Articles of interest - July 8


Over 80% of facial recognition suspects flagged by London's Met Police were innocent, report says  ABC News 

Forecasters Caution 5G Will Interfere With Gathering Weather Data  NPR

In the age of deepfakes, could virtual actors put humans out of business?  The Guardian


Soon, satellites will be able to watch you everywhere all the time  MIT Technology Review 

Artificial intelligence is coming for our faces  Wired 

Brown University researchers show ability to store and retrieve image data on molecules smaller than human DNA  New Scientist 

A new business in small satellites orbiting the Earth  Economist

The strange link between the human mind and quantum physics  BBC 

Not all weather satellites are equal  Wired

Will Machine-Generated Books Accelerate our Consumption of Scholarly Literature?  Scholarly Kitchen 

Using AI to speed up the processing of space images Where no neural network has gone before  Economist 

What is the Blockchain Really, and Should You Care?  Scholarly Kitchen

Robot uses machine learning to harvest lettuce  University of Cambridge


Instagram is sweet and sort of boring—but the ads!  Wired 

‘Influencer’ bride tries to pay wedding photographer with exposure but fails spectacularly  Indy

Instagram will now ask you to think twice before posting profanities  The Next Web

Twitter bans 'dehumanizing language' aimed at religious groups  Mashable 


Heedless smartphone zombies keep stepping out in front of cars  Economist 


 Watch A Reporter Block A Man From Entering Her Shot Like A Boss  Digg 

Journalism Job Cuts Haven’t Been This Bad Since the Recession  Bloomberg 

Behind the scenes with The Weather Channel’s mixed reality broadcasting Immersive Shooter

As the World Heats Up, the Climate for News Is Changing, Too  New York Times

This is a great example for a statistics class, or a class on survey sampling, or a political science class  Stat Modeling


Fact check: Trump promotes fake Ronald Reagan quote about him  CNN


How to protect your privacy in Chrome  Washington Post

Yes, your emails are being tracked: Here's how to stop it  Mashable 

The state DMVs allowing federal investigative and immigration agents to scan hundreds of millions of Americans' faces without their knowledge or consent  Washington Post  

Trick those #!@% spam calls with a fake phone number   CNET

A City Paid a Hefty Ransom to Hackers. But Its Pains Are Far From Over  New York Times

Zoom zero-day vulnerability could let websites turns your Mac's cameras without permission  The Next Web 


How stock photography is made  Vox


The internet has made dupes—and cynics—of us all  Wired  


Be a Poet   Becoming (my blog) 


How to Use a Semicolon Correctly  Life Hacker

Is an emoji a word or a gesture? Both  Quartz 


How technology is changing the craft of screenwriting  BBC 

Microsoft's Ebook apocalypse shows the dark side of DRM  Wired  

The best books to read at every age, from 1 to 100  Washington Post

New ways of selling books clash with France’s old pricing rules  Economist

Papermaking master a gem in a digital age  Daily Iowan

10 of the Best-Selling Books in History (Minus Religious Texts)  Mental Floss

The unlikely rise of book fairs in the Middle East  Economist 

An interactive map of over 5,000 book covers, organized by machine learning  Pudding 

My Latinx students write what they know. And their words are powerful  LA Times 


Carrying a Single Life: On Literature and Translation  New York Review of Books

Nigerian Schoolgirls' Abduction Told In 'Beneath The Tamarind Tree'  NPR

Brenda Maddox, biographer of Nora Barnacle and others in literature, dies at 87  Boston Globe


Want a truly mind-expanding experience? Learn another language  The Guardian  


She wrote a poem about a vagina. It landed her in jail  CNN

Here’s how to arrange the poems in your poetry manuscript  The Press-Enterprise 

Watch Your Poetry With The Visible Poetry Project  Book Riot


Firefighter whose male colleagues told her she was 'too weak' now carries THEM out of burning buildings after hitting the gym  Daily Mail

It could take 118 years for female computer scientists to match publishing rates of male colleagues  Science Mag 


Emojis increasingly appear in court cases and judges struggle with how to interpret them KTVQ

