Someone once said, “Profanity is a lazy man’s way of trying to be emphatic.” I choose not to swear, not only for religious reasons, but also because it shows a lack of creativity on the speaker's part. Profanity is similar to using "good" to describe everything. The game was good. The example was good. That's good writing. Good video. What does that mean? It's inexact and lazy. Like the overuse of the word "good," profanity doesn't say much of anything. It's the spewing of emotions. While there is value in expression, dumping raw emotion on others may just fool us into thinking we are serving up honesty when actually we are hiding our feelings from ourselves.

Be more exact or wait until you know what you want to say. At least don't use bland and overworked terms. Profanity is a way to tell others, "See? I really, really mean what I'm saying. I'm stomping my little foot and throwing a little fit verbally. What I'm saying is important because I am using these magical naughty words."

Stephen Goforth