Articles of Interest - May 20


Fears of social media manipulation rock the developing world   Axios  

Queen Elizabeth II Social Media Manager Job Salary and Description Harpers Bazaar  

10 facts about Americans and Facebook  Pew Research Center 

How to save a Tweet thread  Tools for Reporters 


Instagram killing another feature: Should I just quit?  SlashGear  

Instagram is killing Direct, its standalone Snapchat clone app, in the next several weeks TechCrunch 

Millions of Instagram influencers had their private contact data scraped and exposed  Tech Crunch 


#1 app YOLO Q&A is the Snapchat platform’s 1st hit  TechCrunch  

Snapchat has become a content creation tool for Instagram and Twitter users  The Verge


Facebook Announces Restrictions To Its Live Feature  NPR  

Facebook busts Israel-based campaign to disrupt elections in various countries  NBC News  

Facebook Releases a Trio of Maps to aid with Fighting Disease Outbreaks  TechCrunch 


How Ditching My Smartphone Let Me Recharge and Reconnect  Discover Magazine

Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist   Reuters


It’s Almost Impossible to Tell if Your iPhone Has Been Hacked  Vice  

Microsoft’s First Windows XP Patch in Years Is a Very Bad Sign  Wired  

All Four Major Wireless Carriers Hit With Lawsuits Over Sharing, Selling Location Data  Techdirt

iOS Users Locked Out Of Accounts As Google Confirms Security Vulnerability To Blame  Forbes

UCSD stonewalled attempts to notify women in an HIV research study that their confidential data was breached  iNewsSource 

Microsoft Updates Old System To Respond To New Threat  NPR  

Google uses Gmail to track a history of things you buy — and it’s hard to delete  CNBC 


Face It, You're Being Watched (video)   Bloomberg 

Like It Or Not, Your Face Is In A Database  Digg 


San Francisco looks to ban use of facial recognition technologies by city agencies  PS Magazine

Experts Talk Best Practices For Facial Recognition Technology  NPR

Google’s AI can now translate your speech while keeping your voice  MIT Tech Review


Are p-values a gateway drug to dichotomous thinking? Or is it the other way round?  Replication Network

Google’s AI improves accuracy of lung cancer diagnosis, study shows  Stat News

A.I. Took a Test To Detect Lung Cancer; It got an A  New York Times 

Meet one of the data sciences (and former hoops player) working with the Philadelphia 76ers to improve the team’s on court strategy (video)  Bloomberg   

Salaries for data scientists begin to plateau and "It can be very hard for someone with a new degree in data science to find a data science position”  Tech Republic  

Which is the bigger threat: fake news generated by AI or fake news about AI?  PC Mag

AI that reads journal articles and highlights key findings could help researchers stay on top of the latest research—but the technology isn’t ready for prime time  Inside Higher Ed 

Deep learning could be the end of end to end encryption  Forbes 


Adobe Tells Users They Can Get Sued for Using Old Versions of Photoshop  Vice


The Best Free Apps and Software You're Not Already Using  Gizmodo 

Where The Algorithms Can’t Find You  FiveThirtyEight 


The other conservative news network Trump keeps tweeting about, explained  Vox 

California journalists shield law one of the strongest in nation  San Francisco Chronicle

Study Finds US Journalism Is Becoming More Subjective  Courthouse News 

Audit suggests Google favors a small number of major news outlets  Columbia Journalism Review

The cable network that is Foxier than Fox -- and that Trump is promoting  CNN

Bad news, Journalists: Robots are writing really good headlines now  The Next Web

Reporter shot and killed in Mexican tourist resort  Reuters 

Journalism schools need to focus on data, local news, social media and business models StoryBench 

Advice for military veterans in journalism  Twitter 

The power of journalism collaboration is also the power of inclusion — here’s how to harness it Harvard’s Nieman Lab

Don't 'Fact Vomit:' 'Write Like You Talk'  RTDNA


Should a Colorado library publish local news?  Columbia Journalism Review

Gannett shareholders reject efforts to push the country’s biggest newspaper chain to sell itself  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 


Poynter’s list of 515 ‘unreliable’ sites was itself unreliable: Why did Poynter fail to contact websites or list creators?  iMedia Ethics 

