Articles of Interest - April 8


Can you stop your parents sharing photos of you online?  BBC

YouTube Executives Ignored Warnings, Let Toxic Videos Run Rampant  Bloomberg

Snapchat launches new gaming service, platform and ad updates  Axios

Americans think social media is the worst - but can't stop using it  NBC News  

‘Old Town Road’ proves TikTok can launch a hit song  The Verge


FCC “fined” robocallers $208 million since 2015 but collected only $6,790  ArsTechnica


How China turned a city into a prison: a surveillance state reaches new heights  New York Times

What the internet knows about you  Axios  

What e-books at the library mean for your privacy  Cnet  


Cornell prof on using artificial intelligence hiring  NPR

A surprising quantum computer front-runner: carmakers  Axios 

Open-source activism: using GitHub to improve working conditions for coders  Wired 

Why Google’s announced creation of an external AI ethics board is getting push back  The Verge 


5 Useful Chrome Extensions For Screen Recording  Gizbot 

The best microphones to start podcasting with  The Verge


Why there’s so little left of the early internet  BBC 

How Do You Print Out the Entire Internet?  New York Times 


NYT NICAR 2019 Doxxing Handout  

Georgia House Republicans file bill to create state Journalism Ethics Board  AJC

The first act of Slovakia’s first female president: To visit a shrine to for murdered reporter Jan Kuciak  LA Times 

What kind of local news is Facebook featuring on Today In? Crime, car crashes, and not too much community  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

Your countless Google Docs can be easier to handle  Tools For Reporters

Taking local news to the really local level: Using location data to deliver relevant local news  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


Smart speakers are challenging the foundations of radio, and news outlets are racing to find a place on the platform   Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Plain Dealer lays off a third of unionized newsroom staff  Cleveland Plain Dealer   

Smart Speaker Use Is Growing. Will News Grow With It?  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


10 tools and tricks to verify Instagram posts  Fact Checking Day 

Why smart people are more likely to believe fake news  The Guardian

Pizzagate, Satanic Panic, and the Power of Conspiracy Theories  Jezebel 


Your Pain  Becoming (my blog)

6 things successful people like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos do on weekends to make their Mondays more productive  CNBC  

According to a new study from Oxford and Yale researchers, exercise might make you happier than money Business Insider 


A Harvard Linguist's 13 Simple Tips for Becoming a Great Writer  Inc. 

Poet Hanif Abdurraqib Discusses His Writing Process  NPR


Why Spanish-Language Websites For 2020 Democratic Contenders Are Filled With Errors  NPR

We've Added Over 300 New Words   

Coding Is for Everyone—as Long as You Speak English  Wired


The unsuccessful history of product placement in books, from Bulgari to Sweet’N Low  Vox

New Conservation Center to Preserve Hemingway’s Legacy in Cuba  Smithsonian  

The 8 best food descriptions in Ruth Reichl’s new memoir  Vox


She’s 28. She’s an Immigrant. She’s in Charge of Texas’ Most Populous County. Get Used to It Texas Observer

How Old Is 37? Depends on Your Gender  New York Times 


Jazz's Kyle Korver discusses racism in the NBA, white privilege  Sporting News

Facebook delivers ads based on race and gender stereotypes, researchers discover  CNBC

Decoding Chinese film stereotypes: from Red Sorghum to Crazy Rich Asians  Telegraph


Do we really own our digital possessions?  The Conversation 

Court Tosses $11-Million Libel Lawsuit Brought By The 'King Of Bullshit News'  TechDirt 

Hollywood's Drone War: Licensed Pilots or Unionized Photographers?  Hollywood Reporter  


How we uncovered 10,000 times lawmakers introduced copycat model bills — and why it matters  USA Today 

San Diego County Sues Trump Admin Over Its Handling of Asylum-Seekers  Voice of San Diego

Want to Know How to Build a Better Democracy? Ask Wikipedia  Wired 


Alabama's Prison Are Unsafe And Unconstitutional, Justice Department Says  NPR


An analysis of nearly 4 million pitches shows just how many mistakes umpires make  The Conversation  

How This Guy Became a World Yo-Yo Champion  Wired 


A Man Created An Instagram About Church Leaders In Expensive Designer Shoes  BuzzFeed News

