Lies our Culture Tells Us

College mental health facilities are swamped, suicide rates are spiking, the president’s repulsive behavior is tolerated or even celebrated by tens of millions of Americans. At the root of it all is the following problem: We’ve created a culture based on lies.    

(Among them:) Rich and successful people are worth more than poorer and less successful people. We pretend we don’t tell this lie, but our whole meritocracy points to it. The message of the meritocracy is that you are what you accomplish. The false promise of the meritocracy is that you can earn dignity by attaching yourself to prestigious brands. The emotion of the meritocracy is conditional love — that if you perform well, people will love you.      

No wonder it’s so hard to be a young adult today. No wonder our society is fragmenting. We’ve taken the lies of hyper-individualism and we’ve made them the unspoken assumptions that govern how we live.

David Brooks writing in The New York Times

Articles of Interest - April 22


Inside the weird, and booming, industry of online influence Wired

Money magazine going out of print following failed sales auction  CNN 

'ESPN The Magazine,' 'National Geographic' Record Top Social Media Engagement Media Post


2019 Pulitzer Prizes Are Announced By Columbia University  NPR  

Mistakes, we’ve drawn a few Learning from our errors in data visualisation  Medium 

Is it Okday for Journalist to Block a Critic (not a troll, just a critic) on Twitter  Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

US slides down global press freedom rankings amid warning of 'climate of fear' for journalists  CNN

Quest for food stamp data lands newspaper at Supreme Court  Associated Press

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Accuses Media of Anti-Liar Bias  The New Yorker

 Student journalists were barred from a Betsy DeVos event. So they took her to task in an editorial  Washington Post


Viral lies spread before Indian and Indonesian elections  Axios

YouTube's algorithm mistook the fire at Notre Dame cathedral for the 9/11 attacks in New York City  The Verge

Facebook teams with rightwing Daily Caller in factchecking program  The Guardian 

How 11 People Try to Stop Fake News in the World’s Largest Election  Bloomberg ***PERSONAL GROWTH 

 The Great Mystery  Becoming (my blog)

When Doctors Thought ‘Wanderlust’ Was a Psychological Condition  Atlas Obscura

Just do it? Or Stop and Think about it?  Aeon


TikTok sensation Lil Nas X rewrites the rules of country music  Axios 

Social media in the Middle East  

WhatsApp Has Become A Hotbed For Spreading Nazi Propaganda In Germany  BuzzFeed News

LinkedIn editor-at-large Jessi Hempel interview on Peter Kafka podcast   Recode

Stop Facebook’s targeted advertising by changing your account settings  Fox News

Snap's Board Facing Blowback for Not Disclosing Whistle-Blower Lawsuit in IPO  Hollywood Reporter 

Trump's 2020 plan: Target seniors on Facebook  Axios 


Popular Apps In Google's Play Store Are Abusing Permissions And Committing Ad Fraud  BuzzFeed News 


The Mueller report has two spaces after every sentence  Quartz

Can you spot the spelling and grammar mistakes in these tattoos?  Inked 


Graffiti punished by reading - 'It worked!' says prosecutor  BBC  

Billy Collins Teaches Poetry in a New Online Course  Open Culture


Compression plagiarism: Turning a lengthy scholarly text into a short one, followed by the publication of the short one under a new name without inadequate credit to the original author  Springer

Tracking Father Rosica's (very) long history of plagiarism  National Post  


Victor Hugo's 'Hunchback Of Notre Dame' Immortalized French Cathedral  NPR

Should Walt Whitman Be #Cancelled? Black America talks back to “The Good Gray Poet” at 200 (opinion)   Daily Jstor  

"To Kill a Mockingbird": A story for our time  CBS News 


Agriculture census data shows the US has more female farmers than ever  Pacific Standard

Why Female Surfers Are Finally Getting Paid Like Their Male Peers  The Atlantic 

Why did the suffragettes write one of their fiercest fighters out of their history?  Pacific Standard 

Women’s faces may hide infidelity better than men’s  Newsweek

Council Bluffs students hold walkout over transgender student seeking to use women's bathroom   Omaha World Herald 