'Fake News' Is a Really Dangerous Excuse for Censorship  Reason 

Finnish kids are better at spotting fake news than Americans  Quartz

When The New York Times Got Duped into Publishing "The Lexicon of Grunge" in 1992  Open Culture 

Finland is winning the war on fake news  CNN


Virtual kidnappings are rattling families across the US  CNN  

US pastor runs network giving 50,000 Ugandans bleach-based 'miracle cure' The Guardian  

Trump supporters who donated to GoFundMe wall now worry they got scammed  Salon  

Heiress allegedly faked lavish, star-studded wedding for attention  New York Post


Clever or Pleasant  Becoming (my blog)

Howard Stern’s new Self-awareness  Hollywood Reporter 

Stop trying to ‘find’ meaningful work (and create it instead)  Fast Company

Breaking My Own Silence: Power is the confidence to speak for yourself  New York Times


Your Complete Guide to Popular Literary Devices in Great  Book Riot Writing  

How to answer when someone asks how you’ll make money as a writer  Slate


The story of Ernest Hemingway’s $187,000 magazine expenses claim  Columbia Journalism Review 

Jia Zhangke Begins Shooting Documentary About Chinese Literature  Hollywood Reporter


Who needs poetry? We all do – and we need it now  The Guardian

New website uses AI to generate stories, articles and poetry  Critical Hit

A poetry-writing AI has just been unveiled. It’s ... pretty good  Vox 

Poetry for People Who Hate Poetry  Cleveland Scene  

Finding Your Inner Poet  The Nerd Daily  

When giving advice to graduates, I turn to  Chicago Tribune poetry 

Yemeni poetry thrives despite trauma of civil war  The Guardian  

Writing poetry saves a suffering modern woman  The Japan News  

Are we writing for other disabled people, for the nondisabled, or for everyone? The work of these poets speaks for itself  New York Times 

Manga: Writing poetry saves a suffering modern woman  Eleven Myanmar

No rhyme or reason for age limit on Oxford poetry professorship   The Guardian

How Poetry Helps Me Face an Invisible Illness  Sojourner Magazine  


Female authors listed on just 30% of recent UK academic research  The Guardian

America’s Growing Gender Jail Gap  New York Books 

Why less that one-in-five data scientists are women  Tech Republic 

New studies on student evaluations of teaching say a simple intervention can fight gender bias  Inside Higher Ed


Data: race and class affect who gets ahead educationally regardless of academic talent: Spoiler alert: it helps to be wealthy and white  Inside Higher Ed 

The return of white supremacy  The Week  

Cure for hate: Former skinheads recall what turned them around  Union Tribune 

Al Jazeera suspends journalists for Holocaust denial video  BBC 


TV station takes First Amendment battle to high court  WCAX-TV

First Amendment vitals: Taking Gen Z’s pulse on free expression and inclusion  College Pulse


Paparazzi Photographer Sues Ariana Grande For Instagram Pics  BuzzFeed News

Soon You May Not Even Have to Click on a Website Contract to Be Bound by Its Terms  Propublica

School Accreditor Raises Bar-Passage Standard  Inside Higher Ed  


Junk Science: With the exception of DNA analysis, no forensic method has been rigorously shown to be effective  The Intercept 

Justice Department Forces Alabama To Address Deadly Prison Conditions  NPR


Christian apologetics group at UCCS to be granted student club status under lawsuit settlement  Gazzette

After 40 years, 'megachurch' pastor slams Christianity and quits  Christian Post 

Conservatives working on a bill in Congress that would both create new federal LGBT rights and add religious exemptions (a leading advocate is CCCU)  BuzzFeed News

Celebrity prayer candles are a thing  Vox  

Here's why Sikhs were offended by this $790 Gucci turban  CNN

Nearly 7 in 10 Millennial Evangelicals Give, Says New Study   The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Many Americans see religious discrimination in U.S. – especially against Muslims   Pew Research Center 

Evangelical Lutheran Church Rallies Around Pastor, Family Detained By ICE  Huffington Post  

Losing Religion and Finding Ecstasy in Houston: The church I grew up in was so big we called it the Repentagon  The New Yorker 


Southern Baptist seminary turmoil leaves stained glass artists picking up the pieces  Religious News Service 

Jerry Falwell Jr. Just Accused Dr. Russell Moore of Being a Part of the ‘SBC Deep State’  Relevant Magazine 