LDS Church Rolls Back Policy That Restricted Baptizing Children Of Gay Parents  NPR

Texas bans clergy from executions after Supreme Court ruling  Associated Press

‘I cut people,’ a megachurch pastor threatened as she preached. Her target? The local newspaper  Washington Post 

Suspicious fires consume 3 black churches in 10 days in a Louisiana parish  CNN  

It’s Official: The “Nones”– People Who Profess No Religion–Are Now as Big as Catholics & Evangelicals in the US  Open Culture 

5 facts about Buddhists around the world  Pew Research Center 

Catholic missionaries are evangelizing on college campuses and trying to bring back the ‘nones’  The Conversation 

The countries with the 10 largest Christian populations and the 10 largest Muslim populations Pew Research Center 

Buttigieg to Mike Pence: “Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator”  Vox


Police officers pool money to replace hard-working gardener's stolen equipment CNN

Dad uses his paintbrush and the Mona Lisa to teach daughter life lessons ABC News

 Card tricks turn hotel worker and boy with autism into fast friends  WNEP 

13-year-old sells Xbox, does yard work to buy his single mom a car CBS News

Dad who overcame paralysis surprises daughter with 1st dance on her wedding day  ABC News

An infant did not have any hospital visitors for five months: So this nurse adopted her  Washington Post 

Brad Paisley breaks ground on free grocery shop in Nashville  Associated Press


Disabled Chicken Who Survived Weasel Attack Learning to Walk Thanks to Custom Wheelchair  People 

El Chapo’s wife is launching a clothing brand   LA Times 

Father admits to staging home invasion to cover up his theft of daughter’s Girl Scouts cookie sales  Global News 


Aerial photo & video contest  Sky Pixel

Frida Kahlo: The woman behind the legend    


How The Beach Boys Composed 'God Only Knows'  Digg 

Kanye to perform his Sunday Service on Easter during Coachella  Desert Sun 


Apple News+ could lead to a massive value destruction for the magazine industry  Monday Note 

Google’s constant product shutdowns are damaging its brand  ArsTechnica 

Ironically, Too Many Video Streaming Choices May Drive Users Back To Piracy  Techdirt 

From Amazon, Apple, Comcast, and AT&T: Who owns the media today  Recode

Gizmodo Media Group is sold to a private equity firm, and Univision is out of the English-language website business  Nieman Lab ***STUDENT MEDIA   

Signs taken down at College over “fat shaming” concerns  The Dickinsonian (student newspaper)

Teacher who defended student journalists at San Gabriel High, Alhambra Unified settle lawsuit  San Gabriel Valley Tribune 


Five damaging myths about video games – let’s shoot 'em up  The Guardian

Snap Inc started a gaming platform. But...why?  Thinkum 


The millennials who are making it  Axios

Millennial jobs by income, percent non-white and gender  Axios 


Scientists have #MeToo issues too. Don't exempt them from accountability laws (opinion)  Los Angeles Times 

National Academy of Sciences will vote on ejecting sexual harassers  Science Magazine  


The Death of an Adjunct: Thea Hunter was a promising, brilliant scholar. And then she got trapped in academia’s permanent underclass  The Atlantic  


How the war on drugs forces sick, poor people to die in unnecessary agony  Vice

The American Worth Ethic is actually two different standards — one for the wealthy and one for the poor  LongReads


Filing your taxes? watch out for phishing scams  Wired 

Patagonia Is Refusing To Sell Its Iconic Power Vests To Some Financial Firms  BuzzFeed News

Cincinnati Enquirer Reporters set out to discover if we've actually recovered from the Great Recession: This is what they found  Cincinnati

5 Ways to Help Your Team Be Open to Change  Harvard Business Review 


India Will Ban All Single-Use Plastics by 2022  Global Citizen


Mosquito bites can be avoided by listening to electronic music - specifically dubstep  BBC 

New antibiotics could be developed using fish slime, scientists say  The Guardian  

Prostate cancer is on the decline worldwide  American Association for Cancer Research

Older women benefit significantly when screened with 3D mammography  Science Daily

