Articles of Interest - May 27


The “spooky” quantum world and how the promise of quantum computers may unravel some of the secrets of the universe (video)  ColdFusion

A result never before achieved: the random number generator at the NIST in Boulder relies on counterintuitive quantum behavior  Daily Jstor

Nine investigations that used satellite imagery  Global Investigative Journalism Network

Seven of the best available Python libraries  Tapscape

A primer on PySpark for data science  Toward Data Science

AI learns to write headlines (but not this one)   Axios

Google unveiled an AI system that demonstrated a remarkable talent for seeing through lung cancer’s disguises  Stat News 


Facial Recognition Has Already Reached Its Breaking Point  Wired

This Neural Net Can Make A Moving, Talking Face Out Of A Single Still Image (video)  Egor Zakharov


Young people and their phones are shaking up banking  Economist

Amazon Is Working on a Device That Can Read Human Emotions  Bloomberg


Twitter Is Showing More Ads, And People Are Seeing Lots Of Weird Crap As A Result  BuzzFeed News

The Kids Use TikTok Now Because Data-Mined Videos Are So Much Fun   Bloomberg

The Chinese company that bought Grindr wasn't supposed to let Chinese engineers access Americans' data -- but it did   BongBong

CrossFit Deletes Its Facebook Account, Denounces “Utopian Socialists”  Front Office Sports


10 cliché Instagram posts you'll definitely see this summer  Mashable 

Instagram’s IGTV adds support for horizontal videos — but still no ads  Digiday

Instagram Ruined Travel. A New Generation Of Influencers Is Trying To Fix It  Refinery29


Snapchat looks to mirror TikTok and Instagram Stories with new in-app music  Axios

How to Use Snapchat’s Gender Swap Filter Everyone’s Talking About  iPhone Hacks


Your Kid Wants to Be a YouTuber? There’s a Camp for That  Wall Street Journal

The tricky task of policing YouTube  Economist


Moms are going undercover to fight fake autism cures in private Facebook groups  NBC News

Fake News Spreads ‘Farther, Faster, Deeper’ Than Truth, Study Finds  Washington Post 

Facebook: Fake account removal doubles in 6 months to 3B  Associated Press

Deepfakes are getting better—but they’re still easy to spot  ArsTechnica 


In thoughtful interview, Stephen Colbert and Howard Stern talk about what makes a thoughtful interview  AV Club

Why local foundations are putting their money behind a rural journalism collaborative  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


NYT editor predicts most local newspapers will 'die in the next five years'  The Hill

Why I disappeared from WJTV in Jackson, Mississippi  Medium 

GateHouse Media lays off journalists across the country  Poynter 

The Boston Globe is the first local newspaper to have more digital subscribers than print   Harvard’s Nieman Lab

How The Guardian is looking to boost reader donations in the US  Digiday


Explore your Passion without Pressure  Becoming (my blog)


Here’s Why Authors All Tweet An Ugly Screenshot From The Same Websites  BuzzFeed News

Print writers turn to television for the big bucks  Axios

Debut novel by poet Ocean Vuong picked by booksellers as June Indie #1  Bookweb

Can reading really improve your mental health?  BBC 

Imitation in literature: inspiration or plagiarism? Oxford University Press Blog 

Improve Your Content Strategy with These 4 Proofreading Tools  Business2community 


How A Software Engineer's Attempt To Make A Crossword Puzzle Exposed A Whole Plagiarism Scandal  Digg 

Studiosity creates new tool targeting accidental plagiarism  The Pie News


Fav phrases from literature immortalized as book quote tattoos  My Modern Met  

Anne Frank: the real story of the girl behind the diary  The Guardian

Korean folktales as protest literature  Korean Times 

Poop, realism and Ghibli: Enter the world of children's  literature  Japan Times


I Grew Up In A Fundamentalist Evangelical Community. How I "Rewired" My Brain With Poetry Bustle 

‘I courted poetry early in life’  The Nation

U.S. teen poets find no rhyme or reason to climate peril  Reuters 

“The Spiral Labyrinth,” a Poetry-Sound Collaboration (audio)  Orion Magazine

World War I Poetry (podcast)  Inside Higher Ed

The Making of Poetry by Adam Nicolson review – when Coleridge met the Wordsworths  The Guardian

Can you write a photo into a haiku into a song?  Chicago Tribune  


In Israel, There Are Poetry Slams For The Deaf  Forward 

Political poetry has dramatic impact at Dawn Raids art exhibition  Asia Pacific Report

Hundreds of Chinese poets compete using trade war as the backdrop  Global Times 


The Bittersweet Poetry of “Lima :: Limón”  New Yorker

The Life of Forgotten Poet Letitia Elizabeth Landon  Jstor 

Review: Authors spotlight 41 of state's notable poets  The Advocate   

Poet Gregory Orr Has Been Teaching ‘How to Save Your Life’ for Four Decades  University of Virginia 