TSA Agents Say They’re Not Discriminating Against Black Women, But Their Body Scanners Might Be  ProPublica 

Inside a White-Nationalist Cookout  Rolling Stone 

Major U.S. cancer center ousts ‘Asian’ researchers after NIH flags their foreign ties  Science Mag

Teens Behind Racist Graffiti Received An Unusual Sentencing. But Did It Work?  NPR

Microsoft staff are openly questioning the value of diversity  Quartz  

Companies Continue To Stumble Over Racially Offensive Advertising Campaigns  NPR

A 'hero among heroes,' it's time this WWI soldier be recognized for his valor  Washington Post Apologizes for Ad Showing Slavery-Era Interracial Couple  New York Times

Chapman University Film School Removes 'Birth of a Nation' Posters After Student Protests Hollywood Reporter


Yankees Suspend Use of Kate Smith's 'God Bless America' amid Racism Allegation  Bleacher Report

Flyers remove Kate Smith statue outside stadium  ESPN


Advocacy Groups Train Lawyers Of All Kinds To Help With Immigration Cases  NPR

Meteorologist sues NBC-affiliate, says firing was defamatory  iMedia Ethics

Without Using Profanity, Supreme Court Justices Discuss Case Centered On Bad Language  NPR  

Creative Commons and the Fight for a More Robust Public Domain  The Fashion Blog


The world's largest airplane is set to launch satellites  The Verge  

How recommendation algorithms run the world  Wired 


How to build a facial recognition system w/publicly available data for $100  New York Times

The FBI wanted a backdoor to the iphone: Tim Cook said no  Wired 

Millions of Instagram users had their passwords exposed  Quartz


Podcast Consumer 2019   Edison Research 


How to use Gmail's best new feature for 2019  Cnet 

10% of Americans don’t use the internet. Who are they?  Pew Research Center


Bestselling Christian author Rachel Held Evans put in medically Induced Coma

Gospel for Asia Settles Lawsuit with $37 Million Refund to Donors  Christianity Today

Ohio church apologizes after pastor encourages students to spit on him, cut him with knife  NBC News 

U.S. Church Membership Down Sharply in Past Two Decades  Gallup

Chinese Immigrants Are Converting to Catholicism:  Local Churches Have Adapted  New York Times 

'Church' to offer 'miracle cure' despite FDA warnings against drinking bleach  The Guardian

A resurrection in faith-based films  CBS News

Hitler hated Judaism. But he loathed Christianity, too  Washington Post   

A woman holding a baby and a gun interrupts San Diego church services with bomb threat  CNN   


A Mentor Challenged Bright Math Students And Changed Their Lives  NPR

Canadian who had heart attack while jogging in Florida saved by stranger — from his hometown CBC News 

Video shows firefighters push man home in wheelchair  The Kansas City Star


What the Easter bunny does the rest of the year (video)  

10-Year-Old Maryland Girl Born Without Hands Wins Handwriting Contest (‘I Just Try My Hardest’) Baltimore  

A Woman Got 30 Days In Jail For Running Over Her 9-Year-Old Son After He Refused To Go To School BuzzFeed News


Helvetica, the world's most popular font, gets a face-lift  Wired  

Why the US Government Just Made Its Own Font, Open Sans  MotherBoard


World Heavy Metal Knitting Championship to launch in Finland  Louder Sound

How the Vietnam War Shaped Classic Rock--And How Classic Rock Shaped the War  Open Culture 

Can Music be Medicine?  The Naked Scientists 


Selfie Deaths Are an Epidemic  Outside online 

The biggest change in US cities isn't gentrification, but poverty concentration  CityLab  

What an Olympic medalist, homeless in Seattle, wants you to know  Seattle Times  

15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook  Wired 


Rights group condemns U.S. 'vigilante' treatment of migrants on border  Reuters 

Telling parents to 'just relax' on college admissions perpetuates a broken system  LA Times

Inside The San Diego Church Where ICE And Border Patrol Bring Pregnant Women  BuzzFeed News


Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population  The Guardian

Here’s How TurboTax Just Tricked You Into Paying to File Your Taxes  ProPublica

Do You Earn Enough to Afford a House in the Largest U.S. Metros?  How Much


The One Thing Millennials Haven’t Killed Is Houseplants  Bloomberg

How people worldwide view climate change  Pew Research Center

How Scientists Discovered What Dirty Air Does to Kids’ Health  CityLab

How Americans see climate change  Pew Research Center 


Wake up, people: You're fooling yourself about sleep, study says  CNN

The Truth About Dentistry  The Atlantic 

Vitamin supplements don't help people live longer, study finds  NBC News

Bad diets killing more people globally than tobacco, study finds  The Guardian  

UCSD eye doctor broke human research rules, putting patients at risk  iNewsource 


High-Deductible Insurance Linked To Delays In Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment  NPR 

Physicians' salaries have once again hit an all-time high  Axios 

High-Deductible Insurance Linked To Delays In Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment  NPR  


Scientists Plan To Start Human Trials Testing CRISPR Soon  NPR

Israeli Researchers Print 3D Heart Using Patient's Own Cells  Bloomberg  


Washington state Senate passes vaccine bill in rebuke to anti-vaxxers  Washington Post   

Funding halted for Professor Chris Exley, who links vaccines to autism  The Times  


Woman Wears 9 Lbs. of Clothing on Plane to Avoid $85 Overweight Baggage Fee  People


High school junior does what no MLB player has done before: Hit for home run cycle  USA Today

Jeopardy’s Prize Budget vs. James Holzhauer   The Atlantic

'Baseball Brit' Hopes To Attend 162 MLB Games This Season  NPR 


The way we taste food changes as we age  Quartz

Why I Take All My First Dates to Olive Garden   Bonappetit

Excessive noise is the chief complaint diners have: Here’s an App to Help  Vox


Here's How Wedding Photographers Know If The Couple Will End Up Divorced   Buzzfeed News

Family ties are unraveling globally  Axios 

How Parents Who Travel for Work Can Ease the Burden on Their Families  New York Times   


Mapping Where Traffic Pollution Hurts Children Most  CityLab

2019’s Best & Worst States for Children’s Health Care  Wallet Hub

How much screen time is too much? Here are the limits 10 tech executives set for their kids  NBC News


The 20 Most Pet-Friendly Cities in America  Mental Floss 

The mystery of Julian Assange’s cat: Where will it go? What does it know?  Washington Post

Dog Saved By Workers On Oil Rig, 135 Miles Off Thai Coast  NPR


Synthetic biology could bring a pox on us all  Wired 


Research Confirms: When Receiving Bad News, We Shoot the Messenger  Harvard Business Review 

Music therapy for mental health  The Naked Scientists 


Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders  BBC News 

50 Things Turning 50 in 2019  Mental Floss


Research misconduct in health and life sciences research: A systematic review of retracted literature from Brazilian institutions  PLOS  

Gun Research Is Suddenly Hot  New York Times

Censorship in a China Studies Journal  Inside Higher Ed

Many people believe that public records laws are fundamental to democracy. But others say they’re being used to stifle public research  Undark 

Stanford clears a professor of any wrongdoing in his interactions with a Chinese researcher who created the first gene-edited babies  New York Times 


A Yale Law School policy was meant to protect LGBTQ students: Other saw anti-Christian bias Washington Post

UW-Stevens Point Scraps Plans To Drop 6 Majors  Wisconsin Public Radio 

Telling parents to 'just relax' on college admissions perpetuates a broken system (opinion)  LA Times 

Some colleges receiving the most GI benefits spend the least on educating veterans, report says  Washington Post

The Students Called the TA a ‘Nazi.’ He Said He’s Not a White Supremacist: The University Ruled He Could Return to the Classroom  Chronicle of Higher Education

SDSU warns of possible meningitis exposure  FOX-5 


The Students Called the TA a ‘Nazi.’ He Said He’s Not a White Supremacist. The University Ruled He Could Return to the Classroom  Chronicle of Higher Education

