Articles of Interest - August 5


Women Rewriting the Rules of Reporting in the Arab World  The New York Times

What newsrooms need to know about Americans’ news habits  RTDNA

Investigative journalism students play a key role in overturning a conviction  Harvard’s Nieman Report

I’ve Seen the Limits of Journalism  The Atlantic  


Dying Gasp of One Local Newspaper  The New York Times 

A Future without a Front Page  The New York Times


He Was The Face Of A Bike-A-Thon To Fight Cancer. He Was Also A Fake  The New York Times


10 facts about Americans and Twitter  Pew Research 

The 2019 Instagram Rich List — Who Earns The Most From Sponsored Posts?  Hopper HQ 

TikTok, The Internet's Hottest Meme Breeding Ground, Turns 1  NPR


Facebook is funding brain experiments to create a device that reads your mind  MIT Tech Review  

EU ruling says sites could be liable for user-tracking Facebook Like buttons  The Verge

Why doesn’t Facebook help after your account gets hacked?  Digitsal Trends 

Facebook says it dismantles covert influence campaign tied to Saudi Arabia  Reuters


Chaos Computing: What it is and why we should care about it?  Medium  

These studies offer clues about the early universe and the arrow of time and “hope that we can describe even these very messy, complicated systems with simple patterns”  Quanta Magazine

MIT Debuts language designed for Bayesian stats and machine learning: great for tracking objects in space, estimating 3D, the structure of a time series  Infoq

National Reconnaissance Office product Sentient: “an omnivorous analysis tool…pointing satellites toward the most interesting parts of that future” making “things simpler downstream for human analysts” The Verge 


Capital One Says Hacker Breached Accounts Of 100 Million People; Ex-Amazon Employee Arrested  Forbes  

Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US  The Guardian

Kids at the center of facial recognition  Axios 

Internet of Things Cybersecurity Tips Offered by Science Agency  Bloomberg


PR’s Journalistic Roots Help Brands Transition to Digital  Story Hunter


People forged judges’ signatures to trick Google into changing results  ArsTechnica


Tech giants crush other media despite looming threats  Axios 


Motivated Reasoning  Becoming (my blog)

The trick that makes you overspend  BBC  


The Birth of the Semicolon  The Paris Review 

Grammar rules are an invention: It’s time to stop taking them so seriously NBC News

A Defense of the Semicolon and Other Adventures in the English Language New York Times


Dallas bodycam footage released showing moments before death of unarmed man  NBC News 

Authors Guild Hides Jokes In Their Copyright Notices  Tech Dirt


Because Internet,' A Guide To Our Changing Language, LOL  NPR

Is the English language better because of the Internet? This linguist thinks so  CTV 


From every teen to annoying: are today's young readers turning on The Catcher in the Rye?  The Guardian 

A School Librarian's Philosophy of Lost Books  School Library 

How Japan's modern literature came under Nietzsche's spell Japan Times


Border Patrol Detained a 9-Year-Old American Girl on Her Way to School for 32 Hours  GQ

California professors install seesaws along U.S.-Mexico border wall  NBC News


I’m ditching social media for poetry books this summer  The Times

Opera inspired Walt Whitman; now his poetry is doing the same for musicians  Star Tribune 

The place of poetry and the poetry of place  SMH


Transgender treatment: Puberty blockers study under investigation  BBC 

This Journal's Future Is Female  Inside Higher Ed

Craving Freedom, Japan's Women Opt Out Of Marriage  The New York Times


How white nationalists have co-opted fan fiction  Wired 

‘It was terrifying’: Black Chadds Ford couple left shaken by white Pa. trooper’s alleged misconduct  Philadelphia Inquirer 


Man calls cops on himself asking for help: Body cams show cops making jokes after they'd restrained him and he'd gone limp  Dallas News 

Amazon Ring alerts often tie up police with false alarms  Cent 

No Immunity For Cops Who Arrested A Man For Creating A Facebook Page Mocking The Police Department  Tech Dirt 

Court warns reporters to be careful publishing reports from police logs  Universal Hub 


Early Christian 'Church of the Apostles' Possibly Unearthed Near Sea of Galilee  Live Science 

The Story Behind John Allen Chau, An American Missionary Who Was Killed While Working  NPR

Evangelical Publisher’s Africa-Themed Bible School Kit Had Kids Pretending To Be Slaves  Huff Post 

What did church teach white students posing with guns in front of Emmett Till marker?  Religion in the News

Radical Baptist church preaches LGBTQ hate just miles from California’s Capitol  LA Times

Evangelicals’ Civility  Religion in Public 

U.S. Jews know a lot about religion – but other Americans know little about Judaism  Pew Research 

Christian group warns against rise of 'Christian nationalism'  The Hill


Nurse helps save driver who crashed into her home  Fox 35


Texas Man Caught With Missile Launcher In Checked Baggage At BWI Airport  CBS Baltimore  

The runner who makes elaborate artwork with his feet and a map  The Guardian

Will Hitler HQ makeover create a Nazi theme park?  BBC


Thousands of Miniature Mirrors Dazzle and Refract in Multi-Media Sculptures by Lee Bul  The is Colossal  

Where Does Major American Art Come From? Mapping the Whitney Biennial  The New York Times 