Dueling fake "independent" websites leads to unclean hands finding, but some injunctive relief  Tushnet Blog


FBI Records Could Have Solved A Civil Rights Cold Case. Now It's Too Late  NPR  

Professor faces 219-year prison sentence for sending missile chip tech to China  The Verge 

The Supreme Court wraps up its term, inching to the right  Economist

Red Oak Man Wins Settlement After Being Arrested for Criticizing Police  WHOT-TV   


Following plagiarism charges and multiple retractions, a priest resigns from a position at a television network  Church Militant 

Mormon and the tricky process of leaving the Church  The Verge  

Pope moves America's 'first televangelist' closer to sainthood  Reuters 

Pastor builds monster truck for Jesus 

When Philip K. Dick turned to Christianity: Soon after he became a countercultural hero  Salon

How California’s megachurches changed Christian culture  Durango Herald 

Poll: Americans rarely seek guidance from clergy   Religious News Service 

U.S. Confidence in Organized Religion Remains Low  Gallup 

Study: White Evangelicals Least Likely to Say the U.S. Has a ‘Responsibility’ to Accept Refugees  Relevant Magazine


A matter of faith: Democrats embrace religion in campaign  Associated Press

The Religious Right is Still Fanning Fear of California LGBTQ Resolution  Right Wing Watch  

The Deepening Crisis in Evangelical Christianity Support for Trump comes at a high cost for Christian witness (opinion)  The Atlantic


A Christian bestseller (and CT Book of the Year) was targeted by a major counterfeiting scheme  Christianity Today 

The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven changed Christian publishing forever—and tore a family apart  Slate 


New York police went to a Whole Foods store about a suspected shoplifter: Then they paid for her groceries  NBC News

Beloved 'singing doctor' who sang to 8,000 babies after delivery gets heartfelt honor  GMA

How one couple's years-long battle against leukemia led to happily ever after  ABC News 

Woman Paints Her Children's Drawings And Transforms Them Into Incredible Pieces Of Art  Digg


Watch 32,000 Dominos Fall in an Extremely Satisfying Way  Mental Floss

13-year-old girl's rigorous study finds hand dryers can hurt children's ears  WKYC

10 Scientific Benefits of Kissing  Mental Floss


User Inyerface: All of the worst UI practices in one evil form

The 5 Top Destinations for Art and Design Lovers in August  Architechural Digest 


Walkman turns 40 today: How listening to music changed over the years  Business Insider

Brazilian bossa nova pioneer Joao Gilberto dies at 88   Associated Press  


The End of an Era: MAD Magazine Will Publish Its Last Issue With Original Content This Fall  Open Culture


Lawsuit by student accused of sex assault seeks class-action status against Michigan State  Detroit Press Press

A bookkeeper in Indonesia who recorded her boss’s lewd phone call as proof she was being harassed must serve at least 6 months in prison for distributing obscene material  New York Times

University barred from punishing student in unusual Title IX case  Inside Higher Ed 


Jurors refuse to convict activist facing 20 years for helping migrants  The Guardian

Federal Agents Joked About Migrant Deaths, Propublica Reports  NPR

Hispanic evangelical group offers to help migrant children Baptist Standard

A Pastor Who Was Put On A Watch List After Working With Immigrants Is Suing The US BuzzFeed News

Fiona Apple donating two years worth of song's royalties to help pay migrants' legal fees The Hill  

Hispanic evangelical group offers to help migrant children  Baptist Standard


The art of selling scent in the internet age  Fast Company

How accessible technology is overcoming barriers in the workplace  Verdict


The Secret Language of Trees: A Charming Animated Lesson Explains How Trees Share Information with Each Other  Open Culture

Planting more trees could suck up a huge share of carbon emissions  MIT Technology Review

The California coast is disappearing under the rising sea. Our choices are grim  Los Angeles Times


 What the Measles Epidemic Really Says About America  The Atlantic

Can Sunscreen Really Repair Your DNA? Wired

Antivaxxers turn to homeschooling to avoid protecting their kids’ health Are Technica

Man dies after adding a teaspoon of caffeine powder to protein shake New York Post