Why this South Carolina teacher quit mid-year: 'The unrealistic demands and all-consuming nature of the profession are not sustainable’   Washington Post

What the Mueller Report Reveals About the Globe-Trotting Professor Who Spoke of ‘Dirt’ on Clinton  Chronicle of Higher Education

Professor Says Arizona State Forced Him to Fail Students: The University Says That’s ‘Unequivocally Wrong’ Chronicle of Higher Education


This bot will do your homework for $9.95 a month. Does it actually work?  Vox

New Uber program aims to boost rider safety on college campuses  Cnet

21 Life-Changing Things That Don't Happen To You Until You're 25 BuzzFeed News

Sitins and Walkouts in Schools over Software  New York Times




The Great Mystery

The first-ever “photo” of a black hole. It’s an achievement once thought impossible, given that black holes exert such monstrous gravity that they swallow light itself. 

Over the last century, science has shown that our universe is a far stranger place than our everyday experience would suggest. Space itself is curved and warped by mass. Time slows down on an object the faster it travels. Electrons act both as particles and waves. “Entangled’’ particles seem to instantly know and react to what happens to their partner across vast distances. At the quantum level, there is no empty space: Particles constantly pop in and out of existence, creating an ephemeral quantum “foam.” At the other end of the scale, there are least 2 trillion galaxies in the universe, each containing billions of stars and probably more than a few planets where intelligent life has evolved and is puzzling over the same questions as we are. The more we discover, the more it becomes clear that our certainties, whatever they may be, are built on illusions. We live in a great mystery.  

William Falk writing in The Week Magazine 

He Came… to Give

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life a ransom for many. -Mark 10:45

When Jesus took the time to explain his reason for coming among us, he was simple and direct: to serve and to give. Not to be served. Not to grab the spotlight in the center ring. Not to make a name or attract attention or become successful or famous or powerful or idolized. 

Charles Swindoll, Improving Your Serve

Do people work better when they are stressed?

It’s a dangerous fallacy to say that people perform better when they’re stressed, over-extended, or unhappy. We found just the opposite. People are more likely to come up with a creative idea or solve a tricky problem on a day when they are in a better mood than usual. In fact, they are more likely to be creative the next day, too, regardless of that next day’s mood. There’s a kind of “creativity carry-over” effect from feeling good at work. 

Teresa Amabile talking about her book Do people work better when they are stressed?

Tuesday Tech Tools: Video

Looking for some ways to help you shoot and edit video? Here are some of the available tools.

Adobe Connect
Video conferencing.

This Apple app let's you add text, filters, emoji, music, and opaque transition cards to your photos or videos. Intended to be fun, though the menu layout is not entirely intuitive and it does take some time to create. Free.

Turns your browser into a television telepromoter.

Disco Videos
A way to add cool effects like music and filters to your videos. $3.99.

Pronounced ‘disco’, this app is for GIF creation. Animations up to 2.5 seconds long. Free. Video example.

App that records Skype and Facetime. It lets you convert your calls into MP3 files for podcasting or easily move the video to YouTube and Vimeo. Split the audio tracks after a call for easy editing. $39.95.

Final Cut Pro
Video editing program.

High definition mobile cam for videography, photography. Lots of bells and whistles probably too much for avarege person or even for what a professional journaist would need. $14.99.

Video conferencing. 14-day free trial. $14-$39 a month subscription.

Google Hangouts On Air* (going away in 2019)
Live streaming platform and automatic HD video capture that allows you to broadcast and record your Hangout to your YouTube channel.

GorillaPod tripod*
Joby GripTight PRO. Flexible legs wrap around objects for unlimited angles. From .7 - 11 pounds. Rubber foot grips provide stability on any surface.

HouseParty (formally Meerkat)
Group video chat app where users get a notice that friends are online. Snap Stories are integrated.

Instagram’s timelapse video. No audio option.

Two tracks of video and audio for editing on your phone or laptop. Free.

A free Firefox plugin to debunk fake video news and verify videos and images.

A multi-track video editor with 3 video/audio tracks for photos, videos, titles, and graphics. $19.99.