10 Women Who Are Changing the Southern Baptist Response to Abuse  Christianity Today

Debate over women in Southern Baptist pulpits flares on social media  Baptist News 


Man panhandling near freeway rushed to save people from fiery crash  KDVR-TV 

Marathon runners in last place inspire each other to cross the finish line  NBC News

Blind teen creates Braille menus for local restaurants  ABC-7 

Teens stranded at sea cried out to God for help: Then a boat named "Amen" rescued them  CBS News 

92-year-old World War II veteran gets high school diploma with his grandson WTAE-TV 

A former college football wide receiver stops an armed student in a high school parking lot   ESPN

He couldn’t speak as a child. Now this autistic student is giving a commencement address  MSNBC


A South African man was arrested for eating at KFC for free for an entire year. He told employees that he was from HQers and checking quality assurance..   India Today

Costly face tattoo removals on the rise as regret sets in  New York Daily News

The boy in the photo A napalm attack, an orphan  and a life-changing message three decades later  BBC 

A billboard worker fell while working on a billboard advertising personal injury lawyers  New York Post 

Cafeteria worker fired for giving free lunch to boy who couldn't pay  Associated Press  

Florida city fines man $30,000 for tall grass; Now the city is foreclosing on his home  Tampa Bay Times

Long Island man busted using dummy to drive in carpool lane New York Post


Sacred Spaces: The Grand Interiors of Modern Churches Across Europe and Japan This is Colossal 


Spanish-language media is having a local news boom  Axios

Quartz, built on free distribution, has put its articles behind a paywall  Harvard Nieman Lab

Judge: Florida-based broadcaster is Russian foreign agent  ABC News

Coming to a TV near you: personalized ads  Axios 

Radhika Jones Introduces Vanity Fair’s Full Digital Archive  Vanity Fair


Student journalists at Transylvania University say administrators have taken away their pay in an attempt to stop their work  Inside Higher Ed

Moody Bible Institute to stop publishing student paper  Religious News Service

This teen journalist got the scoop on Bill de Blasio's presidential campaign  NBC News

Appeals Court rules in favor of student newspaper in legal battle with University over documents relating to a university-conducted sexual misconduct investigation  Kentucky Kernel 

Rutgers newspaper launches GoFundMe campaign after student funding support falls short  North Jersey


18 newsletters every freelance journalist needs to subscribe to  Muckrack

Essays about mother love for a series  Longreads

Freelance pitches  Ms. Magazine 

Disability stories  Gal-Dem Magazine

Freelance writers  Crunchbase News 

Opinion pieces about games and diversity  Queerly Represent  

Freelance contributor  Lit Reactor 

Freelance writers  Blop Culture 


Surging Suicide Rate Among Young Girls Raises Questions About Role of Social Media  Bloomberg 

Whats Polls Say About Abortion Views  NPR 

Map: The richest and poorest parts of America  Axios 

Mexican Government Helped Surveillance Effort On Journalists, Attorneys, and Others at U.S.-Mexico Border  NBC San Diego 


Work experience poor predictor of future job performance 

I took Yale’s ‘most popular class ever’—and it completely changed how I spend my money  CNBC 


Why the Guardian is changing the language it uses about the environment  The Guardian  


Allegations of widespread fraud raise questions about the safety of generic drugs made overseas  CBS News

Why Your Doctor’s White Coat Can Be a Threat to Your Health  New York Times

A $330 Thermometer Claimed To Be 99.4% Accurate In Preventing Pregnancy: The Study It Was Based On Just Got Retracted  BuzzFeed News  

Why the Government Pays Billions to People Who Claim Injury by Vaccines  The Atlantic


Why Walking is the Key to Being More Productive  GQ 

It's Not Just Salt, Sugar, Fat: Study Finds Ultra-Processed Foods Drive Weight Gain  NPR 

Sunscreens may enter bloodstream, but health effect unknown, study finds  NBC News


A Wave Of Rural Hospital Closures Tests Communities Across The U.S.  NPR

Many Americans Will Need Long-Term Care: Most Won’t be Able to Afford It  New York Times 


He visited all 419 national park sites in 3 years to honor his late father. Here's how  USA Today

