Articles of Interest - June 24


The Invisible Battle for America’s Airwaves Popular Mechanics

Tesla Arcade Let’s You Play a Videogame Right in Your Car  Wired  

Ever Plugged A USB In Wrong? Of Course You Have. Here's Why NPR


Trump threatens Time journalist with prison over photo  BBC

Five NY1 anchors file age and gender discrimination lawsuit against the New York station  CNN


"First-generation fact-checking” is no longer good enough. Here’s what comes next Harvard’s Nieman Lab  

Identifying a fake picture online is harder than you might think The Conversation

Debunked: The absurd story about smartphones causing kids to sprout horns  Ars Technica  

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Deepfakes?  The Fashion Law Blog

***BIG DATA & AI  

Imminent quantum supremacy may turn out to have an important application after all  Wired  

Walmart is using AI-powered cameras to track theft in 1,000 stores: It’s called Missed Scan Detection technology  Business Insider 

Can AI spot early signs of schizophrenia?  Science Daily 

How machine learning can be used to drive experimental quantum physics discoveries 

The concept of the data lake has edged its way into wider business strategy for many orgs  IT Proportal


Social media can hurt. Here are 6 ways to reduce its harms Fast Company

Facebook wants to create a worldwide digital currency Libra could be massively disruptive—including to the social network itself Economist 

If Slack is so good, why are so many companies trying to fix it? Vox 

Instagram Advertising By Micro-Influencers: Do You Know It, When You See It? NPR  


Meet TikTok: How The Washington Post, NBC News, and The Dallas Morning News are using the of-the-moment platform  Harvard’s Nieman Lab

TikTok Has A Predator Problem. A Network Of Young Women Is Fighting Back BuzzFeed News

Brands and advertisers are scrambling to tap into TikTok Fast Company


I’m a journalist but I didn’t fully realize the terrible power of US Border officials until they violated my rights and privacy  The Intercept

Google Chrone has become Surveillance Software   Washington Post

Florida city pays $600,000 ransom to save computer records - single employee clicked on an email link that allowed them to upload malware Associated Press


NASA releases 140,000 high-resolution photos from its archives This is Colossal

Tools to fix your noisy video chats, send emails with confidence and improve your newsletters  Poynter


How the pursuit of leisure drives internet use  Economist

Is Firefox better than Chrome? It comes down to privacy  The Washington Post

The Most Visited Websites In The World, Visualized  Digg


Your career as a Painting not a Ladder  Becoming (my blog)

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?: What Research Shows, and What You Have to Say  Open Culture

Gardening Fixes Everything  Forge


Latin is dead—yet it also lives on  Economist

The Lost Words: An Illustrated Dictionary of Poetic Spells Reclaiming the Language of Nature Brain Pickings

How to change a word’s meaning: misogyny  Economist


Poetry paints a lyrical picture of Canada  The Record

‘The spirit of activism has always been in LA poetry’ KCRW

Reviving Northern Ireland's poetry scene one poem at a time BBC

‘Dreaming of Stones’: Poetry collection offers spiritual solace  Chicago Tribune

The Last Love Poem I Will Ever Write’ and other best poetry of the month  Washington Post


Meet Joy Harjo, The First Native American U.S. Poet Laureate  NPR

How Erasmus Darwin’s Poetry Prophesied Evolutionary Theory  The Wire

Eve L. Ewing on ‘1919,’ her new poetry collection about Chicago’s little-known race riot  Chicago Tribune 

Psychiatric survivor Mel Starkman turned his experiences into poetry and activism The Globe


What the google-genius copyright dispute is really about  Wired

How 25 countries in the Americas could end up allowing gay marriage Economist

Who owns song lyrics on the internet? It's complicated  Wired

Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Scandalous Trademark Registrations Hollywood


What it’s like to spend half a life in solitary confinement  Economist

Supreme Court rules 'crime of violence' law is unconstitutionally vague UPI


'Throughline' Traces Evangelicals' History On The Abortion Issue  NPR  

Southern Baptist leader allegedly told woman her rape was a ‘good thing,’ according to lawsuit  Houston Chronicle

Supreme Court: Cross Can Stand On Public Land In Separation Of Church And State Case NPR

Netflix says it won't 'make any more' episodes of Amazon Prime's 'Good Omens' after Christian petition  The Hill 

Man who says he founded ‘Biblical Flat Earth Society’ busted on 56 counts of child sexual exploitation News Observer

Dying churches merging with megachurches a growing trend, some oppose 'drastic change'   Christian Post

Did Oxford Scholar Secretly Sell Bible Fragment to Hobby Lobby Family? The Daily Beat  

After refusing archdiocese’s order to fire gay teacher, school is told it will no longer be recognized as Catholic Washington Post

China tariffs could lead to a ‘Bible tax’ in the US, say Christian publishers Religious News Service

My Pastor Bought a Brand New Sports Car (music video) 


Is the Religious Right Privileged? (opinion)  The New York Times

‘Hail Satan’ prayer at Alaska gov’t meeting sparks protest  The Washington Post


LGBTQ Movement's Culture War With The Religious Right Persists  NPR

Cracker Barrel bans an anti-gay pastor from holding an event in one of its stores CNN


A young girl was afraid of IVs. So she invented a teddy bear to disguise them CNN

Nursing student honored for her role in saving 3-year-old's life   Local 10


North Alabama ‘attack squirrel’ suspect posts video while on the run...with another squirrel WAFF-TV

Seagulls keep couple hostage in their own home for six days by attacking them every time they leave house Telegraph

103-Year-Old Sprinter Sets Senior World Record In New Mexico NPR

Minor league outfielder forgets score, tosses ball in play into the stands, costs team game Golf Digest 