3D animation of people from 2D video of people. Video explanation.

Video editing for casual users. Easy-to-use interface. Limited effects. $39.95.

MoviePro App*
Video recording app that lets you listen live to your sound, includes manual controls for exposure, focus, and white balance. Shoot stills while recording. Has a built-in single-track video editor. $5.99.

Wearable camera that takes a photo or video every minute and creates a video at the end of the day (without using the repetitive shots). No work for the wearer. $199.

Video editor by GoPro. Easy-to-use. Add photos, text, music. Templated themes. Free.

Use to record video from your webcam and Skype interviews.

Live-streaming video app from Twitter. Stores video for 24 hours. Will tweet followers that you are living streaming.

Video editor that lets users create slideshows, split screens, video collages, etc. adding music, voice, gifs. Best for short videos. Free.

Premiere Pro*
An Adobe professional-level product that has become the industry standard. Easy-to-use interface. Support for 360 VR and other features, but some techniques require additional applications (such as After Effects). $19.99 a month.

Edit the video by editing the text. For instance, you can upload a long interview and the site (using machine learning) will transcribe the speech and tag each word to a visual frame allowing you to quickly generate a highlight reel or other edited videos.

Reel Director
Creates movies and lets you edit on phone similar to iMovie. $2.99.

Chrome screen capture and annotation tool. Video explanation.

Scribble Live
Live-streaming. Create, curate and publish content to provide real time coverage and storytelling. Fee.

SMOVE smartphone Video Stabilizer
This smartphone stabilizer that doubles as a charger. Portable, fits in your pocket. $200. 

A video editing app that works with music, photos, text or video clips. $3.99.

Steadicam Smoothee*
The Smoothee gives you a steady, gliding shot by a balanced weight system that holds your phone on a frictionless ball joint. Simple to use, though the size could interfere with other attachments on you iPhone. $90.

Create photo and video stories on an iPhone with an emphasis on mobile design. Create collections and share on social networks. Free. Sample.

TechSmith (formally Jing)
A free, easy-to-use screen capture application. Snap a screenshot or record a video, save and share. capture a presentation, lecture, or event.

High quality stock footage of time lapse video.

Digital Anarchy’s plugin to create automated transcriptions of video in Premiere Pro. Free Trial. $299.

Upload your video and TubeMogul will send it to many social media sites at one time-though you'll have to set up accounts with all the sites on your own.  Tracks viewership. A part of Adobe's Marketing Cloud.

Desktop broadcasting of live video to the world from a computer or iPhone (or watch thousands of shows).  30 day free trial, then monthly plans from $99 to $999 for pros, top subscription $2k and up.

Video hosting and editing. 

Video Scribe
Create animated videos, replicating the popular whiteboard-style tutorial.  7 day free trial. $16.50 a month.

Edit video and post directly to Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Available for iPhone and Android (probably the best option for Android. $.1.99.

App for easy photo and video editing on your iPhone. Free.

Vyond (formally GoAnimate)
Make animated videos. Free 14-day trial. Subscription plans: $39 a month or $299 each year.

YouTube Creator Hub
Resources to help create better video content and bigger audiences. An online community for serious YouTube creators.

Cisco’s video conferencing software. Easy-to-use, nothing to download. Several pricing plans-but not cheap.

Collaborative online and mobile video editing.

Create animated movies.

Video and audio file converter.

More Tech Tools

Articles of Interest - April 15

***BIG DATA & AI  

How algorithms know what you’ll type next- deconstructing text predictors  Pudding 

Amazon’s empire rests on its low-key approach to AI  Economist  

Google launches end-to-end platform in an effort to democratize AI and Machine Learning  TechCrunch 

Does the Bayesian approach to statistics require a “subjective belief”?  Statistical Modeling  

Can a computer write a script? Machine learning goes Hollywood   LA Times  

A dozen things I wish I’d known before starting as a Data Scientist  Medium 

A snapshot of how programmers work  Tech Republic 


In the age of ‘enemy of the people’ rhetoric, do young people still want to be journalists?  Philly  

