Articles of interest - July 29


This website uses AI to turn your selfies into haunted classical portraits  The Verge

Brain-computer interface Neuralink is state of the art, but still has a long way to go  MIT Tech Review 

A distinguished centenarian scientist prophesies the future: Cyborgs will save humanity Economist 

A new tool uses AI to spot text written by AI  MIT Technology Review


Attacking satellites is increasingly attractive—and dangerous (a missile hitting a satellite creates a huge amount of space shrapnel)  Economist 

“I’m a data scientist who is skeptical about data”  Quartz 


Teen Love for Snapchat Is Keeping Snap Afloat  Wired 

Women are getting jaw shots to look like their Instagram filters New York Post  


Mobile Spend Takes More Than Half Of Search Budgets  Media Post  

AP Explains: What T-Mobile takeover of Sprint means for you  Associated Press


‘Death of A Salesman’ Playing Out at TV Networks  Broadcasting & Cable


A journalist's guide to open-source tools Media news

Tools and tips for digging into Facebook from two investigative journalists  The GroundTruth Project 

Whose stories get told? Why media diversity matters  The Hill 

How to cover 11,250 elections at once: Here’s how The Washington Post’s new computational journalism lab will tackle 2020  Nieman Journalism Lab

What multimedia journalists say makes a good news director  RTDNA

The Washington Post is hiring not one but two reporters to cover the videogame industry  JournoTerrorist 


5 key takeaways about the state of the news media in 2018  Pew Research Center

The next media mega-merger  Axios 

I was owed about $5,000 from late-paying publications. I tried to hold them all accountable  Wudan Yan Blog

Digital news platform Patch pivots away from advertising to payments  Axios 

Shady Online Marketers Are Selling Links In Articles On The New York Times, BBC, CNN, And Other News Sites  BuzzFeed News


Why ‘worthless’ humanities degrees may set you up for life  BBC 

5 Things to Know About Military Romance Scams on Facebook New York Times


Go claim your $125 from Equifax’s data breach settlement  Slate

Researchers spotlight the lie of ‘anonymous’ data  Tech Crunch  

Chicago police have for years compiled profiles on every citizen who spoke at public meetings of the city’s police disciplinary panel  Chicago Tribune 

Apple contractors 'regularly hear confidential details' on Siri recordings  The Guardian

53% of IT security managers don't know whether the cybersecurity products they use actually work as promised  Axios

Why Facebook’s new ‘privacy cop’ is doomed to fail (opinion)  The Conversation

Louisiana declares state of emergency in response to ransomware attack ArsTechnica

Libraries push back against Linkedin learning over data privacy  eLearning 


About three-in-ten U.S. adults say they are ‘almost constantly’ online  Pew Research Center

The Census Could Undercount People Who Don’t Have Internet Access  Slate



The Good Samaritan Experiment  Becoming

The science of regrettable decisions  Vox

A Harvard Law professor who teaches a class on judgment wouldn’t seem like an obvious mark, would he?  The Cut

What's the difference between a lame excuse and good one? A philosopher thinks she has the answer  NBC News

Junky TV is actually making people dumber — and more likely to support populist politicians  Harvard’s Nieman Lab


Don’t steal, don’t lift: Thoughts on the consequences of plagiarism  Robert M Chapple 

How to Use a Thesaurus to Actually Improve Your Writing (video)  Big Think 

The Jane Austen Fiction Manuscript Archive Is Online: Explore Handwritten Drafts of Persuasion, The Watsons & More  Open Culture 

True crime book for every US state  New York Times 


Can Artificial Intelligence Decipher Lost Languages? Researchers Attempt to Decode 3500-Year-Old Ancient Languages  Open Culture 

Is the internet killing language? LOL, no  Vox  

Animal Sounds Around the World  Scholarly Kitchen


Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie among 13 authors longlisted for Booker Prize, the UK's most prestigious literary award  Publisher’s Weekly 

Takeaways from the revealing new Toni Morrison documentary  CBC 

Born 200 years ago, Herman Melville was globalisation’s first great bard  Economist

Behind the Myths of Scott and Zelda's Epic Romance  Literary Hub

Rudyard Kipling and the American imagination  Economist 

10 Surprising Facts About Pride and Prejudice  Mental Floss


Port Kembla couple explain poetry is on the rise thanks to Instagram and slam nights Illawrra Mercury 

At age 101, this woman released her first collection of poems  Washington Post 

The heartbreaking poetry a 17-year-old wrote before he was shot to death Washington Post  