Alaskans Attend Reindeer Yoga Classes  NPR  


Researchers find a way to use minute samples to detect forged paintings Economist

Pistol that Van Gogh used to shoot himself sells for $145,000  Reuters

5 keys to accessible web typography  Better WebType

Fold-up kayak is a work of oar-igami art  Wired


Bruce Springsteen and Led Zeppelin Riffs Might Be Up For Grabs Bloomberg

His Biggest Hit Sold More Copies Than Any of the Beatles’. So Why Haven’t You Heard of Him? Narratively   

A musicologist explains the science behind your taste in music NBC News


Reporting on the homeless, solution journalism features and timely art and culture pieces  Los Angeleno 

branded content  USA Today  

Pitches related to mental, emotional, social, and sexual health  SELF magazine

Pitches for investigative reporting projects related to global trade and environmental crisis  Mongabay 


How facial recognition is fighting child sex trafficking Wired  

HR Isn’t Stopping Workplace Sexual Harassment  The Atlantic


Texas Republican says conditions in migrant detention centers are worst he's ever seen  Axios

Lawyers claim infants, children are in dangerous situation at border detention site NBC News

Migrant children describe neglect at Texas border facility  Associated Press

1st-Generation Mexican American Aids Migrants In The Desert  NPR

Why Sarah Fabian Argued Against Giving Kids Toothbrushes The Atlantic


The promotion curse: Updating the Peter principle Economist

This Japanese Company Charges Its Staff $100 an Hour to Use Conference Rooms Bloomberg

Toxic workplaces can be found in every sector Economist

Millions of Business Listings on Google Maps Are Fake—and Google Profits (sub. req’ed) WSJ

California and Texas have different visions for America’s future Economist

The share of US job posts offering unlimited vacation is up sharply Quartz


Scientists discover sea of fresh water under the ocean Quartz

State of Alabama permitted 3M to release toxic chemicals into Tennessee River for years, records show WHNT-TV

633 divers set world record cleaning ocean floor off Deerfield Beach  Orlando Sentinel  

How spy satellite info is providing a historical record to track climate changes  NPR


Ranking the Best Children's Hospitals  US News

Here’s How to Get Stronger After 50  Outside 

The Hidden Cost of GoFundMe Health Care New Yorker

New Sex Drug for Women to Improve Low Libido Is Approved by the F.D.A. New York Times

How A Break From Alcohol Influences Health  NPR


Foreign travellers to America face scrutiny of their online activity Economist

Around the World in 80 Sandwiches  The Thrillist  

The 10 best travel experiences around the world, ranked by TripAdvisor USA Today

How to be a better tourist  BBC  

11 Tips for Traveling With Your Pet, According to a Veterinarian  Mental Floss


Don't Buy Another Piece Of Cheap Meat Until You Watch This  Mashed 

How The Chow Mein Sandwich Claimed A Small Slice Of New England History  NPR


5 facts about same-sex marriage  Pew Research Center  

Couples who meet online are more diverse than those who meet in other ways, largely because they’re younger  Pew Research Center  


You Were Probably Forced To Read A Book About A Dog Dying In Grade School And We'll Never Know Why Buzzfeed News   

The startup Bark has the most dog-friendly office ever Fast Company  

Legalized Marijuana May Be Increasing Pot's Hazard To Pets  NPR

Pets have gained the upper paw over their so-called owners Economist

Stopping bees swapping hives keeps disease down and productivity up Economist

Giant Squid, Phantom of the Deep, Reappears on Video  The New York Times 


It's quiet out there: scientists fail to hear signals of alien life The Guardian

A theory of information that could explain living systems   Aeon


Understanding Microsleep — When Our Minds Are Both Asleep and Awake  The Crux

Machine learning predicts psychosis from subtle changes in word choices  Medgadget 

Neuroscience Study Explains Why We Go Down the Wikipedia Rabbit Hole  Inverse  


The gay first lady wrote love letters to her longtime partner  The Washington Post 

A Crispy, Salty, American History of Fast Food Smithsonian  


How White Politicians Can Talk About Race  NPR  

Knitting Site Bans the Support of Donald Trump  The Cut

Study: Americans have little understanding of their political adversaries   The Atlantic


Audit says CSU stashed away $1.5 billion and raised tuition 10 News  

What It’s Like When Your College Shuts Down  The Atlantic

Soaring college costs crushed millennials once, and their kids are next

University President Orders Lady Gaga taken down: Explanation angers many on campus Inside Higher Ed

Tools to fix your noisy video chats, send emails with confidence and improve your newsletters   Poynter

With skills mapping, colleges create a 'universal language' to explain value Ed Dive

Designing Meaningful and Measurable Outcomes: A First Step in Backwards Design Faculty Focus

How cut-rate SoBe hostel launched Jerry Falwell Jr. ‘pool boy’ saga, naked picture hunt   Miami Herald  

Taylor University president resigns after hosting VP Pence as commencement speaker  Religious News Service


Professor requires his students to check in for class on a new app he developed Inside Higher Ed 

Teaching without Talking  Faculty Focus

What Grades Mean  New York Times


Our Top 6 Pieces of Career Wisdom for New Grads (and Everyone Else Too)  First Round Review

Students Provide Guides For Paying For College  NPR

How Dorm Rooms Can Affect Grades  Inside Higher Ed

Study: More than 40% of young people ditch deodorant  Fox 43

9 College Hashtags That Every Student Should Follow  Study Breaks


Things I Have Suffered While a Visiting Assistant Professor in Central Maine

Professor sues Wesleyan U, saying it failed to act against students who falsely called him a "sexual predator" for two years  Inside Higher Ed