The Urgent Quest for Slower, Better News  The New Yorker

'Crying girl' picture near US border wins World Press Photo of the Year  CNN

There are a lot of great journalism movies. Here are our top 25  Poynter   

Journalist David Carr As A Father In 'All That You Leave Behind'  NPR  

Many rural Americans say local news media mostly don’t cover their area  Pew Research Center 

It’s just in mice! This scientist is calling out hype in science reporting   Stat News

Devin Nunes Admits That His Bogus Defamation Lawsuits Are Really About Phishing For Journalists' Sources  TechDirt  

2019 Pulitzer Prizes Turn The Spotlight On Some Dangers Journalists Face  NPR


More than 30 media companies have unionized in the past 2 years  Axois

When local newspapers shrink, fewer people bother to run for mayor Harvard’s Nieman Lab 

The next big news fight is between Chinese aggregation apps  Axois 

Meet Frame, a weekly news magazine that lives in your calendar and text messages  Poynter 

Apple News+ gets off to a rocky start for some publishers  Digiday

Newspaper Racks For 'Tampa Bay Times' Come With Video Streaming, Advertising  Publishers Daily 


WorldNetDaily: "Inside the spectacular fall of the granddaddy of right-wing conspiracy sites   Washington Post 

Meet The People Fact-Checking The Election That Makes 2016 Look Like A Walk In The Park  BuzzFeed News

Why conspiracy theories are getting more absurd  Vox

Who needs deepfakes when bogus crowd photos get thousands of shares on Facebook?  Poynter 

Asian governments are trying to curb fake news  Economist 

Conspiracy theories, misinformation swirl online as Notre Dame burn  Daily Dot


How much can we afford to forget, if we train machines to remember?  Aeon

Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa  Bloomberg

Forget The Black Hole Picture — Check Out The Sweet Technology That Made It Possible  FiveThirtyEight 

How photo booths escaped the brink of extinction by becoming FOMO generators The Verge  


Social media usage in U.S. remains unchanged despite a year of turmoil  Pew Research Center

Pinterest's Midwestern charm  Quartz 

An Influencer Shares How She Turned Instagram Into A Viable Living  Digg


Facebook Tests Combining News Feed, Stories  Digital News Days

Facebook will stop asking you to wish your dead friends a happy birthday  Fast Company

The standalone Messenger app may be merging back into the flagship Facebook app  BGR


How to Run Diagnostics Tests on Your Smartphone  LifeHacker  

Is Your Smartphone Making You Fat?  WebMD  


Hackers publish personal data on thousands of US federal agents  TechCrunch 

Microsoft webmail breach exposed email addresses and subject lines  Engadget 

Incognito mode won’t keep your browsing private. Do this instead  Fast Company

One Month, 500,000 Face Scans: How China Is Using A.I. to Profile a Minority  New York Times

Hackers could read non-corporate, Hotmail for six months  ArsTechnica


Google testing 'Before' and 'After' commands that filter dates direct from the Search box  TechSpot 

What Women Know About the Internet: The digital world is not designed to keep women safe.. New regulations should be  New York Times


Would you be Willing?  Becoming (my blog)

How to become a more curious person  Quartz

Should We Have Empathy For Those We Hate?  NPR

How to prime your mind to make creative leaps and new discoveries  BigThink

You Are Not as Good at Kissing as You Think. But You Are Better at Dancing: We overestimate and underestimate our abilities in weird ways  New York Times  


Real Language Analysis Should replace disembodied grammar instruction in schools   Economist 

Linguists found the world’s “weirdest” languages—and English is one of them  Quartz


How Writing Changed My Life & Career  Darius Foroux Blog 

Old-school writing tools will boost your creativity, concentration—and speed  Quartz


‘Extraordinary' 500-year-old library catalogue reveals books lost to time  The Guardian  

Every Kurt Vonnegut Novel Ranked in Order of Relevance  Consequences of Sound  

Libraries are letting patrons pay off their fines by donating canned goods  Daily Item  

PBS' 6-Episode 'Les Misérables' Miniseries Focuses On The Story Instead Of Music  NPR  

Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World (book review)   The Week

Wattpad, an online reading room, wants to print books  Economist 


5 Fast Facts You Need to Know about the woman whose algorithm led to the first image of a black hole  Heavy 

Why Men Get Worse Forehead Lines and Wrinkles Than Women  Fatherly

Everything you need to know about the transgender military ban  Axios

Virginia Hall, the greatest spy you’ve never heard of  Economist  

New Augmented Reality App Celebrates Stories of Women Typically Omitted from U.S. History Textbooks  Open Culture 

London bookstore—devoted mostly to overlooked works by female writers—celebrates 20 years  New York Times 


New Report Takes A Deeper Look At How Latinos Experience Discrimination In The US  NPR

Deputy sheriff's son charged in connection with string of fires at historically black churches in Louisiana  CBS News 

The Civil Rights Activist Murdered by the Ku Klux Klan Whose Story Was Nearly Lost to History  A mighty Girl

The sons of slaveholders quickly recovered their fathers’ wealth  Economist 

Israel’s Election, Through the Eyes of a Young Palestinian  The New York Times

Thomas Mann Explains the Nazis' Ulterior Motive for Spreading Anti-Semitism in Rare 1940 Audio  Open Culture

Native American Women Are Facing a Crisis  New York Times  

As black activists protested police killings, homeland security worried they might join ISIS  The Intercept

Sharp Rise in the Share of Americans Saying Jews Face Discrimination  Pew Research Center  

Texas high schooler sends racist promposal on Snapchat  KVUE-TV


Anti-Transgender Speaker Sprayed During Talk  Inside Higher Ed

FUCT: An Unconstitutional Restriction of Speech or an Allowable Ban on "Scandal"?  The Fashion Law Blog  

***LAW & CRIME  

Kim Kardashian hopes to become lawyer in 2022 after four-year apprenticeship  BBC

Without Using Profanity, Supreme Court Justices Discuss Case Centered On Bad Language  NPR

Nebraska faces a prison-crowding emergency  Economist


The fire at Notre Dame, a Catholic icon, was made even more heartbreaking by the timing Washington Post

What Pope Benedict's Letter On The Sex Abuse Scandal Means For Catholics  NPR

Southern Baptist seminary removes stained glass windows showing church leaders, Alabama pastor

Little-Remembered Religious Preachers Get Their Due In 'American Messiahs'  NPR

Noah's Wife Gets A Name In 'Naamah' (author interview)  NPR 

'Why I joined a cult - and how I left'  BBC 


Steve Bannon and U.S. ultra-conservatives take aim at Pope Francis  NBC News 

Pence says Buttigieg bringing 'attacks on my Christian faith'  CNN

Trump: Am I being audited because I'm a Christian?  USA Today


Woman still riding motorcycles at 93 years old, rolls through Triad  FOX 8

20-year-old raising 5 siblings gifted new car from strangers  WTOL-TV 

New Jersey teen shares the stage with her service dog  CBS News 


A Burglar Hiding In An Oregon Bathroom Turned Out To Be...A Trapped Roomba  BuzzFeed News

Woman does karate, son gets nude, dog steals cornbread mix from Walmart, police say  KY3

A cassowary bird killed a man in Florida  Quartz  

Drunk Florida man arrested at Olive Garden, eating spaghetti  Miami Herald

Man shoots himself and his daughter while trying to change her diaper at a Chuck E. Cheese  WBRC-TV 


What’s Left of Notre Dame’s Art?  The Cut 

How Leonardo da Vinci made a “satellite” map in 1502  Vox

Art frenzy takes over Havana as biennial kicks off Reuters 


The History of Italics In Type  Kottke

Chobani, Glossier, and more are branching out into ’70s-style serif fonts  Vox

Behind the process of Helvetica’s 21-century facelift  The Verge


The Surprisingly Technical Process of Songwriting  Medium 


'Long Day's Journey Into Night' Is a Mind-Boggling Feat  The Atlantic

Review: Netflix's 'Tijuana' Finally Offers Good TV About Journalists  Daily Dot


Johnson Publishing Co., the ex-publisher of Ebony and Jet, files for bankruptcy  Chicago Sun-Times 