The Way I Begin Poems: Edaki Timothy  Medium 

Was the poet John Keats a graverobber? BBC


Another Major Error Found in a Peer-Reviewed Paper Used to Support the IAAF Regulations of Female Athletes  Roger Pielke Jr Blog

Why half the scientists in some eastern European countries are women  Economist


The Problem With Diversity Questions  Inside Higher Ed 

They look white but say they're black: a tiny town in Ohio wrestles with race  The Guardian

New Study Says White Police Officers Are Not More Likely To Shoot Minority Suspects  NPR

Critics of Peer Review Ask How ‘Race Science’ Still Manages to Slip Through Undark


Space law is inadequate for the boom in human activity there  Economist

California Bar 'Inadvertently' Reveals Essay Topics Days Before Exam


Reporters Committee, AP continue fight against FBI’s FOIA non-compliance  RCFP  

Judge dismisses Sandmann lawsuit against the Washington Post CNN

Appeals court rules Baltimore police mandatory non-disclosure agreements unconstitutional  RCFP 


Migrant children camps: Thousands of unaccompanied migrant children could be detained indefinitely  CBS News

No shower for 23 days: U.S. citizen says conditions were so bad that he almost self-deported  Dallas News


In U2's 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For,' A Restless Search For Meaning  NPR 

6 facts about what Americans know about religion  Pew Research Center

What happens when a leader in the purity movement gets a divorce?  Big Think

Tennessee man says his sexual orientation stands between church & father's funeral plans  WTVC 

For some in America, religious freedom has limits A personal and political account of discrimination against Muslims  Economist

Europe experienced a surge in government restrictions on religious activity over the last decade  Pew Research Center

What Americans Know About Religion — And What They Don’t  FiveThirtyEight 

Joshua Harris' separation from wife and faith is 'hard to hear', says megachurch he used to pastor  Christianity Today 

Video links Beth Moore, Russell Moore, James Merritt to ‘Trojan horse of social justice’  Religious News Service


The Village Church sued for more than $1 million over alleged abuse at church camp  Religious News Service

Crystal Cathedral, the original evangelical megachurch, has a conversion to Catholicism  LA Times 

Willow Creek plans reconciliation service to move on; Hybels not involved  Religious News Service  

Chinese megachurch pastor imprisoned for faith in Jesus hit with more charges 7 months after arrest Christian Post 


Small church makes big news with ‘America, love it or leave it’ sign  Baptist News 

Netflix Docu concerns secret Christian organization in Washington  People 


Sisters read bedtime stories on Facebook Live so kids can fall asleep to a story each night  ABC

Human chain forms to save swimmers caught in rip current during Tropical Storm Barry Washington Post 

Google Glass helps kids with autism read facial expressions   Stanford

‘It wasn’t in his job description’: Metro police officer escorts a mom and her tantruming autistic child home Washington Post

Recovering Veterans Help Injured Sea Lions Return to the Ocean  NBC-LA  

A 6-year-old was swept out to sea, and a group of brothers dove in after her  Washington Post 

Hair stylist carries her red salon chair to the homeless  KARE-11 

73-year-old, his dogs rescued after 4 days in remote Oregon by long-distance mountain biker  ABC

A boy with one hand met a soccer player with the same limb difference, and the photo went viral  Washington Post   

Beachgoers form human chain to rescue swimmer from rip currents at Panama City Beach  Associated Press 


Utah boy advertises 'Ice Cold Beer' at root beer stand  Associated Press 

Australian women freed after complimenting kidnapper's flowers  NDTV  


Melancholy Creatures Explore Imagined Worlds in Wistful Murals by Hayley Welsh  The is Colossal 

The winners of the 2019 iPhone Photo contest  Diyphotography


Pop Songs Are Sung So Quickly These Days—Why?  GQ

How big stars maximize their take from tours  Economist

Kanye West’s choir covers two Nirvana songs (video)  


Suit Seeks to Protect Students Accused of Sexual Assault  Inside Higher Ed

Professors discuss federal laws and institutional policy around consent, and what colleges get wrong  Inside Higher Ed

The evidence is clear and convincing: universities’ approaches to Title IX are broken  The FIRE

Do Title IX Protections Discriminate Against Fraternity Members?  Inside Higher Ed


How Peppa Pig became an LGBTQ icon  Vox  

Television producers need to stop encouraging teen drinking – here’s how they can The Conversation


China has now reached parity with the U.S. on the 2019 Fortune Global 500—a signifier of the profound rivalries reshaping business today  Fortune