The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System  TheWeek 

Swallowable Vibrating Pill Shakes Faecis to Relieve Constipation  Med Gadget

Most people with dementia have a number of brain abnormalities, not just Alzheimer’s disease: The finding is forcing scientists to rethink the search for treatments  New York Times 

It’s not your imagination: Allergy season gets worse every year  Vox  


Hospitals across the United States are holding honor walks to show respect to patients at the end of life who are donating organs to others  New York Times

Drug-resistant “superbugs” are spreading — but your hospital doesn’t have to tell you Vox

Violence Against Hospital Employees Is On The Rise  NPR 


The 25 Best US Cities to Spend a Weekend  Thrillist  

Tourists 'threatened with death penalty' for taking selfies on beach in Thailand  Mirror Online 


Don’t cry, but milk sales plummeted by $1.1 billion last year  Fast Company

Kale is now one of the most pesticide-contaminated vegetables  CNBC  

When did America’s heart turn cold on buffet chains?  Vox 


What Makes a Happy Marriage? Data Shows the Answer Changing  Fatherly

The Loneliness of Infertility  The Walrus


Stray kitten becomes cyclist's companion on around-the-world adventure  Edinburgh Live

Dog owners are much happier than cat owners, survey finds  Washington Post

How a lost dog was found two days after a massive fire  WHSV

The wild world of trust funds for pets   The Hustle 

Cats Might Not Act Like It, But They Know Their Names As Well As Dogs  NPR  


GPS glitch threatens thousands of scientific instruments  Nature  

Two unusual galaxies shake up the dark matter debate, again  Wired

What Americans Know (and don’t know) About Science   Pew Research Center


The Challenge of Going Off Psychiatric Drugs  The New Yorker

The Psychology Behind why Couples Look Alike  TIME


The New Science of How to Argue—Constructively Disagreement is central to our lives online  The Atlantic 

The End of Satire: The toxic disinformation of social media has rendered traditional forms of humor quaint and futile  New York Times 

Tim Blake Nelson, Classics Nerd, Brings “Socrates” to the Stage  The New Yorker 


To Improve Memory, Tune It Like an Orchestra  New York Times 

Google killed the mailbox app Inbox. The shutdown was a gift to productivity  Inc


Does a new generation of social scientists have to publish more to achieve less? London School of Economics & Political Science


College President Sparks Controversy by Taking Down Blackface Photos  The Chronicle of Higher Education    

Hampshire President Quits; Board Votes to Try to Stay Independent  Inside Higher Ed 

College Campus Tries Out Robot Delivery  NPR

How America's College-Closure Crisis  Leaves Families Devastated  The Chronicle of Higher Education    

Why Colleges Love Influencers  Mashable 

Online university degree provider 2U acquires Trilogy for $750M to expand into tech bootcamps and training  Tech Crunch  

A provost and dean leave their positions at Western Kentucky  Inside Higher Ed

LGBTQ Victory at Azusa Pacific U. Leaves Significant Questions About Future and Faculty Security  Rewire

U of San Diego's Take on Building Name Dispute  Inside Higher Ed

Petition claims Baylor allows homophobic, mysoginistic speaker but prohibits LGBTQ campus groups  KXXV-TV 


Lawsuit: Michigan State University professor exploits students to work at personal lab  Detriot News 

Court upholds expulsion of former law student accused of plagiarism  Daily Trojan

Court rejects effort by MIT and Harvard to dismiss video captioning lawsuits Inside Higher Ed


Why Worthless Humanities Degrees May Set You up for Life  BBC 

The Digital Humanities Debacle Computational methods repeatedly come up short  The Chronicle of Higher Education    


A Professor Interviewed Hundreds of Excellent Teachers and Found a Common Theme  The Chronicle of Higher Education    

How to Access Lynda LinkedIn Learning for Free  Forbes

Digital Distraction Is a Problem Far Beyond the Classroom. But Professors Can Still Help  The Chronicle of Higher Education    


 2 Students Face Criminal Charges After Calling Border Agents ‘Murderers’ during protest  The Chronicle of Higher Education

For Some Students, There's A New Way To Pay For College  NPR

Can Doctors Talk Teenagers Out of Risky Drinking?  New York Times