Fine and Street Art Aesthetics Merge in Anthony Lister’s Expressive Murals  The is Colossal

Yulia Brodskaya Reveals Her Process of ‘Painting With Paper’ in a New Book  The is Colossal

Meticulous Portraits of Young Women by Ozabu Are Eerily Fused with Plants and Feathers  The is Colossal 

An Artist Crochets a Life-Size, Anatomically-Correct Skeleton, Complete with Organs  in Art, Biology, Creativity, Science Open Culture


Why the Katy Perry/Flame lawsuit makes no sense (video)  

Showtime's four part docuseries on Rick Rubin  Showtime 

The Wizard of Oz vs Lil Nas X (video)  Lewis Wake Memes


Journalism career advice  Twitter threat   

This Google Executive Reviewed More Than 20,000 Resumes--He Found These 5 Stunning Mistakes Over and Over  Inc


Ohio State’s troubled sexual assault center failed to report 57 potential felonies, audit finds  Dispatch

Students accused of sexual harassment sue California universities LA Times


The Invention of Money  New Yorker 


Trails of Wind (visualization)  

Ethiopia Plants 350 Million Trees in One Day to Combat Drought  Bloomberg


Babies get critical gut bacteria from their mother at birth, not from placenta, study suggests  Science Mag

Instagram’s ‘clean eating’ culture is everywhere. It could be giving rise to a little-known eating disorder  The Lily 

Where People Don't Get Enough Sleep, Mapped  Digg  

Dark mode isn't as good for your eyes as you believe  Wired

High levels of oestrogen in the womb linked to autism  University of Cambridge  


Following a similar move at Pittsburgh airport, friends and family will now be able to greet passengers at their gate in Tampa  Afar 


Krispy Kreme is redesigning its stores for the first time in a decade and making its menu even more sugar  CNN 

Is it unsafe or just unsightly? There’s an art to assessing produce  Washington Post 

America's Most Popular Burger Places, Visualized  Digg 

The first guacamole recipe written in English came from a British pirate  Vox


Why Kids Invent Imaginary Friends  The Atlantic 

Behind gender-reveal party fouls, a parenting truth  Washington Post 

Kids See Bearded Men As Strong — But Unattractive, Study Finds  NPR

Dying Dad Writes 'I Love You Like...' Book for Young Son   MSN 

Japanese park encourages kids to play with saws, light bonfires for learning experiences   SoraNews24


Pit bull grabs baby by diaper, saves her from fire  ABC-13

Meet he’e the octopus  The Guardian


A scientific Ponzi scheme  University of Pittsburg 

The Milky Way is warped around the edges, new star map confirms  National Geographic 

Japanese Scientists Plan to Create Human-Mouse Hybrids: Here's How  Live Science 


Should Psychology Journals Adopt Specialized Statistical Review?  Sage Journals

Paths to Treating Mental Illness (opinion)  The New York Times

Neural correlates of weighted reward prediction error during reinforcement learning classify response to cognitive behavioral therapy in depression  Science Mag 

How expectation influences perception MIT Tech Review 

The Psychiatric 'Wonder Drug' That Almost No One Is Using VICE


A cold case team is searching for who betrayed Anne Frank  National Geographic  

Neuroscientists find brain activity patterns that indicate how expectation influences perception MIT 

UCSF Researchers Synthesize Speech From Brain Waves MIT Tech Review


Some of the scientists said that the prospect of financing blinded them to the seriousness of Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual transgressions  The New York Times

Fudged research results erode people’s trust in experts  The Conversation 

Why we shouldn’t take peer review as the gold standard  Washington Post  

Joint position statement on predatory publishing  Taylor & Francis Online


Wealthy Parents Are Giving Up Custody of Their Kids to Get Need-Based College Financial Aid  Propublica

Tribal Colleges Struggle to Connect  Diverse Educaiton  

Major Universities are launching cannabis degrees and courses  Quartz

Federal panel on accreditation will study how regional agencies should monitor politicians' influence over public colleges  Inside Higher Ed 

“The $300 textbook is dead,” says the CEO of textbook maker Pearson  Vox

Some Colleges Collect More From Their Students Than They Spend Actually Teaching Forbes  

Grandson of NNU Founder Passes Away   Northwest Nazarene University


Author discusses approaches that work to get students to the finish line  Inside Higher Ed


Are New Graduates Happier Making More Money or Having More Time?  Harvard Business Review

Millennials say dating has gotten 'way too expensive,' 30% can't even afford love  USA Today  

A Fraternity Member Who Had "A Fascination With Death" Allegedly Encouraged Five People To Kill Themselves  BuzzFeed News

New data on the first three jobs held by graduates of six popular majors show career pathways are a swirl rather than a straight line  Inside Higher Ed 

22 percent of millennials say they have “no friends”  Vox 

Almost 70 percent of college students favor banning assault-style weapons  Newsweek 

Why is the teen birth rate falling?  Pew Research


Major study led by a lifelong Republican finds no evidence that professors are discriminating against conservative students  Pacific Standard

For academics, what matters more: journal prestige or readership?  Science Mag

Academic freedom, scholarly responsibility and the new gender wars  University Affairs  

College faculty have become more racially and ethnically diverse, but remain far less so than students  Pew Research