A Bird’s-Eye View of Beaches Around the World  Condé Nast Traveler 

Rocks, tarantulas and the subtle poetry of a walk along the San Andreas fault  LA Times


The eSports Boom, and the Numbers Behind the Sector’s Explosive Growth  Visual Capitalist

A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches  The Week  

Softball Team Pulls Off Hidden Ball Trick To Absolute Perfection (video)  Trine SportsInfo


Soda sales fizzled thanks to Philadelphia's pop tax   PopSci  

Researchers Say Evidence Shows What You Eat Really Does Matter  NPR

Vanilla Fever: How did hunger for the humble vanilla pod lead to greed, crime and riches? 1843 Magazine


The most popular baby names from 2018  Social Security Admin  Social Security 

Americans' support for same-sex marriage has doubled since 2004 People-Press

Co-parenting apps help divorced parents with childrearing  WGN-TV 

Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage in historic first for Asia  CNN

A global snapshot of same-sex marriage  Pew Research Center 

Raise a Problem-Solving Kid by Talking Less and Questioning More  Life Hacker 


Face Swap Your Pet Into Another Species With This AI Tool  Vice

Grumpy Cat, titan of the internet, is dead  CNN 

Man Jumps Into New York River to Rescue Dog  Inside Edition 

25 Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Dog  Mental Floss 


Billions of black holes  The Week 

The story of the birth of chaos theory has left out two programming pioneers  Quanta Magazine  

Billion-Dollar Gamble: How A 'Singular Hero' Helped Start A New Field In Physics  NPR  


Which FL election offices were hacked? Supervisors are asked  Miami Herald


The Troubled History of Psychology  The New Yorker 

How your friends change your habits - for better and worse  BBC

How Stack Up uses video games to save veterans from mental illness and suicide  Venture Beat  

Death of a close friend 'can impact health for years'   BBC


Scientists start to unravel how the brain forgets  Axios 

Why Does The Brain Connect Pain With Emotions?  NPR

Why can’t some people remember their dreams?  BBC 

Does aging make us more susceptible to financial scams?  Marketplace


What is the most important philosophy book of all-time? WGN Radio


How Upton Sinclair’s 1934 run for governor of California inspired a cult   Lapham’s Quarterly  

Aztec allies ritually disfigured captured Spaniards' remains ABC News

Muslims came to America more than a century before Protestants, and in great numbers. How was their history forgotten?  Aeon 


Are p-values a gateway drug to dichotomous thinking? Or is it the other way round? Replication Work 

25 Ways to Increase Your Chances at Publication  Inside Higher Ed

Study: Academics rarely comment on articles  Scholarly Kitchen


American Students Have Changed Their Majors Health professions are in, education and the humanities are out  Bloomberg 

Portland State President, Under Fire, Resigns  Inside Higher Ed

Dozens walk out of Pence address to Christian University graduates  The Hill

Liberty U vs. Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary  Inside Higher Ed

What if evangelical students heard more than one side of the global warming debate? (opinion)  Christian Post 

Drew University rethinks ties to Methodist church

Evangelical college announces cuts to majors, 11 faculty members laid off  Inside Higher Ed

Facing Rising Costs And Charges Of Intolerance, Gordon College Plots A Future  WBUR

Faculty, Department Cuts Rock Christian University  Tartan (student newspaper)

Southwestern College journalism professor battle cancer  Times of San Diego


Are Students Just Telling Us What We Want to Hear?  Daily Jstor

Can Schools ‘Teach Students to Think’?  The Atlantic  

This school district outsourced many of its high school courses to an online program. But it’s not clear students are learning Clalkbeat


This student decorated her graduation cap with QR code that sends people to a list of high school shooting victims  CNN 

This Is the Best Way to Take Notes, According to Science  Curiosity 

SAT Adversity Score: College Board will use SAT exam to give students "adversity score" in bid to level playing field  CBS News 

College grads still earn more than workers with no university degree: This map shows the states with the widest salary gaps  Business Insider 


Reviewing course evaluations: the drinking game  McSweeneys

She Didn’t Get An ‘A’ So She Accused Professor Of Sexual Harassment. Then She Held Ex At Knifepoint To Destroy Evidence  News-Gazette  

A dead professor, two naked men and a suicide: 'It’s one of the strangest cases that we’ve ever worked'  USA Today