A Wave of Consolidation among media companies  Economist 

Will It Soon Be Legal to Say Curse Words on Broadcast Television?  Hollywood Reporter


Freelancers to cover public media  

Political news pitches  Medium  

Freelance pitches  Reader’s Digest

Pitches on travel, food or personal essays  Curiosity Magazine


Up against the invincible: A professor was convicted of sexual misconduct: Why is he still on campus?  Columbia Spectator  

A new study confirms: fraternity men and athletes are committing more sexual assaults than are those in the general student population and that repeat offenders are a major problem  Inside Higher Ed

Students accused of sexual assault are suing colleges — and winning most of the time  USA Today


The IRS Audits the Working Poor at a Higher Rate than Wealthier People  WNYC Studios  

6 demographic trends shaping the U.S. and the world in 2019  Pew Research Center


What’s happening at the U.S.-Mexico border in 6 charts  Pew Research Center

Photographing All 2,000 Miles of the US–Mexico Border  Wired 

The Borderlands — Not The U.S., Not Mexico, A Transitional Land  NPR

11-year-old ordered deported without her family  MSN 


What Qualifies as Middle-Income in Each State  FlowingData

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Would you be Willing?

Elizabeth Stokoe, professor of social interaction at Loughborough University, and her colleagues, have analysed thousands of hours of recorded conversations, from customer services to mediation hotlines and police crisis negotiation. They discovered that certain words or phrases have the power to change the course of a conversation.

People who had already responded negatively when asked if they would like to attend mediation seemed to change their minds when the mediator used the phrase, “Would you be willing to come for a meeting?” “As soon as the word ‘willing’ was uttered, people would say: ‘Oh, yes, definitely’ – they would actually interrupt the sentence to agree.” Stokoe found it had the same effect in different settings: with business-to-business cold callers; with doctors trying to persuade people to go to a weight-loss class. She also looked at phrases such as “Would you like to” and “Would you be interested in”. “Sometimes they worked, but ‘willing’ was the one that got people to agree more rapidly and with more enthusiasm.”

Rosie Ifouldwriting in The Guardian 

When Company Values Falter

When we talk about cases of clear fraud or criminal misdoing, it seems so easy to say, “What was wrong with these evil people?” But when they’re in the moment, they’re saying to themselves, “I have to do things for these investors” or “I have to do things for my employees to keep things going.” It’s the concept of escalation of commitment; at first you had very small things that would get covered up and justified, but then the amount of deception gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Theranos might be a good example of this. The people who founded that company had good intentions, right? They wanted to develop medical testing and products that would benefit the world. They believed in it. And either for the mission, for the long-term viability of the company, or for the employees, you can see how they end up making mistakes and unethical actions even though they began with good intentions.

Ken Shotts quoted in Fast Company

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Your Pain

Finding a different way to interact with your pain is hard. People have the most difficulty embracing the paradox of acceptance. Our instinct is to run as far away from our pain as possible, to be as safe as we can be. Making a decision to step into it rather than trying to get rid of it can be excruciatingly difficult. Feeling the intensity of those difficult, painful emotions and sensations can feel very dark and very lonely. I see it in all forms of suffering. The depression that never seems to lift, the drink that has to be drunk, the highway we cannot drive on, the hands that must be washed over and over and over. The reality is that most people are willing to embrace acceptance only when they have run out of options – when what they have been doing, often for years, simply doesn’t work anymore. This is a dark place that feels like there is no light to guide you out. It can be devastating. 

To be able to connect and embrace a lifetime’s worth of suffering in service of a valued end, that – in its very essence – is acceptance. 

Joseph Trunzo writing in Aeon 

Wonder and humility

It seems reasonable to believe — and I do believe — that the more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us the less taste we shall have for the destruction of our race. Wonder and humility are wholesome emotions, and they do not exist side by side with a lust for destruction. 

Rachel Carson acceptance speech for the John Burroughs Medal, April 7, 1952