian Post 


2020 Election Revives Debate: Should Religious Faith Guide One's Voting?  NPR 

Franklin Graham rails against Buttigieg for calling himself 'gay Christian'  The Hill 

Franklin Graham Tells Buttigieg to ‘Repent’ Being Gay  Washington Post

2020 Democrats Invited To Iowa Evangelical Forum 'To Dig Deeper'  NPR  

How Trump has changed white evangelicals’ views about morality  Washington Post

2020 Democratic Candidates Are Reaching Out To Religious Voters  NPR


Meet the Woman Behind the Buttigieg Media Frenzy  Politico

Jared Diamond explores how countries respond to crises  Economist 

How The New Movements, Not The Old Media, Are Driving Politics  BuzzFeed News   

In many countries, dissatisfaction with democracy is tied to views about economic conditions, personal rights  Pew Research Center 


Photo of 3 Alabama men who kept widow company at restaurant goes viral  Fox News

Cop Saves An Elderly, Hearing-Impaired Man From An Oncoming Train  Digg

Police officer drives Illinois man to job interview after pulling him over  KSDK-TV   

Teen learned CPR at high school: Two weeks later, he used it to save his dad  The Wichita Eagle

He ran out of sick days to stay with his cancer-stricken daughter, so teachers donated their sick days  CNN


London Extinction Rebellion mural is a Banksy, says expert  The Guardian

Frida Kahlo: The unapologetic artist  CBS News 


The Luck Reunion is the anti-Coachella  Fast Company  

Why Do Sad People Like to Listen to Sad Music? Psychologists Answer the Question in Two Studies  Open Culture 


55 details you may have missed in 'Avengers: Endgame'  This is Insider

'Gosh!' An oral history of 'Napoleon Dynamite'  Desert News


‘Free speech isn’t free, is it?’: A story on a teen porn worker could cost a high school journalism teacher her job  Washington Post

Student journalists are breaking big stories  Axios 

The Student Journalists of Stoneman Douglas High Earned a Rare Honor at This Year’s Pulitzers  Mother Jones


Charges dropped for University of Arizona students who protested Border Patrol  AZ Central  

The story of a man running a cult out of his daughter’s dorm room  The Cut  


More than 12,000 Boy Scout members were victims of sexual abuse  ABC News

The shocking rape trial that galvanised Spain’s feminists – and the far right  The Guardian 

Man who pleaded guilty to raping 14-year-old girl gets no jail time  WKYT  


Rehab programs turn into form of cheap labor:  They worked in sweltering heat for Exxon, Shell and Walmart and didn’t get paid a dime  Reveal News  

Half Of Americans Think The Smell Of Weed In Public Is A Real Problem  BuzzFeed News  

Americans' Stress, Worry and Anger Intensified in 2018  Gallup

By 2045, the U.S. as a whole is projected to become majority minority  Axios 


Judge gives US 6 months to identify children split at border  Assoiciated Press  

Asylum in America  The Week


Can Your Employer Fire You After You Quit?  Life Hacker 

FBI director addresses efforts by China to steal academic research and technology  Inside Higher Ed  


The soothing, hypnotic colors of tulip season, seen from above  Quartz 

Climate change being fuelled by soil damage   BBC 


35 Years Of American Death  FiveThirtyEight 

The Unseen Crisis of Drug Shortages  Bloomberg 

Measles outbreak over 700: Continues Unabated  New York Times

A pill that tells doctors whether you’ve taken it  Washington Post

How to give voice to the speechless: Listen to, and translate, their brainwaves  Economist

Why Your Doctor’s White Coat Can Be a Threat to Your Health  New York Times 

Screening for lung cancer is a controversial idea But the evidence now suggests it can work  Economist


What anti-vaxxers are actually afraid of (it's not all about autism)   BigThink

'Brady Bunch' Episode Fuels Campaigns Against Vaccines And Marcia's Miffed  NPR


Sri Lanka was Lonely Planet's No. 1 travel destination for 2019. The attacks are ‘a big blow’  LA Times 


‘Jeopardy!’ Quiz: The Questions James Holzhauer Got Wrong  Vulture

How hard a golf hole is does not depend solely on how hard it is Economist  


The Raisin Industry  New York Times

How Technology is Changing the Food Industry Forbes


Getting married in your 30s is the new normal  Quartz 

U.N. recommends no screen time for babies; only 1 hour for kids under 5  NBC News

Participation in the arts raises kids' self-esteem  Pacific Standard 

What’s the point of marriage? (opinion)  the Week 


Rescue dog helps owner pick up trash across Arizona  NBC News 

Ape uses Smartphone 

Loyal dog stays by body of his master for two day until it is found  Daily Mail Online

How to Pay for Your Pet's Healthcare  Life Hacker  


The universe is expanding faster than previously thought  Johns Hopkins 

Dark Matter Gets a Reprieve in New Analysis  Quantam Magazine 


Rich guys are most likely to have no idea what they’re talking about  Washington Post 

Minnesota moves toward banning 'conversion therapy' but it's still legal in many states  CNN  


Many defendants turn to brain science  NBC News 

Brains of blind people adapt to sharpen sense of hearing, study shows  University of Washington


A Harvard Professor Explains What the Avengers Can Teach Us About Philosophy  Wired


21 Dos and Don’ts for Journal Writers and Reviewers  Chronicle of Higher Education

It's 2019: Academic Papers Should Be Free  Undark 

Rein in the four horsemen of irreproducibility  Nature 

Should we introduce a dislike button for academic articles?  Journal of the Assocn for Information Science and Tech

USDA orders scientists to say published research is ‘preliminary’  The Washington Post


Student slated to attend Western Michigan University beheaded in Saudi Arabia for ties to democracy  Detroit Free Press

Michigan adopts new policy after controversy over students turned down for letters of recommendation  Inside Higher Ed  

Palomar College board considers live-stream meetings  The Coast News  

Using AI to Make Knowledge Workers More Effective  Harvard Business Review 

Stanford Moves to Stop Supporting Its University Press  Inside Higher Ed  

They Complained About Their Office: Then Kean U. Took Their Jobs Away  Chronicle of Higher Education


An online school, wants to teach nursing  Economist  

National American University is latest for-profit chain to face financial turmoil Inside Higher Ed


How One Professor Mines Student Comments to Improve Her Teaching  Chronicle of Higher Education