An Italian clan’s curious insensitivity to pain has piqued the interest of geneticists seeking a new understanding of how to treat physical suffering  Smithsonian Magazine

Alexa could detect whether you're having a heart attack, study suggests USA Today


Strange Facts About the U.S. Condé Nast Traveler  CNN


The future of sports gambling  The Week

Unflappable. Unapologetic. Unequaled: The greatest U.S. women's soccer team ever  Sports Illustrated


Woman Who Licked Tub Of Blue Bell Ice Cream In Viral Video Could Face 20 Years In Prison 5 News

Italian Chefs React In Relative Horror At YouTubers Making Pesto  Dig 

Scientists Engineer A Smooth, Beanless Coffee NPR

The Changing American Diet  Flowing Data 


This couple took engagement photos with dogs And cats In need of homes  Huffington Post

Why Are Octopuses So Smart?  The Atlantic  


Catholic medical journal pulls paper on conversion therapy over statistical problems  Retraction Watch

The all-too-understandable urge to buy a better brain Vox  


Neuroscience has found that gestures are not merely important as tools of expression but as guides of cognition and perception  Quanta Magazine

Could Lab-Grown Brains Develop Consciousness?  Singularity Hub

Does Consciousness Exist Outside of the Brain? Psychology Today

Scientists are giving dead brains new life  New York Times

How our brain sculpts experience in line with our expectations  Aeon Essays


Plagiarizing articles in philosophy  Wiley Online


Stravinsky’s “Illegal” Arrangement of “The Star Spangled Banner” (1944) Open Culture

When Charlie Chaplin Entered a Chaplin Look-Alike Contest & Came in 20th Place Open Culture

Trump's 'Revolutionary War Airports' Memes and Reactions   eBaum’s World

Review of The Weather Machine By Andrew Blum  Economist

Florida principal refused to call the Holocaust a fact Palm Beach Post  


Inside the fight for Hong Kong  Macleans 

China Is Forcing Tourists to Install Text-Stealing Malware at its Border  Vice 

Taiwan’s Status is a Geopolitical Absurdity  The Atlantic  


Some Trump supporters thought NPR tweeted ‘propaganda’: It was the Declaration of Independence  Washington Post 

Reactionary nationalism is a challenge to liberalism--and conservatism  Economist


The researcher behind the smartphone “horns” study sells posture pillows  Quartz  

Nature says it wants to publish replication attempts. So what happened when a group of authors submitted one to Nature Neuroscience?  Retraction Watch

A plant scientist has sued his university and 4 female students, accusing them of leaking a confidential investigation report to the media Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Statisticians clamor for retraction of paper by Harvard researchers they say uses a “nonsense statistic”  Retraction Watch 


Why Is There So Much Saudi Money in American Universities?  New York Times

Demand for Campus Child Care Is Growing: Choosing How to Provide It Can Be Fraught (sub. req’d) The Chronicle of Higher Education  

The Education Deserts of Rural America  The Atlantic 

Guilford College is changing the way it does most everything in an effort to stem its enrollment decline: But officials say it is also leaning in to its mission  Inside Higher Ed

The Education Deserts of Rural America  The Atlantic

Study: Millions of U.S. Students Are Without Home Internet  Gov Tech 

DeVos rescinds rule forcing colleges to disclose debt and salary data  CNBC  

ASU tries to boost Degree Completion With Blockchain Inside Higher Ed

What universities can learn from one of science’s biggest frauds Nature

Grand Canyon University spends $21.6M to buy church near Phoenix campus  Arizona Central

Are Small Private Colleges Worth the Money?  The Atlantic

Author in her new book discusses the challenges colleges, particularly religious institutions, face in mitigating sexual assault  Inside Higher Ed

Rejection of LGBTQ student group leads to a fight at "unambiguously Christian" Baylor Texas Tribune

USC to pay UC San Diego $50M over Alzheimer's research  Washington Post


New study finds “important deficiencies” in university reports of misconduct  Retraction Watch

I Help People Cheat Their Way to Getting PhDs  Vice 


The ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees and universities that actually reduce your earning potential  Telegraph

Millennials Rely On Parents For Financial Help, Study Shows  NPR