Please Understand Me

We want desperately to be understood. But if we put that power in the hands of strangers who may or may not care about us, who may or may not have our best interest at heart, we will waste time trying to please people who are not playing a significant role in our lives.

We are giving people who don’t know us very well too much influence over our lives--control they haven’t earned or deserve. How much better to find solace in those who truly love us--people we can trust who want to bring good into our lives because they have spent time getting to know who we are... and who we are becoming.

Stephen Goforth

Healing in freedom

Being loving is far more therapeutic that being correct. People need first to believe that you are willing to let them be who they are. If you attempt to direct another person’s every move, you eventually lose your effectiveness, no matter how correct you may be. Freedom for each of us is to be who and what we are, that’s the cornerstone of an influential life.

When you give freedom to others, it doesn’t mean you are lowering your standards or that you don’t care about them. It means you are providing an atmosphere to let others think and feel and act without excessive pressure to fit your mold. The paradox is that when others sense the freedom you offer, they are more attracted to you. They key is to learn how to use this freedom.

Les Carter, Imperative People: Those Who Must Be in Control