Why is the U.S. facing a federal firefighter shortage?  PS Mag 

Many consumers neither read nor understand the contracts they sign  Economist

Brutally Honest Advertising Slogans  Sad & Useless


Sweden is going cashless  CBS News 

Chinese and Taiwanese companies combine to outnumber US companies for first time  Fortune


America's dirtiest beaches are prone to unsafe bacteria, report shows  USA Today 

Putting ecocide on a par with genocide  The Guardian


Microfluidics device helps diagnose sepsis in minutes  MIT News

Wonder where generic drug names come from? Two women in Chicago, that's where Los Angeles Times   

Weird New Kinds Of Cocaine Could Start A “Hidden Epidemic” Of Health Threats BuzzFeed News


Healthy lifestyle may offset genetic risk of dementia  Science Daily

How Atkins Became Keto  Medium 

Keto diet: weight loss and disease treatment  Vox


New embryo-inspired bandage that speeds wound-healing developed; material automatically contracts on contact with skin  Harvard 

Liver transplants could be redundant with discovery of new liver cell  Science Daily 

Doctors In The U.S. Use CRISPR Technique To Treat A Genetic Disorder For The 1st Time NPR


Older drivers are more likely to be distracted by tech while driving, AAA report  USA Today


Baseball card collecting world rocked by fraud scandal, FBI investigation  Axios 

Teenager becomes Fortnite's first-ever solo world champion  CNN


Officials Investigate Award-Winning Lamb for Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Looking to declaw your cat? Don’t look in New York anymore  Associated Press

Police Department Lets People Pay Parking Tickets with Donations for Shelter Cats  My Modern Met

How to Make Quicksand Like an Octopus  Daily Jstor

Two dogs save the life of their 87-year-old owner when he got stuck in knee-high mud  Daily Mail  

11 Fierce Facts About Tigers  Mental Floss


How well the brain ejects waste may affect disease susceptibility  Axios

5 Toxic Subtypes of Narcissism  Psychology Today


In our Universe, time seems to go from past to future, not in reverse. But what if time doesn’t even have a direction?  Aeon 


The unsung hero of WWII who volunteered to go to Auschwitz and told the world about its horrors--or, he tried to  Economist


Pro-Trump Republican aiming to unseat Ilhan Omar charged with felony theft  The Guardian

Georgia election officials accused of destroying evidence  Associated Press


How a data detective exposed suspicious medical trials  Nature 

Our data “reveals the scale of scientific misconduct in Australia, although senior scientists claim it is just the tip of the iceberg”  BMJ Journals 

Satirical contributions in toxicology  Springer

What’s published in the journal isn’t what the researchers actually did  Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science 

How One Researcher Is Looking to Improve Peer Review  Wiley 

New Guidelines for Statistical Reporting: a requirement to replace P values  New England Journal of Medicine  

Predatory journals are infiltrating citation databases  Springer 


Growing Number of San Diego Community College Students Transferring to 4-Year Institutions  Times of San Diego   

Has College Gotten Too Easy?  The Atlantic

The Most Expensive Public Colleges And Universities In The United States, Visualized  Digg  

Armed Ole Miss Students Posed With an Emmett Till Memorial Sign. They Went Unpunished by the University  Chronicle of Higher Ed

Chegg's alternative data may be showing cracks in the textbook retailer's engagement  Thinknum

University Fires 9 Police officers for offensive comments Washington Post  


Why ‘worthless’ humanities degrees may set you up for life  BBC

Addressing Homelessness and Housing Insecurity in Higher Education  Inside Higher Ed


Liberty University's "culture of fear" where Jerry Falwell Jr. "silences students and professors who reject his pro-Trump politics..."  Washington Post 

Firing of Nazarene Professor Over Novel Threatens Academic, Artistic Freedom (press release)

Nonprofit defends LGBTQ students from their universities Religious News Service


Want to Reach  All of Your Students?  Here’s How to Make  Your Teaching More Inclusive  Chronicle of Higher Ed


The Dead or Dying State of Student Journalism at Independent Schools Medium

In landmark victory for student press rights, Ninth Circuit rebukes UCSD’s censorship of satirical student newspaper  The FIRE

The Dead or Dying State of High School Student Journalism at Independent Schools Medium


Millennials use PowerPoint to help friends score dates New York Post

Famous Birthdays Is Wikipedia for Gen Z  The Atlantic  


Wall Street Journal op-ed on faculty work and pay irks academics  Inside Higher Ed

I'm a College Professor Who Faked Dissertation Data on the Side  Vice