Journalist-poet Villanueva writes and delights  Manila Standard 

Poetic Influencer: Marilynn Montaño  OC Weekly

How Walt Whitman’s Decade In Washington Changed His Life — And His Poetry  WAMU


Warmer Offices Are Better for Women  The Atlantic

My Rapist Apologized  New York Times

Struggling with style Modern dress codes are easier for men than for women  Economist  

How China forged self-made female billionaires   Economist  

New Web Project Immortalizes the Overlooked Women Who Helped Create Rock and Roll in the 1950s  Open Culture

Women’s Issues within political party platforms  Pudding 

News outlets post way more pictures of men than women to Facebook  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

These hidden women helped invent chaos theory  Wired 


Connectivity drives the Asian American consumer journey Nielson

 Race plays an ever-more important role in voting  Economist

How an internet mob falsely painted a Chipotle employee as racist  CNN

Key facts about Asian Americans, a diverse and growing population  Pew Research

Hate makes a comeback in the Pacific Northwest  Associated Press 


CBS Sued Over 'Andy Griffith Show' Theme Song  Hollywood Reporter

Youtubers and record labels are fighting over copyright and record labels keep winning  The Verge


Philly judge stuns wrongly convicted juvenile lifer by setting him free after 21 years in prison  Philly

Muggings are so common, Mexicans buy fake cellphones to hand over in muggings  Associated Press

How The For-Profit Prison Industry Keeps 460,000 Innocent People in Jail Every Day   GQ


Google stored some passwords in plain text for fourteen years  The Verge

How creepy is your smart speaker?  Economist

U.S. May Blacklist Chinese Surveillance Firm, 'New York Times' Reports  NPR  

An 11-year-old changed election results on a replica Florida state website in under 10 minutes  PBS NewsHour 

All the ways google tracks you—and how to stop it  Wired 


How to Speed Up or Slow Down Any HTML5 Video  LifeHacker


White Evangelicals Are the Most Islamophobic Americans, Poll Shows  Newsweek

Study: Belief in the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ Does Not Turn People into Successful Entrepreneurs  Baylor

Police are investigating a Megachurch founder accused of hiring a hitman  Relevant Magazine 

Owners of a Noah's Ark replica file a lawsuit over rain damage  CNN

The Day Christian Fundamentalism Was Born  The New York Times  

The history of China’s Muslims and what’s behind their persecution  The Conversation 

Lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans are less religious than straight adults by traditional measures  Pew Research Center


Southern Baptists Down to Lowest Membership Numbers in 30 Years  Christianity Today  

Only Half of Kids Raised Southern Baptist Stay Southern Baptist Christianity Today


Millennial evangelicals more likely to attend church weekly than older generations, poll finds  Christian Post 

Study: 10% of young Christians say they’ve left a church because they felt it didn’t take sex abuse seriously enough  Christian Headlines


Steve Bannon’s Academy for the Judaeo-Christian West  Economist

The Debate Grows Over What Religious Freedom Means  NPR


Man graduates with nursing degree from same university where he started as a janitor  ABC News

Rainbow Village: an entire community in Taiwan is hand-painted by a single man  This is Colossal 

Teenager pushes double-amputee home in wheelchair during storm warning  WBAY

Minnesota woman donates kidney to man who helped rescue her daughter  KARE-11

Homeless high school student becomes valedictorian, gets 50 college scholarships: ‘never let your current a mountain that you can’t climb’  Newsweek

Classmates work together to help friend see color for the 1st time  WLWT


Banksy crashes Venice Biennale with street stall  CNN

Typography 2020: A special listicle for America  Practical Typography 

Thirty years ago a show in Paris set out to redraw the art world  Economist

The Art of Doodling  The Paris Review

Meteorological Data Visualized as Mixed Media Sculptures by Nathalie Miebach  This is Colossal


How Computers Ruined Rock Music  Rick Beato

The Lives of John Coltrane & Billie Holiday Are Now Told in Two Graphic Novels  Open Culture

Sing My Name If your name is Baby, then seemingly every song is about you. But what if your name isn’t Baby?  Pudding


Rotten Tomatoes will start verifying ticket purchases for audience reviews Tech Crunch


Are You Ready to Go Freelance?  Harvard Business Review

Freelance writing submissions  Paperback Literary Journal

‘How to' and listicle type pieces  AdWeek

Freelance writing ideas  SELF magazine  

The Future Is Black Female essay competition to win $1,000  Future Black Female


Rockefeller University Admits Decades Of Sexual Abuse Complaints Against Children’s Doctor Reginald Archibald  BuzzFeed News 

Mississippi lawmaker was drunk when he ‘punched’ his wife in the face over sex Sun Herald


The Mexican-American population is shrinking  Economist

Key facts about Asian origin groups in the U.S.  Pew Research Center

U.S. unauthorized immigrants are more proficient in English, more educated than a decade ago  Pew Research Center 

Visualizing Poverty Across America  Daily Infographic  


What Is 'Milkshaking,' Britain's Latest Political Trend?  The Atlantic

So Far, $1.57 Billion for Wall Yields 1.7 Miles of Fence  Bloomberg

Trump administration bans CDC from saying 'diversity,' transgender,' 'fetus,' and more   Washington Post


Why Companies Are so Bad at Hiring  Medium 

The human brain can’t contend with the vastness of online shopping  The Atlantic  

How middle-age, middle-class moms are killing JCPenney and Kohl's  Washington Post


Why Banning Plastic Grocery Bags Could Be A Bad Move  NPR

Washington becomes first state to legalize using dead bodies for compositing  CNN 


Episiotomies are painful, risky and not routinely recommended  USA Today

No, Night Owls Aren’t Doomed to Die Early  New York Times  


The techie obsession with sleep technology  Economist

CRISPR Used To Modify Viruses And Create New Weapon Against Superbugs  NPR 

Body shop 3D printers will make better implants  Economist


The Many Health Benefits Of Meth  Pacific Standard

Fighting Fentanyl Washington Post 


How travelers can avoid common scams  Washington Post

Not all travel ‘hacks’ are good. Here are the ones to avoid  Seattle Times

Top Travel Destinations for US History Buffs  Travel Pulse


Velocity is strangling baseball — and its grip keeps tightening  The Washington Post

Peru’s government wants its citizens to take up baseball  Economist


The Best Time of the Day to Drink Coffee Isn’t as Soon as You Wake Up  Mental Floss

A food craving is not our body’s way of signaling that it needs a certain nutrient  BBC  


How to make social media safe for children  Economist

Top Baby Names for each State Social Security   Tweet String 

There’s Evidence on How to Raise Children, but Are Parents Listening? New York Times


Soldier reunited with puppy he saved from Syria   News Herald 

Dog Person? It May Be in Your Genes  The New York Times


Former FBI Body Language Expert Explains The Body Language Cues That Actually Mean Something  Wired 

What Researchers learning about success from tracking preschoolers from the 1960s until today  NPR 

How Carl Jung Inspired the Creation of Alcoholics Anonymous Open Culture

Problems with the American Association of Christian Counselors  The Throckmorton Blog 


Scientists Find a Volume Knob for Emotional Memories  Wired   

Telepathy Is Real With The Help Of A Computer (video)  NPR  


Two decades of research let you take a fly-over of ancient Rome  Smart History 

Last American slave ship is discovered in Alabama  National Geographic  

Who really owns the past?  Aeon 


The Rise of Junk Science Publications  The Walrus

This Is Easily the Best Correction in Science Publishing This Month  Gizimodo

Want to access the raw data behind an academic paper? Good luck  Pudding 

MIT professor accused of claiming others’ scientific discoveries as his own  Stat News

Taiwan considers double-blind peer review for grants  Nature 

Please avoid these reviewers' pet peeves!  NIH

Can Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Media Drive Downloads, Citations?  Scholarly Kitchen  


Institutions generally don't have provisions against professors dating students they just taught Inside Higher Ed 

It’s Taken 5 Decades to Get the Ph.D. Her Abusive Professor Denied Her  New York Times

Rejecting the requirement to publish dissertations online  Inside Higher Ed

Emory University Fires 2 Neuroscientists Accused of Hiding Chinese Ties  TIME

Texas Professors Could Be Criminally Charged if They Don't Report Sexual Harassment or Assault (sub. req’d)  Chronicle of Higher Ed


Pro-Trump hats worn by students blurred from high school yearbook  WPMT FOX43

When are student newspaper budget cuts unconstitutional? (podcasts)  Student Press Law Center 


Wealthy students disproportionately receive extra time on standardized tests  Axios

Study Finds More Low-Income Students Attending College  Inside Higher Ed

Oregon college student taking pictures dies after falling off side of mountain  NBC News

No sex please, we’re millennials  Economist 

When a college student is home for the summer  New York Times 


“Free college:” Why offering access to something broken does not make it better  Christensen Institute 

Administrators were shocked when the college was sued for discrimination  Inside Higher Ed

Rick Singer faked students’ CVs in college admission bribery scandal. He seems to have faked his own  Associated Press 

Professor says AU Cairo wronged him in canceling his chair after he resisted donor's demands  Inside Higher Ed

Is It Time to Abolish the SAT? (opinion)  Medium 

Baldwin Wallace University ends the school’s formal affiliation with the United Methodist Church  Baldwin Wallace University

Prosecutors subpoenaed records of 9 Chapman University students in admissions scandal  LA Times